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For those GRACIOUS readers who have written and responded to the Now practice tools and toys that are usually included in my postings, i send deep appreciation for Your participation in this process WITH Me.  

As we each issue forth and share these offerings of insight and experience we ARE aiding in the processes and further Mastery of Self within the Time classroom...even if the perspectives are not understood or agreed with, we are participating with the Love that is the basis of the collective Vision. 
I continue to hold Each individual aspect of Creator BEing as my Teacher, my Child, and my Divine partner in Expansion.  I'll be Seeing YOU in the Mirror, Beauti-ful BEing!      Thanks again!  

Right where it is NOW.

When i was a teen, my independence and experiential nature drove my folks nutty.  At some point i  gifted my father with a little sculpture of a clump of clay with a partial and amusing character face emerging from it, and the title: "Please be patient, God isn't finished with Me, yet. "
This little gift in the midst of the angst and turmoil of my search for Self made my father take a moment to realize that i wan't going to do anything drastically Self destructive, and he kept this little Love reminder on his desk, and, mind-you- he professed to be an Atheist-Humanist.   i recognized and was touched by his understanding of my process and lessons, and he took no offense to my belief in Creator.   I look back and see that i assisted him to find Allowing despite his deep concern and care for Me, and like most Divine BEings, i had a Knowing that wouldn't agree to participate and maintain the status quo of the society- and the silly rules of engagement that held it together.   A Typical teen in the sense of wanting to incite expansion; not so typical in my free-minded upbringing.  I was born under a lucky Star in this, and I AM grateful.

Little was i aware that in that statement: "God isn't finished with me yet", was the essence of my own dilemma and lifeTime of conflict and struggle, eventually to discover that  there IS no destination , or the attainment of "done"- EVER.     IMPATIENCE has always been my nemesis.   And in my impatience I experienced many painful twists and turns, some REALLY bad choices and judgment calls, false hopes and misplaced trusts- and the logical results of them.  
I see that there were- and still are-  never ending signals to simply BE, and ALLOW things to work themselves out perfectly- without forcing things.   I'm not impatient with my artwork, or anything else that i Love to DO- it never turns out in a way that pleases me, so -  why do it with the Art of Me?
I AM.  the experiences that I attract IS the Art of Me.  I have finally seen the error my beliefs and insistences without regard for the Joyful process of unfolding Gifts and Opportunities to come TO me.
I Knew not of the 4 Things that We Know for SURE.   And the GOOD news is that- what we think we  Know today, will be meager compared to what we will Know Next (#2).   But in NOW,  i have a
leg-up into my Multi-dimensional Creator BEing-ness, and All IS  Well.

I AM in Gratitude of all of my lessons and All of the unwitting participants along my expanding Spiral Journey, and i experience [for the most part], an indescribable ease and flow having learned to slow down and smell the Gifts before me Now.   There is no point to strive for perfection of BEing-ness when it is already present in the process and the expansion of each NOW.   Like everyone else- When I'm Loving mySelf, things flow smoothly and all is provided for in plenty and perfection.
And, when I'm not ...well, you know- i'm not going to reinforce those stories with words right Now.
Let's just say that i can tell the difference between Joy and Pain,  and am taking my guidance system of the these 2 states of BEing more to Heart.  BEing Happy with who you are Now, as you take a new breath in the new NOW is SUCH a relief from the need to compensate, over-compensate, or the very painful denial that fear brings.

We've ALL just begun to Live closer to the way we always Knew we wanted to via our unconscious, Super-conscious Self Creativity in Play.  The Master's of Now always recommend stepping away from the screen of the illusion to SEE what's going on with more clarity via meditation, or some other discipline of Presence, or- by absorbing yourSelf with something that will uplift you and stimulate your own Divine Genius.   The assistance to uplift You is EVERYWHERE!  From gardening to art to quantum number crunching, there is Glory and Joy all around you- Now.

 YOU HAVE TO LOOK FOR IT consistently- now, now, now,now...
 Bring more Glory and Grace into your beliefs and thereby quickly shift what you are attracting to you and experiencing.
When you are subconsciously looking for trouble by expecting and speaking things  OUT LOUD-
it happens, doesn't it?  When you look for fault and flaw in another- you see  it , don't you?

Change your words and re-engage OUT LOUD, and remain in relaxed expectation that it is done.

Learning, via the only 2 signals that IS our natural guidance system IS MORE ATTAINABLE THAN EVER BEFORE INOUR COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE (IN TIME).
Yes- There is evidence that there has been a great PERVERSION of this natural signal system, and how it is used against our expansion.
NOW, what are you going to do about it?'s TIME for Us to use these 2 signals withIN us to OUR advantage.
In the tiny bites of NOW balance,  is the way to reclaim your Presence back- before taking the Next obvious collective step.   This whole trip (in Time) is about the INDIVIDUAL.

If you LOVE Who you are NOW, then you can't help but DO in that Love.  Divine Right action becomes a norm.
DO-ing what you DO BEST is tricky to move into when you're still attached to something outside of Self for validation and support- such as a J-O-B, the money, and social recognition via clique's and huddles of prejudice based on accumulation and affectation- ego.    WE ARE OUR OWN MASTERS.
These other BEings are NOT Superior to Us- nor do they control us by way of Fear belief any longer-
it is DONE.   Be in Gratitude.  

If this is a DIVINELY GUIDED Universal PROCESS, then we have to remember that ALL IS WELL, NOW-  (in Time)- and Beyond.  Individuals are uniting in the awakening and are "fighting the good fight" to break free from arrogance, apathy, greed, and violence instilled into us by the BEings who have perpetrated heinous crimes against select individuals and humanity in general-  it's the thrashing about just before wake up from a nightmare.
In doing so, we will NOT perpetrate violence against violence-  we Know that is not necessary, and doing so just attracts and feeds the control mongers- thereby keeping them present within our reality longer.

After this final match (in Time) between our mortal identity and our Divine Creator BEing-ness- and, like clip below-  BOTH contenders were still standing as the bell rang--- and, the repeated declaration of  "There AIN'T gonna  be a re-match" will also be Truth.   We were actually pleased with how we felt at the ending of this "story".   Most of us would have left it there- Altho, for profits they challenged the character do it again, and again, and again, ...and again.
Sound familiar to You?
Rocky 1: the final round

Altho we aren't quite done with the Time platform of imaginary "control" rules and the pretend money clamp that has been strapped onto our heads and psyche's, which the masses have accepted (by whatever means)  within a system of slavery,  duality is still of the Divine and serves All very well.
Learn to use the illusion of TIME to practice the Creator BEing  one manageable bite at a Time- Now....that's what it's for, and is without prejudice.  The Law of Attraction IS in each and every experience we have ever had (in Time).  Think it, Speak it, Create it.

VALUE is the new hot topic in a world constructed of nothing BUT contrast.   The Value of the BEing is top priority in the minds of the collective (in Time).  We are learning to value that we cannot see the Light if it weren't for the contrast of the Dark.   I experience this constantly as a visual artist, and if i DON'T want an element or item on a canvas - if it doesn't feel and look appropriate for balance and the intention of the expression-  i don't even touch it, and often don't even SEE it.

Once the majority of the collective gets beyond the shock of having the covers pulled back and we begin to stabilize our social creativity and emergence skills, seeing our own potential and power as INDIVIDUALS, there will be a more expanded scope of collective opportunities and much more Joy and Harmony will be the natural result in the outer space reality.
WE BE Baby-stepping until the tipping point is reached within the physical realty platform, that pours us into a more expanded vessel of BEing-ness.
The wheel of re-birth as punishment was one of those twists on the Truth that was used as a control mechanism for testing our Divine Presence and focus.   None of this experience is about the body, accumulation,- or the  artificial "laws"constrict that promote your smallness and wrong-ness- You are Perfect NOW.
NOR is it about "fighting back".   Our "work" is to find ways to BE in JOY and remain in a state of non-resistance.  In the absence of resistance our PERSONAL frequency is naturally raised.
We must find respite and BE playful as we declare our Sovereignty because it IS something to be very Happy ABOUT.
An easy way to change beliefs:

It's TRUE that you can shift suddenly (die/transition) and leave the physical - and thereby remove your focus and participation from within the 3/4D Time reality- but "we" came here to learn Creator BEing-ness in ways that lead us to undeniable results via this transitional duality platform, which will ALWAYS exist for those who are needing this TYPE of classroom for expanding into the Next- lest WE FORGET that  ALL is Well.

Abraham: If you can remember this, EVERYTHING will become very easy and clear for you...

Below is an interesting and visually entertaining film regarding the early stages of the Awakening Collective Consciousness, and the symbolic voice of free expression that is Personal Expression in Art.   
This is evidence that People have been participating in this change of consciousness for a VERY long Time--- since "the beginning" of our inception by the ONE MIND.     

"Soon" we won't be needing Time and it's illusory reflection to show us Who we are and how we are behaving and thinking in the Mirror anymore; until then - may You ENJOY your ride and deal with your personal belief challenges with Presence and Knowing that 

I AM CREATOR BEing- and All IS Well, Now. 

Until the Next-  
With Love, as Ever

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