Saturday, March 30, 2013


You've probably seen this image here and there in my posts from Time to Time. 

The other evening i was attracted to Being with the Flower of Life for some reason.  I was guided to find the image of the Flower of Life - inspect it, ponder it, meditate with it....i argue less and less with these urgings, as i have learned that they always lead to delightfully surprising things for me.     
(you can print out this simple diagram- laminate it, and use it to ASSIST YOU to Harmonize the energy of anything)

As our individual Source connection is igniting, and as a collective, learning the process of Allowing  All of the participating particles to move around and actively Be exactly what they are, doing what they LOVE to do and inspires them, is via the path of least resistance and freely expressive Creativity. 

Water Healing With The Fower of Life:




ALL is Happening In the NOW:

Merkaba Spin: 

The Melchizadek Method:

In Love, 
as Ever- 

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  1. Meditation is the best thing for improve the mind concentration. I want to take the more tips over self connecting with more advantages please suggest me in next one. If you really need to take some aspect over Higher self connection for more details then find it out.

    1. Dear Amun,
      Thank You for your participation in this expansive Journey.
      Concentration, as i have approached it, must be with Love for the Self in Now....
      I do not always find it easy to sit for meditation and i have found and used as many different techniques as needed for regaining my own Now Presence and creative focus.
      This link describes a way that anyone can do, and master- for immediately relaxing into their Truth connection.

      Thank you for sharing your Light with Us!

    2. Dear The Empress of Time,
      Thanks for your great appreciation. Really I have so many interest to know the the way & tips over meditation. Your blog is really awesome one I hope you will give me another scenario regarding meditation in your next one.

  2. MOVEMENT is a wonderful path of meditation: here's an example

  3. And another link regarding movement as mediation, and connection to Self, and higher consciousness:

  4. Meditation is the thing which helps to calm your mind..great post!!