Saturday, October 26, 2013

Re-Building With WHISPERS: The Practice of PRE-PAVING AND PRANIC EXERCISE Together


relax.   breathe.......

Inside the control chair of your DYNAMIC Multi-dimensional Body, Breath-work - Breath (INSPIRATION) comes before manifesting anything (in Time).  

What are your deepest desires?  Can you adjust your sails in the direction of those visions?  Or, are you lost in a sea of negative-Self talk that has become your emotional blankie- and your tired excuse for hiding your Light under the bowl?

WHO THE HELL do YOU think You ARE, anyway?!!!

The Time is NOW for You to BE yourSelf.  RELAX.  
Be Grateful that you don't instantly manifest every bit of crap that crosses your ever-changing Mind.  Be more the observer and dreamer for a "while".  It's allowed.  No-, it's actually required for mastering material manipulation via thought focus.  You NEED DreamTime to Create. 
No new dreams= No new experiences. 
Just the same old-same old cycles of habitual choices. 

In NOW, you have a relaxed KNOWING: 

Even though there is no apparent logic to how they will come to manifest- talk about your dreams; make plans/do research for the fascination of it; talk about your visions; talk about things you don't yet understand without worrying that you don't have all of the answers just yet. Talk about what you are wanting- exclusively.  Because that is exactly what is happening are consistently creating everything you speak of- and what you speak from the breath that carries the words of Creation.  
Inspiration is a vital component and the Spark of All Human Creation.  
It is the Inspiration that is seeded in the sounds/vibratory frequency of the whispered words.....  Speak of- and PLAN on experiencing what INSPIRES you.  
SAY only what you want to BE

relax.  BREATHE.....pre-pave. 

what is "pre-pave"?

No-Thing is new under the Sun;  and change is the eternal constant.  Perceptions from long before the tales of Homer to the always transitional NOW- have been of the adventures of Human Nature growing into Human Consciousness, growing into...One, as the Happy Buddha/Creator/ I AM

relax.'s just a ride, a game.
What follows is a bit of Lighten-ing up....

(if you haven't viewed this wonderful, AND well depicted symbolic story, i would recommend it for a very humorous, delightfully artful perspective on Being Human. )

Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou: 
(Man of Constant Sorrow)

For more fun...
(**You might also re-view "Being There" with Peter Sellers) 

But, what the heck- you're still in a delightfully vital and sensual bio-electric organism so you might even have an auspicious clearing of your Kundalini... and, You Can Leave Your Hat On ...  :)!

But, whatever you DO- Ya' REALLY need to go  have SOME FUN!   

Abraham: How to Imagine Beyond what IS: 



AND, THEN- There's Knowing when it's more beneficial to BE STILL:  

Bashar- Universal Water Meditation:  (you are 80% water)


Holding ALL in the image of Love Now, As Ever-