Monday, December 29, 2014

TIME VIBE: 2015: THE Year of DYNAMIC Action Toward Alignment

HAPPY New-Time Reality: 2015 !!
I know i posted that i would have the videos up by December- but WOW!!! Things are moving FAST here in Carm-land, so I'm posting an intitial overview of 2015 here until i return back to my computer at the end of the week.  Thank You for your contnued focus and participation in this  amazing Journey WITH Me, and I'm wishing You ALL an amazing New Time cycle 2015!  See you soon!  


This year's opportunities (in Time), for those of us focused on EXPANSION, will be a  very active and wildly successful ride.  

As the (8) of our Global Timing opportunities roll out in the 3 phases of: initiation, productivity, and resolution - the global Mirror focus will be packed with more positive insights and windows of DOing opportunities than has been available to us in the past as a "civilized" collective.  
HUmans are getting their act together regarding the collective direction of Unity Consciousness in deliberate EXPANSION, and clear indicators of the work of Team Contrast's diminishing influence is everywhere you look these days.  

The (8) Time vibe opportunities indicate re-organization and more deliberate administration of the Self in the direction of the desired result of the base-line directive of Unity and Creative Collaboration that is represented by the (2) of this millennium (IN Time).  
The directives of (2) is of cooperation, collaboration, partnerships, balance, working for the Whole, sharing, connecting with other aspects of SELF for the purpose of Uniting.  Well, that is, for the EXPANSIVE PERSPECTIVE, anyway.   But, as we- who are still focused in the Physical Time adventure, continue to recognize and accept our Eternal Nature of Presence as the actual "controllers" of the Collective Time experience- and we Know it NOW.   So, for these responsible Galactic Members there will be plenty for us to DO as we continue to stand in this Truth that: I AM.
For those aspects of Self in the Collective Mirror of the Time classroom- Self responsibility will be THE key for moving forward with the re-alignment of the Time adventure toward the ideals that I/YOU/WE have been pushing for as the result of being jacked-up against a wall of contraction by our co-partners in this Prime directive of Eternal Self Expansion.
With more Self Knowledge under our belt Now, it's Time to move around the scenery to something more to our liking.  Fear issues are diminishing quickly and more aspects of Self are standing up in the solidarity of ENERGETIC PRESENCE as a spark of PRIME Source manifest in the skills-practice classroom we know as Time.  Hence, we ARE moving forward in the direction of Peace, Compassion, Forgiveness, and the Release of All that does NOT uphold the Love that IS the foundation of everything in ALL dimensional realities.  These developing practices of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Release are the prime objective and opportunity of the approaching 2016  (9), the Next step in the Time experience cycle.  

As 2015 unfolds for us in the smaller steps of the MONTHS )IN Time), we will observe and PARTICIPATE with much more gusto and confidence in our own personal re-arrangement of our environment, the personnel that are collaborating with us, and the intensity with which we make our PARTICIPATION choices.  Be aware that those individuals playing with you in your personal Mirror of experience will begin to awaken to their own participation and some may even be exclaiming  their own decisions to adjust their own focus and intentions regarding what "Life" means to them.  
In this, we will see a falling away of the "business as usual" models, and more individual aspects of Presence seeking balance and some SANITY regarding the structures of their own lives in balance with available resources including the resource of other-Selves as New Time co-creative partners.  Working for a "living" is dissolving by the minute and the expedient re-organizations will be done with a Knowing that makes MOST of these personal decisions easier to move toward as this cycle unfolds.  We expect many shifts in the "work" and "career" realms as the old monetary slave system dissolves.   

HOWEVER, because Team Contrasts "work" to assist our acknowledgement of WHO I AM in the Whole continues to wake up the still-sleeping Giants withIN and amongst Us- there will still be the bumps and bangs that are required to achieve a full blossom of Awareness amongst our Brother and Sister Aspects of Self.  Solidarity of some groups of Karmic involvement will be required and a flow of  data will continue to be broken down so that the contrast can be dealt with.  Those masses of BEing and Creatures that have incarnated to DO this WITH Us will continue to Serve through their own re-cycling in and OUT of the Time classroom experience for the benefit of the process of our Multi-Dimensional Self discovery.    

We can expect a continuous show of Peaceful re-direction of our focus with INTENTION, and also a heightened sense of pointed outrage and rebuking of the constrictive Time lines of belief that have set us up for our Personal success in this Evolution, which is the direct feed into our Collective Evolution toward Unity as Eternal Presence.    Impatience will bring some Inspired acts of forced attempts at re-direction on the part of the newly awakening Selves- but, will not last long as the  (9) of our Next step of Expansion for 2016 begins by mid-year  (around July, IN Time).  

Those who are prepared and ready to assist in the Peaceful re-alignments are moving into- if not already- in place, and are holding their own Presence and their own personal forcefield in Inspiration. 

 Soooo,....when we see the (8) Time frequency opportunity window show us the re-arranging of our "personnel" in the mirror window this doesn't just mean a change of "authority " figures- but this also means a change of physical Presence by those who have come here to magnify the "issues" of control by leaving - and this included enmasse.  Be aware that there are those Beings who have come here for short Time, as well as long Time cycles to assist.  There is not Death as it had been fed to us.  those who have shifted dimensional focus- by whatever means- have served the awakening an the honing of the Eternal Multi-Dimensional skills-pack of each of Us.  LOVE them , rejoice and Be in gratitude for their contribution of highlighting what I/WE/YOU want changed over to Love and expansion.  Ys' just cant see the Light without the Dark- so these events have ALL been necessary and REQUESTED from the Whole Self for the return to the I AM That I AM Knowing in All of Us.  BUT, we are aware Now of what is most desired by way of Love- so the Whole must be awakened and "cought up" to speed on these dissolving isuues of the lower dimensional paradigm ideal and it's Service to Our Eternal Expansion.   

Conscious re-direction into the Higher frequency reality continues until we return to Prime.  I AM Eternal.  Anyone who inhabits a Time Presence and/or body has an agenda.....ANYONE; because - as All quantum energy indicates [Everything is on it's way to somewhere, Eternally.] 
What is Your personal agenda?  What social reflections are battles within your Self, hmmmmm...?
Once again and ever- the question is:
Does it feel GOOD, or, does is feel bad.  The vast and powerful Emotions that we are gifted with must be befriended (Now, ideally), but by the end of this year as a Collective as the (9) frequency opportunity of Compassionate Emotional Release is the task for 2016. 
It's ALWAYS Time to BE more Truthful in your I AM Now Presence to expedite your Love/Joy-based preferences into your Time adventure.  
You ARE done with control and constriction, aren't you?
How 'bout that control and constriction from withIN? 
Self denial,.... Done with that, too?

If not- the evidences of these remaining Self denial issues will manifest in the Time classroom Mirror for you to sort through -and fairly quickly this year.  You WILL find that the decision to take your personal power and Presence back will be easier to DO. 
There is Life beyond Time- and You are trying to "get there" - when it's IS in actuality right NOW.  

When i return at the end of this week, i will be breaking down the sub-elemtal frequencies of 2015 for further digestion of the amazing opportunities that are before Us in each NOW of focus in this particular Time frequency cycle. 
But, this year you can expect to be able to move more freely into those objects PROVIDING they are based in the Love of All.  This continued Now FOCUS practice and re-alignment will continue in an "out-loud" kind of manner through 2015, and will find more stability in our own personal Time classroom experience a little further into the year, and even further as a collective surge into 2018.  BUT, there will be some discomfort as the old ideas and beliefs break down....Be patient, decisive, and in your Now Power Knowing to transmute this quickly, for your Self and for your Mirror reality experience to move more quickly into a reflection of your preferences. 

LOOK FOR THE EXPANSION !  Acknowledge it OUT LOUD, and then expect more of it to roll right behind it faster and faster and with more EASE, as you practice this.  

*For details on a closer look at what your Personal cycles will bring this year - see the links below to calculate your personal year number , and check back to the written blurbs on the basic Number frequency gifts and opportunities.  Those videos are on the table for publishing as well. 

Until the Next!


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Consciousness of Time

I AM getting ready for the launch of New Time conversations on Creator-ship, and gathering links and resources for my readers and followers on my various (and connected) web portals- as well as preparing video translations of the TIME VIBE 2015 frequency translations on my YouTube channel to be posted.   

This process, as you might have experienced for your Self takes a bit of Inspiration and some personal patience in reorganizing all of the parts and particles of this focus.  

These will be up before January commences- and as always, my intention is to direct the attention toward the Consciousness of NOW Presence and the ease of manifestation in that focus.  If you are also interested in watching our personal transition into a Unified Now Intention int the Holographic Time platform- and sharing the goodies gleaned in this very personal process- please 
FOLLOW, and SHARE my links and sites with others.  

Until the Next-
I continue to hold the Image of All in Perfection-NOW! 


Alan Watts: Seeing Beyond the Game-

The Entanglement Points To The NOW:


What Is Time To The Unconscious Mind: 

Sunday, November 30, 2014


The re-org here is almost done- and i'm looking forward to sharing what is expanded for me/us throughout 2015!

Thanks for your patience, and YOUR participation in this journey WITH Me!

As ever-

I continue to hold the image of All in Perfection NOW.  

Monday, November 3, 2014

TRANSITIONS au' Natural......

If you gave up on Me-
All is in Perfection Now, as Ever.  
"Trust Me"; 07/2014 CMigliore

Revisions and restructures are being untaken and, like your Self- I share the goodies and the updates as Inspired. 

Until the Next- i hope you find Inspiration in this  repost......

NUMBERS IN TIME Translation: 

without a doubt-
the Watcher, watching Me.
The not so subtle peek-a-boo i play with who IS, and Whom will 

As the New-View dances to entice my Self to grow;  

I AM wrapped up in the endless Rhythm 
of the Spiral flow,

Where I AM reunited in waves of colored SOUND,
where decisions come NOW, easily- 
Illusion persists only 'til Eternal Self is found.  

NOW, ever To-ward my Joyful focus,
 no density (of Time),
and no more interest 
in Mind games 
that hold Me back, 
or  bind.

I AM Grateful for this exercise 
that i've been playing here with You.
But, I Know NOW the larger scheme, 
WHOA!...such an EXPANSIVE view!

Which, as You Know, leads right to 
the release of TIME and SPACE.

Ahhh, the Freedom of Transition-  
into the imminent, 
(and, often sudden) 
Saving Grace!

I see that I AM

I AM. 


Through You, Thank YouMy BELoveds-
I have come to Know Me, so Well-

And I hear NOW my Singing Heart,
As a clear, and near, Temple Bell. 

As I AM called into the Next, 
the Journey never ending, 
and with My Eternal arms outstretched-
...Prime energy, ITSELF 
reflecting ALL,

I AM, and AM IT ALL, I Know;
NO-THING beyond MY reach.  
I AM whatever I 
BE-hold NOW, 

What else 

And, NOW, My BE-You-ti-full Mirrors....

The ILLUSION of Time: 

The Resonance Project

FRACTALS: The Colors of Infinity; Arthur Clarke

The Science and ART of Fractal Geometry: (full documentary) 

Joe Dispenza: LOHAS, DC - 2013 -- A NUT'S AND BOLTS Translation on deliberate Creativity and accountability...

Saturday, August 2, 2014


It may happen that I'll be posting the August TIME VIBE in installments...
....But, right Now, I AM having an Inspired Urge to translate the waves of imagery so far, .......

8/2014= (6 Global Frequency),
 it's COMMITMENT month, ya'll !!!  

(6) frequency expresses as: mediating, negotiating, actively seeking Balance, fairness in relationship via translating data, teaching, Nurturing, Visual art, Mass media, broadcast communications of Harmonious intentions of remedy/healing/alignment of Balance; Focus on Relationship issues- the rules of engagement, contracts, boundaries and preferences,  agreements and COMMITMENT to Love Self in All; Re-Defining LOVE and re-alignment of Balance via the deeper Truths of I AM Presence.    

From Journey-man to Mastery.........
The path is Now, and Your Sustenance is Joy.

(i see hin dancing to James Brown's I FEEL GOOD.......go ahead clidk this link!  )

I Know that You Know this, Yoda. 

This month is about changing and re-arranging resources, and  participants within COMMUNITIES; and the Intentions of each RELATIONSHIP that you are PARTICIPATING in.
CHANGE is the ONLY constant, clinging does not serve Expansion, and LOVE never diminishes because of SEPARATION.
So, ...In the Name of LOVE- Get OVER [it], and get ON with your New Time Imagery of JOY- the Flow of YOUR Own PREFERENTIAL (responses). 

That is to say- GET ON WITH THE FUN of existence, and the Gifts of the process of the Time adventure.
NO- it's not all a bed of Roses, but it's YOUR bed.   
YOU, the Creator BEing, require contrast to Inspire the new level of expansion and to satisfy your creative Self.    
THERE IS NO BAD GUY in the Mirror-
only Self Reflections.  

Focus your Joyful Self into your own reality PREFERENCES instead of focusing your Self into the pain platforms of drama, trauma, and SELF created inhibitions of expansion IF- and ONLY IF-  you want off "the system" and OUT of the lower Time frequencies of heavy limitation.  

All IS in Perfection NOW. Relax.  Take your Inspirations as they come.   Love your lessons- and the "rascals" that reflect them for you.  All is in Perfect reflection of Prime essence in expansion.   

I'm sure you have a list or two somewhere that notates the items of Joyful interests that you are preferring to focus on and play with by CHOICE... surely you have a Vision quest documented in a sketchbook, a journal, or Vision board, or a list on the wall, or something,..... DON'T YOU?

We know: Think it- Speak it- Create it...but, inhabiting a sensorial bio-electric apparatus also requires Visual cues assist the Mind to BELIEVE the decision to respond with full I AM Presence.  This is what ALL symbols or identifiers are for us in the Illusory Time classroom- all you see is just symbolic cues for your [I AM] focus practice.  
Your life is a series of exercises....So DO them, already- jump into those opportunities to focus in Love based and Joy Inspired activities and experiences.

This month, victimization and pity will sound like the Self denial whining that it IS.  So, STOP whining and stop SPEAKING of 
a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g that will not uphold your Joy factor- making a deliberate and pointed commitment to sticking to your moment to moment Truth.  
 In this vibratory Time reality, Words are your allies.  Use them, and your gift of the transitory- step by step- NOW by NOW- TIME classroom wisely, and with Love.  

 Each opportunity is a Love or Fear choice, and no-thing other than that. 
SEE Key Card (6):  The Lovers ,

The Global (7) frequency is calling out the final waves of Sleeping Sickness in the form of each and every behavioral neurosis diagnosis ever uttered.  And lately, Team contrast may be adding even more adventures regarding [limiting "labels" and Personally constrictive assertions regarding "authority" ] to test YOUR resolve in your personal commitments within the Collective expansion process.

Which translates in body symptoms via processual transitions (in Time) of energetic presence and Will, and moving from [Fatal, to Chronic Acute, to Chronic, to Cyclical, to Occasionally, to Rarely, [to  N(ot)EVER again. 

Ultimately, in a (6) frequency opportunity window there is a point of re-Alignment and Balance on at least one prickly issue in your Love Garden of Life.  When it pokes you, and it will for as long as you are still choosing to focus in the lower Time frequencies with the same old responses, but- this is the Time to just GENTLY speak your own Truth into the Collective Mirror and let the chips fall where they may and to Re-Veal (RV) the Higher and easier, flow-ier,  path of experience.  The Monthly cycles are shorter termed and will give a little blast to the intentions of the "big picture" that you are holding. 

You may have to admit that you are projecting a fear based "twitch"- or persistently painful response that you have been perpetuating on your SELF- for which you have mistakenly been blaming others.  This month is an opportunity to adjust your View.

SEE basic (6):

The NEXT hot issue in the coalescing vortexes of New Time reality Co-Creative circles is the humming a tune of offering out personal thoughts and preferences on collective relationship and the New emerging Safe-Places for tending to personal Vision Seeds in Truth and Transparency.  
In this (6) Global Month and as the upcoming (8) Global Year Frequency readies to take the stage in our Mirror Time play, more DYNAMIC ACTION will unfold in a wave that will become more solidly evident in October 2014 and throughout 2015.  
The idea of [Sustainable Community] has become VERY personal, inspiring action toward Balance that will increase through 2029.  There is no urgency, no one to "save", no-thing to "heal" GENTLE with this process to experience more and more FLOW.  

New PERSONAL Communities are forming rapidly because of the Re-Visions ( and the TRUE RV that you may have been waiting for someone to hand you in the form of paper-(illusory) energy exchanges from the Mirror :) ) , which have already been ACTIVELY discussed and in planning stages amongst the participants in a growing number of particularly harmonic energetic circles.
Those that have been on the leading edge of this Consciousness shift and material transformation are naturally supported by the focus of One's personal choices and participation.  
But, the (5) of 2015 indicates that the Global cylce will consistently contain a sub-frequency of excitement, stimulation, sudden changes and re-arrangements of environment and companions, and a more OPEN view of OPPORTUNITIES for choosing to participate in more expansive ways; deep urges to break out of all confining routines, ruts, and rules in colorful new Ways of Being. 
SEE (5):

The idea, perception, and Mastery objective of the current (7) Global frequency cycle frequency is of gathering, evaluating, and sorting the alternatives toward Harmonization and Balance of All aspects as a Whole - NOT homogenization.  That's just an Illusion held up by the "gatekeepers" of the New Time reality. 

Do you find your Self muttering, "Yeah, yeah,yeah....sounds like New-Agey fantasy rhetoric, and I've heard all of this before, and i know all of this- and yet, the things that are painfully ugly to me still "exist.".  
You must Know then,  it is energetically impossible to bring your old-Time mental and emotion garbage ,which CREATES a repetition of the "uglies" in your experience in the first place.  One MUST Try looking at things in the New Time perspective- to clear up the New Time Vision.  The key word here is : NEW.  


We each ARE in a state of PERSONAL and Collective Renaissance eternally, but, More and More each day (in Time focus practice) we see evidences of the Unified Imagery which we are always FEELing our way through 
Are you prepared to Know to uncover something radically different about YOU, Time, and how potentially "successful" this classroom Journey can BE  for you- NOW? 
Uncovering the UN-Known is a (7) gift, which is then expanded into the Next gift of (8), that brings urges and Inspiration for ushering decisions into Actions.  What goes and what stays will be much easier for All to sort through quickly and with solidarity.  
Be those decisions Self/Body related, or played out on the Socio-political platform of the Collective Mirror experience.  The urge to "get [this] going" that which IS in alignment with Truth and Transparency is building up.   The Mirror reality is FULL of evidences of whatever it is that you are thinking, believing and looking for.  So,......

WHAT are you looking for?  Because that IS what you will continue to experience- up close and very personal.  

(2) of the 2000-2030 Millennial Time frequency will continue to illuminate that "Winning" is NOT the high road.  Focused Co-Operation will always be manifest in the lower Time frequencies for those particular participants interested in such Creative engagements.  It is Timely that the New Time Communities are gathering in Inten-sity.  
Many are just beginning their own Journey of focused Self REalization, and are just noticing the blanket upon blanket of illusory contrast of what they do NOT want.

This year's (7) Global is bringing a huge influx of data and new ideas onto the play-scape.  Once the new data is absorbed and sorted we can- and WILL- then QUICKLY seek more Harmonious options to choose to participate in from the Eternal Menu of All Potentiality. 

Some reflections of your I AM awakening are and will continue BE and DO effectively in their own reality, according to THEIR own rules of "engagement", standing confidently in their New Time Knowing, one Self Loving step after the Next. 
The Law of Attraction works with you- always- but sometimes the Creator participant chooses to ride "The Scariest Ride" in the amusement park- for the thrill of it, for the challenge of it, and maybe to boast, "i rode that thing over and over and over- and over- and i survived!"
And, so- To those who are "stuck" and still complaining and daring anyone else to offer an uplifting alternative of gentility and compassion in Loving, Peaceful expansion- i can only say:  

If you don't like to eat shite- don't put it on your plate, silly. 

It's one thing to begin to learn to work well with Others- as long as you always remember that Balance and Relationship begins and ends with YOU, your rules, your own Willingness to COMMIT to the Truth or the SHADOW that IS presenting itself for you in ANY given Now.  
(2)=  I AM in full Allowance and Co-Creation with My own Vision; cooperation, connection, connection, communication, partnerships, beginning to gather to you the parts and particles of collective imagery and ventures- specifically WITH Other Selves.


In this New Time platform of deliberate Quantum Co-Creativity......
(Aslo see (11):2 )   
 one thing that most Beings can attest to is that DOing the same pain over and over again is so utterly BORING.  The (5) Gifts within the coming cycle of 2015 is poised to shake it up and WAKE it up in the Collective mirror experience.  
Humanity is choosing to "Move On", with proof of this in the Mirror to those who would have the "eyes" to see Peace, Communities coming together to RE-Build in the New Time with re-alignment for the Abundance for All WITHOUT sacrificing any aspect of Integrity or Truth. 

In (5) frequency Anything different and New will entice the Viewer and participant toward the personal clues with delight.
 if One is in the ease and flow in Heart and Knowing- it can seem like a wonderful festival of color and excitement - fully evident of  our upgraded Multi-dimensional Creatorship skill-pack focused more enthusiastically in Intentional manifestational projects.  
New and exciting and DIFFERENT people coming into view is a clear sign that you are asking for change and growth. 
 Or, (5)'s influx of new and different opportunities and sudden changes can seem like a barrage of set-ups and disappointments if f/e/a/r is the perspective and where overwhelm becomes the mindset until Maturation re-sets the Alignment. 
All in Perfect Now. 

For those who are actively seeking personal Presence and practice partners in New Time skills and intentions, there are ALWAYS practice partners at your fingertips, and right in front of you. 
Once and again, For clarity: ASK OUT LOUD.

 As  The (7) Global Year mind-set and urges of Inquisition, analysis and Introspection winds down, any hidden agendas or overwhelming confusion will begin to subside, and a more decisive Presence in Truth takes over.   
The (4) gifts of 2014, which bring the opportunities to ponder and sort the influx of incoming data, and the desire to intelligently and methodically process and place the foundational parts and particles (your- beliefs, words) of the NEW TIME reality intentions and designs into play within your own New Time Creative experience. 

This month -(6), offers a short termed and intense relationship focus practice cycle- but VERY DO-able Time opportunity to sort out underlying beliefs about your relationship to YOU,
your accountable participation in the Mirror reality, and your relationship to the Grand Plan of Expansion of which you are ushering forth in your very own and Perfect, Way.  
A BIG Kiss for you for holding your Presence in the Truth of Love this month....the benefits for the All in your world CAN be exponential, if you commit, and then practice, practice, practice. 

This month (8/2014) will bring opportunities to ponder and then ACTIVELY draw the lines that need to be drawn within your own Self FIRST, and then gently stand by your commitment to Love YOU in your Truth and newly founded Integrity-  
Gently Focused withIN each Now, as you bring your Self closer to lasting Love and Balance within the Mirror. 

It's Time to Trust your own Heart's Knowing- Inspired Action will lend itself effortlessly.  
Practice, Practice, Practice!  

You can check out your own personal Numbers In Time HERE

If you would like more detailed Heart to Heart translation of your personal opportunities and Time Journey, you can schedule a session with Me, here, for a modest energy exchange.  

You can also call in to my live NUMBERS IN TIME radio show-
bi-weekly Wednesdays on Blogtalk:  
Currently scheduled for August 13th, & 27th ;  8-10 pm EST.    

Until the Next, i continue to hold the image of All in Perfection NOW!

MUCH Gratitude and Love for Your Participation on this Journey with Me! 

Friday, July 4, 2014


July 2014 frequencies are holding the pattern of opportunities of the Global (7) frequency of 2014, while adding more focus and examination with a new wave of realizations, Knowings, and DATA that will compel the Life Force within ALL, that expansion - certainly NOT repression- is the preferred experience. And that means tasting, touching, smelling, and SEEING things in new and different ways and with new and different surroundings and companions- and the sudden urges to DO so are your opportunities toward what you are REALLY wanting.  

Hint: Is THIS your morning mantra???

The Collective experience (in Time) as Translated from the symbolic language of the collective Time  platform in Numbers, is describing opportunities to examine and re-Align the Self withIN BEFORE entertaining a habitual belief, thought, or other "habit" of your Time projection.
(5) shows us opportunities to break out- to shake off blues, to grab SELF empowerment NOW and often find opportunities to willfully and excitedly fly by the seat of your pants....!  

The opportunities that will allow the unfoldment of trying out the theories and insights we have and are taking with full responsibility as Participants in the training platform of Time, until January of 2015, when the [just Now entering] influences of (8) Global Year of DYNAMIC action regarding Materieal maifestation and Manipulation will be our "lesson" to explore as a United front of Eternal Intention.  

The (7) opportunities for 2014 are bringing the opportunities to examine ourSelves fromm ask uqestions  and more questions and to try to file all of the data that you are ASKING FOR AND RECEIVING needs to be dealt with upon each Participants' distortion comfort level and in Perfection.  (7) also means PERSONAL RENAISSANCE;  An opportunity to gather some new swatches for the tapestry of your New Time experience reality.   
Considering the inquiries being made in the Mirror reality are the very same questions and UNKNOWNS withIN your own Time perception experiences.
Your own trip, journey, adventure, walk-a-bout, etc......

The BIGGER the questions in the current Global (7) Year cycle,the BIGGER the opportunity for expansion in terms of comprehension and TRUST to take the UNKNOWN on, yet - only to initiate upon Inspiration- to 'act' ONLY when Inspired.   

As we enter the opportunity frequency wave of the coming (8) Global Year 2015 this month- we can look for a Source of secret strength and commitment to ALLOW a much more SELF empowered, SELF directed adventure (in Time), and BEyond.  

It IS  a Time to BE EGO-CENTRIC. 
(Ego: latin = I AM)    

Your JOY is your Guide, and Your Love is the Way.  July (5) Global Month is a Time to step out of the NORM and take chances, be spontaneous, meet new friends, and play in fast changing, and stimulating NEW environments and opportunities to sample NEW PERSPECTIVES of POSSIBILITY.  

This WHOLE year is a Time to THINK about WHO you are  WHAT you are participating in, CREATING with your habitual thoughts and beliefs of identity and the "rules" that uphold belief- and the illusory and instantaneous morph-ability of IS-ness. YOU DONT HAVE TO MAKE ANY DECISIONS YET, if you don't feel comfortable with any of your currently percieved options.  
If you are feeling pressured, just RELAX and simply speak your Truth, and let it go to be resolved. 

Such as : 
"I do not have enough DATA on this to have a clear decision in any direction"
Because if you did, you would find it effortless to make your preference known and expressed NOW.

"I know I will choose in Perfection."      BINGO!! 
Patiently Focusing your Presence in Now ALLOWS the assistance of the magnetic field to coalesce into matter those images that you most hold in your own PAY ATTENTION if you want to move on into your New Time reality of ease and flow- NOW.  

"I'll get back to this when the Inspiration is in the direction of my ease and flow."
YOU have ALL the Time in Existence- You ARE Eternal Aspects of Prime in Eternal EXPANSION.  Might as well have a good Time!  
If YOU are thinking persistent resistant thoughts- based on bogus f.e.a.r. stories and beliefs-  If YOU are holding your Self from the unfoldment of your Vision- YOU delay it's appearance.  STOP IT! ...or not- but, you ARE the architect of your reality, AND these are the days of our Personal re-cognition of Self as Creator.  

This month will bring a bit of fresh air into the mix so that particles and idea can mix it up (in your mind AND body), to bring fresh new perspectives, and alliances in manifestation.  
With an opened perspective of possibility in the (5) frequency, and
Often enough- Confusion comes before decision so- Hang on, this month will assist in stimulating more data via personal physical, sensorial, exciting and often sudden unexpected activities which bring on much delightful enthusiasm and vigor to socialize, engage in body-play; includes movement, travel, music, spontaneous gatherings and invitations to parties and events, personal determination to push the envelope and step out of the boring and repetitive loops of behavior experiences in bold and adventurous ways; stimulating relationship opportunities that bring an AWAKENING of Vitality and Desire for MORE.   
Picking and choosing opportunities based on our Higher Directives and  Intentions is BEST to adhere to during this cycle and step of I AM expansion opportunities in physicality. , 
When the rush of vast potential and a new array of choices becomes too overwhelming there is also a possibility of falling further into [Illusion's] gravity via Self DENIAL by way of Self abuse and a dulling of the ALLOWING of the opportunities, such as the exaggeration of any personal addictions and imbalances from attempting to hide from the flood of opportunities that indicate a readiness for change obscured by f/e/a/r beliefs.  
...Which, are merely stories we keep telling ourSelves
This month DARE to CHANGE YOUR MIND and take the High road toward your ease and flow.   
This month TRY OUT OTHER STORIES, colors, perspectives to sample & participate in.

DREAM BIG- and, out loud!  
DO something DIFFERENT so your Time adventure becomes the MORE of what you Secretly (7: 2014) envision and for which you are just finding your footing to commence (once a decision has been made and the Ideas and Inspiration to ACT appears withIn as the coming (8) Global opportunity is priming itself) to re-arrange the material particles, pieces, and personnel of the Mirror reality with a more dynamic Presence. 
The opportunities to practice and play with the ideas and plans which you are building upon, and with the DATA that you are/we are still in the midst of gathering throughout 2014- 
How this will play out for you, specifically, are glimpsed in the arena of tone and gifts of your own personal year numbers.  (calculate yours here)  

On that note- 
I'm inviting you all to come and listen and JOIN an ongoing conversation on the Frequency opportunities that are  
the perception waves of TIME.  Always plenty of support and Insight.  Always a reflection of You in expansion.   


 Wednesday nights, 
bi-weeklyat 8 pm EST 

Join Me and Barbara Karnes, along with spontaneous callers and guests, and selected Masters of Now audio translations supporting the Intention of [I AM] Realization.

It's ALL just getting to BE so interesting, isn't it?!!!   

As always, you can  calculate YOUR PERSONAL numbers and peek at your current personal cycle details a little closer, 
You can contact me for a personal Timing Translation session  (here) - i'll be happy to support your personal expansion and Joyous participation IN it with Me on this Journey OUT of Time.

Until the Next-

I continue to hold the Image of All in Perfection NOW.  


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

TIME VIBE MAY 2014 (3) For the JOY of [It] All

NOTE: I've been sooo busy and involved in my own processes and adventures for the past few weeks that i forgot to finish this translation up and post it!
I know that you understand.
And, altho this was written the last week of April, and it is NOW mid- May, i hope that you can glean the insights that are there for us.  

Please review the high points and opportunities of the March and April TIME VIBE translations, taking to Heart the Self lessons that are either being resolved, and/or evolved into a more appropriate mode of Creative expression.  Learning to quickly respond in Love, and Forgiveness and release as well, as those niggling little things that are only just Now ready to be released are continually floating to the surface for addressing.  
GRATITUDE is a Keyword of the (3) frequency opportunity, and the JOYFUL EXPRESSION of the processes and particles of Self Exploration and Expansion are the optimal responses to move forward     

This month, there will certainly be opportunities to smell the fragrant Roses and share the experience out loud in terms of Observing and Self Expression- the trick is to hold Joy above All else in your expressions because whatever you are speaking THIS month particularly will begin to quickly manifest by the last week of May and through June (4 ).  
In terms of post-initiation IDEA/THOUGHT phase of the (7) annual cycle is now giving way to the productive phase of the annual Time cycle opportunities through August, so inspired action will be more readily flowing in terms of moving things into position regarding this year's objectives and where focus will be actively achieved.   
Larger perspectives and far more DATA than a BEing cares to digest are coming to Us for the entire (7) Global year cycle.  But, sort and file into the [Truth] or [DE-lusion] piles to begin with.  
There will be plenty of Time for sorting the details with more precision NEXT month which is all about setting a foundation on a Vision.  

With this larger wheel of pertinence in motion, changing  perspective of Introspective, analytical endeavors, examinations of Self Presence and direction,  and "figuring out" our preferences are opportunities of this Global (7) cycle.
We are to dig into deeper into UNKnowns  in this (7) with a reward coming to us in the beginning of the Fall and more dynamic and decive ACTION taken through 2015 (8).   

 As this (3) Global Month frequency is building up manifestational steam, through our VERBALLY expressed feelings about our PERSONAL experiences,  (3) indicates a Time to use WORDS and Verbal vibratory expression to set a certain vibrational manifestation TONE into motion by the last week of May. 

But, the BIG news of this month's frequency of Allowing and sharing personal perspectives of Joyful ease and flow allows us to plant some delightful new seeds of experience by BEing in Grace and Appreciation right NOW.  No, Sir-eee!  No waiting for YOUR manifestations to arrive to  FEEL GOOD NOW.  
You CAN choose to simply FEEL GOOD, NOW.  
The Re-Source and "tone" of standing in your Joyful and easy Truth with countless observed synchronisity's bubbling around you lately, and with an electrified field of possibility primed and ready  for taking responsibility for your own Creative FREE WILL CHOICES, indicates that you KNOW that Your JOY is the BEST and most direct route to your I AM power and Multi-dimensional Creator BEing-ness building and playing within your very own World.
Source withIN You, wants to offer you a Time to play and run and giggle and MAKE FUN OF alternate parts of You, which are Self Created attempt's to  uphold continuous Now focus in the midst of a reality designed to be Self regulating, and Self Realizing.  

Self Created and Self ALLOWED deterrents, testing your commitment to your Dreams, are tempered quickly this month with Haughty Humor, with explorative and Joyful expressions via repetitive stories and songs of Upliftment in any form you are Inspired TO-WARD.  Soooooo,..............  

DREAM BIG, and SPEAK HAPPILY and FREELY- OUT LOUD- about your Dreams, Visions, Plans, Intentions, Observations, with Joy and enthusiastic expressions. 
Speak your Truth, Now, Let the chips fall where they may.. ....ALL is in Perfection, as Ever. 

Sing, hum, mutter those lyrics - or whatever UPlifting words you can muster- all day if you have to - 
If you DO, the rewards will appear quickly, and with precision and ease. 
You are the Creator.  
As a Multi-Dimensional Creator BEing awakening, see your words become manifest.  Practice your language "magic" with deliberation and care for what YOU are bringing to your playTime experience.

I AM THAT I AM.   There is no "other", as a particle of the One, Prime Creator. 

In this, aren't you glad you have a Loving, safe, malleable,  responsive, reflective, sensorial, practice playground (Time) to gather your focus skills and talents in surety of Now Presence?  

Aren't you glad that you remember in the knick of Time that there IS NO DEATH, only Inter-dimensional relocation?  

Aren't you GLAD that you are indeed in collaboration with the Quantum Field that is designed to magnetize the particles and sweep it right into your personal view and Bio-Electric HOLOGRAPHIC Time adventure???   

Oh, yes....YOU ARE All THAT, AND that bag of chips... or,  maybe even a perfect Creme Brûlée.  YOUR choice, as EVER...:)  

What???!...You don't Know what you want to Create or experience?  
Ask out loud for clarity of Insight on XYZ topic. 
Then, PLAY until you get some ideas sparking loudly enough to focus on the possibilities.     
Relax! and PLAY AS INSPIRED as ordered in the cyclical practice reality you PERCEIVE as TIME AND SPACE.  

OBSERVE your INNER DIALOGS, and the tone of the conversations that you engage in with your Self.  Own your own "stuff", twitches, fixations, fetishes, or any other frequently expressed LOOP of repetitive rhetoric or compulsive activity. 
 OBSERVE your own descriptive wording about your experiences.... 
OBSERVE and CHOOSE the WORDS that EXACTLY REFLECT what you are wanting to bring MORE OF, and are experiencing. 

If you are seeking a happy and exciting ongoing Sensorial Time experience, then you MUST consistently practice thinking and speaking in THOSE terms EXCLUSIVELY.  

As you take notice of the contrast showing you your preferences  in more GENTLE angles of comparison, there is more SELF CONTROL to STOP- (in mid-word, if you have to!) - 
and RE-phrase what you have "caught" your Self spewing in habitual down-trodden imagery and in victim declarations.

YOU are responsible for your experiences in the Mirror.  In Grace, you are given opportunitites to play and practice with your Self and get to Know Who you really ARE and to see moment to moment opportunities to pick up your Whole Self and move into a more deliberate Creative Practice Mode within your Bio-Electric Time Presence....

Food may also be a highlight this month, as will writing, blogging, music and audio art and media and performance compositions, and...gardening- 
In the northern hemisphere, it's Spring and a Time for planting and preparing a "new crop" of experiences and opportunities by cultivating soil, and tending the buds and sprouts of your own blossoming  "garden" of experience with words.  
Some seeds will surprise, and bring blossoms of new and unusual color, shape, and Gifts by July.  Widen your perspectives NOW, and share what you are seeing with personal I AM responsibility toward what YOU are wanting to create and experience.

Listening to recorded lectures by  other Masters of NOW, such as - but, not limited to : Dr. Joe dispenza, or Eckart Tolle, or Alan Watts, or Bashar, or Abraham, or .....who are YOUR favorite teachers or translators  ???  
If you are wanting new words to create with ASK OUT LOUD for assist from Source Inspiration and cooperation from the Living, Responsive, Quanta all around your Presence NOW.  

Expect JOYFUL NEWS, friendly and fun gatherings, celebrations of casual but profound meaning to come in relaxed, playfully casual, flowing ways and means.   Expect to have urges to EXPRESS your Self in delightfully easy and simple ways come to you spontaneously.....TAKE ADVANTAGE of them to cast out seeds and the first breaths of manifesting something you/WE ALL have been wanting for a long while, but needed to reach out to take it into our own reality adventure.    
and flow with the fun of it ALL.  
Global chatter on the foundations of the illusion and CAUSALITY is on the rise this month with the heightened awareness of what is REALLY being said or put forth in energetic impulses. 
What "rings" of Truth  will be an obvious easy feel and a VERY different tone than the verbal distraction spooge that will float into the open for All to see with clear distinction.  
Continuous dissemination of policies, rules, and other components of the personal and collective Vision will be an ongoing process for this year, but LANGUAGE will be more closely examined this month, and with more deliberacy in the putting forth of the Inspired intentions behind them by and through June and into July and August.  
This month sets the up-tempo for the unfoldment of our Mastery of the Mirror reality as evidenced by the manifestations based on the decisions that will be made and followed from August through the whole of 2015 (8) cycle of dynamic and Inspired action and administration of the material reality which You/We/I AM engaging in for expansion via focus PRACTICE in the Mirror Time reality for just a little bit longer.

Yes, you are beginning to See around corners effortlessly, and all global trends are born from your thoughts and beliefs and participation in your own immediate experience path out of Time, NOW.

Until the Next- 
I continue to hold the image of All in Perfection NOW, as ever.