Saturday, December 1, 2012

December...Part 1: 12/2012...And a ONE, and a TWO

Yes, here we go- into an  8  Global Month essence and intention, within the remaining 5  (2012) Global Year opportunities. 

I'm fascinated with the approach of this month's consistently recurring frequency waves  of very intense One and Two frequencies.  As i see it using the Number of Time, these repeating numbers indicate an intense line up of opportunities (in Time) in the intention and essence of those frequencies : ONE/1, and TWO/2.

But, before we even get to that, it's Time for a brief discussion of the influence of ZERO in the collective frequencies (in Time).  In Numerology, as i have studied and watched it, Zeros provide a magnified reflection; a "turning up" of the awareness and emphasis of the digit that immediately FOLLOWS it.  The Emphasis of ZERO extending this DECADE (in Time) is on ONE essence:  I AM; Knowing, (Self , Independence), Awakened Divine Sovereignty, Pure Potential.
I can and will bring further insights regarding Zero (in Time) into view in later translations.  
But first, a musical interlude:

Yep, LOTS and LOTS of 1 & 2 opportunity focus!
Bear in mind also that this month's events will be quite about the ADMINISTRATION and MANIPULATION of our physical reality, which is indicated by the 8, (in Time), and represents images of : physical manipulations, administrative decisions, body changes, environmental changes, administrative personnel, Law and Honor in Truth, and the RE-arrangement of the whole into a more appropriate position in preparation for closure, endings, release of as many things that are no longer productive for the intention of expansion. 

I wouldn't be surprised if mountains DID move- Lots of things will be moving around.  But, if they do, it's because WE wanted them to as a collective consciousness.  This month, the more CONSTRUCTIVE AND COOPERATIVE the conversations (words create realities), the faster this ball will roll with focus and deliberacy toward  constructive and cooperative visions. 

These are the dates to participate in this endeavour with Ease and Flow, by BEing Now, and Loving.  Period.  Nothing else is required of You. 

12/1/2012, 12/02/2012, 12/10/2012, 12/11/2012, 12/12/2012, 12/20/2012, 12/21/2012, 12/22/2012;
AND, any Global DAY that = 1, OR 2. 

12/2/2012 (1), 12/3/2012(11:2), 12/11/2012(1), 12/12/2012(11:2), 12/20/2012(1), 12/21/2012(11:2), 12/29/2012(1), 12/30/2012(11:2).

The 1's and 2's in the collective classroom of Time, indicate we are using each other- our Other-Selves, to practice our ability to direct the collective intention/reflection, by taming our reactivity and developing our Self response-ability.

The multiple 2's in (12/2012) indicate collective focus on INTERDEPENDENCE (in Time), communications, cooperation toward a common goal.    We are remembering that the world is made up of WORDS, which are backed with the emotional charges that bring forth the intention behind them. 

There is such a thing as too much cooperation.  When TWO is not in balance, the result can be submissiveness.  Don't like what you see around you?  WHAT are You thinking?!!  Let it GO! and make a run in the direction of what pleases you.  NOW is the cure for whatever is ailing You, and everything is going to work out perfectly for everyone, somehow.  

As the frequencies change into 2013 (in Time), we are preparing to be Truthful about our own contributions to the manifestations (in Time).    All events and dramas that you are observing in the Mirror of the momentary outer space reality is pointing toward You making decisions regarding Your participation in the practice platform of Time.
You want a new economy, but have your VALUE beliefs changed to accommodate your visions manifesting?  I read somewhere: "When writing the story of your Life, don't let anyone else hold the pen."  This is especially true these days. 
December will find the masses issuing forth clear and decisive  responses to situations and relationships based on moving away from dominance and constriction, and imbalance through a dynamic breakthrough witnessed (in Time).   We will see lots of conversation, negotiating, and visible attempts to BE the change that You wish to see in the world, in more dynamic ways.  The essence of intention will be examined further in January, but in December there will be some preliminary shifting of the materials and institutions that comprise the reflection of our own Joys and inhibitions, and the outer space situations that support them. 

YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE for what you see and what you choose to participate in.
Yes, getting too close to the illusion causes distortion.  Back up, and out. 
Get into your sweet, safe, Loving, Multi-Dimensional NOW.  

As we watch the Time opportunities bring us more collaboration and support for the newly solidifying ideals of the new Human intention. Time to Harmonize for Creative Mastery and expansion, as we clear a path that is finding greater respect for the individual and further clarification of the function and foundations of belief-
wherever they lie. 

Today's collective focus (in Time) :     12/1/2012:  9  Global Day   

Want to know what You will be doing today??
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Until the Next,  
I wish You the best of NOW to You!  Thank You for Your participation on this Spiral Journey! 
See You in the Mirror!   L'Imperatrice