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July 2013: (4) global month, (6) Global Year: 

I completely respect that there are many other translations of these same evolutionary Time perspectives using different translation tools. The following is the perspective on the activities (in the Time Mirror) from my little perch using what i use - the Numbers of Time, once again.   I always advocate Self responsibility in the perusal of a broad spectrum of perspectives, and then observing the events and opportunities of your own experiences in the Mirror.   

You can review the previous TIME VIBE postings leading to this Time wave translation installment on the right side bar : 2013 TIME TRANSLATIONS. 

You will always find more precisely pertinent data for you in your PERSONAL Timing in the opportunities within your own Time map cycles.  Your personal opportunities affect the Mirror.  

You can go HERE to calculate your own personal positioning and opportunities.  
 Also, you can use the "Gifts of the Numbers" on the left side bar to quickly grasp the descriptors of the cycles and the opportunities as you watch events and opportunities around you.  

Recently, my muse wrote: "Hmmm NWO or something to do with cleaning the mess up?"   
I keep having the same question roll around as i watch Freedom push through the madness that we observe as control and constriction in the global community. I don't usually dare speak it- especially here in my blog that is focused in Upliftment above All.  While i also have the opportunity to dally in the collective mire of dis-info versus Truth NOW- I will usually choose the optimistic version in the end- and endeavor to "hold that thought".  
But these tests of my discernment skills can and do set me off-balance for a while as i search my Heart for my Truth in Love NOW.  
Like You, I don't like being tested like this on a continuous basis either, but i can see growth spurts because of it -  and i certainly have had disruptions of the illusions that i have upheld out of habit, ignorance, and the harboring of unLoving beliefs.   I can hardly imagine how those who are just beginning to see the world-  and it's entire layering of leadership come under such APPROPRIATE and well deserved scrutiny are maintaining their own Balance.   I have also noticed a certain "sensitivity" burbling amongst the "Lighted" individuals who sometimes fall back into the idea of duality and [EXCLUSION] - with much resistance to mediation and INCLUSION.  
Mediation toward Cure is necessary still on ALL levels of this effort toward expansion, yet some may feel that Love NOW, and Forgiveness- is the work of someone else or easily put off for "later".  

At this point though, the forgetting that All are One in this lesson of Absolute Identity and Value is temporary.  
And, anyone who has witnessed a live Birth- has noticed that there is a period of forward- then back, forward and back- motion before the final emergence of the New Being.  
ALL is Mirror.  
I have overwhelming compassion for all participants in this Spiral Journey, … and,  AYE-YI-YI !!!  It sure is cooking "out there".   There is observable growth in the direction of Cure/Balance in many arenas and current clusters of activity.  With so many still lazily asleep, and with only bits and pieces of data here and there still, the collective arena seems to likewise teeter back and forth in appearance, doesn't it?   Patience is the mainstay of our resolution to keep on keeping on.  

As for my own triangulation of "positioning" , (and sanity)  I just keep checking back with the Numbers of Time for processual data for both the Global reflection and my personal opportunities within the Time classroom.   I have to remember that I/We (ONE, as a whole) are in the early stages of this move toward Eternal Freedom as a Multidimensional Creator Being.  One lifetime here or there matters not in the Grand evolution as Eternal Essence Embodied- or,  Creator BEing.   Individual participation in personal opportunities afforded by Time affects the reflection in the Mirror.    
There IS solace in Knowing I AM.  Remembrance is the Cure, NOW. 


Ultimately, we are heading OUT of Time, and in this video- Eckart Tolle speaks to this practice of NOW empowerment, and how to NOT be stuck (in Time) in his reading : the Origin of Fear.....lovingly helpful to hear.  

The second half of 2013 July (in Time) is  really amping up with the activities and intentions of the current frequencies opportunities that are upon us at this juncture of our Now Presence.  At mid-month I like to look again with broad vision at the collective Millennial objective as we wade through the minutia and the busy-ness of current Collective Time reflections in the Mirror in this (4) month of reclamations and re-founding of our Prime intentions. 
You can review July's - Part 1,  here.  
You can also ponder the Timing Numbers KEYWORD and re-cap the essence of them in these internal site links: 

2013 = (6) current Global opportunity frequency

This (6) frequency is manifesting through the SUB elements of : 

The productive (expansive) side of (2) offers the perception of [Balance, cooperation, communications, connections, partnership].   The imbalance of (2) offers the perspective of : [slavery, submission]. 
The years 2020-29 (in Time) will be very interesting. And in an optimal perspective- things (in Time) should be humming nicely and involved actively in continuous cooperative efforts to move ever forward in our expansion for a very long "Time".  

(6) is all about mediation; and (2) connections and communications-  so talking and negotiations are still occurring; one participant (in duality) is saying: "They don't LOVE Me, or they wouldn't be so mean to Me."   (6) is always about defining the Love, while the other participant (in duality) is still striving to dominate with increasingly failing justifications for doing so as the DEFINITION of Love is examined more closely, with both parties striving for their own balance.   
(Typical couples therapy, eh?)  

BOTH perspectives have to take responsibility for their own agreements to PARTICIPATE in the relationship, and to own and test (their own) false beliefs that initiated the IMBALANCE for the purpose of experiencing contrast and exercising preference as a Creator BEing of free will.  Each side CHOOSING- moment by moment-  to either release struggle and remain NOW for deeper meaning and experiences in Love; or, pressing on in struggle until completely tuckered out, and begin the lesson cycle again.  
Eventually, as the I Ching teaches so eloquently…(in Time) Balance/UnBalance cycles lead to Self Mastery.  What you may be noticing in your outer reality is ALL about YOU. 

Individual Consciousness are deeply involved in making choices to either Balance the situation or continue along in the subjucation scenario.   This is obvious to many- and totally ignored by just as many (in Time).  This is a fundamental necessity of seeking a natural balance in the lesson cycles within our (time) experience.  WE cannot see the Light without the Dark.  Your preferences matter and are allowed.  Observation of what is not wanted helps to keep you flowing into your expansion.  Just don't fixate there on unwanted things, or you'll KEEP them in your experience and stagnate. 

This year in the Mirror, the GOOD NEWS is brought to Light due to the fact that the offended party has spoken up and is not backing down on the issues and demands for balance. 
Whereas previously there was no notice of the imbalance within the relationship except a growing, gnawing discomfort that led to NOW.   In Now there is the opportunity to declare LOVE and proceed toward the cure of the dis-ease through mutual Balance.   
At least NOW, we see the imbalance. and the finger of responsibility has been flung out to point into the Mirror, highlighting the obvious basic issues of : Love, support, and responsibility.  
Now, and justly so- the offending party has said in their own way : I AM NOT ACCOUNTABLE FOR HOW YOU FEEL or PERCEIVE anything.   TAKE RESPONSIBILITY !
WE thank them for this challenge, and DO with Self responsibility- NOW.  

WE often return to the Mirror experience to depend on the "he said-she said" ever being tossed back and forth (in Time) when the lesson is to make up your own mind and commit with ALL of your Heart to DOing the "right " thing.  

The "right " thing is whatever brings you Peace on your own terms.   

Definition of PEACE

: a state of tranquillity or quiet: as
a : freedom from civil disturbance
b : a state of security or order within a community provided for by law or custom <a breach of the peace>
: freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions
: harmony in personal relations
a : a state or period of mutual concord between governments
b : a pact or agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity
—used interjectionally to ask for silence or calm or as a greeting or farewell
— at peace
: in a state of concord or tranquillity
We never experience Peace at the hand of another, and One's Humanity is currently in an experienctial practice platform of training: practicing preference, and holding Eternal Presence as a routine.  Progress is evident, and definable. 
DOing what you Love IS the agenda for All.  Peace is the goal from Now on.  
And, where does Peace begin?
NOW, within YOU. 

"I AM the Way and the Light." 

Lovingly take responsibility for your contribution to Peace in each NOW moment (in Time), and watch the Mirror DO the same.  
RE-member, the Mirror (in Time) has 2 sides (in Time), but pulling OUT of Time into your NOW Presence ends illusionary imbalance that is fading from our focus and participation goals. 
What i have observed and translated regarding (6) opportunities still stands.  The collective surge to Balance all aspects of Creativity is the main course on All of our plates this year. The Millennial cycles (in Time) will continue to have participating individuals sculpting a cohesive intention to harmonize within a reality that is inclusive, and based in LOVE, free of constrictions and judgements.  
It's TIME to relax and participate with your Visions and Dreams.   Persistent resistance to Peace, NOW, will perpetuate tests and challenges in ongoing "subjugation" that is SELF chosen.  Practice sticking to the point of your experience: Love's Presence, NOW.   Take stock of- and responsibility for- what you are contributing to the Mirror experience.  
What DO you contribute  to the Upliftment of your own experience?  
What DO you contribute into the Mirror that points toward the objective of inclusive Love and Harmony?   
Peace in Truth and Love never says: "You must BE A DOORMAT for my Self denial, or i will be unhappy and torture you till you succumb to my own pain."   
Self Mastery, and the natural Peace and JOY therein, is found in Now Presence.  Take responsibility for your NOWs and your experiences in the Mirror (in Time) will soften into the balanced ease and flow that is your Gift and birthright as an Eternal  Spark of the One. 
Remaining IN Love NOW can be easily gotten used to as a habit of CHOICE.

(John Smallman's Loving translation on opening your Heart)

As August approaches - a (5) Global month frequency influence, (as Mirrored by the extraordinary Planetary alignments) indicates our noticeable choices will become much more broad and plentiful as opportunities and windfalls will appear to flow faster and from unexpected sources and avenues.  
Due diligence to your NOWs and planning and playing with your Dreams for the remainder of July will pay off BIG time, with less confusion ( IF you are focusing more in NOW), which can be experienced by so many choices flowing forth- seemingly all at once.  Your balance and Peace brings the components of your Dreams into view more quickly and with less and less faltering along the manifestational pathways that you have Pre-Paved with your NOW Presence. 

As we are hammering out preferences of relationship and the new "rules" by drawing Lovingly firm boundary lines, Personal Balance will come more fluently as the year  (in Time) passes on to the Next Global opportunity cycle of 2014: (7).  
Next year the DATA will flow like Manna from the Heavens and seep from every crack and crevice around us.  It will take a "year" for the collective masses in the Mirror to absorb and process it all- but it WILL BE DONE, and All aspects of Self in the Mirror will reach a New reconciliation point from mid 
2015: (8) through 2016 (9), which will mark the unquestionable endings of things no longer needed or wanted by the individual and the launch of inclusive and balanced projects and activities and experiences. Anticipate looking directly through the eyes of our New Time reality and our Next level of Mastery as Creator Beings embodied securely in our I AM presence.  It truly is EXCITING to BE and DO, Now, as inspired by Love. 
Love Will Find a Way: 

Are you feeling down and lonelyFeeling like you can't go onJust remember love will find a way
Tell me are you going through changesTime seems like it's passing byJust believe that love will find a way
I see the tears you cryI see the pain that's in your eyesSo many times you were so lonelyAnd no one seemed to care
But if your hopes for your tomorrowsAre drowning in your sorrowsKnow your heart will show you the way
Are you trying to find a beginningOr something just to hold on toAlways know that love will find a way
Is it hard this life you're livingDoes the world seem so unkindDon't you worry love will find a way
Some say we've lost our waySome say the world has gone astrayBut if you know where you're goingThere's nothing you can't do
'Cause problems will comeAnd they will leave youThe world will try to deceive youBut the truth will always be in your soul
Do you want some joy in your time?Are you trying to find some piece of mind?All you need to know is[ From: ]Love will find a way
Are you looking for a place to goWhere the truth is all you'll ever know?All you need to say isLove, love will find a way
Do you want some joy in your time?Are you trying to find some piece of mind?All you need to know isLove will find a way
Do you want some joy in your time?Are you trying to find some piece of mind?All you need to know isLove will find a way
Are you looking for a place to goWhere the truth is all you'll ever know?All you need to say isLove, love will find a way
Do you want some joy in your time?Are you trying to find some piece of mind?All you need to know isLove, love will find a way
Do you want some joy in your time?Are you trying to find some piece of mind?All you need to know isLove will find a way
Are you looking for a place to goWhere the truth is all you'll ever know?All you need to say isLove, love will find a way

In Gratitude for Your Presence and participation in this Spiral Journey with Me!   I hold you in the image of Love NOW.  

As Ever-