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2014: (7) The New Renaissance

As always, YOUR personal experiences this month will influence the over-arching Global Time experience, so- you should check your own Timing position for the details of your personal opportunities within the Global view- by calculating and reviewing your personal number frequenciesHERE. 
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2014- (7) 
          Putting it all together...

i'm going to DO things a little differently in these Global translations this year.  I hope you enJoy and BENEFIT from my intention to relay more comprehensive insights of the Number frequencies themselves and how to use them to YOUR ADVANTAGE more clearly as you make your way to the door of your own expansion into Now Presence on a more consistent basis...  

I will not write much on December's (9) relationship and closure opportunities any more than i have in the previous 3 month's translations.  You'll get the picture if you go back and then read the (9) link just below. 

It's already mid-month, and the past descriptions of the culmination of 2013's (6) cycle of Healing relationships and re-establishing our emotional investments  in wiser and in more balanced Self Truths can be found in the data in those translations and in the overview descriptor of (9) here .  

In this installment, I'll build on the coming annual Time cycle's influence in layers, beginning with the BROAD VIEW of the annual cycle and moving closer in to show how it unfolds according to this language system of symbolic energy wave representation, and how you continuously affect the progress of the Mirror reality.  Again, DO check out your personal Timing to see the details for You.  

So, let's begin with the descriptive overview of the Number (7) frequency influence of opportunities and the phases of the opportunities that are opening, after which, i will begin to break down the 2014 digits individually for deeper 
insight.  The Monthly translations describe the shrter termed cycles of opportunity within the long-term annual cycle.  The daily cycles are descriptors for what is on the "agenda" for the short-term cycle underlying them both. 
You can use the "The Gifts of the Numbers" on the right side bar for the gist of the daily frequency opportunities. :)

(7) is a time to review and clear away darkness, illusions, and gather deeper secrets of 
I AM Presence Now.  

(7) Indicates a Time for :

Seeking and discerning TRUTH: 



EVALUATING where we/you have been, where we/you are Now, and what imagery we/you hold regarding where we/you want to go Next; (we= Global collective; you = personal year cycle.)

* DEEPER Examinations of things shadowy and mysterious to the purpose of defining and refining intentions and direction based on what you have gathered and brought forth, and declared in cycles 1-6. 




(7) Timing influence indicates a time to stop and think about where you have come from, where you are Now, and where you think you may want to go Next.  Now that some new rules have been established in the previous (6) cycle, (you might review 2013's  (6) opportunities TIME VIBE installments), there Now is to be an adjustment of Vision to accommodate the new goals and direction in material (Time reality classroom) terms that will naturally result from the new boundaries and relationship "rules of engagement" that was uncovered and dealt with on Emotional levels.  
Where we see Injustice, Cruelty, Exclusion, and smothering control through f.e.a.r, guilt, shame- etc. we are now coming to deal with our own participation in the imbalance and begin to put the pieces of our Truth in Love, Balance and Responsibility into our focus and dig deeper into the Source of our motivations and Doings.  The lessons of our (6) experience this year has uncovered a BUNCH of ill-begotten relationships which were confronted with our Truth of our own ALLOWING of the imbalances that we have been living - or, existing with, without Self accountability.    

Self empowerment, however small the increment of success in this Knowing, proves to be EXPONENTIALLY duplicated in the practice Mirror reality of Time when we stand in our larger Truth of Love Now no matter WHAT.  Energetic "families" of support have appeared and made our choice to draw lines in the sand easier and almost a compulsion for the purpose of clearing and aligning our Eternal Joy with our Time classroom adventure.  Like re-setting a broken bone, some moments of our experiences may have been painful, but all will heal now that Truth has been uncovered.  We can't UN-Know what we have learned this past 6 years as a group.  No-one will be closing their eyes and turning their backs on Truth for very long anymore.  This next cycle helps us to plant those new seeds of Joyful worthiness in fertile ground for sprouting mid-cycle and forward. (the second phase, as described below.)

(7) makes you THINK - a lot.  Thinking too much can screw you into the ground, so break the mind-loops with activity or moving meditations which can stimulate the analytical phases, and push through mental blocks.   Moving meditations  recharge the Spirit through balance between physical embodiment and the mind/Consciousness alignment.  Intuition is high during this cycle, but don't over-think the information you are attracting in your quest for data expansion...keep things SIMPLE in preparation for your Next step- (8).  That is, break things down into smaller parts for easier "digestion" of the DATA that will flow non-stop for the entire cycle.  
There are no clear sign-posts for a reason, just gather data and remain as centered as you can in your own process.  Eventually, you will be able to sort and file the data as Truth vs Bulsh by energetic means.  (7) helps to refine our gift of discernment.   
When you view the Global scene, remember that the "Leaders" of the crazy Old Time regime are going to dissolve and lose their power rapidly if they, themSelves, are not upholding Truth, Now.  And, also remember that - in Time- we  cannot see the Light without the Dark.  THIS is a reality of contrast so that we might learn to focus on our PREFERENCES, as our f.e.a.r.s are exposed and pushed aside more easily by the end of this cycle.  

The (7) cycle brings our focus to the INTERNAL landscape in relation to our participation and the bigger picture of reality as a collective energy focus in this particular Time platform.  MANY pathways will be considered in this frequency influence, and an awareness of the vastness and potential of it ALL becomes the doorway to refine the visionary intention with no long-term or concrete decisions or dynamic action engaging until the second half of the cycle at the earliest, in preparation for the (8) 2015 year of dynamic administration of the Time reality with clarity and precision toward Visionary objectives...more on that later.  

2014 (7) contains opportunities from 4 different sub-elemental energy frequencies.  
The (2) is our collective Millennial objective (IN Time), indicating our opportunities to connect, cooperate, communicate, balance, and DO whatever needs to be done to move this Human project forward- or Inward as it goes.  The (2) frequency DOES indicate interspecies communications that is a naturally inclusive.  WE are NOT ALONE, and these connections and communications will serve to further along ALL Beings progress along this Eternal BEing training platform (IN TIME).
Stepping OUT OF TIME , into NOW- and holding that Happy thought is the final test of Time.  WE are almost there as a group of Source focused on a common intention of Eternal Sovereignty (this is a Time word).... or, better said: we are learning SELF-SOURCE alignment.  

The ZERO in our calendar holds emphasis and magnification on the (1): I AM.  The numbers in Time show us the inevitability of our success in gleaning our OWN power of creativity and even tho a BUNCH of 2 can mean subservience, and domination by DEFAULT (not asserting your own Power), there is simple TOOOO much evidence growing that we are taking the High Road in our collective intention to balance and include ALL Presence as sacred while holding the image of Peace in Love Now.  
"I AM, and there is NO-thing between SOURCE and Self."
Until 2019 (in Time), YOUR realization of the "OUT of Time" Power and Presence as a Creator Being is the focus of all efforts (in Time).
To those who have it down and are zippin' around ...WELL DONE!  for those who are just learning how to DO this, worries, that's what the lower Time training platforms are for....learning and practicing.  

WE will have plenty of company on this transitioning phase of Humanity's expansion.  2014 will see a swell of OtherSelves in alignment with this Knowing as they uncover deeper "secrets" and hidden agendas, and then focus to re-align their own I AM, fully armed with DATA and seeking to make sense and think a more productively expansive foundation in their New Time reality.  
The (4) of 2014 is also the opportunity frequency that brings the need for DETAILS, and this is a GOOD alignment with the (7) of this years objective "to Know".   (7) with other odd numbers can make for a very unsure, wishy-washy, mentally over-stimulated or mentally overwhelmed, or, confusing view of data we are meant to gather and sort in this cycle.  (also see: Odds 'n Evens

The (4) gives a sense of purpose and righteousness to any project or goal.  (4) brings clarity, purpose, and the ability to classify and organize and cut through the non-sense, murkiness, and/or non-useful processes and procedures and things from a budding new foundation.  (4) also brings much physical busy-ness, de-cluttering, and the urges to streamline the processes and pathway to a Vision.  
(4) indicates a Time to get your physical "house" in order.  

We are in a nice place for grasping our discernment, personally, as the DATA is flowing to us.  We CAN be Jedi-like in the "seeing" behind the "curtain" of illusion.  
Where (7) gives us the Time to delve into what was hidden before, (4) gives us the inclination and drive to sort it all out as we go in preparation for re-aligned purpose and intention and the Next level of collective administration of the collective Time Mirror reality activities.  

But we are to always remember that our own NOW DOing, in LOVE, however humble or simple, DOES affect the Mirror reality that YOU are steering with your thoughts, beliefs, and FOCUS.   


You can refer to the following descriptors for an assist :

BALANCED (7) Astute, attentive, calm, clairaudient, clairvoyant, intuitive, inquisitive, ingenious, intellectual, observant, perceptive, Spiritual, technically gifted, theoretical.

EXCESS (7)  Aloof, antisocial, eccentric, fanatical, obtuse, repressed, suspicious, worried.

REPRESSED (7)  Dense, forgetful, ineffectual, immature, naive, undeveloped, uninformed, simple, hiding/avoiding. 


Breaking down the annual (7) cycle 
into    3 phases of expansion : 

PHASE 1: Initation
The first 4 months (+/-)  of the (7) year brings opportunities and the awareness that there is MORE than was previously known by the observer and participant.  This is a phase of withdrawal of overt action that is based on unfounded or untruthful beliefs and rules, although definite details and clarity on presenting issues are still hidden. 

PHASE 2: Productive
The second 4 months (+/-) of this cycle brings opportunities and impulses to dig deeper for Truth.   Although this may be less fun to some, as this is the natural "productive phase" of a Time cycle, "action" and productivity seems elusive, as do clear signposts.  However, much productivity can be seen in the gathering of DATA, and the active perusal of the deeper intentions and Doings of the "project(s)" that are being unearthed and examined.  Since the idea of more OPTIONS available than have been previously presented into the open is on the table, many changes of direction will seem to inhibit progress, with no clear roadsigns.   The tendency for the participating Time platform reality to perceive ambiguity and falseness more readily becomes second nature my mid-cycle Trial and tweaking is on the menu, and rolling with the tides of opportunity (of the monthly frequency influences).  
As this phase closes, the impulse to move into more definite action- be it even just a step of final planning and preparation- or the initial implementation of a long-term Vision can be observed and felt by All participants.  How you perceive this will depends strictly on your paradigm beliefs....thsi will be a test of whether you are going to take responsibility and move directly into the New Time of Love Based reality, or, hold on to remaining identity pieces still plugged into the "matrix", or Old Time lower frequencies of f.e.a.r. based reality.
As ALWAYS, your trip- YOUR choice. 

PHASE 3: Realization/Culmination
The third phase, and the last 4 months (+/-), of this cycle brings opportunities to begin to try out some of the ideas, plans, and moves regarding any expansive Vision intentions that will be clearing up by the end of this phase and into the Next cycle of (8) dynamic opportunities and action.  The (7) cycle is a warming up of the parts and pieces to come together in the larger Vision and objective that will involve dynamic decisions and action plans for the material resources necessary for moving into the long dreamed of Next level of Expansion in a holistic vision.     
In 2014, We will notice a slow, but steady, gathering of support, and the attracting and waking of harmonious counterparts and otherSelves in a big fat swell of movement in the direction of SELF( and participatory) realization and our essential release into the early "hands on" practices as larger clusters of Eternal Multi-Dimensionals creating more harmoniously and in synchronistic deliberacy toward our Next level of Consciousness expansion as 2015 approaches and engages our innate gifts and talents more fully.  
This last phase of this (7) cycle brings our awareness from the internal, contemplative, inquisitive, intuitive, introspective Self focus into the CO-CREATIVE arena to practice in the Time reality Mirror with FOCUSED others with steam building significantly in the "engine" .  The train is almost ready to leave the station...what you THINK the "destination" is, WILL be for you..........  ?? ALL ABOARD??    

A closer view of the monthly Time cycles will follow- check back again soon for January's TIME VIBE installment.  

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