Tuesday, June 25, 2013

TIME VIBE: JULY 2013 - Practicing as The Observer

July 2013:       (4) Global Month
                             (6) Global Year

If you are reading this, you are absorbed into and playing in "Time".    If you watch the cycles within the Numbers in Time, you have a edge regarding the expansion opportunities that YOU are calling to yourself within your physically focused, Earth Time growth experiences.  

All pain or Well-BEing is-!

As always, YOUR personal experiences this month will influence the over-arching Global Time experience, so- you should check your own Timing position for the details of your personal opportunities within the Global view- by calculating and reviewing your personal number frequenciesHERE. 

This first JULY installment is being translated the last week of June, so you might want to recap the current practice opportunities as preambled in the June TIME VIBE installments,



The [Time reality classroom] frequencies are becoming evidently reflective of the recognition and practice of Self Creative responsibility via  PLEASURE.
And- if you would like a brief overview of this summer's global activities there is a month to month Time flow synopsis here: 

A re-cap of June 2013:
"(3) : This Month, Discover your belief in JOY;  this is where the enrichment of True Wealth is unlimited Bounty (all resource and material requirements met), Balance , and Perfect Timing in ease and flow...  FOR THE ASKING OUT LOUD!
Lighten UP!!!!  No matter what you think you Know-
laugh at it - it's just something that you BELIEVE- for the moment!
In June, expect simple delights to become more pronounced and fulfilling when you choose Joy and share.  Individuals are more Self absorbed as each becomes aware of the awe of infinite choices and the new awareness that we are Self Created.  (3) June is a cycle of finding delight in the possibilities and potentials filtering through thoughts.  Heart will point the way via it's Inspirational urgings through Joy.   Response patterns will be revealed for everyone to see, and for you to examine, and in July there will be a rearranging of particles of your personal reality tied to the collective experience.
Self forgiveness of All pain, embarrassments, mis-guided judgments are resolved with Allowing and Love, NOW.
But, you already Knew that. "

In July 2013: At this mid-annual (6) cycle peak (in Time), a receiving of the gifts of the focus you have been maintaining in your Joyful opportunities and personal practice.  
Have you been deliberately OPTIMISTIC and holding your Joy NOW as your most prized talent- NO MATTER WHAT?
Or, are you still having a look around at the Illusory Time World, seeking further "external" evidence and PERMISSION to move into your Next Now FREELY?

At mid-cycle push Time, many may notice a plethora of options coming that we never would have thought to consider in our personal lives.  There is INTRIGUE in the New, and Joy is your surfboard on the crest of this Creative wave.

So, some of the burning questions regarding the current Time opportunities of early July might be:

? Am I in Joy 

? Will i / Do i choose to remember what My True Joy FEELS like?

? Will i /Do i ALLOW My True Joy to Be my Way, and what i think about mostly?

? Will i /Do i Trust that my Joy is the SIMPLEST key to All success in expansion?

? Will i / Do i Allow new insights and experiences to bring forth opportunities to BE in - and Express My Joy?

? What have i Manifested lately that is living proof of what i'm really thinking and BELIEVING consistently, regarding re-Alignnment of Joy (vs struggle).

? What beliefs do i still have that need resolving or modifying so that i can see what is beyond the revolving door of pain and constriction of the OLD Time experience and take my experiences (in Time) into the Ease and Flow of manifesting?

In July- Our individual and collective courage to DO the (Love-based) action, based on the (Love-based) intentions, guilt free- is to be reinforced by active headway made in the foundations of the shared material resources, their organizational platforms;  the [form and function] of all working layers of manifestation.  

Some of the NEW rules of engagement will be initiated and click pieces into place for each of us, and then seen collectively as the Next steps of our personal intentions of our (2) planetary Time experience objectives of harmonizing collective cooperation via inclusive Creative partnerships as budding Eternally Sovereign Multi-Dimensional Creator Beings.   
Love them ALL, and re-position them in Light to dissolve any hard contrasts and edges that come with having- and ALLOWING- each their own  preferences.   
WE are only JUST climbing into the cockpit of our Multi-Dimensional Presence.  And, ALL IS in perfection - RIGHT NOW. 

CAN you remember that All is in Perfection, NOW? 
Well, it IS.  So, take your very next step with the innocence of a wide-eyed Child of Love that you are. 

Does it feel a bit like a struggle in some moments?   Yep.
Forgive yourSelf, get up- and keep on looking for your Joy.  
Get up, and keep PRACTICING Now Presence. 

Here's a little bit of sympathy- and dance therapy- while you make the effort to PULL yourSELF up out of illusional "struggle" (in Time) as you read on:

Struggle :

There goes Elvis kicking up a landslideClose shave now, he's back on the flipsideStretch taxi gonna fly me to the Hollywood Bowl
It's a bitch Jack when you need some feedbackYou hang while they hold you and you never get the ring backBut I like you best when you're down with the rest of us
I just want to move aheadI just want to free myself, but it's a struggleI just want to stay in bed[ From: http://www.metrolyrics.com/struggle-lyrics-ringside.html ]I just want to be myself, but it's a struggle
Milk the mailboy, you just might get some insightKnock it back Jack, you're faded but you're alrightMake sense of this mess, I'm just taking the piss out of you
I just want to move aheadI just want to free myself, but it's a struggleI just want to stay in bedI just want to be myself, but it's a struggle

ok, that's enough commiseration....
Now, Buck up, Baby!  The ride is just getting interesting.
This month there will be obvious material headway!

This monthly (4)  frequency influence will bring more urges and tools to re-arrange and re-organize those items and agreements that you think are important for the Process at this juncture.  
Relationship is KEY.  Examine all of your personal ties and attachments.  Do some of them hold you back and cause frustration?  RE-NEGOTIATE a harmonious balance for ALL parties with Love; or, part ways with kindness and generosity, acknowledging a valuable education in the process. 

Watching the Global scene, July (4) Global Month will show you reflections of your own material "rules" , and bring you Ideas in relation to You securing your physical Balance first, by gathering and reviewing your own talents and assets, and then bringing them to the Collective table for making the foundations of the New agreements.  You'll need to accept that this is a negotiate-as-you-go-in-the-Now kind of New Time reality.  
If you are consistently and decisively in Love, NOW- preference choices are made with more confidence and Knowing- and then the Manifestations that you are wanting come more quickly.  

The collective energies (in Time) are inducing the urges to take initial steps into the New Time frequencies, stimulating the need to re-organize and  "re-tool" the working mechanisms of y/our Time experience in alignment with the reformation of all Earthly Collective platforms toward [Co-Creative Balance]. 

These material changes include all things manifested (in Time): 

* Your Bio-Electric Apparatus (cellular body) re-aligning with it's Balance to access your innate skills and assets.   In the Global arena this would include Earth body changes, and the collective {body} Institutions : [Health maintenance systems, education systems, global energy systems, Eco-systems, Economic systems]... all that can be translated as systems - or, "bodies"/containers/vessels/vehicles, etc.,  in the outer reality reflection.

* Your "work",  clarifying what, and why you are participating with; and, the how of re-organizing your approach to Time and your innate assets for further participation in increasing harmonious and prosperous effects per your expanding desires.   

* Your social connections and close network of manifestational partnerships, etc...  You've called ALL of your relationships- your OTHER-Selves- to reflect your current capacity as an Absolute and Eternal Creator BEing.  Relationships must balance and re-align for further progress into full awareness of New Time reality.  
Speak the Truth and let the chips fall where they need to, remembering that All is in Perfection Now.  

* Your material resources (in Time)- the reclamation, restructuring, and recycling of shared/circulated resources,-especially the INFINITE stores of YOUR very own ABSOLUTE ETERNAL VALUE.  A New Time perspective of what VALUE actually is  and how to access and utilize it is opening for discussion on broader stages, with more Beings entering into the discussion.  

This month there will be opportunities to stabilize and re-issue intentions of your New Time reality participation.  Take stock of ALL of your Assets, remaining open to new ways to structure them for your OPTIMAL Expansion Experience.  
REMAIN IN JOY and be flexible as New Time rules and agreements are negotiated, and implemented.

Yes, change is a constant- learn to make that fact a comfort!  When something falls out of alignment, Know that will change.  Focus on maintaining your NOW Presence consistently to secure a balanced footing in the New manifestations of the New Time ALIGNMENTS that are taking place- NOW.  

BE LOVE as YourSELF - NOW-  and watch the scene change quickly to suit your Pleasure in perfect ease and flow.  
The Time of Knowing constriction as the dominant culture is fast fading in the "outer space" reality mirror as the dominant culture's motis operendi. 
CONTRAST has served us so VERY well....say Thank You to the players of the Contrast who showed you what you actually PREFER to participate in and with,  and then DO in the direction of your Joy.  
We have learned our hard lessons in the contrast and are Now quite done with it.   The outer Time reality is only reflecting the "catch-up" to the New Time experience....

Looking OUT is like watching the rest of the Bees returning to a re-designed hive that is POINTEDLY focused and re-aligned with: "All Things are Possible in Love, NOW".  

(Bashar: BE yourSElf)

Until the Next- 
I hold you in the image of Love, NOW....
as ever, 

PS:  I think this translation (link below) is a Love-ly over-view using Planetary aspects to re-describe the energetic influences (in Time) under which we practice our Eternal Creator Being Dance of Love NOW.   Namaste'!