Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Hope for Tomorrow is NOW


TIME VIBE: The Last Days of 2012 (in Time) ...

As i sit and sip my tea here this morning, i'm remembering with a little astonishment that i even had almost forgotten- that we are in the last week of our Global 5 Time frequency experiences that have urged us further toward the collective recognition of our desire to expand and change direction as a collective group, via our individual focus and participation.

I last left You, my Beautiful reflections, with an overview of the wave of 1's upon us in our collective Time (Dec 10-22), and haven't sat down to translate Time for others to read lately because i've been pondering the greatness of it All mySelf, and shifting toward my own Dharma in more focused capacity.    But, today i hear a niggling from my own Teachers and Guides to take a translation regarding our success, and the "crowning" of our awareness of our Divine identities and our contribution to the collective Dreamfield.

I acknowledge that, whatever successes and falters we experienced around the globe - we, as individuals, contributed to it All.   And, up to NOW, it has been by DEFAULT, washing to and fro in the waters of our Time experience, together.  As "infants" in Time, we fell into the hands of the "gatekeepers' , that tormented us, tricked us, abused us, used us, to learn what THEY are about to learn about US.
But global victimization is CLEARLY no longer the mindset.    We have been made aware of many of these sleight-of-hand activities on the part of those who would not Love Us, or even them Selves in these horrific antics and Human Consciousness subterfuge plans and offenses.
And WE got to feel FIRST HAND what if feels like to be abused and held in the "dark" , and we DON'T like it, and WE aren't going to take it anymore....NOR are we going to perpetrate these things on others any longer.  Love NOW, is the New Age of Human consciousness.   2013 is the cycle (in Time) that will help us to hone these skills of compassion and fairness, and balance out the reality scene with healthier objectives and goals.

We KNOW the game is up for "control" beyond individual FREEDOM.   Yet, some worry:"What if everyone did just as they wanted to-?!  There would be great chaos and pain inflicted based on personal preferences!"  Maybe SOME will continue to ignore the experiences of the human containment experiments.   But, more and more Beings Now will have the seed of Love germinating within them, and will participate with the remembrance of the deeper desire to Love, and BE Loved.
It's just a much easier to be in Ease and Flow, and to allow this to guide our deeper Truth of Love and Light for All around us, too.  

In 2012, We have been sparked into our awareness of our Divine Creative Sovereignty by the outrageously exaggerated mal-intent of a few Beings present here (in Time).    it's only a matter of a couple of years (inTime) before the majority of the collective reality changes along with the Vision that is clearly focused on the (2) frequency of our new millennium of Unity, Cooperation for the Greatest good of All, Connection, Communication, and Partnerships and Community in Balance.  

The film "A bugs Life" is a fine example of the plight of an oppressed race of Beings, who finally REALIZED that they OUTNUMBER the antagonists!   And, they just say "NO MORE of your disrespect and abuse!"  But, this is a fun romp through our own plight in what can be recognized as a wake up call from Above in disguise.   ALL Humans should see this film, and ponder it's depth of information at this juncture of our evolution- with a KNOWing that we will re-direct this ship toward a more harmonious direction.

So, what is coming for us next (in Time)?

Why, we TAKE BACK our Hill and our experience on it, of course!!!!!

Remember that Evolution is processual (in Time) for a really good reason.    What happens when a train hits a wall?   Right.  You get the picture.  If we stopped all undesirable involvements suddenly and started with something completely new on a dime- it would still seem like slavery and intimidation to us.   And if all the things that no longer fit our new direction toward Love and Balance, which are still connected to our "educational" progression,  dissolve too quickly to be PROPERLY replaced with the upgraded model of participation, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that IMBALANCE would continue until the wave of reactivity smoothed itself out.

We need Time to assist with the assimilation of our individual Divine Human training programs within the Time platform.    The economy as we have known it IS dissolving- there is no fiscal cliff- unless it's a last ditch trick by the "controllers" to screw with us....but, i don't believe that is going to happen, because WE already know about the train and the wall, don't we?

So, along with MILLIONS of otherSelves around this gorgeous globe of Life,  today I am IMAGINING EASE AND FLOW into this New Age of Harmony.   Our Divine Human manifestational abilities are quickening, so within the lesson plan of Time, it is advised that you MIND your thoughts, as your intentions will now be broadcast on a still invisible, but very AUDIBLE wave length, telepathically.

The peak of this initial phase of Unity consciousness awareness (in Time) will be around 2020- 2030.
By then, the old paradigm holders will have died off, the illusion of duality will be dealt with differently by the remaining participants, and the Youngest will enter the Time platform as treasured and respected members of a Collective from the get-go.

As a Numerologist, i've been fortunate to have "conversations" with the New ones joining us as incarnates (in Time).  As is listen to them tell me their stories, preferences, and plans through their Numbers in Time, i hear determination, willfulness to participate, and a no-nonsense kind of attitude regarding their objectives in their participation.  Yes, they already know that they will be challenged for the sake of the collective, as All duality based Beings are, to find balance in their perceptions and participation.   They have agreed and feel strong enough NOW to pursue their work/Dharma in the upliftment of Humanity despite the lingering control methods still instituted by the fading 3D paradigm.  Any attempts to obstruct them will be met with the force of their own Presence.    And, the following generation will be even more focused, and so on.   They Know who they are when they come into this reality- and each generation is to bring the consciousness levels UP closer to that of our DIVINELY SOVEREIGN CREATOR BEING-NESS, Now that WE Know that we are Divine Sovereigns in training.      

As i work with these new incarnates, i realize that we are as the many parts and aspects of a Great Divine Child that is learning to crawl away from what displeases us, or causes pain and injury- toward what does please us.  We haven't learned to stand up just yet, and we are just coming to the part where WE have to have the WILL to stand up, but, we are beginning to see our bodies differently;  our perceptions, our projections, and our interactions with the rest of the "cells, organs, and limbs" of the collective reality have shifted into a new mode of connection with those Self reflections in the Mirror that Time provides us.
WE are ALL learning  (IN TIME).

As i have written previously, 5 frequency brings opportunities and urges for expansion, and supports these opportunities and urges with an ongoing stream of new information, perspectives and connections that naturally lead us to choose different scenes, environment, and playmates for the "Next" step in our cosmic education here in the training platform of Time.  

As the 2012 frequencies of Time progressively raised the vibrations of our awareness and demand for expansion, many of us found ourSelves meeting and greeting new and different individuals, ideas, and opportunities  which provided the influence and impetus (be they fun, or NOT) to recognize belief structures within our own personal reality, and the global engagements that are no longer desired- or, no longer useful for our collective journey (in Time) together.

While many personal relationships and longterm engagements (such as "jobs") hit the wall this year with a clear awareness of their limiting patterns and opportunities for us as individuals,  some have managed to re-arrange the rules and beliefs that keep them connected  with just enough harmony to weather the storm of this 5 global frequency challenge, and/or even reinforce the Love that is the truthful basis of the connection.   The experiences this year have pretty much been focused on the awareness of the contrast between the "Within" and the "Without", for the purpose of expanding to the next level of Being-ness.

This doesn't mean that the "danger" period is over for any relationships that are being held together with spit and paper for reasons other than Love.  These lingering relationships will find themSelves engaging new terrain that offers healing, if truly desired, or a healthy change or dissolution into more balance for all parties concerned through mediation, negotiation, and the drawing of firm lines in the sand regarding what is truly desired, and what is CLEARLY not Loving.   The issues of ABUSE and DENIAL, both personally and collectively will be in the forefront of the healing process and constructive headway will be seen and felt by All by the ( mid-year)  (in Time), 2013.

As we slip into the new Time frequencies of 2013; a ( 6) Global Time frequency, the urges for sudden and unexpected change and breakthrough will give way to the idea of personal and collective responsibility to maintain YOUR end of the Love agreement (based on Balance, and Responsibility) to BE YOUR TRUTH in LOVE.

What does that mean?

It means that the INDIVIDUAL must next decide what they will participate with and what they cannot abide any longer concerning their own independent participation in the interdependent activities and intentions for healing and balance for All- and follow through in their own Nows.     It means participating in change SOMEHOW,  and showing up in some way to help re-organize these issues toward change.  Even if this only means simply boycotting GMO'S, fluoride, begin with.
But, individual NOW focus is the most powerful manifesting force in our current reality platform.

Personal retributions will be offered to the past actions, judgments, and denial of Divine Presence by All participants (in Time).   FORGIVENESS, and release of judgment will be ushered in through the practice of NOW presence.   So, practice PULLING OUT OF TIME, and stabilizing yourSelf in Now for as much as you can in your waking day.  This site - and many others,  are chock full of ways and teachers for doing this.....but, listening to you own Higher Self in NOW is always your best Source of support.

The point is to FIND YOUR NOW, and stick with it long enough to see your world swirl around you and change.   Not just for a fraction of a minute- but for many minutes as you can hold it there.  YOU matter.  What you THINK, and BELIEVE matters because it creates the world that you see around you.  

It's Time to Practice kindness with deliberacy.   Practice Balance within your own interactions and engagements- in your private life as well as in your business practices.   This is a crucial step to the healing of the ails of All of the peoples present (in Time).

When YOU are Present, Kind and in Balance, NOW- the reverberation is felt EVERYWHERE.

We, as individuals, will consider (in this unfolding of Justice and Balance in 2013)- that if we, personally, don't want to be nailed for every miscalculation of action and intention in the direction of fear and lack- then we need to remember to be forgiving toward the past activities and actions of the "outer" reality that reflected our inner belief structures.
WE ALLOWED ourSelves to be herded into this position.   WE gave away our power--- via our ignorance of our Divine Nature and Sovereign Presence ensnared within a veil of forgetfulness.  And, YES, we attracted the Beings who taught us this lesson through the most heinous ways and means.

Time to stop whining about our collective victimization and GET ON WITH living and doing in the Way of Love, NOW.   THE REST of your reality WILL FOLLOW IN SUIT.  You cannot create in the experience of another, but you CAN influence the outcome with your own vibration and intentions of Love, Balance, and Accountability in your own NOW at a Time.

We "do" this life ONE MOMENT AT A TIME.... YOU are accountable.  And, Now, it;s Time to clean up the playground and rearrange the rules of engagement, and the toys and tools of our Next level of our Divine Creator-ship learning games (in Time).    With the Fear of Death no longer an issue for we KNOW there is not such a thing-  we are freed into our Now Multi-Dimensional Presence, and with that the Ease and Flow of allowing Love to lead the Way.
I'll look forward to Being with You "NOW"!

Until the Next-

See YOU in the Mirror!  

ABRAHAM:  Train your expectations: