Sunday, May 19, 2013

The NATURAL Language of Imagery.....


The balance point of deliberate creativity doesn't allow for much wiggle room. 
Everything within your scope of Time reality experience is there because you put it there. 

YOU are the Creator- I AM THAT I AM. 
You ARE in an ALL Attractive, ever changing physical Time reality. 
As your perception changes - so does the view in your outer reality- so, Know that all that is wanted is within reach in any given NOW. 


The IDEA of "broken" in the first place is immediately divided, polar, indicating no belief in the perfection of NOW .  The belief that something needs to be "fixed/repaired" is the belief systems that will always have you spinning round and round in the rotating glass doorway.   
You're IN the chamber of transition, but you haven't quite stepped off into "the other side". 
Only YOU can choose to go through it, and once IN, only YOU can choose to hold your focus and stay there.  

It"s YOUR turn to jump into the other side; 
the New Time that is NOW.  

Some folks look at my quizzically when they hear me going off on the Art and imageries and processes of other Creative Beings.   I'm in awe of those who have no other inspirational choice but to BE the SELF Expresser   (Artist ) that they are- and the FUN that they have while doing what they LOVE, and only what they Love.  
And, i'm always shocked that they don't see what i see.  I admit that i get so excited to share what i have found that excites me, i forget that you have not - and will not - experience what I AM.  
I'm learning to listen for the optimistic and inclusive aspects, and to breathe as i wait 4 more seconds for a bit more DATA before responding, but when i'm having FUN it's hard to not share.  

As our Higher Being Selves are rising up into the seat of our Creative Helm, the DATA is coming forth  as imagery, and is laced with the Truth of how we are FEELING about a particular situation.  
I'm noticing that most conversation is happening in exaggerated imagery- via multi-sensory enhancement- telepathy. 
When i maintain more consistent Now presence, I'm feeling what others are going to say - just before they say it.   And, i actually can sense what is coming.  But, i'm still clearing out old stuff and i'm still getting a few obsolete [old Time default] beliefs out of my own garden of Creativity.  i provoke my own demands for things that are not FUN via lingering bits of Self denial.  Parts of Me that i have not come to Love, yet, are surfacing one by one.  Some surface gently and privately; and some, not so gently- but, necessary. 

Because we already have everything we need poised and ready for the ASKING (OUT LOUD)
ALL imagery within view can stimulate the Knowing that IS the Natural State of BEing.  

This is where being honest and Loving with your OWN IMAGERY is so important.  It pays to question any and all constriction, or fear of Self.  It pays BIGGER when we Allow the Beauty that is there already to be the focus that we are wanting to expand. 

You are who you THINK You are; but, you may also still be keeping company with those who don't support expansion of your own image of Self.
Oh,... You are SOOOO not alone in this-  most Beings are in a state of re-invention. 

If you can and DO have what you want by thinking about it enough, and yet -you are still surrounded by things/people and situations that are far over the line from FUN,  ....
WHAT do you need to "DO" NEXT?

You DO no-thing
You stop right where you are and make your Self take a breath; to disengage from any and all negative beliefs and ALLOW All to reveal their gifts to you with Presence - AND with detachment from outcome.
YOU made [it, them] appear before you- and YOU can change the scenery and the players ANY Time you are in your Now Presence in Love. 
So, just for NOW- LET IT GO

You can find a way to retreat immediately from any present conflict in a Loving, respectful, and hopefully Jovial way, and watch the unseen forces bend to the will of your True Will of Intention.  

What you think you Are, or HAVE, Now, You BE in your  Mind.
If you are experiencing lack- it's because you still believe in lack.  You make the rules, and you can change the rules CAN!  
Change your mind- change your WORLD. 
Perhaps it's TIME to  wrap those individuals in your reality that are really moving in another circle of direction into their own unfolding adventure and Well Being.   It may take a few tries to achieve this release place with the beliefs about All that bothers and binds your Self , and what - and whom- you have called to yourSelf to experience as a Creator Being practicing (in Time).  

You may be noticing that TIME itself is the very issue of constriction.  
Holding NOW Presence is the doorway, and YOU  have to find out what that is and learn how to PLAY with it.  All struggle is of the Old Time and is no longer a working model of expansion for the New Time of You in Now. 

There is no rush, there is ONLY ever NOW, and ANYONE who tells you otherwise is attempting to control and dominate you by fear.   But, Are you still into that?  
No?  Then, feel free - in ANY given Now- to shift and hold your focus onto something 
that brings your Heart it's immediate freedom to express it's deeper Joy- no matter HOW ridiculous it may seem to any current onlookers.
BE You!  Let the chips fall where they may!   If you seem silly and they can't Love silly- then let them have their own constriction and dis-ease.  It's theirs.  But, YOU , on the other hand are just absolutely Peachy right NOW, and have no attachments to their experience.   You are free to BE.  

You don't HAVE TO AGREE with everyone!  You are allowed to have your own song.  
Those who have ears to Hear- by the Law of Attraction - and ALLOWING , will hear and come forth dancing with you in perfection- just for YOU.   The more of the "feels GOOD" imagery you can notice of around you and focus on- the more you will attract delightful and surprising "feels GOOD" experiences right TO you.  
YOU - AND ONLY YOU can steer yourSelf into that portal of possibility.   
And NO ONE but YOU is ever obstructing that door- armed with bogus beliefs. 

The drawing (below), in my mind and as i brought it forth, was born of the image of 
"A life of Light, and Leisure"- but, i titled it "Returning" because as i backed up from what is happening there- it was definitely SO.     [ ] was/AM returning.    NOT looking backward is tricky in the early beginnings of this New Time, but, the really jazzy Gift in All of this Now practice is that ...
 in Now- ALL begins anew, SO- All is forgiven. 
Your freedom is Now.  

The Focus of the subject in this drawing is Sun-ward- walking with ease in the Light, 
with only a small shadow around my own immediate presence,  a bit more Knowing to expand into, but- the storms of the past are in the distance.  The rest of the world is lush, vast, elementally pure, and wondrous still.   There is much more of Life Eternally expanding all around my View- available to Be experienced.

For some personal examples of the Human Expansion Experience check YOUR Personal Timing Numbers (here)

and, SEE: 


The Masters of Now tell us: 
Hold your focus on the deeper intentions of Self, without any inhibition, and a clear path will be laid before your very feet.    

Look at Me!  I'm BARE-FOOTED!  That's how gently i DO choose my Way from NOW onward. 

"Returning"; c. migliore 1992

                 I AM  CREATOR BEing. 
 Thank You for Your participation in this Journey with Me!
until the Next, I will hold the image that-

No matter where you go, or what you are doing, or who you are with- may it be your dominant intention to LOOK for and ALLOW the Joy and Expansion that you are wanting in your Life, AND may you attract only those Beings, both physical and non-physical, that ARE in Harmony with your Joyful Expansion in co-creative exuberance. 

In Love, NOW- 
as Ever,

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