Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hey, YOU!

Yes,  YOU,  BELOVED reflection!

(i) know that (i) have been a bit elusive in my presence here, but, recently- ive been having the urge to have a chat with you,........ and this morning somehow-( i ) find myself thinking of You,..."missing" you.

So (i)'m just going to talk to you, and invite you to connect when you are inspired to do so.   (i) feel your own urgings to be "working" on your own- and i'm not trying to distract you from your Now Presence and practice in my own Expressions and musings on the "mechanisms" [in Time].    
And besides-  lately, i find that i don't have a penchant for TALKING about "it" very much anymore- which has led me to delight in- and hold up, the many, many others who can and do express out loud for those who are in alignment to receive those insights and upliftment of Joy and Truth.

Furthermore- just when i begin to feel a free-fall, or a low point in my energy level, within a short Time i get a wave of articles and translations that come forward into my scope of my own experience, validating all that i'm experiencing and contributing in my Now Presence.   i'm always grateful for the validation of what i FEEL, and what i'm seeing in some weird 3/4D way.   After that, i'm  embarrassed i even needed the validation because the bigger frequency of Me knows that I AM, yet, i'm grateful that when i need it- relief is at hand.

The alternative news otulets are becoming unable to ignore in their purpose and persistence, as it needs to be at this juncture in the eternal expansion of consciousness.    The cure for our ailments and pains is at hand and it is to be shared.  It is TIME,  and as you can see mainstream bulsh is being ignored more and more by the growing Now Presence of individuals who are curious about the discrepancies in the dissolving reality, and are seeking resolution of the intelligent information based in TRUTH.       My blog may be humble and of a different frequency than the outer world reality news rooms, and there are days when i feel like i'm ABSOLUTELY invisible- and DONE, because what i'm relaying is so obvious to Me- yet despite those moment of weariness, the fact that i have the compulsion to continue IS the indicator that i'm doing what needs to be done there for those that need to bump into what it is that i offer.  And that's when i begin to see a buncha' reflections that i'm not off the mark- not crazy- and tuned in via Now Presence..... (here's just ONE of SOOOO  many translations issuing forth currently -  it resonates nicely.   )

I get little notes from otherSelves who are in appreciation of these posts and who are jiggy with the need to find BALANCE in Now Presence/ - and some even say that they look forward to the uplifitng insights therein from the contrast.......again- thanks for holding my little space for those who need to play there and regroup in the Joy of Now and the sharing of the Now Masters, Now tools, and Now insights- and for keeping your fingers on the pulse of the events of Truth in our Time experience and expansion process.  

Regarding the translations of the TIME VIBE:  It has been a long observation of mine that even the best human translator is only 80% accurate, before the personality influences leak into the issues and perception points.  NO one translating from a human body is exempt from that in my observation...but, you take the Good and leave the rest.    To me, it is this fact that assists in developing personal discernment skills.  It's ALL perfect.

It also looks like some still are holding a grudge against the generally used collective Time platform (Gregorian calendar) that the general collective is still currently operating from within.   That, to Me, is unfortunate...ALL expereince serves the expansion of One.  Belief is what Creates.  If we look at anything with a negative eye, the experience will be struggle.    I
t's the tool which may be soon outmoded (yipee!) soon enough, but, when i do use my own Time map i make better decisions and feel easier, in NOW Flow.  Knowing the patterning of it's essence and insights gives me the hope that there will always be a Next when it's looking bleak to me.   And like all others in this physically focused dimension of Time,  I DO NOT always make the best personal use of this info mySelf as i grow my own Presence.  Sometimes (i) ignore the lesson and obligation of the opporunity and have to "do " it over again when the cycle comes around again....and, i  remember that Now is my point of power for my success in transcending the "lesson" at hand longer each "day".  

I try to translate the Time insights for others WITHOUT directing too many details for the individual, altho the details are there in plain site for those who have an eye and ear for the most basic descriptors of the frequency gifts on their own.    It is NOT for everyone...just for those who are gifted and inclined in this and other vibratory based languages of Time focus, which is temporary.  So, in the TIME VIBE translations, i keep it broad to allow for interpretation by the individual, yet within certain scopes of opportunity to assist in broadening perspectives and experiential preferences via FREE WILLED CHOICE.
 From within the collective dualistic Time experience and it's inherent physically focused CLASSROOM,  i withold enough so that others can grow for themselfves and learn to see the forest through the trees in their own Now practice.

The "COLLECTIVE" visions are opening up for All- and more beings that are attempting to awaken are begining to learn to relax into their own "Knowing" place. .....Obviously, this will expidite the collective Healing and re-direction of our soul group experiences and objectives.  We just need to learn to be more patient about the process that is the beginning of our cellular changes into a deliberate Light transmitter.  My own nervousness and anxiety comes form my own impatience- when i see what is coming, it's SO good- i want it NOW.       We see that This activity comes in waves- like the frequencies from the Universal Center.

  People like "data".    But, the Time is Now for individual sparks of the One to open up to their own information centers in the Heart connection AS One.   We each contribute to the expansion- and "do" this by practicing in the Presence of NOW with all focus and intention to see and BE the Joy that we want to see int he world-= as trite as that may seem when one is absorbed by the distracting drama of the outer world reality and thinking and feeling it to be "real".
The Beings in Knowing of this Now Power are doing just that- they are finding themselves gently pulling back from the turmoil and drama of the "controllers" and leading their own steps- as inspired.

And, then there are those of us who will be leaving Time, and will be participating/serving from elsewhere as this Time classroom adventure progresses, which is part of the healing as well.    We will be needing to understand and respect that their own Higher Self is "DO-ing" according to their personal expansion and purpose as a spark of the Eternal One.   We have no privy to the aspects of their Journey experiences, and somehow we must just TRUST, Now- that All is well and in perfect Harmony.
Not later- when "these individuals"- or "those individuals" are behaving according to our comfort levels and out of our "way"....
We relax and Love, Now, without any excuses or distractions- and that brings us to expanded thought/belief- which releases us into the realm of all possibility on the Eternal Spiral Journey of Creator Being.
We cannot despise duality- it is honing our determination to take back our Eternal Presence.
We cannot despise Time, is has been a "place" to experience things that we Know,  re-aquaint our Selves with the power in NOW,

My deepest Gratitude for YOUR participation in this Spiral Journey with Me!

..and, Until the Next-

In Love, NOW- 
as Ever,

LOOK FOR evidence of the SELF EXPANDING progress and changes!