Sunday, December 2, 2012

What You THINK You Know

Now, What have we learned?
If our personal belief systems are what hold our personal realitites together,
then, it would make sense to be quite sure of what we THINK we believe. 

I think:
Many have  managed to unshackle themSelves from a good part of the 3D Free Will test of indoctrination and manipulation of the old Time., and this effort is growing exponentially in each Now. 
I thinkMany are begininng to believe- to Know- that Joy and Expansion is ever the Objective of Life, and this effort is growing exponentially in each Now. 

WE choose Life.  WE choose to participate, and only  MY/OUR  thoughts NOW separate me/us  from the Beloved in All.  

Knowing that Joy and Expansion is ever the Objective of Life, ( or, so i BELIEVE),  i play with and practice my Divine Multi-Dimensionality (in Time). 

Along my moment to moment experiences i endeavor to remember
the only 4 things that i Know for sure.....
1* Everything will work out perfectly for everyone, somehow.
2*I It doesn't look like what you think it looks like.
3* No one's insanity is more superior to anyone else's. 
4* NOW is the most immediate portal to your Divine Multi-dimensional Gifts and Power.
(In time), as i watch the Global energies , I'm also beginning to believe that anyone pandering Fear, in any form or forum, is trying to sell you something.   And its NOT your Divine Sovereignty.
With all of December's  1's, and 2's opportunities and interchanges,(in Time),
Remember to remain in your own Truth, by feeling it (Love or Fear), and then, let the chips fall where they may.  Don't worry!  We still have that first thing that we Know for sure.
There are only 2 motivations for all impulses to act (in Time): Love, or, Fear. 
Both of which are to be highly respected as Divine compliment in a magnetic polarity platform (in Time).   How could a collective consciousness NOT be magnetic?
 If you become confused or frightened,  ASK OUT LOUD for an assist and you will gain access to your expansion opportunities in ways and avenues perfectly tailored for You, by the perfect Creator- YOU.   YOU are the one you have been waiting for.
Each have their own perceptions of their experiences, so remember that YOUR beliefs are what YOUR reality is built on, and tend to your endless opportunities and potential in each NOW. 
If you are still addicted to the exquisite pain of separation and longing, no judgment there- but there will be no one there to hear you complain, except other complainers, and you will think that nothing has changed, and it's  getting harder- or worse.  And you will be right.  
As the frequency changes for 2013, (inTime)  preparing to be Truthful about our own contributions to the manifestations (in Time). All events and dramas that you are observing in the Mirror of the momentary outer space reality is pointing toward You making decisions regarding Your participation in the practice platform of Time and honing your Divinely Sovereign Multi-dimensional Presence. 

How can this end badly? ... it will If you BELIEVE it will, and participate with Fear.
The cure for whatEVER ails you is: Love, NOW.  
You will never Know this until you do the scientific method for yourSelf.  You think it trite and too simplistic?   You've tried getting from point A to point B inspired by fear, and where has it brought you to?    More convoluted contriction, right?

So, what have we learned? 

You want a free economy based on the Art of Self?, less governmental constrictions, less FEAR based responses in your personal life?   but have your VALUE beliefs changed to accommodate your visions manifesting in the Mirror? 

Let me remind you of the second thing that i Know for sure:  It doesn't look like what you think it looks like.  
Again, there IS  such a thing as being too cooperative, lazy, or hyper-focused in the's called submission.  You see the difference , dont' you? 
And, you know the difference in how it feels, too. 
Love, or, Fear.   You choose, Now.

December will find the masses issuing forth clear and decisive responses to situations and relationships based on moving away from dominance and constriction, via a dynamic breakthrough witnessed (in Time).   We will see lots of conversation, negotiating, and visible attempts to BE the change that You wish to see in the world in more dynamic ways.
The essence of intention will be examined further in January, but in December (8 Global Month/ 5 Global Year) there will be some sudden,  preliminary shifting of the materials and institutions, and personnel that comprise the reflection of our own Joys and inhibitions, and the belief structures and situations (in Time) that support them.

YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE for what you see and what you choose to participate in.
Yes, getting too close to the illusion causes distortion. it hurts when you do that?  Then, don't DO that.  Instead, back up and out- and into NOW.

Dive INTO your sweet, safe, Loving, Multi-Dimensional NOW.
As we watch the opportunities (in Time) bring us more collaboration and support for the newly solidifying ideals of the new Human intention.  It's Time to Harmonize for Creative Mastery and expansion as we clear a path that is finding greater respect for the individual and further clarification of the function and foundations of beliefs,wherever they lie.

Until the Next, I wish You the best of NOW to You! Thank You for Your participation on this Spiral Journey!

Today's collective focus (in Time) : 12/2/2012: 1  Global Day , 8   Global Month; 5 Global Year.

Want to know about Your map (in Time)? 
Calculate Your Personal Timing Numbers here, and then reference the basic essence of your numbers here. and here.   These will open up in separate windows so you can view all of the information together.   

See You in the Mirror! L'Imperatrice

"Army Of Me"
stand up
you've got to manage
i won't sympathize

and if you complain once more
you'll meet an army of me

you're allright
there's nothing wrong
self-sufficience please!
and get to work

and if you complain once more
you'll meet an army of me

you're on your own now
we won't save you
your rescue-squad
is too exhausted

and if you complain once more
you'll meet an army of me