Monday, December 3, 2012

December...Part 2; 12/2012 Intention FOCUS dates

December (1,2) Global focus DATES


Yep, LOTS of ONE AND TWO frequencies! (IN TIME)

As i see things - through the Number (in Time),  All Moments are magical, but this month we are in for the ride of All rides...(in Time).   For Me, watching the numbers (in Time) is like getting up in the morning and taking a look at the outside thermometer out the window.
It's what i want to know before i decide what i'm going to wear, where i am going to go, who i am intending to be with , etc. for a span of my attention (in Time).  
 But, the most inportant factor in any of these outer focus language systems of traslation is that YOU are the one that is percieving.  YOU are percieveing Time, your waking reality, your dreams.  Nobody else is in there with YOU. 

THIS NOW, and all that have come to you before, and all that will come to Next- and all else in between, that you percieve has been personally designed and constructed before you BY You, in your own custom Holo-world.   What are YOU doing in there?   It's amazing how many Divinely Sovereign Creator Humans believe they fell in here from the sky, without ANY accountability for the ride they have been on since that were all based on their reactions, responses, and choices.
To begin with, All of the ONE'S in our faces is telling us that we ARE accountable, because I AM. 
The TWO'S are tellling us that we are going to rely heavily on the reflection of our own Selves in the Mirror of the outer to straighten out our our outfits, paint a smile on our lips, and to deliberatly move in ways that reflect our IAM-ness in a more Truthful image and participation style.  There is no avoiding this (in Time).   And, there is no 'rushing" it, either.  Patience is a keyword for 2 frequency.  One, is a number of Self. 
BE PATIENT WITH YOUR SELF, first, then practice that same understanding and observance in the Mirror with otherSelves.   Cooperation in the direction of the expanded collective experience objectives is shifting toward the more Love based endeavors.  There are no frequencies indicating constriction, including the 8, the global month frequency, which indicates "material manipulations and manifestation". 
In December, we are going to MOVE something.  and so is the Mother, Gaia.
And all of this in this reality is ushered forth from Self THOUGHT (1). 

ALL is in Well-Being, and right on "schedule", if you must remain linear with this. 
Here are the dates, for the FUN of it!

12/1/2012, 12/02/2012, 12/10/2012, 12/11/2012, 12/12/2012, 12/20/2012, 12/21/2012, 12/22/2012;

 AND, any Global DAY that = 1, OR 11: 2, 2.  
12/2/2012 (1), 12/3/2012 (11:2), 12/11/2012 (1), 12/12/2012 (11:2), 12/20/2012 (1), 12/21/2012 (11:2), 12/29/2012 (1), 12/30/2012 (11:2).

These are an intense series of frequency waves, washing over us, and over us, and over us.   These are the tuning frequencies.  They fall within the range (in Time) of the initiating, or UPTAKE phase.

Last month's frequencies were wild and exacting.  The outer reality events were also.  But, it ain't over till someone sings!

Notice how many 11's are there; they represent a bump-UP of the frequencies with more meaning and understanding. 11 brings Illumination, Insight, telepathic communications, expanded intellegence, and connections.    In 11 Time, you will hear direction and guidance more fluidly from "within"- your natural guidance system, and beyond.   STOP AND LISTEN! 
All present (in Time) have an open "channel on these days, especially. 

The 1's and 2's in the collective classroom of Time, indicate we are using our Other-Selves (2) to practice with our budding abilities to direct the collective intention toward the new objective with our INDIVIDUAL (1) intentions in tact, cohesive with others intentions and flowing for the sake of the project.
Deliberate communications are on the agenda.  More connections and talking than you ever imagined could possibly be.  (In Time), I think that MSMass media will open up to Truth by the 22nd, and the topic will be Love, and inclusion.  Are we getting excited Now, or WHAT?!
What all of this Numbers mumbo-jumbo means for the Individual- YOU (inTime) :

As, individual sparks of Source, having a Divine Joyride (inTime), we are learning to sit on our first tricycle without sliding off.  I use this image because 2013 (in Time) is relative to our "Divine Creatorship training academy" here (in Time)'s Time to begin a triangulation lesson, for our Multi-dimensional
abilities, using the mechanisms and Time/space positioning awareness. 

But, i'll simplifiy for any muggle who made it this far in this essay. 
NOW is ALWAYS your point of ultimate power.  The point of all of this jabber is to let you Know that there is all assistance, all support for you Now. 
And that alone indicates that you ale ALWAYS Loved AND Seen. 
Being able to glean things like Numerology is only ONE way to get to your Divine preferences in your Life. 

Those who are ready are picking up on this, and will take the Next level of Mastery USING Time as a tool for practice and interacting with otherSelves for further experience.  The Next involves, playing with the switches and knobs of our Multi-dimensional Selves. 
And PLAY is the KEYWORD for the 3 in 2013.  And the lesson plan is to seek your JOY, as you putter about (in Time) playing with the re-formation of the collective play platform. 
NOT TO WORRY!  Be NOW, for best effect and absorption of your JOY. 
2=WE, (there's more)
01= ...and MySelf (remember what i said about hte Zero being a MAGNIFYER. )
3= HAVE the URGE TO SHARE/TALK about the UPside of things.  Even the things that we didn't know were bad for us, because it brought us to NOW. 

It's Time for us to STOP complaining and pointing fingers, NOW.  I AM accountable, i sit at the console of my Mulit-Dimensional Presence, and I AM enjoying the scenery that i have called to me with my WORDS.  
 To Create YOUR reality and make your magic count for some FUN for a change, USE YOUR RIGHT WORDS- NOW, Now, Now, Now, Now, Now, Now, Now, Now, Now.....and then you WILL see how quickly you will be able to grasp the control switches with your own INTENTIONS. 

It is the Time for cooperating with your own visions and dreams, BEYOND Time.  Practice, Practice, Practice.......

(In Time):
*1 indicates a time to be still and listen for your own song.  Ideas may be plentiful, but this is not a time for finishing.  It is a time for beginning and for thinking about what you may want to create, or build up later.  It is an opportunity to be original, self reliant, and independent.  This often feels like a “chrysalis” state, where you can safely float while you focus on projects in your own space- self-protected until you feel like coming out and making connections with others again. 
Balanced ONE: Active, ambitious, aspiring, confident, creative (thought), independent, leader, original, progressive, secure, Self-reliant, Self-sufficient.

The multiple 2's in (12/2012) indicate collective focus on INTERDEPENDENCE (in Time), communications, cooperation toward a common goal. We are remembering that the world is made up of WORDS, which are representative of intention ignited into the manifestational process (in Time). 
*2 indicates a time to reach out and connect with others.  It may seem that you don’t even have to seek them out- they will appear and surround you.  This is a time to be receptive and cooperate in projects for the sake of seeing the project move forward.  Waiting is to be expected with this energy, as it is also a time that requires the development of patience and tolerance.  Offer assistance and support where you can while remaining open to connections and partnerships. 
Balanced TWO: Adaptable, amiable, considerate, cooperative, gracious, humble, tolerant, loyal, patient, receptive, supportive, tactful.

* Love, or, Fear.  You choose, in each NOW. 

Here's are the cheat sheet points for these numbers.  

ONE: Beginnings and the ideation of new ideals. One represents the place of I AM. The understanding and awareness of the Self as Divine: A Sovereign Creator Being. A time to be still and listen for your own song. Ideas may be plentiful, but this is not a time for finishing. It is a time for beginning and for thinking about what you may want to create, or build up later. It is an opportunity to be original, self reliant and independent.  Ponder the stillness, as you sit in the cockpit of your Divine Multi-dimensional Presence.   Close your eyes, and ....Shhhhh.....listen to the sound of You, as the Divine Observer from behind the brow, in the center of Pineal.  
(Your Pineal still works!  Use it! Or, Loose it!)

TWO: Connecting and creating partnerships, commitments to group projects. A time to reach out and connect with others, you don’t even have to seek them out- they will appear and surround you. A time to be receptive and cooperate in projects for the sake of seeing the project move forward with INclusion as a main objective. Waiting is to be expected. Offer assistance and support where you can while remaining open to connections and partnerships, yet intentionally calling to you those Beings who reflect who are in Harmony with Your Joyful Expansion in Now. 
Remember that what you see in the Mirror (in Time) is but a reflection of YOU.   
Use your words with deliberacy, they will be heard and responded to.

ELEVEN: 2     Eleven timing influence indicates a time to listen to the guide within.  This is a very powerful energy influence, and it brings the gift of illuminations and epiphanies.  New insight will bring new visions.  New images of your identity, your rules- your reality, rather than be herded into the mainstream.  This is a powerful time with powerful insights that must be used for good- not evil- or, you’ll have a snap back that you won’t like at all…and, you may be taking others down that path with you because of self serving motives.  Look for win/win opportunities, and ask OUT LOUD for this as you share your insights and messages with others.  When you are fatigued from the high intensity energy, 11 will drop to a 2 to allow a rest.  So you can read about 2 again.  But do not become a doormat, or, give up the vision at this point in the Game (of Time)…seek assistance and cooperation, OUT LOUD, you WILL get it. 
Balanced ELEVEN:  Aware, psychic, idealistic, inspiring, inventive, perceptive, poetic, devout, stimulating, telepathic, theological, and visionary.

In terms of Light energy, and the "bombardment" that we are experiencing, the numbers (in Time) are giving us a symbol of the image of what is happening to Us, as a collective, but, more importantly- when you are looking at your personal Time map, in the 2 frequency. The 2 (in Time) for the collective experience began the New Millenium of 2, and Unity Consciousness.
Extremism is no longer an issue, as we will soon sober up, climb into the LightShip of our Divinely Sovereign Multi-dimension LightBody, and use our Free Will with increasing skills.  Until we develop the skills, as more BALANCED individual I AM'S , there will always be and 3/4D experience for you.  That is theGRace of Source, to provide for whatever you are wanting. 
So, WHAT ARE YOU WANTING? Because the pitching machine is going to speed WAY up, and if you cant keep up, you won't even be allowed to enter the arena...FOR YOU OWN GOOD.  
There IS no compassion in Heaven for a FREE WILL Creature. 
Oh, it hurts when you DO  that?  Then DON'T DO THAT!
Well, HOW do i do THAT?
Practice, Practice, Practice.
Those that understand the INTERNAL Inspiration behind the Group experience agreements, will begin to catch on to the "mechanical" simplicity of our Being-ness.   Being NOW in Love is pretty much the portal "Key".  Once we get that' hummin, we're Allowed into the Next playground classroom- expanded Knowing= expanded experience, by our own standards.  I/You have stepped UP, in experience, and can never UN-Know what you Know, Now.  
Now, I/YOU yearn for the Next bite of experience with that same excitement that we had learning to ride our first trike. 

Two things to ponder :
How do you eat a rock?  (in Time), One bite at a Time.
A demi-tasse will never be able to handle a quart, (in Time). 

The Universe works on a NEED TO KNOW basis.  And You are coddled each and every step.  You ARE Always Loved, and therefore You are ALWAYS Safe.
The chioce in each NOW is between FEAR and JOY.  Once YOU ditch Fear reactivity, you will notice that Nobody outside of You wants to see you fall down. 
So, WHAT are You thinking and believing that you might want to see in the reflection around you?  Capice?  
Yes, I Know that You Know this.   And, it's Time for you to use Your right words to contribute to the reality that you are WANTING to see around You.  OtherSelves will chime in and it will be a crescendo of excitement and voluntary cooperation.

December 2012, is definitely a jumping off point for the current 3D reality bus, of which we are ALL Bozo's riding.  there's a "tranformation terminal"  approaching (in Time), and we are being urged to make choices more deliberately to decide if we are staying on, or, getting on the next training "train".   "Others", whom you are participating with will also change as You change.   

Bearing all of the 2's in Play (in Time), the secrets of the Time Gauntlet Game is to bob and weave as a united presence.  Can't have a hand and leg sticking out here and there anymore if you want to expand out of Time.  It's Time to pull yourSelf together, both personally, and in your relations and activities into Now.  As You consolidate Self intentions, Strive for YOUR Balance and connectivity, as an INDIVIDUAL.  
I AM that I AM, is not I am You.  It means more like: I AM All That Is...therefore, "You" are included.  So, I AM genuinely Kind to You, because that is what i want to see in the Mirror.  I AM Love, NOW.  
 BE the change You wish to see in the world. 
But, I Know that You Know that. 
Taken into that Next place, with MULTIPLE 2's (inTime), the basic 2 of cooperation then becomes the more evolved, expanded octave of experience frequencies. 
2 in exponential terms, as we are noticing in the collective calendar (in Time), means:   Mass connections, communications are the usual manifestational image.  Add, 11 to this, and you have communications from "on High", data flowing from other Divine Aspects and Dimensions of Self.  
WE are the ones we are waiting for (in Time).   

TWENTY-TWO: 4     A Time for cooperation on a superconscious level and organization on a physical level. Focus and further Mastery of the foundational cooperative platforms that are focused (in Time). Working with others to sort and reorganize of the rules of engagement and the materials at hand (in Time) ; cooperative manifestations. 

22:4  Timing influence indicates a time to take dynamic action on projects and ideas involving the greater collective consciousness, and the beliefs and structures that we hold in that consciousness.  Large scale projects- such as mass communications, foundations and institutions, charitable organizations, and large scale structured business groups are naturally founded and maintained with this energy. 
BALANCED 22:  Eager, patient, attentive, organized, highly mechanical, highly mathematical, diplomatic protocol, socially aware and graceful, and Service minded.
considering and combining this with the 11's pulsating our Pineal right Now,  ....accountability is NOW.   I remember this Dream!   I remember calling for the Peace Train!
I AM/ We are on the ride of our Dreams, and we are calling out to our Next Playmates to PRACTICE with Us in Our CHOICE of words. 
May You always choose in the direction of Your Heart.
As a participant in this with You, I have Much Gratitude for YOUR participation on this Eternal Spiral Journey!
Love to You!        See You in the Mirror!