Friday, May 15, 2015


5 + 2015 = 13= 4 global month
(8) Global Year

Well, it's a BEAUTIFUL MONTH for practicing ALLOWING and FLOW in the direction of the currently increasing frequencies of EXPANDED (personal power) PERCEPTIONS and SKILLS.  
DISCERNMENT will be increasingly necessary as the rest of this cycle unfolds.  
REMEMBER who YOU are.  Note any fear campaigns that float your way so that you can flip the switch to the RELIEF that comes with Knowing that YOU are the Creator of your experience (in Time), and that the main objective in this Time cycle is to clear the air, sort out the wheat from the chaffe, and make dynamic decisions about what you will and won't participate in with precision and clarity of Vision.

As this (8) Global Year frequencies increase, there is a noticable increase in opportunities to move thing, people, and situations into the PREFERRED reality- at a rate that appears to be "high--speed" .   This perception stems from finding an inner [I AM] stance that is becoming unshakable.

This month, May (5), is a (4) Global Month for the Practice realm experience (in Time).  
The TIME VIBE for May-June indicates that in the [productive phase] of the cycle, the pace of events is quickening, there are suddenly more opportunities to actually DO something about the plans and Visions that you have, in terms of I AM Expansion- that began to roll out in April- and will continue to increase throughout 2015 an into 2016. 

There comes with this flow MANY more opportunities to just get to the point and tolerate LESS distraction regarding what you WANT.  This action opportunity wave will increase
through the Fall of this (8) year, when this cyclical productive phase of expansive experiences and FOCUS practice will culminate to release and resolve those resources, materials, personnel, procedures, and the agreed upon personal and collective "rules", in order to RE-DESIGN the broadview of the current Global CO-CREATIVE reality in which YOU are participating.  PAY ATTENTION to what you are agreeing to- and make decisions on how it will BE for You, from NOW forward in the Time experience.  I remind: It's YOUR trip- and YOUR decision.  This is the cycle to re-align with more dignity, and PERSONAL AUTHORITY and be NKIE--- JUST DO IT.     

The NEW TIME reality is taking hold with a no-nonsense mind-set for those who have been in Knowing and watching, practicing, and having the personal courage to investigate their own DESIRE to CHANGE- which is the inevitable in a cyclic reality, that is playing out both in personal reality experiences (which IS the point of change for the All), and as a reflection within the Global social and "political" sorting and pitching that is taking place currently where ever you look these days.  

The ATTENTION USURPING game of the [Illusory testing platform] in Time, which we know as our DAY-TIME "lives" on a physically focused level ,  is becoming so ridiculously obvious to more Otherselves each day.  At this point, the sails of Success have been set, the winds have changed, and the focus has been turned enough to see more DYNAMIC ACTION rolling out int he direction of a more unified focus of Creativity based in Love NOW.

This is clearly happening in the form of taking back any unknown powers of Presence, and sorting and disengaging from those resources, materials, personnel, procedures, "rules" - AND PERSONAL BELIEFS which ALLOW what we experience, and which we have decided are no longer needed for the Next step in personal Expansion and our participation in the Alignment of the Collective Millennial objective of the (2): Participation, Partnership, Balance, Communication, Cooperation, CO-CREATION with personal focus.  

Most of the forebears of FOCUS PRACTICE are very busy within their own parameters of participation.  Much moving about - geographically, and within personal focus cycles of clearing and re-arranging the immediate environment for stabilization of participation.  A change in the many layers of collective agreements is evident, as the rules regarding what will and will not be tolerated or allowed as "norm" are shifting rapidly.  PICK YOUR BATTLES CAREFULLY. 
There is no "war"--it's a PERFECTLY designed Illusion to teach you who YOU ARE, really ...
Projections of- and falling for the same old scare tactics will be noticed more quickly by the individual.  Personal responsibility becomes more satisfactory and simple to those who practice their NOW's with persistence.  These personal successes in FOCUS practice are paying off more rapidly and this make the Illusion more transparent and certainly less powerful to the individual aspects of Source who are in Knowing of this- and in the mode of Doing with Presence and can hold that very freeing- and happy thought longer and longer. 
All of this is getting easier by the moment. 

Releases of Old Time beliefs and behaviors are bringing forward that which was was long desired as a more balanced way of Being- and, as this annual cycle continues to flow, the collective I AM moves more willfully into further growth and the expansive opportunities to harmonize the (2) millennial objective further.   Not only will there be clearly viewed events of this- but it's going to get VERY LOUD in the mass reality consciousness.  The WAKE UP bells are being rung. 

AND- The Illusion will become more evident, and personal freedom, choice, and personal decisions to act and participate with more personal accountability will come more easily.

This month will open up the details of the how, why, and wherefore of the New Time processes (in Time), and the Way OUT of Old Time as a naturally occurring event will take the sting out of any of the continuing attempts to test the resolve and persistent of the spark of the Eternal Source withIN each fractal aspect within the awakening Multi-Dimensional Creator Being.  
This month we PRACTICE, align, sort, and plan the logical processes that will become the norm in higher frequency focus practices.  The NEW TIME skills are more apparent and available as the IDEA of Creating "at Will" is more acceptable.  

As June approaches, the velocity of opportunities will bring even more expansive windows to move the Collective objective (as a reflection of the PERSONAL expansion objective) to the forefront with a vigor that will have many heads spinning, and with a flow of unexpected surprises, new friends, exciting and colorful events.  

As the (5) Global month of June opens- (the last week of May) we CAN expect the unexpected... and this does NOT mean that "bad" things will be forthcoming- as we KNOW that All is in perfection in Love NOW, as Ever-
However, whatever YOU are holding as a vibrational perspective will come quickly, loudly, and with an [in-your-face ] kind of fervor.  The Morphogenic field IS the bringer of the vibratory requests, and the fears that YOU are WHAT DO YOU WANT? 
MORE? Good!  
Because THAT is exactly what is coming.  
More of what, exactly, WILL directly depend on You and what you are BE-living in your immediate experience.  The "world" is simply a reflection of what you think it is....  So, RELAX- All is so very Perfect and Be-coming SO much MORE in each of your Now's- in- and OUT- of Time. 
And you can KNOW this because I /YOU/WE say so-
WE want Harmony, flow, wilfull abundance, perfect health, Peace, and EASE in JOY FOR ALL, right? 
And, SO BE IT. 
Now, and for the Next we get to watch it all unfold right before our little Time eyeballs.  
Take personal responsibility for all of the Harmony that you have attracted into the Mirror reality...and when you notice the fuzz-bald of discontent- SHIFT your attention to the MORE that you are wanting- remembering that your NOW FOCUS is ever more potent than the Illusion and all of it's silly distractions of gloom and doom that are just tests of your focus skills.