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 This turned out to be a long one.... Additional links are added as inspired.  

11/2013 = (8) Global Month cycle

                  (6) Global Year cycle

This month, there is an 11, sub-elemental frequency that is highlighted all month which will bring opportunities to organize and cooperate with more willingness; and, harmonious AND TRUTHFUL communications on the topic of INTENTION.  

As mentioned  in the previous (7) global month translations, (see September/October 2013 TIME VIBE (here) ...scroll down the page. 
(...and the rest of this years translations are found in the Blog archives on the left side bar.)  

Through 2014, a (7) Global year cycle, increasing amounts of DATA is coming to us in more ways than we can see. 
But, the internal urges to break out of our shell of SELF constriction (Time) is bringing the tools and information to practice our Multi-Dimensional skills of discernment via Heart Truth, and with a Knowing and Loving All approach. 

I invite you to listen to this translation by John Smallman: 10/29/2013 
IMO: this recorded message contains some mightily resonant nuggets of insight regarding navigating consciousness expansion and a gentler reminder of the opportunities before you NOW.  And,  you can keep an eye on the Gaia Portal blogsite a perfect broad View.

As November ramps up with the (11)'s and 2's floating around in the (8) of this global month, we can expect a kick in the ass to commit to DOing YOUR "Be" emphasized by a flood of Inspiration and Insight (DATA), into December- when the decisions that have been made find their individual resolutions in the way of the new skills gained in 2013 (6) Global cycle of Love, Balance, and Responsibility in All Relations by way of "center", as in NOW.   

* As always, YOUR personal experiences this month will influence the over-arching Global Time experience, so- you should check your own Timing position for the details of your personal opportunities within the Global view- by calculating and reviewing your personal number frequenciesHERE. 
Contact me If you would like to have a private consultation.

  November's (8) opportunities bring insight on our own physical presence and our Presence in our PARTICIPATIONS.  
Re-arranging the "rules of engagement " and instating new Pillars of Intention, the (11) of the Month November indicates the ability and opportunity to navigate the emotional storms that our (6) Global cycles are about; and which I have been speaking and writing of all this year  in the monthly translations.  There is a back story on this months translation.  In a nut-shell:  WE are finding a new and more expanded position of intention from a new perspective of accountability.  

[ * added 11/1/2013:   ( And, Brother John issues a translation that validates this months opportunities: ]  )....poifectly! :)

THIS  is the shift- the shift is withIN You.  An impulse or shift from withIN that will inspire YOU to move some of the physical (pieces) around in your Time Mirror, in order to DO the change that you want to see in this world.   YOUR REAL work is to BE (Peacefully Present) NOW.  
You think it should be harder and more complicated than that?
The rest is fodder built in a reality that has out lived it's usefulness.  
Releasing constriction is a dualistic perspective attempting to find balance or a healing point. 
(This link added: 11/8/2013 ;  is definitely a conversation that can help to exemplify the possibilities toward changes regarding our own "Authority". )


Are You having FUN, yet?

(8) usually Indicates changes in personal body states (including personal healing, death, and social health care), institutional organizations, "authority", and other (currently allowed) protocols that administrate the energy exchanges and energy "value", implementing large environmental changes. The issue of Diplomacy and Truth will be examined and rearranged throughout 2014 (7), for a more streamlined path toward focused intention and creativity.  
All of the 2015 (8) Global year cycle will re-sort the environment, resources, personnel, structures- again.  
November is a little taste of the opportunities that we are preparing for in 2015.  

(8) indicates some focus on economics.  The investigation and considerations of material "value" as "represented embodied energy" in the Mirror reality is always more to your liking IF you are vibrating your Joys MORE than your fears, as is Universal Law.
WHO'S  the value?  WHO decides where you "spend" your energy?  WHO decides WHAT your Value IS?
YOU DO.  Take responsibility for what you are not valuing about your own Self and your life.  
This month: Practice, Practice, Practice- you Eternal Wizard, You! 

You may also notice that you become aware of a greater number of Earth changes and movement of Earth's Bio-electric body and  storms; as well as large groups of people having Life transitions, such as a change of personnel, or leaving the physical body, or even having many discussions about leaving- or radically changing-  the physical (Time) reality in many capacities, not just "death" transitions.  
(8) also indicates a general streamlining of focus and movement or change of material resources and connections. This includes, organizations, families, all social institutions, physical bodies, and other COLLECTIVE structures based on RELATIONSHIP and personal responsibility in that relationship. 

The social technology advances that have already been made, particularly in the visual media areas of "education" or "data" gathering, have a steady manifestation rate.  Those communication devices that are entering  into the collective us are only a mirror image of the technological expansions that You are personally bexperiencing currently.  

Through December, you may perceive more Beings will decide to leave Time, as always- but the decisions are being more clearly acted upon with more personal responsibility and Truth.  And some are quite tired, and/or want a new body, or, whatever...if a transition occurs- it is a decision made by the individual in question. 

Spontaneous Self healing/balancing and simple and direct "cures" for imbalances are going to be more common place and attainable.  Personal transitions will be more Lovingly understood by those "left behind" in the relationship re-alignments that are active this month, with Emotional closure to follow in Decembers (9) month of Release and Renewal. 
With the (11) undertones pulsing from a foundational level all month, All intimate and personally applied, "energy technology" - such as intuition, telepathy, and ALL resonance sensing skills (such as energy "healing") are beginning to consciously integrate into a more accessible system of healing and balance-  like a mass of powerful antibodies prevailing over any dis-ease and imbalance, and which are in support of the Truth that is key to regaining and remaining in Balance.   What IS  Your Truth?  

 (added 11/8/2013: I AM (the documentary);   ).

All of the healing modalities for ALL platforms of our social world which we have been reading and studying about for the past almost six decades, at least- has been all about bringing up more data for review which is about and from our Selves as a Creator Beings.     
Unfortunately, Team "Contrast" has always had a head start on this Data, as well.  The up side on this is that the "playing" field is becoming more level as we take our own Presence back tuning into Heart Knowing, intuition, and a stream of clarity this month.  You're practicing standing in those situations and dramas that are fear-full and perpetually perceptually dis-empowering with a larger perspective of your Self and Who you ARE.   Fear is a distortion that distracts it's prey. False Evidence Appearing Real...remember?

 ( Link added: 11/09/2013; )

In November, Dynamic action can be expected during an (8) frequency cycle, and the overtone of the intention is to PRACTICE holding our Balance in all our relations with Self, If you're reading this, you are focused in Time -this is our Mirror community (including family friends, and local/global politics, and other Time Beings); and seeing our own image of personal expansion learning to simply Trust our Joy.  People in your reality will change positions because You will change positions, and you will take your reality with you.  This is, as i currently understand it- Universal Law.  

Those who think they have a good bead on Knowing that their purpose and participation IS will see dynamic shifts in their environment  with less physical effort.  DREAM BIG!! as you delegate your wishes to the quantum field of manifestation (in Time).  

How this cycle of opportunity FEELS to you is your own choice- But the  numbers of Time remind us try to remember that Joyful, BALANCED (6) Communications, and DOING with Love are still the primary objectives this Global Year cycle until the end of December.  

Novembers  (8) frequency is a shorter term practice cycle which brings some focus on maintaining your actual awareness and to Administrate (8) your physical Reality with Love, Balance, and Responsibility (6).  
Awareness, without attachment.  
In the outer world reality game, November brings opportunities to move some of your "game pieces" and co-creative relationships around to better suit your Joy.   
Negotiations of preferences continue, and there are windows opening to clear the air between parties.  Much of the negotiation and agreements will regard sorting through New relationship agreements.  The items on the negotiation table are in the range of finances, protocol, material accumulations, environment and Nature, sharing/distributing resources, re-establishment of plans and protocols, Birth and/or death or dying.
It's a VERY busy month, with much movement and pushing and shoving of the particles of Time reality, in an attempt to get closer to what we are really wanting.
This clip is an example of what we are doing in metaphorical terms.  There is "something else", but we aren't exactly clear on the imagery but we have a really good idea, a focus direction change that will require further "clarity" before the manifestational field can organize the particles in the manner to which we are wanting to experience.  
Yep- you ARE going to think you are completely NUTZ! from Time to Time until you can remain focused aside of the physical at the same time you are balanced in the Vortex of your Creator-ship. 

I've had days like this guy looking for the next clue, haven't YOU?!    
Those who are not clear- or, who are unaware of their own agreements in certain relationships which are disturbing or unsatisfying...Participation is an agreement.   In this film, clearly depicts the isolation of those who are stepping out of the old paradigm, yet who still are hanging out with otherSelves who are not aware of anything outside their trusted "container" reality. They know what to expect in there. They feel safe.  

But, the Planetary natives are quite restless despite their sleepy state.  On 12/12/2012 a cosmic commitment alarm clock went off and the frequencies of the nurturing, Human Creator (Time) playroom on "Earth" began to rise and ready it's participants onto the Next level game of Eternal Existence.  
Ready, or not!  Here WE come!!

The Flim-Flam man in the Mirror of Time is now transparent in all situations and in all "levels" of the social reality.  Solid Telepathic and psychic events increase clarity with each event.  Solar activity consistently splashing Higher frequencies on us are persistent and perceivable this month to a wider audience of participants.  Expansion WILL prevail as the collective is rallied to organize in ways that are more Self righteous, withIN I AM Presence. 

If, on the side of Self DENIAL, you rule your empire with and fearful iron fist- and, IF the rules of engagement and expectations are, in TRUTH, born from f.e.a.r. of LACK resources, control, health, FREEDOM, etc..... YOU may be wanting to set up a reminder system for your Self to get back into to your Now Presence and Knowing, which is EVER imminent.   December will take care of those pesky judgement issues in protracted and uncomfortable ways if illusory weighing and measuring continues to be the focus.    
Now is a good time to find your Compassion and keep it with you, because "There, before the Grace of God, go I ".   
That is to say: 
NOBODY'S insanity is more superior to anyone else's.  
RELAX.  LOVE.  NOW. ...and all will work out perfectly for everyone, somehow.    

This choice of experience is COMPLETELY up to you.   You will - and always have- attracted to you what you hold as "Truth".  
Now that you know this, you can't un-know it; and Now is the Time to accept your Journey up to this moment of Now, absent shame and blame.  It was a Journey, and it was what it was. 
This peeling, cracking layer of old paradigm experience and memories is preparing to blow away with the release of Time attachments that are being released more consciously.  You will attract only what you can handle, and what you ask for with your daily thoughts and intention focus, as ever.    

You might re-view The 4 Things that we KNOW for sure...(posted on the right side-bar). 
FINDING and using quick and handy personal tools for helping you back into Now more consistently is favored this month.  
Speak your Knowing before you.  
Any mantra, prayer, affirmation, tapping script, etc, etc, etc, etc, .(...pick your tool of choice), that relieves your remaining resistance loops and celebrates your Vision life "as IF" it already IS.   
In practice, these help to re-wire your NLP cues toward what you want.   

So, as we become micro/macro aware, in Knowing that "I AM the Creator, and whatever I focus on- I Create", we take responsibility toward SELF in more dynamic ways.   SELF responsibility is the Ultimate objective in taking the Multi-dimensional Presence with any accuracy or deliberacy.  All of your Dream scenarios are found in following your Joy. 

As WE engage in the personally individual exercises of our energy changes this month, we can probably expect big earth movement, more organized social movement toward Balance as we are practicing in withIN our Selves.   
This process as reflected in the collective Mirror will probably take a few "years" to complete the process of a solid wide-spread intention toward cooperation to initiate the Next level Reality that include our most common needs and wants as a "given". 
And, i'm not talking about just toilet paper and internet, here.   

(8) = DYNAMIC creativity, so,THINK BIG... spend some Dreamtime on what you are WANTING to participate in and how you value your own ENERGY and FOCUS.  
It's Time to move into the Next level of Self Knowing.

The frequency of (8) is also represented in the element GOLD.   
GOLD, as in expansive opportunities that come from holding a Presence of ENERGY, OR A manifested STOCKPILE OF IT (money/currency) in physical terms.    
ALL of the energy of our own Time realities are of personal energy- as in your Celestial Self, and can be translated as "currency" as YOU see fit.  
Your Power/Energy IS  a currency when you hold it as such.  A positive image of using personal Energy in exchange can always be found in the NOW.  
YOU are the Creative energy that fuels the activity in Mirror reality.  YOU get to decide what your Value IS, and exactly how YOU wish to exchange it as you remain in your I AM Presence- in NOW. 

In November, it's time to ask yourSelf- "What is GOLD to Me?"...what is your PRIME Heart's objective, or the most valuable things for you to experience?  
MANY teachers have spoken that when we BEhave, NOW, AS IF [it] is DONE, and relax about [it],  then [it ] IS done.  From there, the details of the manifestation are handled by the quantum field according to Universal Laws of Existence.  Many of the details are not your job- Time has been Co-Op'd. 
This is a cooperative platform, and (8) is for seeing and directing the broad strokes- so, yes!..DREAM BIG this month. 

 GO FOR THE GOLD in the ideals that you have been slowly gathering clarity on.  There's a more FUN ride to be had when we BE inspired.  Use Heart discernment to seek Joy- "uh-oh" alarm that was learned in the constrictive, fear-based training of the old paradigm.  
Gratitude for All the DATA you are needing which is always right in front of you NOW greases the wheel of manifestation.  

Your speech and language matters this month, as ever- but your reality is awaiting the new positioning and perspectives that are formulating withIN- and November gives us a chance to mess around with our physical reality and make the necessary Life design changes and set forth the integrative processes of "structural"  (Time experience) preferences.   In November, there will be personnel changes, environmental changes, personal physicality/body changes, and an ongoing re-refinement of energetic exchange in general. is coming under the "tone" of "administration".  SPEAK only of what is uplifting.  Develop clever ways of side-stepping a negative conversation or turing it around with your Inner Aikido skills. 
Whether we take responsibility to deliberately create, or continue on to participate in the "default" programs, change is ever the path on an Eternal Journey. 
Everything is on it's way to somewhere else.  This month there will be a physiological shift in the Mirror reality to "show" you what you are thinking and believing in new ways that REALLY get your attention.  
 Will you LIKE what you are seeing?   
Perspective always depends on "where you are standing".  

The reality that you see "out there" , as You are, is in the process of deciding what is really wanted.  With so many individuals waking up we can expect a phase of confusion and the need for DATA that will support the desire to become Self Aware once again on the most quantum level.  

In this mode of thinking, analyzing, gathering of data, and weighing decisions about "experience", is the gift of the coming 2014: (7) opportunity cycle.  
If you're a DATA enthusiast, you can re-view last months (Sept/October) translations again.  They may inspire your Visions and Knowing practices toward validation and attracting more expanded options before you, via new perspectives.  
October's opportunities brought an influx of new DATA and an opportunity to question more things before you step forward in participation.   
December will bring opportunities to process death and the release of these long held mind-loops that clearly do NOT fall into alignment with your Visions. 

(9) is the cycle that clears any remaining "mal-aligned clutter" from your environment, relationships and Self perceptions, and makes way to take dynamic initiative with all of the tools in your own pockets of wisdom.  But, November brings us the vigor and impulses to act as if "I AM my own authority."   
And is a cycle for staying AWAKE, by all means, and in harmony with ease and flow of  your JOY. 

With Mercury's retrograde signaling that it's getting to be about this cycle (in Time) when attachments that we have to the past, and maybe didn't even know we held, are likely to be released within the next 3-10 weeks; mentally first- then materially.
By the end of November, whatever those decisive choices regarding what we dissolve- or, keep- will feel more comfortable and natural in process.  But the release of those things that we are resisting- or, that we feel are resisting us- will be dealt with more compassionately in December, the month of Release through Compassion and Ultimate Love.  But, more importantly, finding your way to acknowledge the Gratitude and Compassion you have for All that brought you to the awareness of your Now Presence and your Eternal and Absolute Power that you have as a Creator BEing. 
ALL of it.   

There tends to be more notice of the outer reflection with the even numbered cycles of opportunities, but, Creator in Now, also has a chance to PLAY with the Mirrored "material" reality with much more confidence.  
However- bullying is NOT playing in Balance. Hard edged rules, and deeper roots of repressed inner Light may still need a little more processing and coaxing, but will either be removed- or, will decide to co-operate in a more balanced way with SELF.  
Will you ALLOW your Joy to lead you in this?  All of this will depend on how deeply you are Loving Self, and Allowing the Joy to be the creative tone of your personal experience.  
I'll post more on the (11) sub-element in November, soon.   But, the current (11) frequency that is burbling below the surface indicates a psychic-ly gifted collective for all of November.  High level conversations will be a norm this month, and the source of the DATA that will flow between the agreeable participants indicate clearly expressed directives and co-operative initiatives.  
Those projects that are not in harmony with the directives of the (2) and the (6) long term cycle objectives will be removed in some way.  the completion of this activity will be at the end of December, (9) global opportunity frequency.  

AS ALWAYS: check your personal Timing map for your details that effect the Mirror reality that you are relating to.  

With so much "movement" in the reality, we can expect to have some surprises, but the biggest surprises will come from the withIN that create the "out there" of your Time world.  
Hold your Eternal Self INTEGRITY, and stand in your Truth.  Let the idea of co-operation- NOT subservience- be the New norm of operation in your Empire, and co-operate with your own Visions each Now.  

Until the Next- I AM holding the image of 
All in Love in NOW

Namaste' !



This is a repost: the original source: (THANK YOU, DANA!  Spot on! )

It is time to do what you love without exchanging your energy in such a way that compromises your integrity.

The New Age is upon us. The New Age that celebrates diversity of spirit and values even exchanges of energy. What do you exchange when you offer services for free because you fear that nobody will purchase your work unless you do? You exchange fear. And lingering from the Old Age is the desire for your clients to purchase fear. Fear that if they don’t receive something for nothing, that something will lose its value.

And so you offer packages with freebies and teasers. Your promotions shout like an infomercial for Ginsu knives: “But wait! If you buy now, you get my FREE E-BOOK valued at $35! And I’ll also throw in half a dozen other slippery things that your soul doesn’t need, because what we BOTH really need is a conversation about valuing ourselves over THINGS!”

So you tell yourself. And it seems easy to say – I get it; I’m marketing with fear. Fear that so many people are living in the Old Age that nobody will truly GET. ME. And therefore nobody will buy what I have to sell – which is Truth.

And so we listen when we’re told that the New Age is actually the age of social networking, and if you haven’t figured out how to use Twitter yet, you’re screwed. So now everyone is hash-tagging this and that, desperately trying to attract clients who are wasting their time on social networking. Because yes – even YOU are wasting your time letting your soul be sucked dry on social networking.

Let’s step back from all this — WE. Of the New Age. Have GOT to figure out how to do this better. How can we use technology to thrive instead of waste away in fear that if we do not conform to fear-based marketing that nobody will hear our voices?

We build communities. The old fashioned way. We speak to one another outside of memes and hash-tags. We write. We express. And we let our “art” speak for our souls.

With our art, our voices have a chance at reaching the hearts of others who will value our services for what they are – unlimited means of transforming the soul. With our conformity to fear-based demands by media experts to drive your business through high-priced branding formulas, pay-per-clicks and pop-ups as slick as a 3:00 a.m. informercial, we sacrifice our spiritual integrity by inserting our spiritual wisdom and fifth dimension perception into a fear-based third dimension world. We might as well throw in the towel now, for the highest wisdom can’t fit within a box of four walls meant to contain limited perception. Isn’t expansion of perception what we’re all about? Why are we stuck in this limited thinking when it comes to marketing our services?

To begin with, let’s start with our hearts, which are the New Age drivers of all that is transformative and empowering. What is it that you love to do? What is it that you love to create? Begin there. Begin with the expansiveness of your heart and its ability for unlimited potential to reach anyone within reach. And how you reach anyone is through your voice that can carry across the universe and touch not one but a million souls whose hearts and minds resonate with yours, if only you speak with your authentic heart and not a hash-tag.

    Saturday, October 26, 2013

    Re-Building With WHISPERS: The Practice of PRE-PAVING AND PRANIC EXERCISE Together

    (IN TIME). 

    relax.   breathe.......

    Inside the control chair of your DYNAMIC Multi-dimensional Body, Breath-work - Breath (INSPIRATION) comes before manifesting anything (in Time).  

    What are your deepest desires?  Can you adjust your sails in the direction of those visions?  Or, are you lost in a sea of negative-Self talk that has become your emotional blankie- and your tired excuse for hiding your Light under the bowl?

    WHO THE HELL do YOU think You ARE, anyway?!!!

    The Time is NOW for You to BE yourSelf.  RELAX.  
    Be Grateful that you don't instantly manifest every bit of crap that crosses your ever-changing Mind.  Be more the observer and dreamer for a "while".  It's allowed.  No-, it's actually required for mastering material manipulation via thought focus.  You NEED DreamTime to Create. 
    No new dreams= No new experiences. 
    Just the same old-same old cycles of habitual choices. 

    In NOW, you have a relaxed KNOWING: 

    Even though there is no apparent logic to how they will come to manifest- talk about your dreams; make plans/do research for the fascination of it; talk about your visions; talk about things you don't yet understand without worrying that you don't have all of the answers just yet. Talk about what you are wanting- exclusively.  Because that is exactly what is happening are consistently creating everything you speak of- and what you speak from the breath that carries the words of Creation.  
    Inspiration is a vital component and the Spark of All Human Creation.  
    It is the Inspiration that is seeded in the sounds/vibratory frequency of the whispered words.....  Speak of- and PLAN on experiencing what INSPIRES you.  
    SAY only what you want to BE

    relax.  BREATHE.....pre-pave. 

    what is "pre-pave"?

    No-Thing is new under the Sun;  and change is the eternal constant.  Perceptions from long before the tales of Homer to the always transitional NOW- have been of the adventures of Human Nature growing into Human Consciousness, growing into...One, as the Happy Buddha/Creator/ I AM

    relax.'s just a ride, a game.
    What follows is a bit of Lighten-ing up....

    (if you haven't viewed this wonderful, AND well depicted symbolic story, i would recommend it for a very humorous, delightfully artful perspective on Being Human. )

    Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou: 
    (Man of Constant Sorrow)

    For more fun...
    (**You might also re-view "Being There" with Peter Sellers) 

    But, what the heck- you're still in a delightfully vital and sensual bio-electric organism so you might even have an auspicious clearing of your Kundalini... and, You Can Leave Your Hat On ...  :)!

    But, whatever you DO- Ya' REALLY need to go  have SOME FUN!   

    Abraham: How to Imagine Beyond what IS: 

    Abraham: FOCUS- VIBRATE


    AND, THEN- There's Knowing when it's more beneficial to BE STILL:  

    Bashar- Universal Water Meditation:  (you are 80% water)


    Holding ALL in the image of Love Now, As Ever-

    Friday, October 11, 2013


    Yeah, you read it right-  
    The Mirror reality may be kicking up a shit-storm of a TEST for our focus and commitment toward Peace, BALANCE, 
    and LOVE, IN NOW.
    YOU want to HELP?  


    WIGGLE THOSE PARTS and combinations, in YOUR Universal and Quantum NOW Presence- 
    and get your New Time reality stimulated with your JOY!

    RE-read this regularly, and rejoice in your 
    I AM-ness!

    BE NOW, BE Love, and BE the powerfully PRESENT and CONSCIOUS Creator Being that you ARE... !

    NAMASTE' !