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The DAILY PULSE: TIME VIBE 2015 - 2/12 - 13- 14 /2015

2/12/201= 1= 4
2/13/201= 1= 5
2/14/201= 15 = 6

(1) Global Month

(8) Global Year

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The next 3 daily opportunity cycles are opening up opportunities for ACTION on the Inner convictions and decisions that have been surfacing for this Global (1) month objective.

This mid- month mini-cycle as a productive window in the Self realizations that are currently on the table to deal with, and the opportunities to FEEL your way through the "motions", will continue to be stimulated from within Mirror reality Companionships, and the idea of Balancing and Unifying activities in the agreed upon clearing and re-alignment projects already in motion.  

As this (8) Global Year moves us through the paces of re-arranging the environment and the personnel in our field of experience, these monthly cycles bring the smaller focus topics of that process, and then the daily cycles of opportunity break down the monthly objectives even further.  At this mid-month window, there is a little "push"  to practice and get a little more excited about the evidence of expansion, with some unexpected events and meetings to elevate perspective and fire up commitment.  

AS YOU OBSERVE ANY MEDIA EVENTS... Let us re-member- that EXPANSION is the direction of Source's Presence in ALL things AND IN all DIMENSIONS NO MATTER WHAT THE ILLUSION IS REFLECTING ....  so, commitedly participate in your own Presence with a Loving- but FIRM focus on that which is WANTED. 
! Close the [TIME] "eye" of F.E.A.R, 
OPEN the INNER "I" of Love NOW. 

into the details of the deconstruction of the lower Time reality, just face FORWARD with a plan to side-step the fear captivating "mind movie" IF you are attempting to Create a more PREFERENTIAL Time experience FOR YOUR SELF. 
"Team Contrasts" j-o-b is to test your Free Willed focus .... that's all.  There is NOT Death.

On 2/12/2015, the daily Vibe (4) brings the urge to reach into personal files and platforms of belief to sort and organize in the Time reality.  This window of action is an attempt to further align Ideals with Resources and the foundational BELIEFS that make up the Mirror reality.  This is a cycle to evaluate the [ideas, materials  processes, "rules" or order] that are available and certainly VIABLE.  
Some may be cleaning out and re-organizing their environment and physical presence, literally, the things that do not suit the current idea and Vision of the desired Expansion.  Not a full release, necessarily- but, perhaps, a more decisive putting aside of certain material aspects, beliefs and behaviors.  This is the beginning of the  more specific "re-tooling" - (coming in May 2015 (4) Global Month), of that which is clear at this point,  and won't suit nor support the "work" or the Vision regarding the material needs or the mechanics of the [Next level of SELF Creative practice within an Illusory manifestation reality, that is our Time classroom].  

As soon as this preliminary phase of getting some "things" organized and sorted is recognized, the vibrating (5's) of 2/13-15/2015 will throw a surprise or two into the mix for a few days that will serve to amplify the desire and the excitement of change- and often some personally satisfying and unexpected rewards for sticking to the point and practicing NOW focus in the Trust and Knowing that All is working out for EveryOne - somehow.  

Unexpected events, or sudden twists and turns in plans are the reminder NOT to nail your foot to the floor just yet on these personal decisions to ACT, and will definitely add to your Visionary options.  Self stimulation via New people, unexpected opportunities, unexpected invitations, unexpected shifts in perspective, a rise in the need for physical stimulation, all come with (5) frequency cycles, however small or brief.  These are gifts that will bump the picture just enough to see things just a little differently to get invigorated and refreshed.  

HAVE SOME FUN with this window of seeing, Doing, and FEELING a more EXPANDED ride AS the Creator Being you are!   

If you just find youSelf experiencing or feeling a bit of accelerated nervousness or inner stimulation, DO something constructive- like dancing, or moving your body around in some acceptable way to blow off the excess energy and to make a little "space" withIn your Self, that can open up a newly colored flood of ideas to come that you could not bring forward- or ALLOW-  for yourSelf.

As the (6) of 2/14/2015 bring further organizing and sorting- and administrating, just remember that this productive cycle within the (1) globalMonth frequency is about SELF alignment.  It's NEVER bout the Mirror.  You can't re-arrange your own hair by putting your hands into the Mirror... this is only accomplished from a  Self administrative position.  So even though this a day of establish a level of Love, Balance , and Self Responsibility- there is no-thing to FIX, or re-align, in the Mirror.  The CHANGE and re-alignment, the Love, the Responsibility MUST come from withIN.  
This is a day to do most of this processing for your Self, and as your "practice" with your REFLECTIVE companions in the Time reality, hold that Self Love, Dignity, Elegance as you tend to the details for this cycle of productivity from within first, and then making these smaller, preliminary organizational steps that will bring some greater rewards as we get closer to the powerful and compelling (11:2) Global window of March's opportunities 
to SEE a MUCH LARGER Vision of experiential success with much more personal power from the information that will come to you from [that which is not of Time] for ALL to move closer toward the Consciously SELF CHOSEN Journey of Expansion.  Next month's powerful frequencies will absolutely further clarification of our INNATE Multi-Dimensional Creator skills and directives in Love. 
Your COMMITMENT to Love in Presence IS SPREADING out into the Mirror Reality.....!!! 

 KEEP up your FOCUS practice flowing-
YOU are making it SO! 

Deliberate Creativity and Self-ish-ness.... :)

Please,  DO  comment with your personal experiences, and  SHARE this translation and link with those who are practicing with you via ANY OTHER social media in which you are participating.... :)  All assistance in this is MUCH appreciated. 
   WE are DOing Expansion as ONE....

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TIME VIBE; Episode 1;    2/5/2015      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgzHnF7VGgs