Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Seeds of Peace

Having Tea with G.W. Hardin

Sustaining NOW

I must say that I AM seeing so many pieces of the collective reality in active and accelerated change.  More positive than frightening.   Most folks that i chat with are finding themselves in the doorway of upliftment and optimism with wonderful opportunities surprising them more and more.   And, i think, we have liftoff...!

I have been asked to come out and share what i know about the Timeline shift as a long term Time watcher, and to share my resources as a practicing Multi-dimensional Creator Being.   It is becoming clear as i observe the kinds of opportunities that have been flowing toward me, that I AM  Doing it, *PETER!   I'm using my Happy thoughts!  My own Pixie dust!   (*reference to the film: "Hook". )
Recently, I'm finding that as i sit down to Translate, a response ping has arrived before i have even concluded writing it.  The Translations linked below, rang like the Bells of St.  Mary for me.  As i listened, they hit a few exceptional points for everyone who is participating in their  moment to moment accountability to their own Truth.  The question of Dharma is clearly the issue in sometimes NOT so subtle ways.   I feel this Translator has tapped into his Dharma, and is integrating it beautifully.  His website has much more.  These are longer videos but worthy of a listen or two.   
As an interested observer and participant in the Time reality, i have my own take on what i see as i play in the Numbers of Time.   The more i learn about the nature of Time and work with it, the less i need to Know in hard data, or feel that i have to "manage".   But, there are infinite ways to ascertain Insight and Wisdom if one is seeking. 
However, with the language of Numerology aside, i humbly offer you the culmination of a lifetime worth of work and experience,  in sharing with you 
the only 4 things that i Know for sure.....
1*everything will work out perfectly for everyone, somehow. 
2*It doesn't look like what you think it looks like. 
3*No one's insanity is more superior to anyone else's.
4*NOW is the most immediate portal to your Divine Multi-dimensional Gifts and Power.
So, allow me to Thank You for Your participation in the Spiral Journey! 
Love to You!  We'll ponder the greatness of it All again soon.
Until the Next-  See You in the Mirror!