Sunday, October 25, 2015


 Closing oppportunities and events of 2015 (8) and the 2016 (9) Global frequency window OPENING


It's CHANGE opportunity Time for those who are stepping out of the Old Illusion, and disengaging with much of the it's parts and particles that currently represent constriction and control beyond healthy boundaries of Relationship and Manifestation.

For more personal data regarding the opportunities in YOUR personal Time wave, you can calculate your own personal Numbers for your personal participation impulses and opportunities at:  , use the tabs at the top to read the basic descriptor for each Number frequency.

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This annual cycle of 2015: (8) has been , and will continue to bring, an opportunity window when many will witness a release and relief in terms of anxiety and confusion, relationships that have been binding to personal expansion, and operations and protocols that no longer serve the Awakening Humanity's progression into the Peaceful Objectives of this budding Millennial focus (in Time).   
(8) brings DYNAMIC action in the administrative realms of the Time experience.  In other words, it's Time to change some of the obviously outgrown and [out of alignment] beliefs and activities that served the Time focused Being long enough to weaken the fascination with Material Time reality as the Supreme "sustenance" into a more Self Aware perspective of a reality of "Measure".  

The Time reality is represented, as such, in the frequency range of a Holographic reality that includes the manipulation of THOUGHT into a Sensorial experience, and active experience.   
Many Beings already have taken a step OUT of Time for the majority of their "days", and are integrating the new skills and perceptions fairly well.  Practice, Practice, Practice!!!
Those Beings who ARE practicing Now, and who decide to hang around while the scenery changes will be put to "work" sharing what they have done, how they do it, and offer examples as guidance of Self Re-cognition.  

Although we are unclear of our own true Collective Time "history" at this point of our collective Time classroom game, the plan forward has surely taken on a swift and decisive shift toward the Collective Time objective of the (2) window of Self Recognition in the All,  (2000 - 2999), to collect our Selves and our Creative FOCUS and make the adjustments in both the Visual imagery of the new-found Peace preferences and the ignition of the Inspired Action that will be in clear view to the whole of the participants of the Collective Time adventure by 2018.  

All of the technologies that are surfacing- and those that are to be realized in the coming cycles, will be found to be WITHIN the Being already, and will serve as "training wheels" for activating these innate gifts and talents, or, our Multi-Dimensional skill-pack- and will become second Nature as we begin to flow with more Self Knowing and confidence in our own Self Alignment AS Source.

AT THIS TIME cycle opportunity....Any perpetual lower frequency perspectives and belief systems that support anger, fear, violence against Other Selves, or- COMPLACENCY of such,  will provide a continued personal struggle in that Vision.  The frequency will be sustained for the next Collective Epicycle of (9) "years" of the Time experience- (until 2025), and with a great exaggeration of Emotional impulses that accompany this initiating RELEASE cycle until things shake loose.  The Expansion of Conscious participation can be comprehended by All participants of the Next level of experience for the Humanity participating (in New Time), and bearing witness to the collective releases occurring as a result of the participants Self releases are engaged.   

This next 9 year cycle will bring the final adjustments in the Self perspective as the Master collaborator entraining with the Morphogenic field of finer/higher frequency, and the REALization of OtherSelves as (Time classroom) collaborators.  
(2) is all about collaboration, partnerships, balance, communications, connectivity, and working TO-GATHER for the experience of a common Vision or project.

As this (8) cycle brings the final adjustments and securing of platforms that are WANTED, the falling away of the beliefs, rules, protocols, personnel, and other previously objectified items- such as low frequency control Institutions, WILL be noticed.  
HOW you perceive and experience these Releases, will ALWAYS depend on your personal beliefs and perspectives.  
This statement serves to strengthen resolve- and provoke- personal experimentation regarding the FACT that
All is in Perfection NOW.

DO take Conscious personal Now pauses to Re-Member your Grace and whom, exactly, is really running the "show" here.  
DO it- NOW.  



WHATEVER is blocking or offending you and preventing you from your own Peace of Presence in Balance, is beginning to shakie loose at the roots.   And, as 2015 winds down,  will continue to present (sometimes bombastic) surprises into the Mirror reality, which appear as the social changes that are the reflection of the INNER work that is BEing tested and honed for the rest of  2015 through the 2016 cycle into 2017, in Time. 
2015 has brought sudden and unexpected events and opportunities to RE-ALIGN into a more preferential expansive experience.  

Some participants have been having unexpected interventions that  change their direction, and Mind/Beliefs without warning. 
Some will view these events as liberating and delightful, and some will experience these events as some form of diabolical plan to obstruct.  
Technically speaking, the glass IS always half full, so even if there is a dismal perspective initially the new, unusual, and unexpected is a Gift that has been called TO you by You, because somewhere withIn You is a request to expand, Eternally.  
Time will be no longer useful as soon as the Multi-Dimensional Creator BEing gets a handle on their own Creative processes and skills.  
There are MANY translators available  to assist this Upliftment.  

NEW THOUGHT is dawning as personal Inhibition is being systematically dissolved.   Self Responsibility is becoming the new level of Self Value and Exchange, and this will be emphatically presented to the collective participants through the 2016: (9) Global Time frequency wave.  Taking "ownership" for your own f.e.a.r., and letting your Self understand and REFLECT that which LOVE IS is the High priority opportunity actively beginning the end of October for the next 12+ months in the training platform of Time.   

How Valuable are YOU?  
What items in your personal reality are painful to think about, and/or to participate ?
Where are your boundary lines regarding relationship and your own perspective of ease and flow in Natural Joy, and HOW do you wish to negotiate Balance?  
What brings feelings of contentment and Peace to you?  
What would you be willing to DO to at least begin to uphold your own I AM identity as a consistent and Heartfelt work of collaboration and contribution? 
What situations need to be released to allow these ideals to become a norm in your Time classroom experience? 
WILL You step into your own Self Love and acceptance and begin to identify with the Self Love that is required to move OUT of the constrictive control mind-set, and FORGIVE YourSelf FIRST? 
WILL YOU take responsibility for what YOU reflect into your personal Time experience toward the OtherSelves with which you are interacting and holding "space" for ?  (This includes the "powers" that you have relinquished to "others", such as the "world controllers", doctors, lawyers, and other social "powers" that have been allowed without question, or personal research. )

Can you initiate the Release sequence with Compassion? 

This is the theme of what is to get settled during a (9) Release and Reset cycle, and as the Harbinger of the 2017: (1) collective pause to re-set the Collective Vision.


This is the most difficult part of the (9) lesson for most participants of the lower frequency due to the ALLOWANCE of the bombastic control methodologies that were needed to jack us up against the corner far enough to bring on a response of Self awareness in full blossom.  

But there is PLENTY of indication that this was a conceptual "experiment" to bring Eternal Creator BEings into an Expansive FOCUS challenge that is found in a  Time/Space reality of Measure.  If One is aware of the All encompassing presence that is secured in NOW, then there is a doorway that can be utilized to enhance the skills needed to manipulate the parts and particles As Creators-in Training, within that particular Time platform for the benefit of Sensuality and Pleasure as well as the challenge of Expansion.  

As Love is the force that is Represented by Light, so is all DATA regarding options and possibilities for utilizing FREE WILL to Create by Eternal Law of Life.  The imaginary "prison planet" that is perpetuated in our own "physical reality" is poised to be released and replaced by a New Time perspective that is based in LOVE, BALANCE, AND PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY as the Creator practicing and playing (in Time).  

Most of those who read these Translations are aware of more options and personal choices in Now of the I AM Awareness.  Those that are have had personal experiences and interactions with these advanced aspects of Self in congruence with events and opportunities that bring an initiatory glimpse the Potentiality of Human experience via the use of FREQUENCY MANIPULATIONS on Holographic realities AT WILL.  
So, here's the rub....
I AM. 
I KNOW who I AM. 
There is NOT a Hierarchy beyond Me. 
I AM CREATOR, Now, and Eternally.  
Therefore, LOVE must be the basis of the experience in order to transcend the constriction of SELF DENIAL and the myriad of dis-eases and constrictions that no longer make ANY sense in our New focus and Knowing.  

As a Time participant- there must be a foundational LOVE of the mechanisms of Time and Physicality and Gratitude for the opportunity to hone the Multi-Dimensional experience toward deliberate Creativity and PREFERENCE/choice.  
The difference in the Creative experience from One BEing to anOther's is perspective and the level of Love that is the foundation of what we would term or consider "success" or Mastery of our Time reality experience.... and, as you KNOW, [money] is a Value exchange that is changing into something quite different due to our elevation of our I AM potential THROUGH LOVE, Compassion.   
This (6) Self responsibility acKnowledgement will be the flavor of the release technique of choice through 2016. Those that can and DO take Self responsibility will find relief in the releases of the 2016: (9) global frequency cycle.   Those that hold onto resistance of this responsibility to participate in that which is harmonious to I AM expansion will find their releases to be protracted, and this is NOT of ease and flow.   But rather, tends to bring on deeper disturbances and conflict until the Self finds satisfaction in Loving methods of participation.  

COMPASSION: The Way of 2016

This idea of Compassion will be the "ah-ha!" moment for the wave of participants in the Global Mirror to begin to ACT as if Love is the Healing of ALL.  
This wave of release will HAVE to be undertaken with COMPASSION and GRATITUDE for ALL components, participants AND experiences that have brought us to this point of Now realization in which Release is required.  
There really is not Release WITHOUT Compassion and Gratitude as the foundation -- the grease- of the movements/action mechanisms that promote moving on.  

In (9) we come to KNOW that LOVE, COMPASSION, GRATITUDE equates to RELEASE.  It begins with SELF. 
If there is still resistance in this-  2016 will be the window to move perceptions and beliefs that are still attached to the idea that OVERT control and domination of ANYTHING must be modified immediately, because pain and trauma of INFLICTION will be loud enough enough to be understood.  
Compassion will rule the development of new platforms of Collective social relief and Upliftment.  

NOVEMBER'S (11) Gift of Awareness

11/2015 = (1)
As November unfolds, there will be an increased awareness of Internal conversations, Insights, Illuminations, and sometimes profound shocks that Ignite and Inspire ripened situations into the foreground.  (11) is a Master Number of connectivity to "that which is beyond Time" .  This is a frequency that brings information and opportunity to be counseled with for the purpose of Igniting Self Love and dispelling self denial via "seeing".  This data download frequency bring information that is to be SHARED.  
Many (11) Beings are adept Translators with direct communication and deep Insight to the larger picture, as well as the details that make up the larger view.    
Many  participants, those who have Master Numbers within their own Personal frequency have a common skill amongst them.  This is the skill of Vision and communicating through Imagery.   If you are in an (11) personal annual frequency window, there will be an amplification of these gifts and talents and the communications from withIn will be unmistakable and undeniable.  
So, Telepathy is easy for these individuals IF they aren't in deep Self denial.  Since this frequency will be the opportunity wave and initiator that will head up the month of November, which is a (1) Global month frequency window, [11+2015=10=1] , the bulk of the realizations will be focused on and flowing forth from SELF.  
At the base of our Time frequency objective for the rest of this decade, the (1) id emphasized by the Zero.  The point of the decade of (1) with emphasis by way of the Zero, means that that it IS Time to become Self Aware.  and we use the annual cycles, (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) to bring us to that Knowing and Mastery in steps of absorption and adaptation to the new level of ability of the participating BEing.    
(1) = I AM; I begin, I plan, I Imagine that which i think that i would PREFER to Create Next.  Plans, and initial moves made in the (1) frequency will flux and morph accordingly as development is takes place, but the basic image will remain.  
In (11), we amplify this I AM Creativity to the Quantum level,... I AM THAT I AM Mastery is achieved, ...meaning that, bit by bit, the pieces of Self are Ignited and Utilized more effectively and with more Self control.  Better decisions, in more Loving and productive directions with less and less attention to distraction.  

So, within this last bit of Time of the Global 2015: (8) opportunity window of DYNAMIC changes and administration is bearing new ideas about which way the Collective PREFERENCES will take the Collective experience.  
New data will come to the forefront in lumps of Insight, and will tweak/change the intentional flow of action that will be taken.  The flow of action will be INSPIRED by the Illuminations the come forward, and as the [vessel, Collective or Individual] is equipped to undertake it.  
This is Truth in All moments of expansion, but is especially Self validating and noticeable within the powerful opportunity frequency of (11) frequency windows.

As November gives way to December's (3) Global frequency, the communications will begin to INCREASE, and the outcry of the collective will be consistent.  (3) objective is Self EXPRESSION.  The fine tuning is to tweak LANGUAGE and that which comes forth from Heart flow of desire, Intention, observation, of experience finds a balance in gentility, innocence, and Love.  There is much magic that occurs in the poser of triangulation, but it not the final Communion of Self expression, it is the place of finding a footing on Imagination, Inspiration, Intention by expressing through spoken vibratory pronouncements that form the Emotional manifestational foundation (in Time):
Truth will be the navigational instrument that will not be denied in the (3) frequency- because Self Expression will not  be denied.  Not only will it not be denied, it will not stop expressing about Self Truth until it has been fully satisfied in it's expression around the end of the 3rd week of December.  
As December ushers in the New collective Time frequency cycle of  2016:(9), with the fabulously fortuitous (6) for us to find and mediate BALANCE in LOVE, through Self RESPONSE-ABILITY, the Gifts of the Time reality cycles open up a window of declaration regarding fair and healthy boundaries.  
There will be more on this soon, but, for those who are watching the global energy patterns and the tussle between what has to be Released and that which is based in Love, the very good news is that there WILL  be a more United voice withIn, and then witnessed in the Mirror of the collective Time adventure.  
Yes, there will be some resistance and implosions.  But, Love and Light IS.... period.  And the prevailing winds of Identity and Will-full participation are heading- step by step - into that which IS preferred.  
KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE OBJECTIVE, and Love will lead the Way for All to find their own Balance, and conscious choices to BE the CHANGE that they wish to see.  

I invite you to EXAMINE THE PATTERNS IN THESE [TIME] FREQUENCIES for yourSelf as a tool to help PRACTICE holding Now Presence.     Time frequencies which are vibrating the practice reality, generally accepted in the Collective as Gregorian Earth Time, but apply to ALL Timing calendars and Symbolic Numerological frequencies as 1 through 9, plus Zero, vibrate the SAME in ALL platforms of measure and manifestation (in Time), with only minor translation differences.   

Until the Next, and 
As Ever, I continue to hold the Image of All in Perfection Now!