Wednesday, May 14, 2014

TIME VIBE MAY 2014 (3) For the JOY of [It] All

NOTE: I've been sooo busy and involved in my own processes and adventures for the past few weeks that i forgot to finish this translation up and post it!
I know that you understand.
And, altho this was written the last week of April, and it is NOW mid- May, i hope that you can glean the insights that are there for us.  

Please review the high points and opportunities of the March and April TIME VIBE translations, taking to Heart the Self lessons that are either being resolved, and/or evolved into a more appropriate mode of Creative expression.  Learning to quickly respond in Love, and Forgiveness and release as well, as those niggling little things that are only just Now ready to be released are continually floating to the surface for addressing.  
GRATITUDE is a Keyword of the (3) frequency opportunity, and the JOYFUL EXPRESSION of the processes and particles of Self Exploration and Expansion are the optimal responses to move forward     

This month, there will certainly be opportunities to smell the fragrant Roses and share the experience out loud in terms of Observing and Self Expression- the trick is to hold Joy above All else in your expressions because whatever you are speaking THIS month particularly will begin to quickly manifest by the last week of May and through June (4 ).  
In terms of post-initiation IDEA/THOUGHT phase of the (7) annual cycle is now giving way to the productive phase of the annual Time cycle opportunities through August, so inspired action will be more readily flowing in terms of moving things into position regarding this year's objectives and where focus will be actively achieved.   
Larger perspectives and far more DATA than a BEing cares to digest are coming to Us for the entire (7) Global year cycle.  But, sort and file into the [Truth] or [DE-lusion] piles to begin with.  
There will be plenty of Time for sorting the details with more precision NEXT month which is all about setting a foundation on a Vision.  

With this larger wheel of pertinence in motion, changing  perspective of Introspective, analytical endeavors, examinations of Self Presence and direction,  and "figuring out" our preferences are opportunities of this Global (7) cycle.
We are to dig into deeper into UNKnowns  in this (7) with a reward coming to us in the beginning of the Fall and more dynamic and decive ACTION taken through 2015 (8).   

 As this (3) Global Month frequency is building up manifestational steam, through our VERBALLY expressed feelings about our PERSONAL experiences,  (3) indicates a Time to use WORDS and Verbal vibratory expression to set a certain vibrational manifestation TONE into motion by the last week of May. 

But, the BIG news of this month's frequency of Allowing and sharing personal perspectives of Joyful ease and flow allows us to plant some delightful new seeds of experience by BEing in Grace and Appreciation right NOW.  No, Sir-eee!  No waiting for YOUR manifestations to arrive to  FEEL GOOD NOW.  
You CAN choose to simply FEEL GOOD, NOW.  
The Re-Source and "tone" of standing in your Joyful and easy Truth with countless observed synchronisity's bubbling around you lately, and with an electrified field of possibility primed and ready  for taking responsibility for your own Creative FREE WILL CHOICES, indicates that you KNOW that Your JOY is the BEST and most direct route to your I AM power and Multi-dimensional Creator BEing-ness building and playing within your very own World.
Source withIN You, wants to offer you a Time to play and run and giggle and MAKE FUN OF alternate parts of You, which are Self Created attempt's to  uphold continuous Now focus in the midst of a reality designed to be Self regulating, and Self Realizing.  

Self Created and Self ALLOWED deterrents, testing your commitment to your Dreams, are tempered quickly this month with Haughty Humor, with explorative and Joyful expressions via repetitive stories and songs of Upliftment in any form you are Inspired TO-WARD.  Soooooo,..............  

DREAM BIG, and SPEAK HAPPILY and FREELY- OUT LOUD- about your Dreams, Visions, Plans, Intentions, Observations, with Joy and enthusiastic expressions. 
Speak your Truth, Now, Let the chips fall where they may.. ....ALL is in Perfection, as Ever. 

Sing, hum, mutter those lyrics - or whatever UPlifting words you can muster- all day if you have to - 
If you DO, the rewards will appear quickly, and with precision and ease. 
You are the Creator.  
As a Multi-Dimensional Creator BEing awakening, see your words become manifest.  Practice your language "magic" with deliberation and care for what YOU are bringing to your playTime experience.

I AM THAT I AM.   There is no "other", as a particle of the One, Prime Creator. 

In this, aren't you glad you have a Loving, safe, malleable,  responsive, reflective, sensorial, practice playground (Time) to gather your focus skills and talents in surety of Now Presence?  

Aren't you glad that you remember in the knick of Time that there IS NO DEATH, only Inter-dimensional relocation?  

Aren't you GLAD that you are indeed in collaboration with the Quantum Field that is designed to magnetize the particles and sweep it right into your personal view and Bio-Electric HOLOGRAPHIC Time adventure???   

Oh, yes....YOU ARE All THAT, AND that bag of chips... or,  maybe even a perfect Creme Brûlée.  YOUR choice, as EVER...:)  

What???!...You don't Know what you want to Create or experience?  
Ask out loud for clarity of Insight on XYZ topic. 
Then, PLAY until you get some ideas sparking loudly enough to focus on the possibilities.     
Relax! and PLAY AS INSPIRED as ordered in the cyclical practice reality you PERCEIVE as TIME AND SPACE.  

OBSERVE your INNER DIALOGS, and the tone of the conversations that you engage in with your Self.  Own your own "stuff", twitches, fixations, fetishes, or any other frequently expressed LOOP of repetitive rhetoric or compulsive activity. 
 OBSERVE your own descriptive wording about your experiences.... 
OBSERVE and CHOOSE the WORDS that EXACTLY REFLECT what you are wanting to bring MORE OF, and are experiencing. 

If you are seeking a happy and exciting ongoing Sensorial Time experience, then you MUST consistently practice thinking and speaking in THOSE terms EXCLUSIVELY.  

As you take notice of the contrast showing you your preferences  in more GENTLE angles of comparison, there is more SELF CONTROL to STOP- (in mid-word, if you have to!) - 
and RE-phrase what you have "caught" your Self spewing in habitual down-trodden imagery and in victim declarations.

YOU are responsible for your experiences in the Mirror.  In Grace, you are given opportunitites to play and practice with your Self and get to Know Who you really ARE and to see moment to moment opportunities to pick up your Whole Self and move into a more deliberate Creative Practice Mode within your Bio-Electric Time Presence....

Food may also be a highlight this month, as will writing, blogging, music and audio art and media and performance compositions, and...gardening- 
In the northern hemisphere, it's Spring and a Time for planting and preparing a "new crop" of experiences and opportunities by cultivating soil, and tending the buds and sprouts of your own blossoming  "garden" of experience with words.  
Some seeds will surprise, and bring blossoms of new and unusual color, shape, and Gifts by July.  Widen your perspectives NOW, and share what you are seeing with personal I AM responsibility toward what YOU are wanting to create and experience.

Listening to recorded lectures by  other Masters of NOW, such as - but, not limited to : Dr. Joe dispenza, or Eckart Tolle, or Alan Watts, or Bashar, or Abraham, or .....who are YOUR favorite teachers or translators  ???  
If you are wanting new words to create with ASK OUT LOUD for assist from Source Inspiration and cooperation from the Living, Responsive, Quanta all around your Presence NOW.  

Expect JOYFUL NEWS, friendly and fun gatherings, celebrations of casual but profound meaning to come in relaxed, playfully casual, flowing ways and means.   Expect to have urges to EXPRESS your Self in delightfully easy and simple ways come to you spontaneously.....TAKE ADVANTAGE of them to cast out seeds and the first breaths of manifesting something you/WE ALL have been wanting for a long while, but needed to reach out to take it into our own reality adventure.    
and flow with the fun of it ALL.  
Global chatter on the foundations of the illusion and CAUSALITY is on the rise this month with the heightened awareness of what is REALLY being said or put forth in energetic impulses. 
What "rings" of Truth  will be an obvious easy feel and a VERY different tone than the verbal distraction spooge that will float into the open for All to see with clear distinction.  
Continuous dissemination of policies, rules, and other components of the personal and collective Vision will be an ongoing process for this year, but LANGUAGE will be more closely examined this month, and with more deliberacy in the putting forth of the Inspired intentions behind them by and through June and into July and August.  
This month sets the up-tempo for the unfoldment of our Mastery of the Mirror reality as evidenced by the manifestations based on the decisions that will be made and followed from August through the whole of 2015 (8) cycle of dynamic and Inspired action and administration of the material reality which You/We/I AM engaging in for expansion via focus PRACTICE in the Mirror Time reality for just a little bit longer.

Yes, you are beginning to See around corners effortlessly, and all global trends are born from your thoughts and beliefs and participation in your own immediate experience path out of Time, NOW.

Until the Next- 
I continue to hold the image of All in Perfection NOW, as ever.