Saturday, January 31, 2015

DAILY PULSE: Time Vibe 2015- 1/31/2015

1/31/2015 = 13 = 4
the FIRST thing to mind today--is your own business...literally.  
(see all of the basic # meanings here)

All of the (1) energy bouncing around in today's (4) global frequency indicates that Self is high on the priority list- and getting to rearrange some to the details of the resources, and/or re-aligning personal preferences of the reality that you are focusing withIn.
The active (3) sub-elements also indicate a flow of personal expressions- so keep your speech on the sweet side, or talking your Self into frustration, or a challenging "lack" topic can become more "real" to you than it really is.  
To avoid frustration, worry, and other useless emotions: 
Stick to the tasks at hand, and sing your Happy song as you float through today- by tonite, you will notice and feel an opening in the air indicating new and sudden opportunities and meetings of tomorrow that will Be the Next step in the materialization of the ideals that you are pondering out loud, today.  
PAY ATTENTION to the details in front of you in a Zen way...
Take responsibility, do [it] yourSelf, and work with the materials at hand without complaining. 
Rewards for sticking to the point WILL flow from that vibrational point in which you will hold today, BUT remember that (4) indicates an awareness of details, (joyfully) utilizing resources that are present NOW, steps, protocol, rules, order, in the Creative process.   

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