Wednesday, December 26, 2012

TIME VIBE: December 27, 2012

                3 /  9  /  5    = 17 = 8 

( 5) Global Year
    (8) Global Month
( 17: 8 ) Global Day

Today (in Time) , As the world is busy moving and pushing and shoving about today, sudden decisions will influence the issues and elements of the administrative processes.  Sudden shifts, or manipulations of material matters, personnel, and resources can be expected.   Compassion will be present in the undercurrents, as well as an ephemeral presence of unseen forces and psychic insights and information.  There is an air of KNOWING in the undercurrents today with this combo of influences (in Time), but it is definitely going to be a physically lively day for planet earth.  Based on the (5) Global year objective of expansion via sudden events and unexpected Allies, use discernment when sorting through the information, and SIMPLIFY for balance.   As this day blows by in busi-ness, expect to see opportunities to [de-code, de-construct, de-classify, re-model, re-direct] what clearly does NOT work  anymore with some confidence regarding building the collective Vision through your own NOW presence.   

As this day's frequencies (in Time) begin to wane and give way to tomorrow's ( 9) Global Day of Release, and Renewal  through Love.  Any administrative decisions made later today will be more focused on the side of altruism and inclusion, so any decision to re-arrange outmoded models and structures,  or, procedure and personnel will be done with the Highest intentions in mind, and possibly with a gentler touch than earlier in the day, but they WILL be administered to. 
 So, expect to see dynamic action all around you, and while we are watching the outer space reality whip around us let's maintain the Knowing that everything will work out perfectly for everyone- somehow, even if you have no clue as to the details of this outcome.   So, BE OF JOY!  

Since the collective pathway is defined by the Individuals participation in the illusion, please check your personal Time map for the opportunities that YOU will be presented with, as YOUR part of this grand direction shift (in Time).      


If you have a question regarding your personal Timing, see (THIS link),  and (THIS LINK)

Are you getting ready?.... 'cause it's Time to move on, Now.......

THANKS for Your participation in this Spiral Journey!

Until the Next!

See You in the Mirror!