Wednesday, February 4, 2015

DAILY PULSE: TIME VIBE 2015 - 2/4/2015


 2/4/2015 = 14 = 5

Wow!  Two 1's, two 2's, two 4's, two 5's and a big, fat, Zero to amplify the possibilities!  

(5) frequency cycle brings sudden and unexpected events, people, and opportunities to cooperate with the general and Collective urge to EXPAND.   
As the frequencies bathe the collective experience in an energetic excitement, there is a natural poking - of sorts- in the minds of the participants to EXPERIENCE SOMETHING different.  

This a day of movement brings surprises of various types- like a sudden change of plans or routine, new friends, materials, unexpected resources.  
Use these stimulating opportunities to experience something New and to springboard into a more stimulated environment to see what lies there for your own expansion. (see (1) Global Month) As you observe the events in the Mirror reality [in Time] as I AM, and in the company of Others,  Your participation in the Collective expansion journey WILL make a difference. (see (8) Global year)   

As ever- take responsibility for what YOU are focusing on in your world and involvements with Other Selves.  The shift is toward Conscious participation in the Collective journey- if you can't say anything Loving today- just go dance- or something to blow off any physical tension that may build up withIn your own view as a result of being pushed to move into the Next, that may be challenging your own resistance.  The body is one of the topics to "deal" with today, as is the order and function of the percieved "mechanics"- but this (5)day gives a nod and a nudge to adventuring out of your normal "routines" with intelligence and with some company.  

BOOGIE ON, Baby!!  And, have a wonderful adventure today.    

At the very least- you will come to some sort of awareness- or a release that IS the perfect step for You.  
[**to get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, you can calculate your numbers HERE, ... 
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NOTICE :  I'll be broadcasting LIVE on 2 shows  (2/5/2015) evening for you to call in and share, or to gather more data on how this wonderfully SIMPLE language of Time can work FOR You in your personal Time journey!  
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