Thursday, December 27, 2012

TIME VIBE: December 28, 2012

             12 / 28 / 2012:  
                      [ 3  / 10:1 /  5 ] = 9

( 5 ) Global Year
(constructive freedom)

   ( 8 ) Global Month
    (material manifestation and manipulation)

( 9 ) Global Day
                                             (Release, Compassion, Ultimate Love)

Since the collective pathway is defined by the INDIVIDUAL's participation in the illusion, please check your personal Time map for the opportunities that YOU will be presented with, as YOUR part of this grand direction shift (in Time) as you view the Global frequencies overview.  

Don't worry, you'll get the hang of the rhythm of the respiration of opportunities (in Time) as described by the numbers and cycles (in Time), as you begin to grasp their (Gifts) - posted in the right column.

( ?have a question about your personal Timing? email me. put "personal timing question" in the title or you get spam-dumped.)   

TODAY in the outer space reality Timeline, activities and opportunities will be allowing us to recognize the culmination and release of beliefs, situations, and things that no longer serve the expansion process. 
 As we are still under the influence of a (5) Global year for a few more days, the objective of expansion via newly revealed information and unusual friends will be coming from many directions, and unexpectedly in most cases.    
As an individual participant- keeping your eye on the POINT is important for balance and discernment.  Not all opportunities will lead you where you think it will.  But, (5) brings a heightened mood and exciting and surprising new friends as well unexpected invitations to participate in the sharing of ideas, and playtime fun. (9) allows the release of things that do not serve the growth process any longer and must be removed from the scene.  Today is a Time for Loving enough to LET IT GO.  (8), THE GLOBAL MONTH, indicates that the release will be of the material/physical perception. 
In (9), often there are relationships that are released, people who are not going your way will disappear.  And, often enough we are not wanting them to, but we cannot control the situation.  
Sometimes (9) brings the end of a long standing material situation like a job, etc.  
As the releases occur it's important to remember that if you don't release what is no longer useful- Loving enough to just let it go and Trust- it will be released for you.  The more resistance- the more painful- or shocking, the event. 
Also remember that when a door closes - a window has already been opened- so if you can maintain your compassion level for all parties concerned then it won't be long before you are reassured with a cosmic Kiss of a new "something" taking it's place. 

New ways of BEing are to be brought forth for the pending general re-arrangement and renegotiation of the rules of engagement in the collective arena, that is the collective focus for 2013 (IN TIME)....tick tick's upon us NOW but will become more developed and obvious as the new year begins to roll by us (in Time).  
In (6) , the collective is learning to stand together, and the opportunities and influence of   (5) has be exhausting for many individuals in the collective playground with all of the shifting and movement in this arena of experience.  Overwhelm and fatigue is  not unusual when we are scattered and feel INEFFECTIVE due to the whirlwind of insights that we have to choose from and the continuous circus-like activities and stimulation that is the testing ground for developing more clarity of purpose and intention (in Time).  
Today is aday to get centered and ALLOW any and all things that are not- can not - go the way you are now heading with Gratitude for the contribution to your NOW, and Love without attachment.   If YOU are feeling sad, disappointed, ineffectual, confused, etc, you can refer to your personal numbers (as described above) - or better yet, find YOUR bit of accountability and stability within the NOW of your Divine awareness.  

Many are afraid to enter the safety of NOW, believing that if they look away from the outer space reality that the "boogey man" will take over.   Don't worry- billions of people who are practicing focus and intention, and INSPIRED action toward the balancing of the collective experience will not look away all at once!  Take your personal Self Love breaks and practice lingering in your own NOW point of power and creativity.   You HAVE to practice isn't magic.  It's YOUR Divine FOCUS, and your birthright as a Divine Being that will assist you to expand and succeed in the direction of your deepest Love objectives.

TAKE IT BACK, Now!  Your submissive attitude in ANY situation does not serve your expansion, or contribute to the Loving cohesion of our collective Time experience.  

If things look like they are getting too rambunctious for you today just get yourSelf back into balance whenever, and wherever necessary so that you can contribute energetically with our inevitable expansion into a higher frequency of Life and Love, and keep your Self in the Light of the perfection that All is- your JOY.  

Yes, this is all so very exciting.  As was mentioned earlier this month- in an (8) frequency, (our 8 Global Month)  large mechanisms are changed and a new direction is prepared for.  
The news in this link is what we All have been working on:

(8) means mountains can - and WILL - be moved, and will surprise many who didn't even know such things were happening because they may be stuck in the focus of the gory details of contrast and confusion.  
If something feels yucky- move away from it immediately.   
Think it; Speak it; Create it...remember?
What ARE You thinking?   
I also remind you that Time is an illusory classroom for the mastering of our Divine gifts and talents.  So, distract yourSelf with something that you enjoy--- something FUN. 

As we inch our way into the next annual frequency cycle (6), (in Time), the collective focus will be on the Health and well-being for All as the atmosphere will shift to an more inclusive and fair system of experience.  
And, we can expect that the confusion will clear for the masses as 2013 brings more balance and healing to the collective playground with upgraded rules and opportunities throughout out the entire year.    
But, our individual participation in the Mirror of the illusion is ALWAYS and EVER in our  NOW

As i watch Time, I believe that the primary global nurturance and sustenance issues, such as personal and environmental health, clean, whole foods for All, fair and accessible housing, and an economic change that will support the transition away from self serving focus will begin to become noticeable in the main steam information portals.  

Our intentions will begin to fold into the holistic perspectives and entitlements of each and every Divinely Sovereign Human Creator Being participating (in Time).   
The repeated and extended influence of the (2) frequencies- example : (12/28/2012) , indicate that we are pushing this collective project along for the sake of the Vision.  There are no rewards at this Time...not, yet.  This is an ongoing project.  Each contributing in their own way, and each claiming their own responsibility to keep their focus on the intentions of the Vision as it begins to Harmonize for full manifestational effect (in Time) and Beyond.  

With all of these (2's) still vibrating the essence of cooperation, communication, partnerships in balance, sometimes we become impatient for the desired outcome.  Impatience is an issue that needs to be transcended on a day to day basis for each individual.  

If you are disappointed, or, agitated because things are not transitioning fast enough, or you can't seem to manifest some of the "things" that you think you are wanting- let me remind you that you are focused within an illusory, cyclical- sequential Time frame, which is dependent on your focus- your thoughts and beliefs. 
Move around- dance- or, try to get some physical exercise to use your body as an endorphin enhancer, or, distract yourSelf in any way that is uplifting.  
Maybe tonite you will spontaneously decide to just go out with friends to imbibe in wonderful foods and party favors as you hold the conversation high above the turmoil,  because you Know that WORDS CREATE WORLDS.  Focus and speak on the things that indeed indicate that All is Well,  telling stories that exemplify that your Divine Creator-ship and Sovereignty is real, with [LOVE NOW] as the basis and touchstone. 

....And, don't forget to save a seat for Me!

I AM with You!
Now, won't you get up and dance with me to celebrate your Joyful focus right NOW, and the very good news in that link above!

All is Well. 
THANK YOU for your focus and participation in this Spiral Journey!

Until the Next- 
See You in the Mirror!

Come on - get Happy!

Abraham:  Get Happy Now- it's important!