Monday, January 14, 2013

Life Is A Feast of Now Opportunities

I wanted to share the news that 

All IS Well...!  

but, you have to start with whatever is right in front of you, right 

Life is a Feast of Opportunities!

I had the most wonderfully expanding weekend that was witness of the activities of transition out of  the 3/4D Time wave, and how enjoyable the process CAN be, if chosen and allowed.  
Self Responsibility via Joy was the topic of a spontaneous weekend retreat, where All party's participating agreed to play the "game" of I AM without prejudice- judgment.  We agreed to only Be NOW One delicious Now after another.  We remembered that when we take our eyes off the Presence we fall into "doze" mode again for  a moment or two....a step back into 3D, if you will.
3D is where the turmoil is. It takes intense focus and a safe opportunity to explore other options for our sense of obligation.  Obligation is the perception of "owing" by way of agreements in the minds of participants (in Time); 
The agreement was that we would practice together staying in Now and that we did- and it was FUN.  
None of us backed out from the game. 
WE agreed that the only "rule" of the game was to illuminate any form of OBLIGATION in our daily NOW practice of ease and flow; learning to  let go to have it ALL.  
   The evening was a powerful gathering of Participants in an extended conversation about REALLY owning the idea that individual creates what they HOLD focus on and give energy to with their thoughts and words; especially their words- the word = the Breath of Creation,  (in Time), and IS the mechanism that engages the components into your reality for you.  Most of us forget that words are part of the cycle of manifestation in Time: Think [it]; Speak [it]; Create [it].   And, we realized that we needed to be aware of the limiting beliefs that are foundations of our 3D life experience.  So, we were agreeing to dis-allow any conversation of limitation.  Any talk Arguing for limitation  was limits.  LOL!  Presence only, please. 
Instead, we learned to stop and think before speaking.  There were powerful pauses and silences intermittently- as we felt ourselves "reading " what was in the air and how we felt Now.  Natural - and genuine- gentility ushered forth.   We found it comforting to not be sidetracked by any imaginary 3D obligations.  We also saw freedom in Self Respect , and Worthiness was re-discovered, re-born.  When any of us slid out to fear, it was crystal clear in the words they used that  fear, worry, anxiety, was due to their own focus alignment dozing off.   It was Self alignment Accountability in practice as a full time gig,  and we were armed with the 4 things that we KNOW for sure.
WE had a ball!   We ate sumptuous foods with gleeful gratitude of the Beauty and the Abundance before us NOW.   There was even a beautiful wood fire burning- Inspiration was swirling in the air- along  with the smell of garlic, and wine.   We relaxed, we filled our bellies- we sang, and we chanted when we went outside and had some fun with the elementals.  There, we were silently standing right where we were in the Perfection of the Mother in the Stillness .  When the toning began, it was all so synchronistically harmonious, it sounded and felt like we had been practicing together for years.  Orbs came, we vocalized, and mediated.   We eventually retreated back inside - eager for dessert goodies and a hot cuppa-cuppa.... and more fun and laughter for kids of All Ages!  

Dan, toning
The conversation was real, and had purpose regarding the deliberation and consideration of participation, choice, purpose and inspired action - or not.    All IS Well.   We weren't spending Time together - we spent Now together, as it was very clearly out of 3D Time.   
As i participated in Presence as a full time gig- EVERYTHING i wanted came to pass without me having to lift a finger.  We even agreed to meet again for "restorative" yoga class for the next day, which was also a perfectly timed opportunity for me- and we parted ways with a decisive commitment to carry on in the Knowing the power of Joyful NOW Presence....with more smiles, and "burdon-less" by choice.    
(Sheldon Niddle tells us that the galactics he has worked with have all been big smilers!)  Maybe there's a hint there for us...  ?  
The key to all of this for me was to remain in Joy:  the more delighted-FULL i felt,  just appreciating what i had attracted around me the more of what really made me happy came to me.  We laughed a lot, and never at anybody else's expense.  We flowed with the path of least resistance, and all of the details of such a wonderful experience were handled far beyond- and, even better than the original thoughts that i had earlier for the evening - bearing witness once again to the Truth in (#2).
Abraham reminds us that it's just as easy to manifest a castle, as it is to manifest a BUTTON.   
We also realized that this also happened to be a new moon event- and we took the opportunity to play the game of Seed Your Dreams.  There is Lots of altruistic Love being spoken around me, and i see more individuals willing to put their NOW focus where their speech is-  a very good sign indeed.  

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