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The DAILY PULSE: TIME VIBE 2015 - 2/ 9-10-11 /2015

 2/9/2015 = 19 = 10 = 1
2/10/2015 =       11:2
2/11/2015 = 12 =    3

(1) Global Month

(8) Global Year

(see the basic descriptors of all of the Number frequencies,  here...)

There's is no escaping your Self , EVER, but especially today (there is an extra Zero in the mix, indicating focus and accomplishment of the (1) opportunity objective),  and as well for Tuesday's (11), and Wednesday's (11) contribution....!

*Let me take a few words here to speak on the influence of the (5) frequency upon our (8) global year opportunity cycle for this whole annual cycle 2015.  
The (5) frequency- which brings stimulation, vitality, the need to change and grow, new and different friends and opportunities that appear suddenly and come and go fairly swiftly, will ensure that our progress and impulses to EXPAND in the direction of the inevitable NEXT level of the Multi-Dimensional Creator Being skill-pack are close up and colorful.  
Events and stages of this expansion will appear to move quickly, with continuous stimulation to keep it moving and attracting a variety of influences and assistance and companionship that are in this Collective game of "Wake UP!"  
When this stimulating frequency becomes too much to handle- agitation ensues.  This can serve the process nicely- as BOREDOM with what WAS and HAS BEEN becomes more obvious to the Collective attention span and thereby drives the vibratory requirement for expansion into a more accelerated anticipation of what is WANTED.   
It can also stimulate the need to be poked more aggressively into expanding.  So, when i write (in the annual 8 Global translation linked above) that there will be more bumps an bangs to experience in this cycle - it's the 5 that dictates the tendency for this stimulated agitation with the CONFINEMENT of the status quo that is to become a necessary part of the classroom tasks to be tempered and Mastered by the general populous. 
[To get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, you can calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR,  contact Me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 

The general DISCONTENT of 2015 will give way to the releases of those things that do NOT hold our attention anymore in 2016..... and, GUESS WHO that means?  
But, how All of this plays out is dependent on YOUR ability to Master and HOLD  your own NOW focus, and temper your old habits of the lower frequency platforms [in Time]...for YOU.  
There will always be a "3D classroom" for those that still cannot seem to muster their own Eternal Self focus objectives and consciously grasp the SELF control and Awareness to operate in the Higher frequency realities.  
In a Free Will reality platform, and with this 5 colored vibration- ALL are welcome.  And this also means - literally- the awareness and encountering  of those Beings from different vibrational perspectives and realities....hence, the recent MainScream Media's willingness to release the bite-sized news blurbs and articles on the "possibilities" of Other Wordly Beings interacting with the Earthly [Time-bound] inhabitants.  
ALL Time dwellers have an "agenda".... like the We who are the I AM Awakening.  It's ALL Perfect.  The testing [Time] platform WILL continue until it is no longer necessary.   Fore warned IS fore-armed.  
Now, YOU deal with what that means to You as this annual cycle provides opportunities for you to try out the power of your ETERNAL Essence focus skills and All that that means in terms of Eternal Expansion

But, meanwhile, back in your own bubble holo-deck of a classroom [in Time], 
"where" I/You/We are learning that 
I AM ALL-WAYS connected to Prime Source, 
ALWAYS Loved, ....
Even if you are still focused in the Mirror, interacting with Others in your own Time reality cycles,  and because of your voluntary attention and participation in the illusory Human Value Exchange systems, today and until next months vibratory influences enters the perceptual vibratory field (from around the 21st),  there is the feeling and the urge to retreat withIN to plan or make refining notes on things in your own Time participation and experience. 
As the releases of the previous (9) Global (9) month (January) and even the previous (9) Global day opportunity continue just long enough to ruminate and recognize beliefs about your Self, Others, and your projected realities [in Time], expansive objectives, opportunities, and situations continue in the percieved [Time] classroom.  
We are Baby-Stepping' no more,

Don't look to the Mirror reality "news feeds" for validation-- 
How you FEEL is the ignition for everything you attract into your experience.   
These daily cycles are viable opportunities as a "Collective" participant to "get" what this means- quietly, and with more profoundly personal implications as the Next frequency step of opportunity (11)  on Tuesday takes it up a BIG notch as it begins to enter in by the end of Monday's (1) daily Time cycle.   

A valuable "morning mantra" WITH FOCUS can really get personally evidenced ease and flow rolling for the increasing daily frequency into the 11:2 of Tuesday's approaching daily opportunity cycle- to act with Inspiration, and is followed up by personal SELF EXPRESSION of the Wednesday's (3) opportunity cycle to SPEAK your TRUTH with a new and deeper strength and Knowing.   This will aide a rapid shift of perceptions- and with volumous episodes of stimulation that will be hard to describe to Others.  
Choose your words carefully,,,,or don't speak of them at all- as they are YOUR exercises and not the business of anOther who is going through their own rapid growth experiences as well. 
It may be just enough, until Wednesday to just smile and nod in a quiet Knowing that the SHIT IS GOING DOWN, and that LIGHT (Knowing) IS becoming prevalent in your own Time exercises and practices.  

This backs up the Global (8) [Time] frequency objective to makes the changes in the Collective Mirror reality that are currently being echoed amongst the participating [individual Aspects of Self ] of the Collective game in play.  
There is no [Time reality] expression for what can be REAL(I)SED - in NOW.  
TODAY, AND TOMORROW ARE OPPORTUNITY CYCLES TO AMP UP THIS EXPANDED KNOWING, with dynamic decisions about Self and what YOU will and won't participate in- or focus on,  which will shift everything up/higher a notch- if you dare to BE the I AM Presence.   Feel free to join the rest of us who DO. 
You cannot UN-Know something.  RE-gression is simply resistance and Self DENIAL.  IF you are in pain, challenged, imposted upon, in ill health, frustrated, are focused in the (idea) of lack, are angry and bitter, or highly suspicious, a victim- or ANY of the FEAR based ideas which are dissolving......STOP  IT! 
(11) =  I AM (THAT) I AM.  
fill in the [blank]
[ I AM (in Well Being)]
[I AM ( wealthy in Love)]
OR, ...
[I AM (in lack of "something")]
It ALL exists for you to choose from, Free Willed, Self Creative Being ....
(you're off the hook! BE NOW, "where" there is no-thing [in Time] to "fix" except your perception.)

CAN YOU DIGG IT?  Recognize your potential to change [from withIN, Creator BEing]- re-cognise that which does NOT bring Joyful Expansion for You, NOW....

*once again....Stop [IT] ! 
 The Time journey is ALWAYS about SELF Expansion via Self Awareness and acceptance, (1= I AM).  
All IS One, All returns to One.  
In these Self centered cycles (1, 11), As you just BE your calm, Knowing, Self - the expression, communications and participation with [that which is BEYOND Time] will speak to and through You, bringing profound Insights and Illuminations on the steady path of Expansion in Joyful EASE AND FLOW.   

Because,  #1:  Everything is going to work out perfectly for EveryOne- somehow.   
You won't have all of the answers today- or ever.  Get used to that and relax in the Knowing of  #1
Just Practice Being in Center today- there is not a finality to Eternal Expansion- there is ALWAYS "more". 
Answers and insights will amplify and flood in by Next level of frequency opportunity [in Time] coming up in the (11:2) cycle of Tuesday. 

In (1), PAY ATTENTION to your own NOW'S - Be SELF-ish in basic ways by listening to what is going on in your own High Heart.  You might notice that the next 10 days, and this entire DECADE, is dedicated to the Self Awareness (with emphasis on "getting it" by the Zero of 2010-19).  
The Main issue is: WHO are You and WHAT do You bring to the Collective playground for Other Selves to Love and Benefit from as the real Cosmic Games begin.  who do you want to play with?  WHAT do you want o Create?

[To get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, you can calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR,  contact Me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 

This IS happening, folks!
Love Self gently,  respectfully, gratefully... the Inspiration to ACT and Express what You are really wanting is forthcoming in the Tuesday's and Wednesday's daily (11) opportunity cycle influences. 

If [IT] , (thoughts, beliefs, obligations, reactivity, conversations, Self abuse), DOES NOT feel GOOD to You - take note, decide (8 global year objective) ,  AND, do not engage in personal (vibratory) expressions, the sharing of,  or activities of that which is NOT wanted.   
This opportunity window emphasizes the Practice of exercising patience and gentility for Self, and the Others you have called to reflect to and with you in your Mirror reality as You steer your "vessel" into calmer, more preferred adventures [in Time].
 ...... practice, practice, practice! 
Because,  #2: NO One's "insanity" is more superior to anyOne else's.   Therefore, exercising Compassion for Self and OtherSelves in the illusory Time playground/classroom will expedite your personal experience with more Grace, and ease. 
Don't you WANT to see more Harmony in your reality? 
Oh... you still have worthiness issues?  Self denial?  Problems?
THEN- review the video above until you can laugh at your distractions and step Beyond them.  

Try to float through this annual cycle feeling and "seeing" AS IF [IT] is already done. 

If you have no ideas about what to DO Next- then, be still.   
The second half of this day brings the opening and urges of the larger Inner channel of communication with the All, complete with Imagery, for you to translate and share as the exponentially powerful (11) opportunity  for a quantum UPLIFTMENT of Perception opens up things that you never KNEW before.  

As Wednesday's (3)  opportunity cycle begins to be felt, the WORDS that are used to express your own Illuminations of I AM Presence and Knowing will count!  Keep all communications in gentle tones- without projection or judgement.  
(Remember #2, above?)

 (3) opportunity cycle [in Time] brings the opportunity to Express Self with Joyful Imagery and expressed VIBRATION (SOUND: words, song, etc ARE manifested frequency; see: Cymatics demonstration here).
This is a very important practice cycle in the Mirror- and WILL have direct results with the assist of another powerful (11) calendar day opportunity influence of direct connection with [that which is NOT of Time].   

THOSE IN RESISTANCE OF THE EXPANSION can be just as distracting, and with the unwitting or intentional directives of usurping your attention to Self NOW, with their  WORDS, reportings, and Doings. 
WATCH IT!  Wednesday is pop-quiz day----! 

IF you are wanting to influence your Time playground/classroom toward a more harmonious, uplifting, INCLUSIVE practice reality, DO use your powerful NOW Presence to FEEL out everyTHING and situation that is presented to you.  
That which pokes your fear buttons, your victim buttons, is to be dealt with quickly and with full Knowing of WHO really IS in charge of your personal experience.  
Gotta LOVE Team Contrast- "they" are doing their jobs well in participation with the Awakening process of the I AM withIN the ALL,  and pushing you toward declaring and then ACTING on what YOU are PERCEIVING and wanting to participate with in the [Time} classroom by CONSCIOUS choice.  YOU, as a participant of the Unified Collective intention to move into Higher frequency, as a fully REAL (I)SED,  Multi-dimensional, Eternal Essence, CREATOR Being, re-cognizing and re-aligning your Self coordinates and co-ordination of the Self focus SKILL-PACK of Self Creativity more consistently.  
You ARE.  Now, lets get on with the FUN, shall We? 
The challenge is : SPEAK ONLY OF THAT WHICH YOU ARE WANTING for the next 3 days, anyway....(from NOW forward, if you Will),  and watch what happens withIN You and your own percieved perception.   
There WILL BE a quantum shift in the Collective experience toward that which IS in alignment with the Collective Vision toward Harmonious Being-ness withIN the All.  We can begin to delight ourSelves in a playground/classroom of sensorial delights and EXTRA-Dimensional Creative prowess.  
Not to worry.....In the Collective (2) objective of the Millennial Time classroom, You will ALWAYS have plenty of playmates and companions in this unfoldment of SELF moving OUT of Time.  
And SO, in short , and as Ever- 
...BE your Self, Play nicely with Others, and share with Love

[**to get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, you can calculate your numbers HERE, ... 
OR,  contact Me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 

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The DAILY PULSE: TIME VIBE 2015 - 2/8/2015

2/8/2015 = 18
9 Global day

(1) Global Month

(8) Global Year

The activity highlighted in the frequencies today are focused on dynamic action, conversation, from deep personal releases of THE BELIEFS, and the things that held by them which DO NOT work or support your Joy anymore, and are not in alignment with EXPANSION.  Constrictive situations are loosening and are ready to be moved aside from the Collective focus. 

RELEASE ,RELEASE - LET GO of the struggles that are on the top of the pile of dis-content and dis-satisfaction that are slated for a shift.  An opening in the ethers is approaching- slowly [inTime], but todays releases are powerful and effective in reestablishing a footing in the perspective of larger personal Presence and the determination to BE Who You really ARE.  (1 Global Month) .
Let the chips fall where they may.  In Being Truth and Love- All will work out Perfectly for Everyone - somehow.  Not telling what the details are at this stage...but there IS  glimpse of the personal and the Collective Vision of a unified intention based in Love NOW.  IF YTou do your personal "homework" on this today, you will stand in a New Time vibration of I AM in tomorrows global (1) Global Day, in a (1) Global Month, in an (8) Global Year.....BAM! 

A great Love sensation can be experienced- but it's the Loving of the whole Self that greases the wheel of the shifting that you are wanting to experience.  As the Love of Self is accepted and taken to Heart NOW, the Mirror will move a step into a more preferred reflection.  Be Truthful with your deep and constrictive Beliefs...accept when an inner "rule " doesn't really work- and causes more conflict than relief for You- and this WILL reverberate for you and change your view and position - AND personal experience.  

This (9) frequency of releasing WITH Love is more ACTIVE with all of the (8) frequency cycle of DYNAMIC ACTIONS, AND DECISIONS TO RE-ARRANGE  AND ADMINISTRATE the personal ((8 daily cycle) and the Collective (8 global cycle) perspective and experience.  THY WILL BE DONE today, and throughout the year, but today is definitely a day to dump what is not harmonious to your Heart and your personal Expansion IN Joy.

Today especially, BE BRAVE in your own Now's and BE your Loving Truth in Knowing, and the reward of vibrational re-calibration and re-alignment will surprise your and bring you to a personal solidarity within Your I AM presence.  

[**to get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, you can calculate your numbers HERE, ... 
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