Thursday, February 20, 2014

TIME VIBE: March 2014 - Part 1 - New Visions of Creative Possibility

ONE Global Month/  
7 Global Year Cycle   

Keywords and overview/link for ONE (1), HERE
and, SEVEN (7), HERE ___________________________________________________
ONE is the BEginning, and to where All returns.  
I AM That I AM.  
This video below is a VERY digestible explanation of the cycles of frequencies and Your influence on the quantum field via your personal Expressions.... THINK IT/ SPEAK ITCREATE IT

IF YOU ARE READING THIS.. somewhere deep within You- I know that You KNOW this.
  This video below is a visual reminder and an example of how frequencies manifest into Perfect geometric dances with physical particulates (in this case, SAND through an amplifier)  -  and their "personalities, gifts, and talents" are evident in the unique shapes of each frequency, and which are described in the number frequencies and opportunity cycles.  
Take note when watching this that YOU are THE Amplifier of All amplifiers!!!  Your BODY, and what you experience IN and through it- is the sand.  

So, let me be very clear on the translation of your PERSONAL Time frequencies and your focus in PHYSICAL TIME reality- such as 3-4D Earth Time, in a holographic classroom for I AM expansion.  
ALL frequencies are vibrating simultaneously- but, YOUR personal frequency patterns are REQUESTED specifically by YOU,   for your personally designed growth opportunities, based on the date which you entered the agreed upon Time reality- (the current Calendar reference point).  
In this, right Now- we have all agreed to the Gregorian Calendar- which is indeed a limited frequency reality,....but we are slowly elevating -or expanding- our Vision of Potential, and are sliding into a New Time Reality that consists of softer contrasts, and more highly developed Multi-Dimensional Creator BEing skills put to more focused PRACTICE.   
ALL of what you see is created by your consistent beating of a drum of belief.   IF you are not in Allowing of your own Joy within your own personal DRUM-BEAT (beliefs), and at this moment- i give you permission to change your mind- RIGHT NOW... :)!   
And, here we GO!!! 

As always, YOUR personal experiences this month will influence the over-arching Global Time experience, so- you should check your own Timing position for the details of your personal opportunities within the Global view- by calculating and reviewing your personal number frequenciesHERE. 
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There are MANY avenues for Conscious Practice of our newly awakening skills as Sparks of PRIME.... 
The Global Mirror reality will begin to find it's Self-Consious footing in the New Time Reality with a closer look AT Self,  our participation, and visualizing our intentional cohesion.  The Global wave of focus is swelling this month with MORE (Self) DATA,  and gather more co-Creative partners in April, with a much louder unified VOICE in May.  
LET IT BE.  It is Perfect NOW, and ALL is unfolding in Perfection.   Relax.  Look withIN and make some internal notes, plan, ponder,...and DREAM BIG.  You CAN have it All- you just have to BElieve. 

Within the ONE frequency opportunity cycle (in Time), there isa little more ease of Self Presence, and more SELF realization opportunities.   Anything that we are focusing on is viewed from the Self with a little more deliberacy and attunement to our natural Joyful BEing-ness  and with a little less internal "pressure" that is the result of the illusional (Time) classroom of contrast and the  BELIEF IN confinement. 
You EXIST, and are INFINITE: 
I AM. 
 (you CAN say this 3x OUT LOUD for instant centering.)

Stop, RELAX, feel your Higher Self there WITH You- always.  

The growing ease and flow of more Joyful manifestations comes from individual emotional convictions to take responsibility for what is in focus NOW... and, as You also KNOW the difference between what feels good to You and what does NOT, is becoming more distinctive in everyone in your Mirror reality.   Just observe who is feeling good and in Flow, and who is not.  Who is representing the acknowledgement of that which is NOT in Love and Balance via conflict, assisting to dissolve the illusion of the idea "stable", "fixed", "law", etc.   Observe their language, and their attitudes about themSelves and what experiences they are  attracting to themSelves, and from where they BELIEVE the Power really lies.   See the contrast between what you WANT (feels good) and what you DON'T (feels bad) want being magnified- widening- so that YOU remember to that as I AM, you have a choice between f/e/a/r and Love.  
 In (1), YOU are the Creator BEing, the Power, realized

All inflowing DATA throughout this Global (7) Year opportunity to analyze, introspect- and reflect, dissect, and sort through our own perceptions of where we have been, where we are Now, and what we want to Create from Next in our experience.  

This month, the Global frequency currents are offering the opportunities toward the Self awareness, and newly Self realized Self WILL the changes in perception, and the taking of Self responsibility to focus on what YOU DO want to Create more than anything else with more focus in NOW.  

Jason Mraz; Living in the Moment 

You'll notice that when you commit to SELF LOVE first, you CAN and DO  find a way to open up the Conscious dialog between YOU and YOU.  The most direct way to your own Truth is by focusing into your own HEART, and listening/feeling more intently and patiently.   As you float quietly withIN this month more consistently, manifestational synchronistic events increase, and "change" becomes more acceptable, and more fluid.    Noticed more subtly at first, but with more confidence by the end of the 2014  (7)  cycle, when the wheels of manifestational manipulation (in Time) will begin to roll with more Personal Power and intention, dynamically, and attracting assistance for Higher Mind practices, in manifestational (Magnetic) Time reality.  (3/4D) 

Your LOVING Heart will guide your way to the Inspired experiential details in Perfection.
In ONE FREQUENCY CYCLE,  IDEAS AND SELF CONCEPTS ARE BORN; allow them to "gestate" until there is more clarity of the DATA that you are absorbing, and clear - undeniable- INSPIRATION toward specific action through the impulses of your newest Self Alignment step. 
SO....*??? Have you been consciously pre-paving your day???   
Then, you might want to begin HERE to help you get the hang of this concept of Self Creator-ship, (in Time)... :)! 

*After viewing that, you can use this link for the One Minute Alignment video guide...(visual)

OR- you can go to any of the Abraham "rant" videos to assist you in holding your focus longer and longer in your Now presence;  here's just one: 


This ONE Global Month opportunity experience translates directly into the Global populous Mirror as you observe the global events and changes that are happening in you perspective.  
DO remember that what you are actually "watching" is  YOU in your own Time classroom Mirror reality on a Macro level of perception and PRACTICE.
ALL revolution in the Global reality is about YOU.  Love it- and allow it to unfold with Gratitude.   Some "things" that are no longer useful for you personal expansion are being released in whatever way you are allowing it to.  
Are you still believing that you are a VICTIM? 
Or, are you ready to take responsibility for the Grand and Glorious release of the lower Magnetic Time Reality classroom, as you turn withIN for immediate access to the NEXT level of your Eternal Multi-Dimensional Creator BEing expansion?  

In the final days of FEBRUARY'S (9) opportunity cycle to release- we are encouraged to take the leap of Love, Forgiveness, and Compassion as the scene in the Mirror makes clear what does NOT feel like Love to You.     

As a fractal of Prime, You are ALWAYS Loved, Safe, and Nurtured by the All-That-Is.  
DO you ALLOW this?  
Or, DO you resist the SELF LOVE and Nurturance in Self Denial in some way?   (via lack, illness, conflict, confinement, persecution, etc, etc, etc...)

IF so, don't judge this- Love this for showing you the contrast that helps you to know your Preferences- and MOVE ON, Now.  

You can't put your makeup on the face in the Mirror glass, can you?  
DELIBERATE MANIFESTATION of what you DO want means that you MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for what YOU are Creating for yourSelf by projecting and playing in the Mirror in your moment to moment NOWs in your Truth.   Is your Truth about f/e/a/r?  Or, are you finding the courage to look toward your gentleness, kindness, patience, eagerness, enthusiasm and Joy as the guidance system for your preferred manifestational experiences?

March's (1) cycle brings the opportunities to recognize the difference between Joy and f/e/a/r based obligation beliefs, and recognizing the "should's and musts" in our personal realities that are devoid of true Self pleasure.
This month, it can be simple, simple simple!  .
...Tune IN to Self- and quietly take notes: ??? does [it ] feel good, or ??? does [it] feel bad to YOU.  
Trust this, and ACT in Truth with Grace and Elegance- the "pay-off" for this focus is right behind the moment of your commitment.  
And, the PROMISE is that the manifestational magnetic quantum field (of Time) doesn't give a crap about whether you are having FUN or not...that's YOUR job.  
Try to remember- there IS NO ASSERTION in a MAGNETIC (TIME) REALITY.   It IS All ATTRACTIVE. it?

THINK IT (Inspired Vision Intention]). SPEAK IT (Inspired Creativity) , CREATE IT (Inspired Experience) ......

Done!... WHAT'S NEXT?  !!! 

Next month, (April), a Global (11:2 ) Month, the Inspiration to act in the direction of the HIGH road will be clearer, and expansive progress percieved more readily as Other Selves will show up to assist the process- and, those who are in HARMONY with the base objective and intention in the Spirit of (2) of Cooperation, Communication, Partnerships, Balance, Sharing WILL find themselves in the company of others more aligned with their own New Self Realizations.  
Those individuals who are Present with their Gratitude quotient enough to take advantage of the (11) High frequency opportunities, will do so by just TRUSTING that All is in Perfection right NOW. 
Practicing that Truth is the ONLY way to BE.   In an (11) opportunity frequency cycle, You'll know immediately if you are abusing your Power, as the immediate repercussions of attempting to manipulate others WILL backfire in full transparency.   
Feel free to call "bull-sh!!" when you hear/see it.  

REmember- as a reflection of YOU, the whole of the Collective Mirror reality, in your personal View, is responding to this frequency so that you can practice holding your focus and playing the Time games in a way that is more in alignment with your Heart.  

What you want to SEE, you have to BE- ...NOW!    


One frequency is an especially fertile opportunity to go withIN. 
Meditation is always the FIRST practice platform of I AM awareness.... if you can't sit down and strike up a conversation with your own Higher Mind- then you've cut your SELF off from YOU, the HIGHEST AUTHORITY, and the most expedient way to clear your manifestational pathway tuned in with your own SELF LOVING and TRUSTING, and your JOY.  

(WHO, exactly, do you think you are judging, anyway?  Some ONE else ??)

Just Use anything that pulls you UP !

Here's a hint:
&  (repost)

This blog site has many older posts that include links to other Masters of NOW, with their sharing and teachings for Your amusement and expansion.   Lotsa' tools for you - right in front of your own face, even.   
But, YOU are the ultimate Translator, Authority (Allower), and Creator of Your Time experience.  

Again, it is recommend (THINK IT/ SPEAK ITCREATE IT. ) that you ASK OUT LOUD, and TALK to your Higher Self when you need an assist to remember that you will never "arrive", and because of THAT Knowing-  you can NEVER get it "wrong".  

 BE in gentle Knowing that YOU are Source on an Infinite adventure of SELF Knowing and LOVE.  

Thank You for YOUR participation in this Spiral Journey 
WITH Me!  

Until the Next-
...and, I continue to hold the Image of ALL in Loving Perfection NOW, as Ever. 


As it FEELS Now, this Translation will continue in another installment....but, until then- you might want to consider learning how to PLAY with some of your Eternal Essence abilities in  Remote Viewing exercises, with friends- for FUN and expansion.   

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