Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Have i told you today how much i adore You?

NAMASTE',  My Friend !
Have I told you today how much i adore You?!
Whatever We surround Self with, and which remains fascinating, becomes reality (in Time). Some are into the [exquisite pain of longing]. Some of us are not.
I AM the One i have been waiting for. YOU Are the One You have been waiting for.
Whay bother sitting "on the fence" about our SOVEREIGN Divinity, and waffling about in the illusory menutia of limitation and all of the ways in which we argue that it exists for us OUT LOUD.
Isn't that what the basic theme of the whole of the Global/Outer space reality illusion is mirroring to us like a bull-horn......the declaration of personal Self allowance - sovereignty? Then, TAKE IT. Take your sovereignty RIGHT NOW. Illusion is only a mirror of what is going on in your cute little 3D Time head. It's transition into Love Now Time for those who will go that way. Not all parts of "us" will be able to continue into the Next level of Divine expansion, and will fall away as we are brave enough to release from them via the beliefs that include them. I still contend to the well intended Beings in the Illusion that need to "fix" something that isn't broken- it's just outlived its usefulness for our Expansion. I can attest to witness that : the "cure" for ANYthing that vexes Thee, is NOW.
Re: [Living Light, Language of Light, Light Transitions and Transformation]...which reminds us of our direct creative responsibility, as we begin to exibit greater Creative control. We need to remember that telepathy already IS. There really ARE no secrets, especially when you access the portals of All, in Now. This is why many channels are Now urging us to purge [the old 3D house] built of Beliefs in [lack and limitation, and shame], and get to Forgiveness, because All will be Known- for All of us. Clean out our OWN closet so that we don't relfect into the mirror what we believe about ourSelves that is NOT fun. And, isn't FUN the best thing to have?!     
Love and Joy to You! Thank You for Your participation on this Spiral Journey- See You in the Mirror!