Monday, May 27, 2013


Oh,... things are changing for us- 
from the INSIDE - out....

Recently, my dreams of flying have returned.  I haven't flown for a while in dream Life.  I've been "busy" DO-ing goodness Knows WHAT most nights.   I can only bring back an obscured image of some sort of "training".  this must be the "night school" that others speak of.   In the meantime, my day-life is changing directions completely, and i find myself attracting the sometimes uncomfortable - and even embarrassing- support for the dismantling/dissolving of the old Time Self.   I'm learning new skills and meanings for the New Time Self that i (apparently) a'm finding i like MUCH better.  

Yep...i'm cleaning out the closets- and oh, frick!.. the things forgotten in my Mind files that were shoved into little boxes long ago are flying out at me from all over the place.   Pulling out of the illusion it's easy to see that I'm NOT who i was representing for the longest part of my own life experience- I AM something much more powerful.  This isn't a pretty thing to see- but, it is apparently so very necessary to get a real GOOD look at my Self while I remember that my thoughts and beliefs create what  I AM projecting and experiencing.  And, i'm needing to remember that All is Forgiven in Now Presence.   
The NOW  of the New Time demands a new WAY of DO-ing EVERYTHING.  I think that i'm getting the hang of it.   And, in my flying dream i was practicing sitting in the Seat of my own Eternal Essence, free from all judgment and playing like a child on a Carnival ride.  

Now, this recent dream that i had about flying,  the sensations that i was experiencing as i moved "upward" is demonstrated in this short film below - (more specifically around the 5-6 min area)- but, i did not leave the old Time attachments completely, or reach other world destinations in this flying exercise.   I kept coming to a soft, but unyielding "ceiling" that repelled me gently back to the ground to experience another try- over and over again- before i exclaimed , "Hey!  What's the deal with this?!".  The sensation of being pulled along, once i was in alignment, was so exhilarating- and all too brief for my liking.  I wanted to see where it was taking me, and i remember tucking in my arms and thinking in my mind 
"OH, GOODY!!!  He-e-e-e-e-re we GO!  Ooo! I wonder where this will take me!" , only to be gently deflected and slowing sinking back down to the starting place moments later. 
I've had a dream "companion" with me for quite a while now.  This "companion" is ever present just over and behind my shoulder is a familiar one, altho i cannot tell you what my dream-time companion looks like exactly, except that he/she/it is of human shape and size.  But my minds eye memory reveals only Light essence without detailed features in my day-life remembering.     My companion coaches me through these training sessions regularly, and gently- until i come to feel like i've had enough of whatever we are doing that night- or it is ended for me with  a "That's enough for Now ", kind of message.   
In this flyng session,  my companion offered no other energetic message other than- "Well, when you release and allow- the boundary will not be there."   For whatever the resolutions details are for Me in this- i assure you that I AM Another YourSelf- relationships are changing and i'm having to let go of old identity particles that i never even knew i held so tightly.    Once again i'm reminded that I create and uphold my own limitations that bind me to the Old Time, and I need to Forgive my Self.   
It feels like i'm flying when i DO get around to letting go.  

This whole month has been intense for the most folks i know, and each are manifesting their own brand of crazy and New Time Love seemingly all at once.
You'll probably be able to see the parallelism of this story as you think of your own experiences of late.  It sure is a very interesting ride, and I'm Grateful for Your participation in this Spiral Journey out of Time!

Reverso: by ArtFx 


Until the Next- 
I hold you in the image of Love, NOW....
as ever, 

A Poem of Time and Perception

2011 BAFT Award Winning short animation film by Artist,
Mike Please.

"I realized, it's all about how your spend your Time, not where you sit on the graph."

The Eagleman Staff: (9 min.)

The making of Eagleman Staff: ( i would also suggest watching "the making of" video of this video.  )

Until the Next-

I wish You the BEST of Now!

In Love, 
as Ever-