Friday, December 13, 2013

The Honour of [ the Essence of Your NOW Presence] is Requested By The All That You hold Dear

I'm quite happy these days, busily BEING with my New Cosmic Play Partner.....this is a temporary arrangement, and Gift.  
I Know that this Time with him will pass quickly and it will be Time for him to move into his Next.  i'm learning SO much with him, and we laugh ALOT!   
My JOY inspires me to share this today.  

  A Time to Laugh and Play.....Life, Now, doesn't get much better than this.  And we can have this with EVERYONE, if this is how we BE: (Love, Now).   
Hold that happy thought!!
And, the Momma in me sings with the Lighted Little Boy who wants to play and explore everything faster than i have in a very long Time, .....but i'm sooooo diggin' it.  
You Know how I Feel 

I have much so much Gratitude for the Essence of his Presence. 
We don't hold grudges, we do not withhold Love as a bargaining chip. 
We negotiate and explain in some seam-less, word-less, instantaneous way.  
How does that work?
Our eyes lock in agreement to converse and from there- depending on the topic- we find an appropriate line of Heart communication.   Anyone who has experienced any kind of instant Knowing with another will understand what to look for and milk it for longer stretches.   
In our interchanges i have to remember that He's trying not to forget about how to BE a fully conscious Multi-Dimensional; and, i'm trying to remember again.   
It's really amusing when one of us will look at the other and has that dead-pan "really? " look on the face.   He makes me laugh when he does it- and he's usually right about questioning my guidance or suggestions when he does.  He teaches me to be less reactive in my old paradigm fear beliefs.   
I'm a grandmother Now.   And, NOW that my own children have grown, I have lots of experiential data about things you DON'T want to do to your kids with with your silly rules, and fear-based control impulses.   He clearly chose a Momma that Hears him well.  So, i like to think that my early fear-based mothering experiences were transcended with the Love that we Absolutely have for each other, Now.    
We practice. 

We are coming to understand that the New Ones, with their fresh and glowing PINEAL Glands,  ARE quite Present and in Natural Knowing.   Also, Knowing that this is an ALL ATTRACTIVE field of experience, when i'm questioned or challenged by someone new to the New Time reality, i really DO have to take that kind of info to internal counsel for re-consideration before taking any further action.    What's REALLY happening right Now....?  What choices are before me in this situation.   
In an All attractive universe, I have to remember that i asked for him to come and BE with Me to practice this; 
And, He asked for Me.  
Like ALL New Ones,  he Knows SO much- and he's willing to share his Gifts with anyone who can receive and respond with the Essence of their own Presence.   

 I can't say that He and I appreciate the inner wisdom of each other all of the time- sometimes we are beyond tired and need to rest and recharge.  
We're practicing the idea of balancing Creativity and Experiential data....and i'm getting used to the FACT that it's an Eternal PRACTICE.   This isn't going to end with my brief Time with Him.   This IS an Eternally expansive experience of the One.  
It feels a little like practicing in BUMPER CARS sometimes.  
He's trying to learn to steer his Time-body in a new game-world and attempting to get around some really stoopid - fear/control based, social beliefs and  rules of engagement (in Time); 
and, i'm trying to hold my focus in Now so i can stop spinning in the cycles of my own mind/belief mind loops and bumping into the same old things over and over again.  

"il mio piccolo uomo.." 

And, although "fun" is subjective, we ALWAYS seem to agree that FUN is the best THING to have, so we swim in that direction when negotiating our "fun" preferences.  
We also seem to agree that NOW is the  best "Time" to HAVE that Fun.  
He NEVER puts off play and exploration.  
I'm all IN with that, so i just follow him around and hold safe "space" for him and make suggestions sometimes.  

Anyway, I highly recommend making friends with a New One for complete and utter NOW Presence and practice- at this stage of their physical Time entry, they can't really DO it any other way than Joy and Love, Now.   
The Gift, then, is taking what you have freshly practiced with your Newly Arrived BEing friend into the world of your habitually "grown-up" friends.....remember that they are YOU in the Mirror.   

**If inspired, You can search further studies and publications for more expansive insight and data on this topic of 
The New Ones and Evidence of the Collective shift Out of Time. 

  I would suggest including those early revolutionary works and publications of Rudolph Steiner, and Maria Montessori.  

The the videos below are target examples of practice --may you find them as relevant,  helpful, and validating at this point of our Eternal process as i do

Abraham - Powerful Statements

Abraham - RealTIME  manifestation

And,  .....get out of your own way!!!!!!!!!!