Saturday, February 1, 2014


Now, KNOW who is in control of YOU,
don't You?           


The BEginning and the end of the chain of command within YOUR reality lies with SELF:   I AM THAT I AM.   

The ability of the Hue-manity to recognize where the Power really lies in the direction of their own Time experiences is BEing realized NOW.   Lotsa'  evidences are right in front of you IF that is what you are LOOKING for as You follow the path of opportunities in the re-membering that there IS no assertion - there is only ATTRACTION in a Magnetic Universe Reality.  
Time to Let go of blame and victimization, and get ready to MOVE ON to your Next. 

As You hold Your focus on the likenesses of Self in the forms of Ron Van Dyke, Ben Fulford, etc, and/or the whole of Team DRAMA/Team Contrast and any other f/e/a/r based distractions of Self DENIAL,  the less you are focusing in your Joys NOW.  And, the less you are participating and supporting the Harmonious intentions of those BEings who are ALLOWING their Higher Self Aspects to integrate with their Higher Inspirations to dove-tail with yours.  
These participants in the New Time Vision of Balance are out and about BEing the Change in absolutely ALL pathways OUT of the lower Time reality experience platform,  AS the BRIDGES, themSelves.   
YOU are the One you are waiting for.  

(9) IS a window of opportunity toward LOVE, Compassion, and Forgiveness (which is the greatest CURE of ALL Time)......
REpeat NOT and perpetuate NOT any emotionalized beliefs in LACK (of ANYTHING that you are wanting), or else - suffer, then, at your OWN hand in Self denial and continue in a default reality experience of hard contrasts that are deliberately trying to piss you off enough to expand.

  So, WHAT do you WANT?  Think about it.  Stay there in the Imaginings of your minds eye and FEEL what it would feel like to HAVE it NOW, and...hold. that. happy. thought.   Observe the coming and the PASSING of any lower frequency Self beliefs with Compassion for a slowly receding Egoic Mind's capacity to even remember f.e.a.r. let alone participate in f.e.a.r. responses.  
Practice. Practice. Practice. 

Yes, (9) frequency opportunity is, firstly, Egoic RELEASE through COMPASSION and Gratitude for the opportunities and ALL energetic counterparts and "educational" experiences..   The natural "by-product" of this brings FORGIVENESS, WITHOUT PAIN or struggle. 

NOW IS THE "TIME" to take responsibility for what you are focusing on and BELIEVING about your Self and your Self CREATED reality- (CHEMTRAILS AND ALL) , (which YOU have been participating in).  In NOW there is Compassion for the whole of the components of your Eternal Expansion process.  

I AM THAT I AM; there IS no "other" in the Mirror Reality classroom.  All in the lower Time experience were/are Paper Tigers, Shadowy Un-Tuths and Puppet Playmates which are no longer needed by I AM, based on your New Time projects and Inspirations that are being "born" into evidence in the Collective Mirror.  
 LOOK for it, you will find [IT]- whatever [IT] is.   Does [IT] feel good?  Or, does [IT] feel bad?  

** Brad Yates Taps you through a release for WORTHINESS: 
 "Is it safe to have what you want?"


(9) frequency opportunity is the ripening of the "lesson" into Knowing.  Separating the wheat from the chaffe, so to speak.  
A Time for internal DECISIONS regarding that which you are TRUTHFULLY wanting to be IN your experience adventure by turning away from that which no longer interests your Hearts Desire.  
There is no "Death"- only releases into the Next adventure.  
Illusory value judgements based on "worth" in the dissolving lower frequency reality will continue to process OUT of a "monetized" system, and back into the SELF Regulating and Supportive System based on LOVE NOW- which IS what WE, Ultimately, are.  

Anyone who is confused about WHO THEY ARE might read Heather's Declaration Document, and perhaps they will NOT understand the language describing the State of I AM THAT I AM BEing declared therein -  thinking it cryptic, obtuse, or, NON-Transparent.  
READ IT AGAIN.   Slowly, and with a dictionary if you need to.  
It's as CLEAR and precise as the prominent proboscis on My face.  


Let GO of hard contrast in THE KNOWING Presence of ease and flow - YOU ARE FREE NOW.

Let GO of control of Things and Others  - YOU ARE FREE NOW

Let GO your f/e/a/r/ based thoughts that keep you spinning the wheel- YOU ARE FREE NOW


Let GO to have it ALL, You ARE free NOW.  

(7) Global Year frequency indicates a long cycle of opportunities to explore the Truth and seek out unKnown things.  In order for us to take IN the heavy flow of data with which we will tweak our (Collective) sails by the Fall, we must- and will - purge THAT WHICH  IS NOT IN ALIGNMENT WITH OUR HIGHER INTENTIONS and causing drag on our "vessel" in immediate terms.       

As a Collective Mirror experience, February provides a string of opportunities to make some quick release decisions based on unmistakeable emotional responses in alignment - or, clearly OUT of alignment with our Highest Love, our Compassion.  As we practice and discover the rewards of true FORGIVENESS, as we float into our I AM Presence more fully with the ego releases that we are ALLOWING this month and through the year of "inquiry",    
the fruits of this process will be even more-so "evident"- by the Fall, when the collective focus wave will swell with DYNAMIC ACTION on administrating resources and projects of the New Time objectives of BALANCE and Community Intention.  

It's NO coinky-dink that We are, in another Time language, in the Chinese Year of the Horse- and in THIS year's case- it's a feisty, takin' no nonsense, MARE.  

(SEE:  I CHING : Hexagram 2; Earth, the Mare, Realization after a period of confusion- a decision to follow the Higher Path pays off BIG in auspicious ways. 

So, STICK TO YOUR TRUTH, and no-thing BUT your Truth- so help you, You.  

This is a wonderful translation:  

Hexagram 2 as Relating Hexagram

If you consult the Yijing with yarrow stalks, or with another method (like beads) that has the same odds, then you’ll find that 2, the Receptive, often turns up as relating hexagram. This is because with yarrow odds, yang lines in the primary hexagram are more likely to change than yin ones - and so the second hexagram is likely to have more yin lines than yang.
Leaving aside the vexed (and remarkably boring) question of which odds are ‘authentic’, Hexagram 2 feels to me like the quintessential ‘relating’ hexagram. It describes the archetypal response to initiative, wherever that comes from, and the archetypal way of growing creative ideas into solid, manifest results. This is what earth does: receive seeds, and give substance to growing things.
Hexagram 2 as relating hexagram is one of those things that can be almost too big to see. In general terms, it indicates that you’re not involved in initiating change or making things happen, so much as you’re allowing things to happen and lending your strength for things to grow. It also suggests being wide open - since, of course, every yang line must be on the move for you to receive this as the second hexagram, it suggests that all initiatives and ideas are opening up to possibilities.
Creating success from the source, harvest in the constancy of a mare.
A noble one has a direction to go.
At first: confusion. Later: gains a lord and harvest.
In the southwest, gains partners.
In the northeast, loses partners.
Peaceful constancy brings good fortune.’
Earth represents a colossal power of realisation. Nothing takes shape without it. To access this power, you first need the mare’s constancy. This involves gentleness and strength, and - crucially - being open and sensitive to guidance. Horses have an acute awareness of what happens around them: think of those mobile ears and the almost 360-degree vision. And they respond instantly to very subtle cues.
Next, to be like the noble one, have a direction to go. There is a general misconception that this hexagram is about being passive, just waiting around for guidance to follow. Not so. You can use a mare’s constancy without being a beast of burden yourself. To be able to lend your full strength to a task, you need to have a destination in mind, an ideal to follow.
What you don’t need is a detailed roadmap - that is, you don’t need to know exactly how the task will be completed or the goal attained. This hexagram, especially in the ‘relating’ position, is often simply encouragement to get to work. Horses aren’t merely field-ornaments; they are a concentration of remarkable muscle power, and people value them for the work they can do. You don’t need to know the end in order to get to work at the beginning.
This is one of the meanings of the next line -
‘At first: confusion. Later: gains a lord and harvest.’
When you first open yourself to receive guidance, when you first start work, there will be a confusing multiplicity of signs and options. As you continue, you gain a lord you can serve. (The Chinese character for ‘lord’ shows a lit lamp, something we can recognise as a guiding beacon.)
Another meaning of this line is that if you attempt to go first, if you imagine yourself as a pioneer, you will be lost among all the possibilities. No matter how broad and free the terrain, the ancestors have been here before you, and you will do better by following them.
And then Yi introduces this imagery of southwest and northeast - the landscape in which you need to orient yourself if you’re to see anything accomplished. In the southwest are people you can work with, potential allies. Your individual calling lies to the northeast, in strange new territory. There’s a balance to be found here. Gaining a lord provides you with guidance and a stronger sense of direction; gaining partners means support and a broadening of perspective. This is something you’ll know if you’ve ever participated in a community or network of like-minded people: there are insights and openings here that you would miss if you pressed on doggedly on your own.
All this culminates in ‘peaceful constancy’ - where the character for ‘peaceful’ shows a woman under a roof. In the context, I don’t think this means finding security within walls, but rather making the limitless earth feel like home. And, of course, it means settling down to work - the woman in the home isn’t merely ornamental, either.

ALL Time realities are in SUPPORT  of our opportunity to learn, - to practice - to grow into our VERY BIG Self Presence- as a Prime/Source fractal.  
As in the opening statement: 
"The BEginning and the end of the chain of command within YOUR reality lies with SELF: I AM THAT I AM.   The ability of the Hue-manity to recognise where the Power really lies in the direction of their own Time experience is BEing realized NOW. " 

Success lies in FREE WILL to choose CONSCIOUSLY, and in accordance with your NEW Time Expanded SELF.  
Doesn't matter WHAT you choose- you WILL get it- YOU are the Creator.  


Now, ...WHAT is it that your Heart WANTS?  

Let GO to Let IT Flow!




Jill Bolte Taylor- My stroke of insight ......

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