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August's Global Month (7), and September's Global month (8), are the opportunity windows that are paving the way for the HUGE changes that are beginning to be fully manifested and witnessed by the Time reality participants whether they like it - or, not.   Especially by those who are energetically sensitive, long "suffering" in this awareness,  and finally trusting the expansion of the awareness of the One as All. 

Before i translate the frequencies of this change wave, it is quite vital to have an idea of the OBJECTIVE of this NOW step into Global month (9) for OCTOBER 2015, as the harbinger of the focus and activity (in Time) of the approaching 2016: (9) Global year cycle.  

2 + 0 + 1 + 6 : 9  Global Year Frequencies are to establish a PRELIMINARY format of recovery, healing, education, and mediation/negotiation toward more BALANCED relations with Self and OTHER-SELVES in the Mirror reality.   

There will be more translations of 2016's window of expansion, but it is quite clear that there WILL be serious focus on the transitioning of what NO LONGER SERVES Love via COMPASSION, PRESENCE IN LOVE, AND ALTRUISTIC IDEALS in action.  

As we get closer to 2020's and beyond, Human Consciousness and Co-Creativity will become more masterful in terms of NOW Empowerment and Multi-Dimensional skills practice.   
This approaching 2016 (9) frequency provides opportunities to release and revise any attachments, rules, personnel, resources, institutions, relationships, tools, ideas, beliefs- or ANY other 'constructs' that are the walls of YOUR personal, and thereby, the collective reality Time experience.  

With (9) frequency, the reflective practice platform, which we see and perceive as "Time", is morphing and flushing out constricting "things" and the deeply rooted ideas that hold them in place for ALL present in the Time reality to see.

The (9) frequency window is always an opportunity to shed false personality that is upheld by false reality beliefs.  No matter what your Mirror reality is reflecting back to you, this cycle is a great gift, be that a (9) day, month, or year frequency. 

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Some participants will resist this release, and some will fall into a state of repose and relief with mutterings of thankfulness for what is transpiring in their reality, and the resolutions and freedom that come.  These releases, if required by Your Source Presence NOW, can seem magical in the sense that they seem to be happening in ways that you may not have thought of, or had any "control" over.  
Let me reinforce the FACT that IF these endings and closures are occurring- YOU have directed them in your request to EXPAND. 
TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, and HONOR that which you stand in Truth about.  Know that there is not a destination in the Consciousness of the Eternal Being's Journey back to Source. 

 GRATITUDE and FORGIVENESS are always the go-to places that open up the special rewards into personal expansion processes in the vortex that IS being created by [I AM's] urge to expand more freely.  And, by freely, I mean- with more conscious FOCUS in what and WHOM You really are: the Ever-Creative Multi-Dimensional Being, NOW

Ho'oponopono-FORGIVENESS AND RECONCILIATION -hawaiian-art-of-healing

Preparation for us to step up into this in the coming annual (9) frequency cycle more consciously by DYNAMIC decisions to ACT, regarding the re-arrangement of the parts and particles of the personal reality focus in this 2015 (8) cycle is INDEED becoming LOUDER and more easily attainable.  
As the increasing frequencies that ARE the Time reality (as a growth experience and practice "construct") are upholding the wave of de-construction of the lower frequencies, what appears as a wake of chaos and Illusion is only the final examinations of the "stuff" in our closets and hidden places which held what we see Now as shadow Self of the Awakening giant, and that which has been outgrown or outlived in usefulness  which I/YOU/WE are no longer satisfied with.  
The 7/31/8: (1),  BLUE MOON Event, indicates the onset of Internal surges of I AM to step up and clear the way withIN, (7) August Global frequency, and Illuminates personal expression in the Light of NEW IDENTITY, BEGINNINGS. 

Use your words carefully- always, but especially when there is a 3 frequency involved in the mix,  BEHAVING and Upholding the perceptions of the preferred experience AS IF.   (3) is the frequency that vibrationally stimulates the auditory/verbal vibration into manifestation mode.   (3) is the the Golden Mean by which [focus], and that which you are thinking and speaking about,  is amplified into structure and manifestation (4) in the percieved linear reality experience :   

9 days later, (short term cycle of processes), the 8/8/8:24:6 will open the door of those INTENTIONS into a more evident and expanded 
modis-operendi on the part of Source BEings .
IF there is to BE a New Time reality based in Love, then NOW is the Time to actually ACT with the direction of that Intention.  
The Collective wave of activity could be seen as active collective practice of an Apprentice level skill-pack of the Multi-Dimensional Creator Being finding much better footing in the Self Creative process.  

As August rolls in NOW, we find our Time reality tuning to the Global (7) monthly cycle frequency which brings a period of introspection, analysis, and re-evaluation.   Sound familiar??
(7) brings a window to see, examine, and review any of the incoming DATA that will be sorted and dealt with in the immediate and oncoming waves of the Time-focused reality experiments of Self discovering Self.  

The 8/8/8 (aug/8 + 8th day/+ 2015:8 year) window will POP some IMPORTANT administrative "items" into place, MATERIALLY speaking-  and if you, personally, are in an ODD NUMBERED annual cycle (1,3,5,7,9), this means personal BELIEF changes in decisive ways, as this annual cycle of opportunity. 

This month MANY reflections of your Self, via otherSelves, will have a sudden shift of perspective regarding their own IDENTITY, INTENTION, and PARTICIPATION, as you morph your own reality a step closer to Whom I/YOU/WE truly are.  
Not all of US have fully grasped the whole [I AM THAT I AM] Knowing, but the processes for arriving into that awakening state is flowing faster and faster as I/YOU/WE practice with more Loving confidence in the Trust- the Knowing - of the POWER OF NOW, in more Loving ways.  

If you are currently in an EVEN NUMBERED annual experience cycle, (2,4,6,8), it will be percieved as a vast re-arrangement of the OUTER/REFLECTIVE reality.  As a Self reflective practice and promotion of YOUR Time focused experience preferences are consciously moved, your [Time] counterparts will be dynamically active, and will be seen by the attention of the collective mirror as an energetic DECISION: a wave of DYNAMIC INTENTION hosting the flow of social change in ACTION.  
You can gauge how well you are holding the LOVE NOW focus by what you are witnessing in your own reality. 

And, of course,  because CHANGE is the ONLY thing that "exists", this has been "happening" all along....  as we bring our [I AM] NOW preferences into our focused activities with MUCH more confidence and willingness to just flow as Creator BEings  it will look like we pulled EVERYTHING that I/YOU/WE have outgrown out of the closet, and have a giant mess to clean up. 
But, to be sure there will be immediate material "evidences" brought forward on many levels of focus for the impending annual RELEASE cycle of 2016's (9) frequency, so LOOK FOR and participate in that which you are truly wanting.  This month is a window to align your New perspectives on Expansion, and have the guts to BE the change you are seeking, as that which is now constricting is examined and ushered to the door. 

This Transition is far from "over", and there is MUCH more about our [I AM THAT I AM] that will come to be Known in the next 9-year cycle (2017-2026), but the processes are becoming more PERSONALLY manageable through sheer Will and desire to expand and Create more preferentially.  

I/YOU/WE have realized that we don't want "this, and that", and are learning that the more attention we give "this, and that" the longer it lives and breathes into our own personal experience.  
SO, I/YOU/WE are Now shifting our  beliefs and footing within our Heart's INTENTIONS and ACTIONS toward our New Time HIGHER FREQUENCY preferences, in more dynamic ways by   Speaking out, and shifting personal participation by not "buying" into anyTHING or supporting beliefs that enhance separation from our own creative power as {I AM].  
This month there is opportunity to really examine those things, so it can appear to get "worse" before it gets better, as we drag all of the crap out to sort through it- which will take all of 2016 and into 2017 to DO.  

As it has been recently noted- this process will, and always has, appeared differently to each Presence participating.  I/YOU/WE have changed our "minds"- therefore, the main Stream of Consciousness has increased greatly, which will again be amplified, and flipped ON with "corrective" measures unfolding, materially, as September's (8) global month cycle of NOW focus in Expansion practice approaches and begins the material reality clearing process.  
As ALWAYS, and again, most preferentially in the way of Compassion, Forgiveness, and Release.
So, LET IT GO, for more expedient FLOW and re-alignment in your personal experiences.    

(7) advises a serious look withIN to SEE BEYOND constrictions, such as (Time), and fear based reactions that perpetuate the loops of experience, which are NOW just remnants of lower frequency reality cycles. 

I/You/We Know this better NOW. 


The preliminaries of those releases will be more clearly in view, on the whole, for the month of September (8) Global month, within this (8) Global Year cycle, as well as witnessing more activity of the Higher Minded administration of the material playground, (in Time) being sorted and cleared.  

As the shite hits the fan- hold your Knowing that ALL IS WELL, NOW, AND there is more to be "done" regarding the re-arranging the parts and particles of the material reality to come.
The wave that everyone is expecting will be a clear "fleshing out" of some of those things with more committed focus and COOPERATION.  And, in Numerological symbology- the (9) annual frequency that promotes and supports this process begins in the middle of the cycle.  In terms of the annual (8) into the annual (9)- this means it began to manifest and move forward actively in July 2014 for the Mirror reality practice reality.  

RESOLUTION in all-things-unwanted is happening NOW. 
Just In Case You Didn't Think Anything Expansive Was Happening...  

SUPPORT this in your own daily intentions and participation as the opportunities float to you to DO/BE so, ONE MOMENT AT A TIME for best "effect" on the Collective Mirror experience.

As AUGUST gifts us with Insight and a breath IN, we will learn to focus more on what is NOW, and learn, in steps, HOW to move around within the Morphogenic Field of Creativity for ourSelves.  The TIME to Love is NOW, all-ways.
I/You/We ARE pedaling more Knowingly toward the close of this cycle of "learning" to BE the [I AM] aa I/YOU/WE head into the Mother of all Love frequencies in 2016- (9), there IS a new solidarity withIN.  

The seed of Your New Time reality has sprouted.  
Trust it.  Value it.  Nurture it. 
You ARE enough.  

Until the Next, I continue to hold the Image of ALL in Perfection NOW.  And, Now that there is some space in my own Journey to build my sites and pages again, i hope that you find some assistance and validation in these pages and expressions as they continue to grow (in Time).  

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After a very long process into a new residence, a shift in my Value exchange platforms, and a more substantiated Self empowered recognition of the [NOW focus] lifestyle, I AM returning here to share energetic insights for those who wish to OWN their I AM process through this amazing and accurate language of opportunity through the Time classroom experience. 

As YOU Know- it's a very busy Time for Expansion of All, NOW. 


In SERVICE, AND Until further notice- 
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