Wednesday, February 6, 2013


How to you spell relief?  

L - O - V - E !   
But YOU already Know that! 
NOW, let's get that 
(in MOTION!)

Body movement stimulates endorphins- the natural JOY Juice that stimulates the desire to participate with Joyful INTENTION.  

The links below are examples of the dance wave of Love based intention gatherings that are happening around the globe by the dancing, techno-savvy awakening youth culture.    
The Electric Daisy Carnival, for example- is a combination of WOODSTOCK, Cirque du Soliel, and a fantastic dance party blow-out!  

This particular gathering (which is scheduled in various spots all around the world)  is based on the groove of Love and dance, and the result is a wonderful weekend experience of JOY jumping intention of NOW Love, non-stop JOY pulses and music!  

Love doesn't fight- it plays, and invites!  
The urge to join in is infectious...just listen to this Love-bitten Peace officer-
you can see his eyes twinkle with delight when he talks about the candy that way given to him.

This film was a complete JOY to watch ( i have no problem with the F-word).   I participated with my own dancing along with the music in between the interviews of the participants, the artists, musicians, DJ's, and dancers- most of whom described the creative process and the gathering as a Love based Unity focus .

I just had to share this experience with YOU as just one example of the uplifting activities that many individuals are awakening with.

I invite you to 
Get up and MOVE!
Your JOY is but a wiggle away- and
You just can't watch this vivacious film adventure sitting down!

The Electric Daisy Carnival Experience (full film)

THANK YOU for Your participation in this Spiral Journey with Me!

Until the Next, 
I hold the image that-

No matter where you go, or what you are doing, or who you are with- may it be your dominant intention to LOOK for and ALLOW the Joy and Expansion that you are wanting in your Life, AND may you attract only those Beings, both physical and non-physical, that ARE in Harmony with your Joyful Expansion in co-creative exuberance. 

In Love- 
as Ever,