Friday, March 1, 2013

Beings Of the Art of You

I'm a BIG fan of any Artists who can only BE their Truth.   I used to have a page dedicated to my favorites, but i had to make room for other stuff....perhaps, i'll find a way to restore it here for you to see the many OtherSelves who live their Truth in Now creativity without hesitation. 

Today's posting was inspired by one such BEing: the mysterious and prolifically Present, BANKSY.   He's is just one of many of my personal hero's of Self expression.   

Here are links to and about him- for your upliftment and creative inspiration to ever encourage you to DO what You do BEST that brings You Joy and fulfillment in Now- which can only lead to your impact on the leading edge of the collective experience.   

You're affecting the world as you are experiencing and participating - moment to moment, with your NOW beliefs,...might as well do it from a perspective of deliberate intention and focus, don't ya' think?


His website:

And this little snap is to remind you that the Eternal Spark is in ALL Humans, even if they cannot yet CHOOSE to utilize it's Pure Potentiality for growth and the nurturance of Life.   They will,....SOON.

May You Keep the Knowing that All will work out perfectly for everyone- somehow!


So- OKay....just to start a list, and invite you to BE INSPIRED by observing OtherSelves HEARTILY participating in NOW, i'll begin with these BEings off the top of my head:

Yoko Ono: (She's 80, Now- and still BE-ing & DO-ing!)

Jaque Fresco: (another Octogenarian in the Now!)

Garden Atriums community VA.  : 

BJORK: (this site and Free-BEing is...WHOA!! amazing!)

Alan Watts: (NOW Master)

Eckart Tolle: (NOW Master)

Jadav “Molai” Payeng:

Paul Goodman: (you won't be disappointed visiting this one.)

Garrett John: (a Herald of contemporary Self Consciousness)

Spike Lee: (contemporary story teller)

Buckminster Fuller:

Masaru Emoto:

Bill Hicks: (comedic commentator) 

Stanley Kubrick: 

AND, here's a documentary on his profound films: Dr. Strangelove:
and, 2001: A Space Odessey:

...and, Until the Next-