Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Withdrawing Focus From the Physical Reality (in Time)

We are experiencing episodes of (physical) Time focus withdrawal.  

Some individuals are in conscious Knowing of this and are adapting and learning to flow along with the frequencies that are both the cause and effect of our transition OUT of Time consciousness and the illusion of physiality.  Resting when they feel the resting desire;  and, doing, when they feel the inspiration to do.  There is a loss of desire to "please" the outer reality nonsense- and more of a seeking to be pleasured, or at least in a state of rest and relief for longer stretches and more frequently than allowed themselves previously.   

It really is pretty matter-of-fact... the change of humanity is Eternal.  
It IS.  
There is no need for extra-ordinary "explanations" or celebrations when you actually get to the Now point of Presence.  
Th inter-dimensionals consistently advise us  NOT to give way to amazement, or astonishment.  NOT to succumb to "novelty", as Dr. McKenna phrased it nicely for us.
If we are to truly BE in Knowing, [which many are bringing up in their expressions these days]- we are  then in conscious practice of holding our focus in BALANCE....the middle way.  
The position of balance is found in the practice of effortless, and pure, observation.  
One can't TRY to be NOW; you choose to be - or NOT to be.  
So, the question is not whether or not we are in the middle of a shift- change is an Eternal process.  
The question or issue at hand is the whether or not you are wanting to hold the position of observation; and orchestrate your (Time) experiences by Being present in Now.  The natural by-product of this is- and always will be for a Multidimensional Being - the DELIBERATE creating from the position of observing YOUR deeper, intimate, and very personal preferences as they come up, moment to moment.
What is being observed is directly created by thought, and belief.  The "Awakening" is personal- and very subtle.  
Those who have been trained off their own natural Knowing are often slapped around by the effects of attracting into their  experiences by default.- over and over and over and over.  Until it becomes an subconscious habit of UNconciousness....alseep to the "deviations" of habitual behavioral monotony that could make life way more interesting, and flowing in ease.    
Not that the slapping about isn't "interesting" to many who have been enduring a lifetime or two of it.....but, after a certain point of repetition of events that are just NOT fun, there comes a clue - often through exhaustion, that there just may be other choices to experience.  
The TIME experience is not evil, and doesn't HAVE to be hard, but, 
ANY focus outside of your NOW Presence, your position of balanced observing, creates- by default - and of your own choice of un-Truths in preferences. 

Abraham says: "You are so free, you can choose bondage!"
Now that you Know who is in charge here- Which do you prefer?   Ease and flow, or, frustration and pain.  Then search your beliefs of judgement, punishment, and turmoil addiction.  
Then CHOOSE ease and flow, and let the rest GO....see what happens. 
Yeah.... Go ahead- TRY IT!    
All culture, groups, rules, lifestyle, and procedures in your life are relative to your beliefs.  You beliefs are the basis of your own limiting perspectives- freely chosen- and CONSTANTLY upheld by the Law of Attraction, and the Law of Allowing/Receiving.  

Each NOW is a new beginning point, whether you take full advantage of the infinite possibilities within you Now Power, or not.  No one else is to blame here for what you are living.  and your personal judgments of what you are experiencing (in Time)- [the Cabal, poverty, illness, frustration, etc, etc, etc...]  
It's ALL of your making.  and when you are tired of the limitations of your beliefs, you can walk away from them in any given NOW portal of observation.  In that state of balanced, and unfettered observation you will ALWAYS notice that You are safe, Loved, and never alone.....

In Now, the feeling of dread dissipates, and the release of dread leads to allowing the change back into your NATURAL state of J OY.    Joy NOW becomes your point of manifestation.     
Once again- the tool of Pre-paving, or- prayer,  allows you to practice changing the language that is the script of your manifestation catalyst.  Your WORDS are powerful....in this new kind of (Time) presence, use them with respect for your deeper desires and directives.  Speak only your Truth.  
You can go to the "Pre-Paving your Intentions" posts to help you shift your language toward your deeper intentions.   

Here are some resources and references, to help bump you back into your fully Conscious NOW perspective, and you true seat of Self Empowerment.  

 LOOK FOR evidence of the positive changes, and that is SURELY what you will see!

Bashar:  change is constant, Joy is your impetus.

DR. McKenna:  Culture is not your friend (BE the ARt of YOU)
Dr. McKenna: The  Messaage (yeah- what HE said..!)

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My deepest Gratitude for YOUR participation in this Spiral Journey with Me!

..and, Until the Next-
I will hold the image that-

No matter where you go, or what you are doing, or who you are with- may it be your dominant intention to LOOK for and ALLOW the Joy and Expansion that you are wanting in your Life, AND may you attract only those Beings, both physical and non-physical, that ARE in Harmony with your Joyful Expansion in co-creative exuberance. 

In Love, NOW- 
as Ever,

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