Friday, July 4, 2014


July 2014 frequencies are holding the pattern of opportunities of the Global (7) frequency of 2014, while adding more focus and examination with a new wave of realizations, Knowings, and DATA that will compel the Life Force within ALL, that expansion - certainly NOT repression- is the preferred experience. And that means tasting, touching, smelling, and SEEING things in new and different ways and with new and different surroundings and companions- and the sudden urges to DO so are your opportunities toward what you are REALLY wanting.  

Hint: Is THIS your morning mantra???

The Collective experience (in Time) as Translated from the symbolic language of the collective Time  platform in Numbers, is describing opportunities to examine and re-Align the Self withIN BEFORE entertaining a habitual belief, thought, or other "habit" of your Time projection.
(5) shows us opportunities to break out- to shake off blues, to grab SELF empowerment NOW and often find opportunities to willfully and excitedly fly by the seat of your pants....!  

The opportunities that will allow the unfoldment of trying out the theories and insights we have and are taking with full responsibility as Participants in the training platform of Time, until January of 2015, when the [just Now entering] influences of (8) Global Year of DYNAMIC action regarding Materieal maifestation and Manipulation will be our "lesson" to explore as a United front of Eternal Intention.  

The (7) opportunities for 2014 are bringing the opportunities to examine ourSelves fromm ask uqestions  and more questions and to try to file all of the data that you are ASKING FOR AND RECEIVING needs to be dealt with upon each Participants' distortion comfort level and in Perfection.  (7) also means PERSONAL RENAISSANCE;  An opportunity to gather some new swatches for the tapestry of your New Time experience reality.   
Considering the inquiries being made in the Mirror reality are the very same questions and UNKNOWNS withIN your own Time perception experiences.
Your own trip, journey, adventure, walk-a-bout, etc......

The BIGGER the questions in the current Global (7) Year cycle,the BIGGER the opportunity for expansion in terms of comprehension and TRUST to take the UNKNOWN on, yet - only to initiate upon Inspiration- to 'act' ONLY when Inspired.   

As we enter the opportunity frequency wave of the coming (8) Global Year 2015 this month- we can look for a Source of secret strength and commitment to ALLOW a much more SELF empowered, SELF directed adventure (in Time), and BEyond.  

It IS  a Time to BE EGO-CENTRIC. 
(Ego: latin = I AM)    

Your JOY is your Guide, and Your Love is the Way.  July (5) Global Month is a Time to step out of the NORM and take chances, be spontaneous, meet new friends, and play in fast changing, and stimulating NEW environments and opportunities to sample NEW PERSPECTIVES of POSSIBILITY.  

This WHOLE year is a Time to THINK about WHO you are  WHAT you are participating in, CREATING with your habitual thoughts and beliefs of identity and the "rules" that uphold belief- and the illusory and instantaneous morph-ability of IS-ness. YOU DONT HAVE TO MAKE ANY DECISIONS YET, if you don't feel comfortable with any of your currently percieved options.  
If you are feeling pressured, just RELAX and simply speak your Truth, and let it go to be resolved. 

Such as : 
"I do not have enough DATA on this to have a clear decision in any direction"
Because if you did, you would find it effortless to make your preference known and expressed NOW.

"I know I will choose in Perfection."      BINGO!! 
Patiently Focusing your Presence in Now ALLOWS the assistance of the magnetic field to coalesce into matter those images that you most hold in your own PAY ATTENTION if you want to move on into your New Time reality of ease and flow- NOW.  

"I'll get back to this when the Inspiration is in the direction of my ease and flow."
YOU have ALL the Time in Existence- You ARE Eternal Aspects of Prime in Eternal EXPANSION.  Might as well have a good Time!  
If YOU are thinking persistent resistant thoughts- based on bogus f.e.a.r. stories and beliefs-  If YOU are holding your Self from the unfoldment of your Vision- YOU delay it's appearance.  STOP IT! ...or not- but, you ARE the architect of your reality, AND these are the days of our Personal re-cognition of Self as Creator.  

This month will bring a bit of fresh air into the mix so that particles and idea can mix it up (in your mind AND body), to bring fresh new perspectives, and alliances in manifestation.  
With an opened perspective of possibility in the (5) frequency, and
Often enough- Confusion comes before decision so- Hang on, this month will assist in stimulating more data via personal physical, sensorial, exciting and often sudden unexpected activities which bring on much delightful enthusiasm and vigor to socialize, engage in body-play; includes movement, travel, music, spontaneous gatherings and invitations to parties and events, personal determination to push the envelope and step out of the boring and repetitive loops of behavior experiences in bold and adventurous ways; stimulating relationship opportunities that bring an AWAKENING of Vitality and Desire for MORE.   
Picking and choosing opportunities based on our Higher Directives and  Intentions is BEST to adhere to during this cycle and step of I AM expansion opportunities in physicality. , 
When the rush of vast potential and a new array of choices becomes too overwhelming there is also a possibility of falling further into [Illusion's] gravity via Self DENIAL by way of Self abuse and a dulling of the ALLOWING of the opportunities, such as the exaggeration of any personal addictions and imbalances from attempting to hide from the flood of opportunities that indicate a readiness for change obscured by f/e/a/r beliefs.  
...Which, are merely stories we keep telling ourSelves
This month DARE to CHANGE YOUR MIND and take the High road toward your ease and flow.   
This month TRY OUT OTHER STORIES, colors, perspectives to sample & participate in.

DREAM BIG- and, out loud!  
DO something DIFFERENT so your Time adventure becomes the MORE of what you Secretly (7: 2014) envision and for which you are just finding your footing to commence (once a decision has been made and the Ideas and Inspiration to ACT appears withIn as the coming (8) Global opportunity is priming itself) to re-arrange the material particles, pieces, and personnel of the Mirror reality with a more dynamic Presence. 
The opportunities to practice and play with the ideas and plans which you are building upon, and with the DATA that you are/we are still in the midst of gathering throughout 2014- 
How this will play out for you, specifically, are glimpsed in the arena of tone and gifts of your own personal year numbers.  (calculate yours here)  

On that note- 
I'm inviting you all to come and listen and JOIN an ongoing conversation on the Frequency opportunities that are  
the perception waves of TIME.  Always plenty of support and Insight.  Always a reflection of You in expansion.   


 Wednesday nights, 
bi-weeklyat 8 pm EST 

Join Me and Barbara Karnes, along with spontaneous callers and guests, and selected Masters of Now audio translations supporting the Intention of [I AM] Realization.

It's ALL just getting to BE so interesting, isn't it?!!!   

As always, you can  calculate YOUR PERSONAL numbers and peek at your current personal cycle details a little closer, 
You can contact me for a personal Timing Translation session  (here) - i'll be happy to support your personal expansion and Joyous participation IN it with Me on this Journey OUT of Time.

Until the Next-

I continue to hold the Image of All in Perfection NOW.