Friday, April 5, 2013


What IS  this stuff?.... and miscellaneous articles of strange-ness in strange Times that fills my spaces and closets?     And, ...who's shoes ARE those?!!
There's a Phoenix rising every, Time for a completely new "wardrobe" to go with the completely New Me and my New moves.....

Here's the message: 
The new ME , YOU, and All that IS is bearing itSelf to the open for All to see.  There's no other way to Be.  No fights to fight.  No Self changes to force, ailments to battle, or, weight to lose.  No conflicts to resolve.  No other place to BE.

This month (Global 1 / ONE:    )
there IS a very new feeling of Creator-ship confidence spreading across the planet.
New ideas = new Ways;   New thought = New paradigm.  So, HOLD THAT HAPPY THOUGHT!!!
Makes notes, sketches, blog about your New ideas and plans.   They WILL all unfold perfectly , without force or fight.

It feels a bit like Neverland here these days- complete with Fairies, Grannie Wendy Knowing Love, Pirates, and Allies in the other dimensional realms- ....  Ha! We even  have the BIG , DEAD, CROCK Clock!   
Sort of old Earth- sort of not. ....More and more- not like the 3/4D Time platform
ep. there's irony everywhere you look these days, and [it's ] all about You and how you respond to the changing that seems to be happening faster and faster theses days for you.  Decisions are getting easier to make in the moment.  You find youSelf SHARING what you have in any given moment and in any given encounter because you CAN, and you realize that extending a Loving hand feels good- and you want more of that.   This month, April 2013, You can see the more immediate effect of BE-ing the change - ONE Now at a Time, ...and you will give yourSelf permission to relax into playful ideas and outcomes, based on the deeper releases you have just gone through in March.  
We're talking about noticing the subtle events in the periphery- not just sitting and waiting for your own main stream of data to provide it for you.  There are infinite wheels of spinning vortexes (inTime)- you are one of them.   
The collective is in PRE-ponderance mode this month, (1) , and by the end of April, there will be cleaner, clearer lines of communication established, particularly, an increase the psychic communications.  So, take this month to THINK about Who you are and how you want to project, and PRACTICE; because next month there will be opportunities for collective communication practice.   Others will hear your inner workings- via frequency.   
Personally, i will literally be donating my "old-paradigm" wardrobe, and pondering the Greatness of IT All as i sort through all of this strange looking stuff, and trinkets of an idea of what "Living" and "lifestyle" WAS, i can't remember anymore.  The unnecessary bits and pieces of beliefs are dissolving. 
Sometimes you find yourself reaching for something to scratch that mental itch- and you catch yourSelf doing that "thing" that you do.  The question has just returned home, as it always does in the One.  
Who AM I?   
I dunno.....who do you WANT( to BE) ?  You are wanting to BE Happy, Now?
i think of the Joy of the new colors and influences that are lining up for my updated presence for All to behold (by May).   And, i'm certainly looking forward to "see" what my otherSelves will be bringing into the mix in the mirror of the outer reality.   The ride is getting a little more exciting now that i've been LISTENING to what i really FEEL.   ONE Timing frequency gifts include a luxurious bath in a pool of Self Awareness where you will have close up opportunities to see your Self in everything happening around you currently.  To get into that pool you must BE in ease and flow....   the key to THAT and everything else is  in your NOW Presence. 

Bear in mind the annual Time FREQUENCY objective and opportunities of (6 / SIX : )   of LOVE, BALNCE, RESPONSIBILITY, RELATIONSHIP,  mediation, nurturing, healing, are unfolding in our individual talents to redirect energy and focus, and more and more in the direction of these New ideals- both in the collective illusion, and personal expansion.   This is evident in All collective arenas that have been, and still are opening up to the collective experience as a Mirror reality.   Now that the "slivers" of shame beliefs personally, and in the old paradigm are surfacing, the CURE is at hand and change is afoot in each and every NOW thought. 

We ARE waking up into the IDEA of a place of freee creativity and adventure like the one called Neverland and glee of change and the different perspective is required to get your BANGARANG on there.   This idea of another reality- our own Neverland- is Far from the "civilized" and fear controlled emotional scenario's of the dead Time paradigm.   
It is a world of PLAY, words, and adventure.   It's Time to ponder the thought that YOU don't have to Create "hard"- you are allowed to Create in Ease and Flow- or, WHATEVER else you focus on.    You are so free, you can choose bondage. And, in each NOW, it's YOUR choice.   I
n this great big game of Sweet Remembrance in NOW- Use your own imagination and Joy to create your own world of your choosing.   

It's feeling like there will be a PART 3, focusing on the aspects of Healing and beliefs about the Light Body. 

If you haven't had a break lately- take a moment to remember: BANGARANG!

or, maybe a break you have a while to kick back for a fun story of remembering in Hook: (full movie)

Thanks to Anon for the    Joy Jam playlist     suggestion (1st video above)'s quite a gift, but i don't seem to be able to find it on youtube to add to the playlist - so, i added the video of the live- PERFECT - performance by the Artist, himSelf  for a treat to All otherSelves who are inspired. 

Wake up 
Ur beautiful, loved and blessed 
Feel me? (I think I do) 

When U found me I was just a piece of clay 
I was 4mless, U gave me a new name 
With the breath of life I now live abundantly 
All I needed was the potter's hand 
And the blood on Calvary (that's right) 

But 2 much power (tell it) 
Can can sometimes turn 2 shame 
2 much desire 
Sometimes makes U feel the same (come on) 
But 4giveness is how U win the game 
I begged 4 truth, now I know the truth 
And that is when U came and said I was... 

Beautiful, loved and blessed 
I'm better than the day b4 
Cause U made me confess that I am... 
Beautiful, loved and blessed 
When U're free U're really free indeed 
All U gotta do is just plant the seed 

A constant battle 2 stay ahead of the game 
Is anybody famous when everybody wants fame? 
Always trying 2 break U down 

Thinkin' that'll raise 'em up 
I just wanna b happy 
Come take this bitter cup from me 

If I were ever 2 write my life story 
I could truly say through all the pain and glory 
I was just a piece of clay in need of the potter's hand 
Cause when U whispered in my ear 
The words I so now understand, oh... 

Beautiful, loved and blessed 
I'm better than the day b4 
Cause U made me confess that I am... 
Beautiful, loved and blessed 
When U're free U're really free indeed 
All U gotta do is just plant the seed 

Everything U made U said, "That's good" 
B4 the fall of man U said, "That's good" 
Everytime I walk in faith, that's good 
U let me see another day, that's good 
B4 the earth was made U said, 
"Tamar, I will lead the way and U'll go far" 
Knowledge and understanding 
Understanding is good 

And when I wake up in the morning 
All I hear in my hood is people saying that they're... 

Beautiful, loved and blessed 
When U rescue me from the darkness 
and our heart just must confess 
Beautiful, loved and blessed 
When U're free U're free indeed 
All U gotta do is just plant the seed 

Hey, hey, hey 
Wake up it's a new day 
Hey, hey, hey 
Wave Ur hands in the air and say 
Hey, hey, hey 
Wake up it's a new day 
Hey, hey, hey 
Wave Ur hands in the air and say 

Beautiful, loved and blessed 
U rescued me from the darkness in the wilderness 
But I am beautiful, loved and blessed 
No matter what the challenge 
I always pass the test 

That's what I am, beautiful 
That's what I am, beautiful 
I don't mean 2 put nobody down 
Still I must confess that I am... 
Beautiful, that's what I am 
That's what I am 
When U wanna give up, don't cause U know 
U always got a friend 

That's what I am, that's what i am 
Thats' what I am 
Beautiful, beautiful 
That's what I am, that's what i am 
Thats' what I am 
Beautiful, beautiful 
oh yeah, oh yeah 
Beautiful, beautiful 
Beautiful, beautiful

Until the Next-
In Love-
as ever!