Friday, December 7, 2012

Time Vibe: December 7-8 2012

12/7/2012:   15:      6 Global Day Frequency 

SIX:  Seeking balance between the inner ideals and the outer reality; Reflecting the Love and Beauty that is experienced, and establishing boundaries regarding relations and identity. A Time to evaluate the rules of your relationships. New boundary lines will need to be established.  Be clear about your own “stuff”, and set your relationships in peaceful balance, free from tentacles or constriction by either party. 

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The 7 calendar day (in Time) always brings an opportunity to analyze and introspect, but TODAY  will find us pondering the best way to facilitate  balance.  We are considering the expansion of social and material/economic issues from a deeper perspective, and more accountability to express the deeper directives of our Heart.   
These frequencies anticipate Peace Talks, re-negotiations, mediations, and preliminary implementation of Peaceful resolution.   These considerations would include Earth, personal bodies, personnel, resources, property, economics.    
And, surprise events, and connections will continue thru early 2013.  

By MID day, wherever you are (inTime), you will definitely see and feel a pause before proceeding further with action.   For many, confusion will not clear until Sunday, and by Tuesday there will be a jump in the collective awareness, with access to a larger Knowing.    

The over-arching sub-element  2 in the (12/2012) frequency (in Time) will continue to bring our awareness to activities regarding connection, communications, seeking  balance and better positioning for cooperation toward this step (in Time) of the magnetic collective.   2, IS  the focus frequency of the Millennium (in 3/4D Time). 

However, the more IMMEDIATE FOCUS for the remainder of this decade is on the Self perception and participation, which all of the 1's , (inTime) are indicating.   We ARE paying attention to our Selves as we are reflected in the outer reality Mirror, with OTHERS,  and we are sharing and comparing notes.   

Once we wake up to who WE ARE, which is happening NOW,  Harmonious events will fold themselves naturally into the collective intentions of UNITY of ALL.  
From the evening of December 8th through the 22, SELF awareness will accelerate in the individual participants of the magnetic collective (in Time). 

With all of the 2 frequency washing over us this month (inTime), we must be vigilant to retain our Personal Power (NOW) in the direction of our Joy,   Seeking out and allowing those things that ARE wanted. 

*Hence the re-declaration of Independence, and the recalling of the original Constitution, and the return to the tenants of  UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS.   

To get a clearer picture as to how YOU will effect the collective events TODAY (in Time):


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