Thursday, March 21, 2013

Validating the Crystalline CHANGES

Hey! .... check this out!   

These are photos of a smokey quartz crystal that has been with me for about 6-7 years....when i first acquired this amazing crystal, i was mostly clear with a wispy "inclusion" that swept the interior in a gently thin, curvy wave of a cloudy mist that was located about the 1/3 of the way down from the tip of it's 6-sided termination point.  ( It's about 3" in diameter , and about 5.5 inches tall. )

I usually place this one in a window sill in the room i mostly occupy, or that has the best sun from 10-3 pm.
I do have pics of this crystal from a couple of years ago- somewhere- ; and i also took this specimen with me when i traveled West last spring - summer to Sedona and the Grand Canyon.   I did a quiet "ceremony " with several different travel specimens of various crystalline structures in canyons, rivers, deserts, and farms.  I began to notice that this particular crystal has been developing  small "gardens" of baby terminations within its structure.  Where it used to be clear, more and more inclusions bearing these little garden beds, have been appearing and forming rapidly for the past 3 years.  And this week, i took it out of a window sill where it has been sitting since early October, to share with my 18 month old Grandson.   He seems to be quite understanding of energy-  when he held this stone he began to blow kisses with his other hand as he looked at the rainbows.  Yes, these new ones are already up to speed on the Loving Light.    
I noticed that there has been a big increase of these baby crystalline terminations within this crystal forming all around it's has changed to be a most beautiful, rainbow sparkly crystal from the deep smokey most clear quarts termination that it used to be.    I remember when i see this dramatic change that everything is on it's way to somewhere else.  
With all of the intensification of frequencies, and the altering of our Time experience and our own bodies;, and realities, i couldn't help but think that if these frequency increases are able to change this crystalline formation in my hand, then WHAT are they doing to our own bodies!?     :) !! 

I'll try to get better close up pics when the sun comes out again-  in the meantime, you can tell by looking into the crystals internal "structure" where the baby crystals are forming....some of them are a particular color and beam like they are lit from within.  Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Gold, Purple, Brilliant white, and iridescent.....

So, perhaps you have a couple of these laying around... or, a collection of Crystalline "friends", and maybe you haven't had a close up visit with them lately- you might want to take them out and see what might be happening to them .
I'd love it if you'd share pics, etc.

My deepest Gratitude for YOUR participation in this Spiral Journey with Me!

..and, Until the Next-
I will hold the image that-

No matter where you go, or what you are doing, or who you are with- may it be your dominant intention to LOOK for and ALLOW the Joy and Expansion that you are wanting in your Life, AND may you attract only those Beings, both physical and non-physical, that ARE in Harmony with your Joyful Expansion in co-creative exuberance. 

In Love, NOW- 
as Ever,

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