Saturday, August 2, 2014


It may happen that I'll be posting the August TIME VIBE in installments...
....But, right Now, I AM having an Inspired Urge to translate the waves of imagery so far, .......

8/2014= (6 Global Frequency),
 it's COMMITMENT month, ya'll !!!  

(6) frequency expresses as: mediating, negotiating, actively seeking Balance, fairness in relationship via translating data, teaching, Nurturing, Visual art, Mass media, broadcast communications of Harmonious intentions of remedy/healing/alignment of Balance; Focus on Relationship issues- the rules of engagement, contracts, boundaries and preferences,  agreements and COMMITMENT to Love Self in All; Re-Defining LOVE and re-alignment of Balance via the deeper Truths of I AM Presence.    

From Journey-man to Mastery.........
The path is Now, and Your Sustenance is Joy.

(i see hin dancing to James Brown's I FEEL GOOD.......go ahead clidk this link!  )

I Know that You Know this, Yoda. 

This month is about changing and re-arranging resources, and  participants within COMMUNITIES; and the Intentions of each RELATIONSHIP that you are PARTICIPATING in.
CHANGE is the ONLY constant, clinging does not serve Expansion, and LOVE never diminishes because of SEPARATION.
So, ...In the Name of LOVE- Get OVER [it], and get ON with your New Time Imagery of JOY- the Flow of YOUR Own PREFERENTIAL (responses). 

That is to say- GET ON WITH THE FUN of existence, and the Gifts of the process of the Time adventure.
NO- it's not all a bed of Roses, but it's YOUR bed.   
YOU, the Creator BEing, require contrast to Inspire the new level of expansion and to satisfy your creative Self.    
THERE IS NO BAD GUY in the Mirror-
only Self Reflections.  

Focus your Joyful Self into your own reality PREFERENCES instead of focusing your Self into the pain platforms of drama, trauma, and SELF created inhibitions of expansion IF- and ONLY IF-  you want off "the system" and OUT of the lower Time frequencies of heavy limitation.  

All IS in Perfection NOW. Relax.  Take your Inspirations as they come.   Love your lessons- and the "rascals" that reflect them for you.  All is in Perfect reflection of Prime essence in expansion.   

I'm sure you have a list or two somewhere that notates the items of Joyful interests that you are preferring to focus on and play with by CHOICE... surely you have a Vision quest documented in a sketchbook, a journal, or Vision board, or a list on the wall, or something,..... DON'T YOU?

We know: Think it- Speak it- Create it...but, inhabiting a sensorial bio-electric apparatus also requires Visual cues assist the Mind to BELIEVE the decision to respond with full I AM Presence.  This is what ALL symbols or identifiers are for us in the Illusory Time classroom- all you see is just symbolic cues for your [I AM] focus practice.  
Your life is a series of exercises....So DO them, already- jump into those opportunities to focus in Love based and Joy Inspired activities and experiences.

This month, victimization and pity will sound like the Self denial whining that it IS.  So, STOP whining and stop SPEAKING of 
a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g that will not uphold your Joy factor- making a deliberate and pointed commitment to sticking to your moment to moment Truth.  
 In this vibratory Time reality, Words are your allies.  Use them, and your gift of the transitory- step by step- NOW by NOW- TIME classroom wisely, and with Love.  

 Each opportunity is a Love or Fear choice, and no-thing other than that. 
SEE Key Card (6):  The Lovers ,

The Global (7) frequency is calling out the final waves of Sleeping Sickness in the form of each and every behavioral neurosis diagnosis ever uttered.  And lately, Team contrast may be adding even more adventures regarding [limiting "labels" and Personally constrictive assertions regarding "authority" ] to test YOUR resolve in your personal commitments within the Collective expansion process.

Which translates in body symptoms via processual transitions (in Time) of energetic presence and Will, and moving from [Fatal, to Chronic Acute, to Chronic, to Cyclical, to Occasionally, to Rarely, [to  N(ot)EVER again. 

Ultimately, in a (6) frequency opportunity window there is a point of re-Alignment and Balance on at least one prickly issue in your Love Garden of Life.  When it pokes you, and it will for as long as you are still choosing to focus in the lower Time frequencies with the same old responses, but- this is the Time to just GENTLY speak your own Truth into the Collective Mirror and let the chips fall where they may and to Re-Veal (RV) the Higher and easier, flow-ier,  path of experience.  The Monthly cycles are shorter termed and will give a little blast to the intentions of the "big picture" that you are holding. 

You may have to admit that you are projecting a fear based "twitch"- or persistently painful response that you have been perpetuating on your SELF- for which you have mistakenly been blaming others.  This month is an opportunity to adjust your View.

SEE basic (6):

The NEXT hot issue in the coalescing vortexes of New Time reality Co-Creative circles is the humming a tune of offering out personal thoughts and preferences on collective relationship and the New emerging Safe-Places for tending to personal Vision Seeds in Truth and Transparency.  
In this (6) Global Month and as the upcoming (8) Global Year Frequency readies to take the stage in our Mirror Time play, more DYNAMIC ACTION will unfold in a wave that will become more solidly evident in October 2014 and throughout 2015.  
The idea of [Sustainable Community] has become VERY personal, inspiring action toward Balance that will increase through 2029.  There is no urgency, no one to "save", no-thing to "heal" GENTLE with this process to experience more and more FLOW.  

New PERSONAL Communities are forming rapidly because of the Re-Visions ( and the TRUE RV that you may have been waiting for someone to hand you in the form of paper-(illusory) energy exchanges from the Mirror :) ) , which have already been ACTIVELY discussed and in planning stages amongst the participants in a growing number of particularly harmonic energetic circles.
Those that have been on the leading edge of this Consciousness shift and material transformation are naturally supported by the focus of One's personal choices and participation.  
But, the (5) of 2015 indicates that the Global cylce will consistently contain a sub-frequency of excitement, stimulation, sudden changes and re-arrangements of environment and companions, and a more OPEN view of OPPORTUNITIES for choosing to participate in more expansive ways; deep urges to break out of all confining routines, ruts, and rules in colorful new Ways of Being. 
SEE (5):

The idea, perception, and Mastery objective of the current (7) Global frequency cycle frequency is of gathering, evaluating, and sorting the alternatives toward Harmonization and Balance of All aspects as a Whole - NOT homogenization.  That's just an Illusion held up by the "gatekeepers" of the New Time reality. 

Do you find your Self muttering, "Yeah, yeah,yeah....sounds like New-Agey fantasy rhetoric, and I've heard all of this before, and i know all of this- and yet, the things that are painfully ugly to me still "exist.".  
You must Know then,  it is energetically impossible to bring your old-Time mental and emotion garbage ,which CREATES a repetition of the "uglies" in your experience in the first place.  One MUST Try looking at things in the New Time perspective- to clear up the New Time Vision.  The key word here is : NEW.  


We each ARE in a state of PERSONAL and Collective Renaissance eternally, but, More and More each day (in Time focus practice) we see evidences of the Unified Imagery which we are always FEELing our way through 
Are you prepared to Know to uncover something radically different about YOU, Time, and how potentially "successful" this classroom Journey can BE  for you- NOW? 
Uncovering the UN-Known is a (7) gift, which is then expanded into the Next gift of (8), that brings urges and Inspiration for ushering decisions into Actions.  What goes and what stays will be much easier for All to sort through quickly and with solidarity.  
Be those decisions Self/Body related, or played out on the Socio-political platform of the Collective Mirror experience.  The urge to "get [this] going" that which IS in alignment with Truth and Transparency is building up.   The Mirror reality is FULL of evidences of whatever it is that you are thinking, believing and looking for.  So,......

WHAT are you looking for?  Because that IS what you will continue to experience- up close and very personal.  

(2) of the 2000-2030 Millennial Time frequency will continue to illuminate that "Winning" is NOT the high road.  Focused Co-Operation will always be manifest in the lower Time frequencies for those particular participants interested in such Creative engagements.  It is Timely that the New Time Communities are gathering in Inten-sity.  
Many are just beginning their own Journey of focused Self REalization, and are just noticing the blanket upon blanket of illusory contrast of what they do NOT want.

This year's (7) Global is bringing a huge influx of data and new ideas onto the play-scape.  Once the new data is absorbed and sorted we can- and WILL- then QUICKLY seek more Harmonious options to choose to participate in from the Eternal Menu of All Potentiality. 

Some reflections of your I AM awakening are and will continue BE and DO effectively in their own reality, according to THEIR own rules of "engagement", standing confidently in their New Time Knowing, one Self Loving step after the Next. 
The Law of Attraction works with you- always- but sometimes the Creator participant chooses to ride "The Scariest Ride" in the amusement park- for the thrill of it, for the challenge of it, and maybe to boast, "i rode that thing over and over and over- and over- and i survived!"
And, so- To those who are "stuck" and still complaining and daring anyone else to offer an uplifting alternative of gentility and compassion in Loving, Peaceful expansion- i can only say:  

If you don't like to eat shite- don't put it on your plate, silly. 

It's one thing to begin to learn to work well with Others- as long as you always remember that Balance and Relationship begins and ends with YOU, your rules, your own Willingness to COMMIT to the Truth or the SHADOW that IS presenting itself for you in ANY given Now.  
(2)=  I AM in full Allowance and Co-Creation with My own Vision; cooperation, connection, connection, communication, partnerships, beginning to gather to you the parts and particles of collective imagery and ventures- specifically WITH Other Selves.


In this New Time platform of deliberate Quantum Co-Creativity......
(Aslo see (11):2 )   
 one thing that most Beings can attest to is that DOing the same pain over and over again is so utterly BORING.  The (5) Gifts within the coming cycle of 2015 is poised to shake it up and WAKE it up in the Collective mirror experience.  
Humanity is choosing to "Move On", with proof of this in the Mirror to those who would have the "eyes" to see Peace, Communities coming together to RE-Build in the New Time with re-alignment for the Abundance for All WITHOUT sacrificing any aspect of Integrity or Truth. 

In (5) frequency Anything different and New will entice the Viewer and participant toward the personal clues with delight.
 if One is in the ease and flow in Heart and Knowing- it can seem like a wonderful festival of color and excitement - fully evident of  our upgraded Multi-dimensional Creatorship skill-pack focused more enthusiastically in Intentional manifestational projects.  
New and exciting and DIFFERENT people coming into view is a clear sign that you are asking for change and growth. 
 Or, (5)'s influx of new and different opportunities and sudden changes can seem like a barrage of set-ups and disappointments if f/e/a/r is the perspective and where overwhelm becomes the mindset until Maturation re-sets the Alignment. 
All in Perfect Now. 

For those who are actively seeking personal Presence and practice partners in New Time skills and intentions, there are ALWAYS practice partners at your fingertips, and right in front of you. 
Once and again, For clarity: ASK OUT LOUD.

 As  The (7) Global Year mind-set and urges of Inquisition, analysis and Introspection winds down, any hidden agendas or overwhelming confusion will begin to subside, and a more decisive Presence in Truth takes over.   
The (4) gifts of 2014, which bring the opportunities to ponder and sort the influx of incoming data, and the desire to intelligently and methodically process and place the foundational parts and particles (your- beliefs, words) of the NEW TIME reality intentions and designs into play within your own New Time Creative experience. 

This month -(6), offers a short termed and intense relationship focus practice cycle- but VERY DO-able Time opportunity to sort out underlying beliefs about your relationship to YOU,
your accountable participation in the Mirror reality, and your relationship to the Grand Plan of Expansion of which you are ushering forth in your very own and Perfect, Way.  
A BIG Kiss for you for holding your Presence in the Truth of Love this month....the benefits for the All in your world CAN be exponential, if you commit, and then practice, practice, practice. 

This month (8/2014) will bring opportunities to ponder and then ACTIVELY draw the lines that need to be drawn within your own Self FIRST, and then gently stand by your commitment to Love YOU in your Truth and newly founded Integrity-  
Gently Focused withIN each Now, as you bring your Self closer to lasting Love and Balance within the Mirror. 

It's Time to Trust your own Heart's Knowing- Inspired Action will lend itself effortlessly.  
Practice, Practice, Practice!  

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Until the Next, i continue to hold the image of All in Perfection NOW!

MUCH Gratitude and Love for Your Participation on this Journey with Me!