Monday, March 25, 2013

Life CAN BE an Artful Feast...

Man!!!  ... have i been in a "zone" lately... i distracted mySelf with an interesting bit on the history, and making and taking of  ABSINTHE.  
I enjoyed this film very much, and, i never mind films with subtitles anyway- most of the interviews are in French for those of you who are wanting to brush up.
Absinthe was originally designed by the Women Masters of  Traditional Herb Craft and Healing, and was used as a potent, broad spectrum kind of remedy for the digestive tract- which then keeps the rest of the body healthy, and free of parasites, etc.

Many are not aware that in the taking of Absinthe there is, and rightfully so- a "CEREMONY" that is built in to the serving and ingestion of Absinthe as a Health and Creative tonic, and guarantees that the alcohol content (about 164 proof) is dealt with completely differently than your run of the liquor-store grain alcohols, etc- which just kill the liver.  True Absinthe is designed to by-bass that toxicity when used with respect, and really brings forth the outstanding healing qualities and use of the original specific formulation of herbs, and the purest grade alcohol.    much BETTER than NyQuil, ya'll!  (which is where i think big pharma got that product from. )

Many Artists around during the heyday of Absinthe as a popular substance known to assist in the attitude adjustment needed for any blocked- or, gluttonous-type artist.  Toulouse Lautrec' and Van Gogh are the most popular examples of the use of absinthe on the creative process.   The haze around Van Gogh's Starry Night series is the depiction of the Absinthe haze that he drank himself into that night- well- MOST nights.....   But, they are also an example of respecting All things in moderation, eh?  
But, alas- Absinthe was taken away by the fear-based greedy bastard Patriarchal goons, who not only messed with the design of the production this powerful medicine, which can prove to be fatal- and was, often enough.  Death from improperly producing and ingesting Absinthe (the ceremony*) ... and the ensuing fear/control campaign managed to have Absinthe banned and commercial production of it dis-allowed in the US and Switzerland, where it originated.
Fortunately, the Master Wild crafters keep their apothecary records, and there are companies who manage to mass-produce some high quality Absinthe.  But, I think i sill might prefer the TLC that goes into the brew of a Master Absinthe distiller.

Anyway- i just thought you might really enjoy this little diversion!

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