Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fish Fights Fire, Saves School

(Note).....this has been hanging on the fridge since 2004 as a reminder to SEE that miracles come when least expect it, and in ways you could never imagine- from Beings you wouldn't think could participate i the great Web of consciousness.  
Hope it does the same for you, and brings a smile.  Namaste'!  
See You In the Mirror!

Angry about what you see???.....

Have i told you today how much I Adore You?! 

Well, I DO.  

12/4/2012: (in Time)

Global Day: 8 Global Month: 5 Global Year:
Speaking is the way of Creation (in Time).  Speaking of things you WANT is probably what you will want to most practice in the Mirror today.  Making a list is also viable, writing is also speech, and will satisfy any need to organize your thoughts (in Time), Dream bigger. 

As First Wave Responders to the Call, Esther and Jerry have cooperated with their Dharma using Joy and Love, Abraham has been abe to reach many otherSelves with helpful perspectives and coaching. 

I present them to you today as a response to some vitally poignent points for the collective experience at this Time.   I think both are worth a regular listen while you putter, for obvious reasons.   The first is powerful and regards a global view with in the tone of "anger" .   I believe this is an example.  It speaks to our outrage and reactive mind constructively. 

The second one is with a [Military Man] struggling within his OWN choices in his NOWs to choose LOVE, or Fear, as an individual as well. 
Each moment it is easy to see evidence of standing for what you WANT, instead of arguing for more limitation.  Con-science InSpritus kicks in ever easier these days for All participants in this Spiral Journey. 

These are powerful speakers to our Truth in Love, .....Please share appropriately, with All. 

 I AM in Gratitude for YOUR Participation (inTime), with Me.
We'll Play again soon-
See You in the Mirror!