Sunday, December 27, 2015

BEYOND the TIME VIBE: JANUARY 2016- Entering the Higher Octaves of Light

January  2016 = 
(1+ 9) = 10= 1

1 Global Month

9 Global Year

NOTE:  (It may be helpful, for those who are new to this blog, to also read previous installments that lead up to this month's frequency focus and opportunities....and, to also see: overview of the Numbers In Time , as a foundation for these Global translations. )

This first wave cycle of the New annual Time frequency is a preview and projection of what will culminate for, and by, the Collective Intention.  As we maintain our In-Lightened Eye on on own perceptions of our own projections of Self and our shifting expectations, this year will begin with a quiet resolution to move into our own Truth of Presence.  Ideas and planning bring Light into our own Imagery of what it is that we are deeply desiring, beyond material trappings and constrictive platforms of control.   
Oh, yes, ideas, and new IMAGERY will begin to surface into the conscious thought level, as Self responsibility begins to grow into new ways of participating in the Mirror reality of Time and Space. 
This cycle of SELF awareness brings some unexpected views of what we have been believing and doing in terms of holding certain systems and illusions in place for the comfort of holding onto the known habits.  
The perpetuation of personal participation in that which is no longer logical, nor useful to personal expansion is about to be pushed aside, as Internal urgings and, initially, soft realizations crack the shell of darkness open, even for the most resistant of participants. 

And while this year of release begins softly, the warming up to the changes that are so desperately wanted by so many will ramp up rather quickly by the end of this month, making February (11 Global Month) another month of powerful Insights, with a flow of Inspiration that will jump start the dis-engagements and dissolutions of out-grown identity markers, social structures, and institutional objectives. 

This month's frequency opportunity indicates a Time to return to Self for evaluation of internal snares of denial, and exhalations of Self Love and acceptance.  
The chrysalis state that will be obvious to those who are in ODD numbered Personal month cycles can provide the perfect atmosphere to slowly identify and disengage from those Beings and situations, and HABITS that do not support your Glory and expansion into the New and very different objectives you are moving into with more and more conviction. 

Those that are in EVEN personal month cycles, can expect to see an exaggerated reflection of Self in their engagements with others and in the Mirror reality of busyness, in a certain peculiarity.   This means that interactions will be loud and obviously noticeable in terms of recognizing certain people and things and activities that are needing a bit of tweaking on Your part, and participation. 
OBSERVATION is key for all for the next 2 months (in Time). 

With intentional focus, All who are considering what they are observing with a slightly new perspective, can utilize the overall objective of the 2016 :(9) frequency to become more aware of perceptions of judgement and resistance to perceptual changes that are  highlighted regarding, for instance, the need to insist that the Mirror reality be pushed and/or abused into submitting to YOUR way of Being.  If, at this juncture, there is tugging and pulling- the opportunity to stop , observe, and find the middle ground for YourSelf is required before resolutions can seep into your own perception. 

But, for All,  this month's frequency cycle is a window of opportunity to think about things in a different and new Light.  a time to contemplate and dream, play with possibilities within the imagination, and ponder potentials that have been denied, ignored, or unrealized.  
There openings in perceptions regarding the ideas of things, and in unison with the global (9) this is definitely a Time to realize that something HAS to change.  The inner imagery will bring a play of options from within the Self in preparation for the changes that are to roll in with more clarity as this years processes flow into the experiences of the awakening participants of the Collective Mirror.  

This is the dawning of the manifestation of a collective Vision for a reality of INCLUSION, in Love, and attempting to force anything - or anyOne- into your idea of perfection is no longer an optimal path per the higher Octaves of frequencies that are the foundation of the New Time reality platforms stepping beyond 3-4 D frequency, which is dissolving quickly during this annual (9) frequency cycle.
The (6) frequency that is in effect for this whole annual cycle is providing another look at our relation to everything that we THINK about Self, and where we THINK we are.  Time is a vibratory platform for practicing your ideas and emotionalizing them into manifestation.  You can find more data referencing this perception at: 
( ), and at the tab above - The Numbers In Time

Somehow, the Joy of our personal power as a Multi-Dimensional Creator Being has to be found in this transitional phase.  So, IF you are still using mass media sources to prove how unworthy you are, and that someone else has power over your reality, or social media dis-info surges as a further fear crutch in the perpetuation of your own Self denial, your challenges will be accentuated and exaggerated to push yourSelf to the brink.  

This year- it's Time to learn to laugh at yourSelf to sweetly forgive You, to find Gratitude for you and All that You have created into your own experience to this point of your Self chosen (via FOCUS), Time classroom curriculum.   
This month gives All a little space to shrug off any guilt, shame, and blame - especially since no-thing has actually gone wrong.... 

That mental cycle is clearing this year, and is- WAS-  the conundrum of duality which created the state of emotional disorientation, reactionary responses in fear, and Self denial, which is setting up for a larger scale release by the fall season of final closures.  
Time to let that schtuff go, and to think more - FOCUS more, on what you are wanting to create Next.  
The man behind the curtain of the Illusion has been exposed and is being dealt with perfectly as You turn your attention toward the Love that you are wanting to have in your reality, NOW, and toward the projects that support this ideal and new perspective of Peace and Inclusion.  

On the global scene, January opens up new pathways and bridges to transition the material reality without completely breaking down what has been built via the United Vision as a Whole community of Creator Beings finding each other and choosing to move into a new and different playground.  As the global personnel and scenery undergoes vast changes this year, the collective intention to shift to a more Life supportive Vision of community will begin to take root in the cracks of what might look, to some, as un-fixable.  
And, one thing that we CAN do is DREAM ANYTHING INTO MANIFESTATION.  
This is why each Beings thought focus is so important to the process of expansion beyond Time.  As long as there is focus within the manifested reality, there is the desire to CREATE, and rearrange the illusory material reality.  

As we are on the road to finishing up a layer of lessons and testing in Multi-Dimensional skills building, the classroom materials that were used up, must now be discarded- but, this must be done with Graciousness and Gratitude for what HAS been gained from the trials and the successes.  Closure of certain aspects of the Time illusion is certain, and the ease with which this can be experienced by You will directly depend on how confidently Self is expressed into the higher frequencies, and how developed the NOW Presence focus is.  
Practice Practice Practice....this is what the perception of Time is for.  IF You still believe that all that you see around you is evil, look withIN, Dear Creator Being.  
Clean up your vibration, and the scenery changes in that focus. 
LOOK FOR what pleases You.  LOOK FOR Joy, even if you are only observing others laughing across a crowded room.  LOOK FOR random acts of kindness and proof of the re-Alignment that you wish to experience.  
(Here is one such portal of upliftment to follow for this exercise: ).
Each NOW is a gem of an opportunity.  If you can manage to fall asleep LESS frequently, if you can remember that it is You who creates what you experience by emotionalizing a belief (which is merely a thought that you keep focusing on), if you can LOVE yourSelf enough to recognize WHO you are and keep that as your All-Time go-to alignment tool, then the releases will be much less abrupt and bumpy as this cycle of clearing and re-set flow.  

But, ALL participating in Time, are going to go through this cycle of closure as One, so that the chaff can be separated from the grain, and we can get on to making the of the bread.  Infused with new Life (isn't that what yeast is?), kneaded with intention (to act-ivate), and warmed until the Next level of existence in fluffy expansion is achieved.  And, aren't fresh, HOT, BUNS just the BEST?!!  

(9) frequency is traditionally translated and endings, death, closure, completion....... this is only HALF of the opportunity that it brings.  
The other half is COMPASSION.  We are to achieve the perspective and awareness of our Other Selves in perfection- right where they are.  We come to a point blending these two ideals of release and compassion, where we can say "I Love You enough to let you go."  We find in a long cycle, such as this annual Time frequency, where this becomes more closely comprehended, and Allowed. 
Those that choose to exit the Time platform, physically, or your own personal circles of friends and family dissolving in some way or another out of your experience is to be viewed as a natural by-product of these releases of beliefs of Self that have been adjusted.  This year will do so because of their own agenda's within the expansion of Source, and return to Self, as is the case - always.  
But, if the separations of other Selves does occur within your own experience this year, it is primarily because You HAVE shifted your frequency, and are preparing to move onto the Next level of awareness and expansion.  
 We must respect each Being, as an aspect of Source-Self, to have a Knowing of what their contribution will be, how the experience will play out, and not all of the vibrational details are going to be readily apparent, until You are ready to accept and move on. 
Grieve with Gratitude those things that do disappear, All contributions to the Eternal expansion have glory, despite any judgements from observers at hand.  
The most difficult separations will be the items within your own rationalizing processes- which WILL change because there is only expansion, and this (9) cycle Gifts Us with closure. 
LOVE what brought you to this point of departure for best effect and manifestations of your own Dreams and Higher perspective preferences.  

With regard to what we may witness as outright increase of assault and battery upon our Time/Mirror focus reality, and the varied Beings that are participating who play this role for Us, ...Again, this year is the window to Know that revenge has absolutely ZERO  play in the Next level of our awakening.  Other ways to handle Team Contrast will be sussed out this year.  This is the greatest of the Human mastery skills of Consciousness this year (in Time), and Your participation in the perpetuation of that which is not based in commission and Love is the reason that you will perceive pain and suffering in your reality in exaggerated forms.     

Even though Time is an illusory reality of measure, the idea of comparison is being tempered in order to reach an understanding of what the Balance point might actually look like.  Again, enter the (6) frequency gift for this cycle.   Focus on what is in Beauty and Balance.... what grows with your attention (wanted , or not) and take responsibility for the results of your focus experimentations.  
NO-thing is forever-- All is an IDEA, so you CAN change (9) your mind, and step into a more preferential Time-Line of focus experience.  

The pulses of the Universal frequencies (in Time) bring those opportunities consistently and in cycles so that you don't miss anything, and then challenges them with amplification and exaggeration, in pursuit of strengthening the focus of the Intention to Balance withIN the Self as Creator.  
This whole year, 2016, will provide much in terms of finding middle ground, mediating preferences based on balance and fairness, and placing boundaries-gracefully.  We will see more mass communications in the ideal of Balance, and all of this that we are wanting as a Unified Intention into Expansion can be found within the vibration of Love. 

A  Love which begins with Self in the midst of a budding awareness of the personification of [I AM]- and which is the objective in the Gift of the frequency called: (1) One, this month, and for the rest of this decade.  I AM.  I KNOW WHO I AM awareness this month will be Gracefully followed by February's (11):  I AM THAT I AM.  

We view the Numbers In Time in terms of this agreed upon, collective Time map, where  this current 9 year cycle of SELF AWARENESS, as described by the 2010-2019 frequency wave.  
And, it WILL be DONE. 

As January winds down, the last week will begin to usher in the (11) Global Month frequency for February, and this will bring in a blast of Insight, Illuminations, Inspiration to shift- to speak and share,  to revel in new-found Clarity, along with heightened Other-dimensional communications, telepathy and internal Visual translations from That which is beyond Time.   
We can expect to feel the urge toward more inspired communications in general, but much of it will be noticed from the withIn place of Internal conversations and chatter.  Mind your use of verbiage carefully, and use a dictionary or thesaurus to assist you to clear up the messages of Upliftment for translation to Others.  
The physical activity level will be focused on gathering, collaborations, collecting, planning, Inspiring, and the sharing of imagery and data intended to tweak the sails of All in participation in the game of Time WITH You. 
More on this in the next installment for February.
Until then, hold your focus, take some Time relax into your own Self, keep notes on your ideas, plans, and Visions- and use your Nows for the most expedient route to gentle releases that will continue and further progress on personal realignment with your dreams.  

If you wish to have more information regarding Your personal cycles,  go to this link for more information.  

Much Gratitude for Your focus AND participation!
I continue to hold the image of All in Perfection Now, as Ever-  
CARMELLE,  aka- The Empress of Time. 



Friday, December 25, 2015


I AM Inspired to begin this installment of the 2016 Annual Global Timing Translation the day after the Paris false flag attack.  

As i saw the waves of posts coming in on the social media platforms, i was noticing that the Illusion of these activities are wearing thin amongst the masses.  
People are getting really fed up with this violence against Humanity at large on ALL levels of existence and social infrastructure. 
A LIE can only be covered for so long.  Not that i would assume that this event was INTENDED  to be concealed, but that these consistent events were meant to push the greater part of Humanity to the brink of Self AWARENESS, and Self Response-Ability.  

The LIE is not what you are seeing unfold regarding the constructs of the social "order"- or dis-order, as it is unfolding currently.
The LIE is that Conscious and DELIBERATE Creative acuity is not possible for mere mortal Humans.  
Slowly, the Mirror reality is awakening to the POWER of Self Creativity.  
2016 will be the cycle when the LIE will fall down and split open for all to see and RELEASE.  

The outrageously divisive tactics amongst those that are perpetrating such events, and who also control the media coverage of them, are those dastardly little Angels with VERY dirty hands. 

REVENGE is NOT the opportunity in these Times of Transition for Humanity. .... SELF-RESPONSE-ABILITY IS.  

Now, i kNOW there are some of you rolling your tired little eyes and wondering when the nonsense will STOP... and if you have been reading these postings on the State of the Global collective Timelines here, you may also be reading ALOT regarding Human Consciousness expansion, Ascension pathways, and the use of TIME and technology, in general.  

So, IF you are completely disheartened- BUCKLE UP, BABY!  Because the ride is going to get MUCH more exciting from Now ON! 
For those who will continue to shirk their own accountability in the creation of EVERYTHING that is before them in their own little worlds...things WILL become increasingly difficult to handle, and the RELEASES that must come will be protracted and very painful.  
All that which is no longer serving the Light of Humanity- AND THIS INCLUDES YOU- for the Next level of consciousness expansion, HAS to be released and ALLOWED to dissolve....

WHAT has to go away?
FEAR has to go away.  LOVE (9) is the replacement. 
APATHY has to go away.  COMPASSION (9) is the replacement. 
AGGRESSION has to go away.  CONSTRUCTIVE (Intention) RE-CREATION (9) is the replacement.  

SEPARATION has to go away, and once again, LOVE is the replacement.  
ALL of what you are witnessing in the Mirror is the reflection of what IS occurring withIN the Self- the Observer.  AND, YOU ARE CHANGING your "mind" about a great many things that have been based in lower frequency lessons.  


As we re-examine the frequencies of our Time classroom in terms of the Collective calendar IN USE at this juncture... there is always a space to switch the perception of WHAT Time is and how it was imposed upon a collective of Evolutionary Beings from controlling (negative) to a clear and presently obtainable tool for Self Awareness and Expansion.  

To break away from he "construct" of imposed manipulations (in Time), we KNOW the RELEASE is found in the NOW.  That is simplified, and exact.  Can you handle that, and take full responsibility for your perceptions- NOW, WHERE ALL OF YOUR POWER IS?  

Are You gettin' this yet? 
I see MANY out there that ARE.  
These are the Ones who are Inspired to show up to march's and start petitions, and write letters, and even squak their feelings on social media platforms, at the risk of being quickly excluded by "friends" and other social contacts for processing their growth out loud.  
Look for those who remain calm and hold the Now focus and exemplify the Knowing of WHO, exactly, is running this game. 
YOU are.  
Take responsibility... say YES to that which you ARE wanting by Inspired action, and say I DO NOT CONSENT to that which is not in alignment with your Love and Expansion.  

... this is NOT done in the physical illusion reality. 
IT IS DONE FROM WITHIN YOUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS AND VIBRATORY FREQUENCY projected from your own belief systems.  And they are breaking down fast.  
Each Being is peddling as fast as they are capable of.  
FOCUS, Be patient, and....
Try to keep up with yourSelf, will ya? 

IT'S TIME to watch, listen, DO your OWN research on that which is niggling you and making you feel confined and "put upon" regarding the way things are run in the outer reality.  
The Truth is becoming evident, and the way to seek it out has been graced upon us no matter what the fear peddlers are pushing.  
THEY work for US.  
And "they" are Doing exactly what we are ALLOWING them to do.... SHOWING US THE DOOR TO SELF EMPOWERMENT as Eternal Multi-Dimensional Creator Beings. 

How this will play out, specifically, for You is noted in your own personal Timing cycles.  You can calculate them for yourSelf, or you can contact Me to assist.  

Shine On Your CrazyDiamond!!!

2016 = (9) 


As 2016 begins, the opportunities for the releases that MUST occur, will unfold in Perfection and in digestible waves of progress.  
What may seem like set-back WILL prove to be blessings as the year unfolds and things begin to find a more Self Creative declarative tone and intention. 
The decade of Self Awareness continues, and in this cycle we are to examine our relationships, our personal and collective balance, mass negotiations and mediations on behalf of the I AM Presence of ALL.  
Non humans, as well.  This is why there is an uprising in the Animal Rights movement around the planet.  
Soon, ALL CREAT-ures will be counted as an aspect of SOURCE and Love.  

But, the focus is predominantly on the lessons of Self, Self Love, and Loving ALL as Self.  
I AM another Y-OUR SELF.  
This is the epitome of Self-less-ness, and the foundations of all of the Humanitarian projects being born each day.  
So this lesson of (2010-2019) SELF Awareness will take place in a wave of experiential processes (in Time) and in layers of focus. 
2016 will FOCUS on the balancing of our participations within the collective relationships we are in, and the collective dramas that we are aware of (including global relationships, events, and negotiations) which BEGIN withIN the Self.  
YOUR Self. 
There is NOT SEPARATION, only the reflection of that which you belief to be.  
Time reality is funny like that.  
(so see everything you can on Quantum reality, and Universal Frequency)
Time, since is it only a perception, is also quite mind morph-able.  

YOU are an IDEA.  
What you think of yourSelf is your business.  And what you experience (in Time) is of your own making.  

If YOU do not Love yourSelf enough to take care of yourSelf, or your sensorial, corporeal, bio-electric apparatus-  which carries you around in the Illusory reality experience- WHO will?   
If you will not focus consciously on your own response-ability in all of your interactions and creations in your Time reality, then WHO will?? 

It IS a Time of shift.   And, the Time is: NOW. 

AS YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED - the outer reality associations, and/or manipulators (who are doing just as you allow) are in this for the Expansion as well, albeit for their own Illusory goals.  
But, we aren't in control of THEIR agenda... we ARE, however, in full control of our own.   THIS coming cycle is the active practice of such a realization. 
As the final monthly frequency cycles of 2015 (8) give way to the upgraded protocols of 2016-2019, there are still opportunities to take Inspired action regarding the new preferences that have been surfacing for all to see.  

This is a Time to BE-HAVE AS IF You ARE the reason that Time was created to experience in the first place.  It is so, and there is PERSONAL accountability in this.  Not as "punishment", but as a skills building phase of the re-cognizing Creator Being.   

Only this Self Aware IDEA will ease the releases that are on the Collective agenda for Expansion, because this is the energetic pulse of the (1) MASTERY of this decade, (IN TIME).   

It's PERCEPTUAL.  And ONLY perceptual. 
Believing IS seeing.  Always has been that way, and Now the collective WE is ready to take on that Self Response-ablitiy to RE-align in the direction of the (6) opportunity to Balance with Love, by taking that responsibility to Heart, and running like hell with it!  
In (9), IT IS DONE.  
As my Mother used to say: It's all over, but the shoutin'!  

Yay! for Humanity!  WE are about to graduate into our Next frequency of BE-ing-ness.  This is a phase of the final push out of the lower frequency constraints.  
BREATHE, .... and, hold the Compassion for the remaining reflections that will flail and resist with Grace.  
"They" are You. 

By the end of the next summer Time, there will be
No looking back, no second guessing what you KNOW feels better to participate in.  
This is the cycle to comprehend and practice an unwavering FAITH in that which is Love NOW.  

TIME TO KISS (the past) for what it has helped you to know about Who you are, and what you really want NOW, and let it dissolve.  It doesn't exist anymore NOW anyway, so holding the NOW focus will re-inforce this as this cycle unfolds.  

This is YOUR opportunity to assist in the reality that you DO wish to see and play in.   
There is plenty for All because we are INFINITE Creator Beings.
Humans ARE awesome!  
We can figure our way out of, or IN to, ANYTHING that we are wanting to.  
(Humanity be like Ginger Rogers--dancing backwards and in high heels- without faltering...)

(6) Multi media COMMUNICATIONS that focus on balancing relationship, and drawing lines in the sand ...which will NOT be ALLOWED crossed anymore.  This is not physical IN-forcement...this is energetic and by will.  Decisions made that are secure in Knowing and Self recognition.  (2016)  

Collectively, We THINK we want MORE FREEDOM TO CREATE. 
It's the IDEA that is important.  It's the IDEA that Team Contrast is testing.  
HOW MUCH do you want your Creative freedom?  
Enough to TAKE BACK the awareness that you were never without it? 

You ALWAYS had the power, My Dear....  Time to go HOME.  

The I AM Presence observing from withIN, which founds the Time classroom experience, will always support that which Heart FEELS.  

In the (6) frequency window, FEELINGS, EMOTION, AND RESPONSE are the lessons to be sampled and tweaked IN THE GLOBAL ARENA, as well as within your own Time experience this coming year.  YOU play Your part Truthfully All will morph into a more preferred reality experience.  

If you wish to get to the gifts of this global (9) frequency directly, (judgement) has no part to play.  That idea has run it's course.  It doesn't feel so good on either end of that stick.  

This coming year's cycle opportunities are providing a-
Time to LET IT GO. 
Time to Let Heart Love freely, without reservation. 
Time to mediate relations by way of compassion.  
Time to re-cognize that I AM an idea, and i can change my perspective AT WILL.  I need not wait for permission or clearance from any "outside" authority.  

TIME TO REAL-IZE that NOW IS ALL THAT IS, and therefore the HIGHEST empowerment tool of all Time.  Go there, and stay as long as you can!  
EXPECT miracles at your command.  

Leo Buscaglia: Love, Choice, Responsibility

There will be more Translation on the waves within the 2016 annual frequency as Inspired.  
YOU CAN watch the NBTV interview video on the previous post to see and hear how and WHY i do what i DO here, (in Time). 

Until the Next,
I continue to hold the Image of ALL in Perfection and Well Being, NOW, as Ever---  

Saturday, December 5, 2015

YOU Are a Conduit of TRUTH- ( Re-Post from Feb 2013)

It's Time for Creator BEings to Know that they are natural energy conduits for Universal frequencies. 
Alex Gray

YOU are ALWAYS Connected to the All That IS....  
Many, many individuals are discovering this Now.  The collective has been calling for, and is now ready for the wave of information that is the impetus of the mass Awakening which is spreading across the planet in more and more obvious ways.  Activities of this Truth is evident all around the planet.  

If you are reading this- YOU are Now actively a part of this movement toward the Balance and RE-alignment of Earth Humanity's collective Vision for Unity Consciousness, as an aspect of Creator BEing.  Welcome to New Earth....and, if there's is anything that we can do to assist your Journey, please to not hesitate to ASK OUT LOUD.  :)

With all Humility, (i) offer this to newcomers especially- but also to seasoned practitioners of Presence in Physical form.   We can never have enough "tools" for maintaing our balance and equilibrium in our Eternal expansion as One.  If this were not SO, there wouldn't be assistance and information that validates this everywhere you LOOK.  And, today- you looked HERE.   
So, to assist those who are still reticent to Know their Infinite Presence, i offer this simple Tool. 
But, first- a prologue.......

A few years ago, on a wintery day, I was standing in the sun in a big picture window.  I thought 
that i was only there to take a break and absorb a little sunshine- but, what i got was much much more.  

As i stood in a relaxed "dancers position", breathing and observing the silence, the warmth of the sun on me, i noticed that my body began to respond to the thoughts that came and went in between.  I say "in between", because when i was in observation mode- i was was gently gliding side to side in a very comfortable figure 8.....a rocking flow of pain-free, thought-free - Neutral Harmony.  
As i had a thought- the sway of my body changed....apparently, i had entered a space of connection and was opened to energetic response indicator- and my body leaned either forward, or , backward in response to the thought i was having.   In delight, i asked questions- to which my body (as long as i kept my chin elevated and knees unlocked) responded with either a forward lean for YES, or a backward lean of NO.   I also noted that when the question was ambiguous- or needed to be broken down for clarity of an answer- it would center and rock only very barely.   When my meditation and inquiry "session" was done, i was lunged quickly forward, and more forcefully, off my balanced and floaty stance.  AND, i also notice that my body felt clear and energized.  

For BEings who are just coming up to the line of Self guidance and empowerment, this is a technique for re-alignment that works so very well for getting into the Now groove and discovering your own Eternal Knowing at work in your Time experience, just standing right where you are.    

For those who are proficient with muscle testing via the closed finger resistance method- you may already be familiar with this type of validation method.
And, for those who have mastered the inner Knowing of instantaneous information and guidance- this exercise will just be a nice relaxing rocking of yourSelf in the warm and Loving embrace of Love, and can fortify your practice of inner Clarity and telepathic abilities, and elevate your physical energy levels as you stand where you are, anytime.  

This simple practice brings immediate connection and easily accessible way to tap into your Source of Truth as an introductory exercise for getting the feel of your own natural energetic gift of Truth discernment, and a technique to fall back on in moments of imbalance for quick whole Presence re-alignment.  

You already ARE Creator BEing.  Therefore, YOU are the energetic conduit.  With a little more practice trusting yourSelf Now, you'll be able to make your way out of the Illusion and onto a path of ease and flow with Self empowering regularity.  Which means that your alignment will Allow the perfect people and opportunities to flow into your world to co-create more JOY.

If you can do this bare-footie, on the Mother- the more powerful and reenergizing this is.  But, this works well indoors with shoes on, too, once you get the hang of it.  Do this a few times barefoot, undisturbed to get your baseline and confidence...then you can take it out and about with you.   

*stand with your feet in approximate alignment with your shoulders- toes slightly pointed outward; relax your arms at your sides.

*unlock your knees, and bounce a little to get comfy and find your perfect position where nothing on your body is calling your attention....

* elevate your chin slightly - this is KEY to opening the physical channel alignment.

*take a few breaths and readjust your stance so that you are gently floating on your feet, with unlocked knees in a comfortable position. This may takes a few moments- but when it opens, it will be unmistakable,  and you won't even be aware of your body parts- it will meld into a feeling of One part.   

* close your eyes (optional),  and relax and BREATHE , and as you release the tension in your body it will begin to slightly sway side to side and then into a gentle figure 8 motion....gently sway in this circular 8 pattern- back and forth for a few minutes to enJoy relief.  

When you have "opened" by relaxing, you will notice that as you have a thought - a question- inner mutterings- your BODY will begin to respond to your inner talk and it will either lean forward or backward....this is quite unmistakable.   YOU have become a pendulum. 

This back and forth is your indicator mechanism engaging.   FORWARD= positive (yes) , and BACKWARD = negative (no)
Hovering in center with no motion indicates that you either didn't ask a clear question, or use the right words- relax, and mentally restate your inquiry.   

When you have no further inquiries, you can just sway in silence for a while, and when your Higher Self is done recharging your TimeSelf presence, and it's Time to re-engage into your outer world/classroom, the energy flowing through your body will  lunge you forward and push you off your center as if it's saying "Now, go out there and BE Love !"   
You're going to laugh!  And you will be eager to "talk" to yourSelf  again and again... :)

When you get used to doing this it you will get faster at it, will Trust yourSelf more, and will begin to "hear" thoughts that make your Heart actually resonate.  
And then, you can walk around like that naturally....calling it in ANYTIME you want.  

Like, when the doctor is standing there telling you somehting that you don't understand- just hold your focus on your body and let the swaying of it talk to you--- it will never lie to you.
If it says no- it's really NO.  
You may not understand the details of WHY at that moment - just trust it, and ask to Know "why" when it's appropriate and you are ready to absorb that data- while you remember that: 
#1- It's All going to work out perfectly for everyone- somehow! 
With this practice, you have given your Self permission to STOP, and clarify anything that you are currently experiencing with this undeniable body-talk method.  Focus on your preferences, NOT your obstacles, and have Knowing in this, that you will be guided appropriately, step by step by step, and with the Love that IS the basis of the Universe.


Until the Next, 
I continue to hold the Image of All in Perfection, NOW, 
as Ever,