Sunday, January 27, 2013

BORED? WAITING for something?

The issue of boredom and waiting came up yesterday.  
It's ok.  It means we're ready for the Next. 
Yep, boredom is what instigates us to look for our excitement
IF you are minding your NOW's, it only lasts a short Time.  
If not- you find yourSelf in a life of turmoil and fear.  

Can you tell the difference between your 
Joyful excitement and your turmoil addiction? 
I think you CAN.  


It's ALL so very good. 

Boredom is a feeling that will assist you:

There is NO waiting in EXCITEMENT: 

THIS little Man gets it!

PARTICIPATE in your own Nows.
Be brave in your own thoughts and actions...find your Now space - take a breath and follow those yummy Joy urges that stimulate your natural state of 
WELL BEING. Know what i mean?

It's a New Now.  
May yours be IN Joy!

With Love to You-
as Ever