Sunday, February 15, 2015

The DAILY PULSE: TIME VIBE 2015 - 2/15- 16- 17 /2015

215/2015 = 16 = 7
216 /2015 = 1= 8
217/2015 = 18 = 9

(1) Global Month

(8) Global Year

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This 3-day cycle phase is focused on Self analysis (2/15) , Self realignment via administration (2/16), and then- Self RELEASE (2/17) in activities that are reflected in the Mirror reality of your own personal experience.  This phase will present opportunities to actively shift toward your own alignment as you continue to participate in the Time reality with your usual companions and partners. 
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The Global opportunity within our (8) annual cycle of 2015 is bringing those windows of Insight  in directions that we are just getting used to, in terms of "Allowance" of our Free Will.  This will absolutely be tested further as the annual cycle unfolds.  This is not to try to break, but to build upon the resolutions that have been- and are STILL being made by the Collective agreement- to Expand into the Higher frequencies of SELF focus and the TAKING of our Multi-Dimensional skills to another level of Self RESPONSIBILITY in ACTION.  

As you gaze upon your own Time reality perspectives, the IDEA of Self empowerment becomes much easier to bring to the forefront of any situation that you are bringing forward into your own focus for examination and either, dispensing, or fortifying.    YOU get to decide in each NOW whether or not  f.e.a.r. is still your basis of perception- or whether you are ready to  just side-step the IMAGINARY personal constriction as a Knowing and Present Aspect of Source, freely Creating (by focused thought & speech) in Now.  

The turbulence and turmoil will continue to unfold for the remaining portion of [your own] constricted Self Beliefs and Self perceptions that will morph to unhinge the bulk release of the lower frequency constrictive ideals of All of the participants as 2016's (9: Release through Love) Global Opportunity cycle begins to  surface as early as the mid-point of this year.  

Take PERSONAL responsibility today- NOW- if you are truly wanting to experience something more preferential tomorrow.  
2/15/2015, the (7) daily opportunity cycle brings focus to gathering data, and accessing what you have percieved - and Allowed - to come to your attention and experience within the Collective experience [in Time].  Today YOU get to ponder how you got to this point in your own Self Creative process and make some notes about what YOU want to experience Next.  This daily cycle seems ambiguous and without direction to some, but taking this fuzzy-focused cycle to gather the "facts" and ideas of Self and personal belief platforms is necessary.   If you are out and about in your own Mirror- practice holding your tongue until you can re-align your Highest Intention.  

It will be easier to make a decision to move as this cycle ends and the (8) of 2/16/2015 begins to surface into our Collective [Time] playground.  So, sort and file the important details of your own cyclic habits as your own window of perception reveals some previously hidden awarenesses that will push the door of action open.  
ACT with Integrity in an (8) cycle.  This wave of active empowerment does NOT give anyone carte-blanche to bully or hold others down to make your own Self look or feel better.  These lower frequency ideas of control and contraction are dissolving, and will continue to be a struggle for those who will continue to perceive and BELIEVE that such a dance is still viable.  
Cracks are forming int he Collective reality to step around the percieved obstacles and the separation that uphold Self denial.  

As 2/17/2015 (9) peeks into our collective Time experience, the opportunities to release ideas, perceptions, and the institutions that present FALSE reflections of LOVE and Responsibility will become very clear.  If resistance to these awarenesses is upheld and the "thing" or idea is persisted upon, and if it is something that is holding YOU back- it will be taken out for your benefit and expansion.  
So, be forewarned that that which you are in resistance about , firstly, from within Self Identity, and then, secondly, what you are attempting to hold in [Time] experience Identity- which does NOT serve your immediate expansion process - WILL BE released- whether you like it, or not.  

It's so much more pleasant to go with the flow of your Higher Intention in these releases.  Any type of "LOVE" that is truly not founded in Free Will and Allowance for the All, is floundering and dissolving.  This is a day to remember that: 
"I AM, AND I LOVE [You enough to let You go]." 
***!!!!!  And in the Global rein of participation and practice, 
THIS especially includes "Team Contrast" in your own perception- AND those activities that "they" represent.  
As a SELF CREATIVE Multi-Dimensional Being playing in the Time classroom- this mid-month cycle of release and Self re-claimation is a wonderful gift and step UP into the Presence and Intentions that are of Love and I AM Knowing.  As this month begins to roll into the March 2015 very powerful and insightful (11:2) opportunity frequency, there will be evidences of your hard work and practice to hold your OWN PRESENCE as a Self Creative Sojourner in the sensorial classroom called- [Time].  

The last 9-day cycle of this (1) Global month opportunity cycle will continue to unfold Self Awareness and practice in the Collective Mirror.  Any "exposures" and necessary re-alignments that you take notice of "there", are to be re-aligned withIN SELF first.  
Any questions about WHO is in charge here [in Time], really?   
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[**to get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, you can calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR,  Contact Me HERE to schedule a personal session. ]