Tuesday, June 11, 2013

TIME VIBE: June 2013 - Part 2 : Becoming Masters of NOW

With Joyful inspiration, I share this flow of insight  for this installment of June's TIME VIBE translations.

What are you focused on ...?
                                                                      C. Migliore /2008



We are the Gods Now.....

Jason Silva


JUNE 2013: (   3     Global Month)
                       (    6    Global Year)

(3) : This Month, Discover your belief in JOY;  this is where the enrichment of True Wealth is unlimited Bounty (all resource and material requirements met), Balance , and Perfect Timing.  
Lighten UP!!!!  No matter what you think you Know, laugh at it.
Expect simple delights to become more pronounced and fulfilling when you choose Joy and share.  Individuals are more Self absorbed as each becomes aware of the awe of infinite choices and the new awareness that we are Self Created.  (3) is a cycle of finding delight in the possibilities and potentials filtering through thoughts,-  Heart will point the way via it's Inspirational urgings through Joy.   Response patterns will be revealed for everyone to see, and for you to examine.  All pain, embarrassments, mis-guided judgments are resolved with Allowing and Love, NOW. 
But, you already Knew that. 

Speaking of discerning Truth  healing.....

(6):  2013 global year: 
Balance sought via mediation/remedy/bridges: Love/Fear, duality examined, healthy choices presented.    

" Can you Appreciate how contrast helps you to focus on what you really want ?"      

                                           Abraham - Hicks  Gold


We handle our Selves with "tough Love" as if we believe that we are destined to spend Eternity in a struggle to Be someone or something that we are NOT. 

"Are we puppets manipulated by non-physical?"

"This is the Trusting part. The relaxing and Allowing part"; the everything is going to work out perfectly for everyone-somehow, part. 

...YOU are the VALUE!

"You are ALREADY perfect, and manifestations will NEVER out-pace your readiness. " 
Focus where it feels GOOD.    
And, maybe pre-pave : I will Know the next logical step when i see it. 

Abraham-Hicks  Platinum 

"We're All in this together."  

Yes, indeedy!

Until the Next-
Thank You for Your Participation with Me on this Spiral Journey.  

Namaste' -