Monday, February 2, 2015

DAILY PULSE: TIME VIBE 2015 - 2/3/2015

2/3/2015= 13 = 4

Today's skill-building opportunities come with double 1's in a (1) Global Month cycle, double 2 and double 3 frequencies, plus 5 - in the window of 4 flavored short term opportunity and practice. 
(see all of the basic # meanings here)
Today, Minding your own business and commitments, and projecting forth only what is Uplifting to you as the frequencies are doubling up in this initiatory phase of our Collective  opportunities [in Time] to bring out a point and direction of a collaborative Vision. 

Today's opportunities include seeing a broad view of the initial steps of RE-ALIGNING with the Love pulse that IS the trajectory of the Collective Intention as Source.  
"Others" will be prominent in the view of All throughout this monthly cycle, but Self is always where to focus- (see this month's overview here)

But, today's (4) opportunity window indicates an investigation and the re-tooling of our Time perceptions, and the alleged material reality that it is synonymous with. 
Today is a day to keep your own nose to your Now focus and the minutia of the personal Time reality as the Collective decides to clean house on other levels of Consciousness, and make SOME new "rules" and "protocols"- however preliminary, for more socially evident shifts toward Alignment withIN SELF, and in the Mirror. 
These global shifts are unfolding very quickly and decisively this whole year and through 2016.  

Yes, we Know that Time is an Illusion and that the "reality" experiences are simply neuro-impulses of Source energy.  So, why does it feel so "real"?  Because of our pinpointed FOCUS on the minutia of the parts and particles that we are collecting to our scope of our  own Time experience classroom.   

This (8) global year is a classroom skills test for manipulating what is "seen" and experienced for the purpose of stepping into and accepting our I AM Self  Creative preferences and talents.  
If you WANT hard angled contrast- then, by All means and beliefs - you can expect obstacles and pain.  Which are only in your Mind.... .

If you WANT Creative freedom in Love- then you can expect ease and flow.  

In the general Collective Today, things that We might not have been able to piece together can be glimpsed or seen as a very real "process" toward EXPANSION.  
The idea of pacing the steps of our Collective cooperation regarding RE-organizing the re-Sources, and cleaning out those things that do not serve the Ultimate Collective imagery of Balance and Peace, will be "put aside" until we can decide how to move things out of the way with a graceful allowance.  
But, today those things might seem imposing, annoying, obstructing, and even challenging to think about, and can kidnap your attention.  
So, then, don't go there- by personal CHOICE and personal Intention: hold your NOW focus to break the attachement to those indoctrinated, lower Time frequency responses. 
Sing a song of I AM.

(4) Highlights "mechanics", like Time and the Illusory space that is the Morphogenic field of manifestation - so, it's a good day to study things like Neuro-plasticity (Joe Dispenza) so that you can SEE and practice a preliminary and intelligent way to re-align Self, and your participation in the Collective experience.  

This month, continue to practice a form of "patience" with the Collective processes of the (8) Global objective of material manifestation and manipulation for the re-alignment of Love-based administration within the Collective Time reality classroom.  
Those who can't read and understand this type of Translation are getting closer to their own doorway of Self Awareness in other Illuminating events.  
You, who CAN, can assist passively, yet pro-actively...  Simply, LOVE All as it IS , NOW.  And, act ONLY as Inspired.  

Fret not!  It's All working out PERFECTLY for everyone- somehow!  

Tomorrow brings a bit of fresh air, more flexibility, and something unexpected into the mix. A pulse of excitement will be popping all around for a break in the "work" that was experienced today.  

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