Sunday, January 20, 2013



Mathew's latest message...(linked below).. many answered questions regarding the "when?!" can be put to rest so that we practice Now in Ease and Flow.....  
This opportunity with the OPPT is like witnessing the first bulldozer in the removal of a fallen  building.    
When the dark forces perpetrated 911, they sealed their fate and set into motion the WTF moment within the People- which still hasn't quite peaked, yet (in Time)... but the energy of the wave has shifted just to just this side of forward motion.  white water is the natural result of much energy rushing "somewhere".   I find Peace when i remember All things are on their way to somewhere  else.   Everything is going to work out perfectly for everyone, somehow.   The largest squeaks are the brutal harassment of the down-troddened and as-yet sleeping, and the stabilization of materials and resources for relief and release from the slave state.   
This is a sequential process (in Time) - ANY Being participating within the games of interaction within your world has entered TIME to do so.... Our Now Presence is the portal of INFINITE alternate Timelines for the classroom experience- the current collective  shifts  are indicating a Time for Reaching toward the Light with Intentions naturally Inspired from Love, and then learning to tweak the sails of your own Life experience opportunities toward what it IS you are wanting.  Personal state of JOY and BELIEF in the Ease and Flow of the Love based choices in each Now steers the ship in that general direction- and you get to have a surprise party all along the way in your OWN life, actively happy and happily active in the pursuit of your Presence in Joy.  This doesn't have to be hard...that's just a bogus BELIEF.       
All IS Well, and ALWAYS  in FLUX (in Time)......Mathew echoes this calming reminder, and addressed some questions that have been rolling around in my head lately- so i thought i'd share it with my Beloved's ....   

I Love You ALL, Now and Ever-

TODAY (in Time)  IS A GLOBAL (9) day: (6) global year:   [ release, endings, compassion, forgiveness; nurturance, balance, harmony, conscious inclusion, community balance]; indicates the release of that which is not in alignment with what is wanted, or needed next to get closet to what is wanted.

That is easily translated regarding today's anticipations, if the oath is taken today - it is taken in a new context as there is indication that something is DEFINITELY ending today- thoughts, beliefs and false images can be released as well as action.  War, poverty, injustice on All levels of Humane existence.....the awakening of more BE-ings to their Divine Presence in Now?
Isn't this exciting!

FURTHER insights on this:

the Best of Now to You! Carm