Tuesday, January 29, 2013


(6) Global Year  
 (8) Global Month

January's (7) opportunities to study, research and wade through a wave of newly revealed information and options have set up the Next step of the collective within the gifts of the Global ( 8) opportunities for February.  We will see a large and undeniable wave of opportunities for mustering a show of strength, and collective dynamic and significant action.  Under the emphasis of our Global (6) year of healing and further balance toward equality through the individual's Self responsibility, this short term wave of the  rearrangement of the materials and personnel will occur via executive  adjjustments regarding more secure "positioning" in the material reality, and will illuminate our true manifestation mastery skills as an INTENTIONALLY united force of the MAJORITY in the co-creative Time experience.

This month, Individuals become more active and focused on reconciling accounts and services that are concerned with the holistic growth and support of the collective Life force (in Time). This dynamic (8) global activity involves close administrative examination of all levels of materials and processes of the general Vision of the collective Millennial (2) frequency involving direct partnerships, cooperation, communication, and balance, while the Global (6) Year focuses on the harmonizing and balancing of intention, purpose, relationships within the Love based focus of the global (6) opportunities.   

Global (8) involves the objectives of  authority in the rearrangement and re-direction of the patterns and operating methods of  authority- military, judicial , and the wide scale management of material resources:  Healthcare, agriculture, environment, politics, finance, building and structural industry, weather and earth changes, and technology.   All areas of Life support and sustenance will be involved directly, and the collective shift will be much more obvious to All.    
(earthquake increases  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caDDxzMJo08)
In the directives of (8), opportunities reveal stagnant or stale-mated situations and those Beings and mechanisms that do NOT serve the whole will be exposed.  The urges for action stimulate the desire to re-direct and manage change more efficiently toward expanded purpose and decisive action.   Upholding Wisdom in action is the operative directive....that is to say: Divine Right Action.  The courage to act with Knowing though Inspired action is spreading.  Next month, March (9), we will release and end things that are up and ready to be moved aside to Allow the new influences for balance and stabilization to occur.  It will be like releasing the pressure of the confinement of things and situations that are recognized as being non-functional and in the way of the progress and expansion of the collective toward the long term ideals of (2), and (6).  
But, more on that cycle later this month.  

This month the wave of collective participation will increase dramatically, and the instruments of change will present themselves on a wide scale basis.  
In this,  we can include Earth changes, ( this link keeps up with this aspect:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qG--2_ei3nA&list=UUTiL1q9YbrVam5nP2xzFTWQ&index=1 ) 
social movements that cannot, and will not be ignored or stopped.  
The re-engagement of foundational security of  the resources that support the material needs of the collective are the principal focus.   While the individual is beginning to rectify their own responsibility in their positioning and their chosen participation. 

The Inspired fore-running ground-breakers of this collective shift have been, and still are - very busy plowing through preliminary activities for the relief and rectification of the collective resources and more balanced management.  Many awakening participants are hoping for a speedy re-alignment, the Time waves are indicating that this year the collective is gathering strength by sorting through new information and re-educating themSelves in these early stages of balancing of the global resources.   Mass movement and the collective outcry will begin to harmonize more obviously by the summer months, with the major shift to occur with the Global (8) year of 2015.   Again, the (7) global frequency of 2014 will bring more data directly to the masses, while the wave of physical change builds up it's momentum.  
This month is a collective exercise in material manipulation and manifestation via focus on the ideals of the (2) and (6) frequencies.  Participants in the process of Humanities expanded awareness of Creator Being will be more willing to be "HANDS ON",  with the united intention of alignment of form and function.   

As always with (2), (our Unity consciousness Vision), PATIENCE is required, but that is not to be confused with complacency.  Personal ACTION is required for the sake of the project that is focused on harmonizing partnerships, fairness, and holistic abundance for All, and in all forms.   The emphasis for the accountability in this (6) global year is validated by the Zero in front of the (1): I AM in theTime frequency signature of  the remainder of the decade (2013-2021).  Recognition of I AM will be on the collective agenda until 2022 (6), when intentional collective harmony will be established (in Time).      

This year, we have a cycle of opportunities for mass communications to balance out and become more streamlined instead of obstructed or deliberately scattered, thereby bringing the information more fluidly to the collective awareness.  This flow of words, and ideas are bathing the collective in preparation for the hard work of dissemination of the details by the collective, beginning by late summer-fall, for the expansion ahead of us (in Time) in 2014, when many more individual awarenesses will be evaluating where we have been, where we are Now, and what we think we want to collectively Create and Allow Next.  This Year there is the direct emphasis for the individual to seek and exemplify cooperative  intention- NOT submission or subjugation.   That is so DONE, Time to move on.      

Those individuals who are gifted in healing via COMMUNICATION: teachers, healers, channelers, translators, professional communicators, and civil servants are in their wave of influence this year.   The wind is in your sails- so to speak.  Those BEings who have [2,3,6,9] Life Paths are heavily involved and in action translating and assisting in the healing of balance of information through Heart directed action.  The Time wave indicates that we will be WADING through information and weighing options through 2014.   The communicators will be actively opening portals of expansion in each and every individual they connect with and Presence in Truth is the topic of their tutorage.  Choose words with care.  Concepts of constriction and obstruction, and the control of another upon I AM are Now appearing to be OBVIOUS nonsense when it leaves the lips.    YOU are the Creator BEing, so Teach and educate in your full Knowing Presence.   We are currently witnessing that words, words, words are flowing like endless rain into a paper-cup, overflowing and exciting the collective frequencies Across the Universe.     All is so VERY Perfect, Now.  

I AM awareness though the JOY of Presence and choosing to attract opportunities to Allow Self to BE in the (3) frequency, means to follow your Bliss, your Joyful fascinations- it's your "job"!    I DO what i love to do, You DO what you love to DO, and it will ALL work out perfectly for everyone, somehow.   WHAT A GIFT !

It's All so very very good- and right on schedule.  The early groundbreakers are being reinforced by the up and coming children of Light that are steadily joining our collective Time games who are Living examples of the direction that Humanity (in Time) is wanting.  
News of the increased DNA activations will become more widely known and accepted, with more definitive proof of our Divine Nature and capabilities exemplified in the MASS news channels (which will open up this year).    Individual's personal experiences with their own Multi-Dimensional abilities will Allow them to be more steadfast in their expanding Knowing, which will stabilize and fortify their own Inspired actions and participation, thus reducing the FEAR levels around the globe.   Welcome to the Golden Age!


BANG-ARANG, Peter!!!!!

On a personal note:  
I wish to express my Gratitude to our Brother Love-  American Kabuki - for his Presence and Gift of sharing his very special focus with us All, and for his very Gracious support of my Joy and contribution through his portal and his vast network of Light in Action.   
I also want to Thank the individuals who have been writing to me with interest in watching Time and learning to use it as an ally for practicing their own NOW Presence in our co-created Time experience on this Eternal Spiral Journey.    

Until the Next-

No matter where you go, or what you are doing, or who you are with- may it be your dominant intention to LOOK for and ALLOW the Joy and Expansion that you are wanting in your Life experience; AND, may you attract only those Beings, both physical and non-physical, that are in Harmony with your Joyful Expansion in co-creative exuberance. 

In Love- 
as Ever,

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