Thursday, July 4, 2019

TIME VIBE; July 4, 2019- Collective FOCUS Re-Alignment

7-4-2019= (5) Collective Day/ (10:1) collective Month/ (3) Collective Year:

Still well within the openings and effects of the 7/2 Eclipse pulses, 
The Frequencies of the ATTENTION to this Date, is a MEMORY MARKER that can NOW be transmuted Into that Which You Prefer. The (9) that founds this annual Collective Mastery cycle 201(9) makes the Sacred space for expedient releases to Transmute each Private participants Journey to Harmonics of Hearts IN Peaceful Focus and Service. 

ALL Is Well, despite the Illusory storms that wail and blow to grab Precious Focus away from I AM, In any given Now. 
This collective Memory is a nod to Good Intentions, and Innocence for those who are dreaming up the details of the Next Level of Collective Conscious reality experience intention targeting. 
No Thing has changed in this Self-Creative reality platform. 
We are learning to WALK the Timelines of Self-Creative preference.  
Humanity, in general, is stepping less and less on it's own shoelaces, as the uptake on Self Responsibility is becoming a normal practice for the larger portion of the Collective energetic wave.  Dis-solutions and re-solutions are in processed Collective in appropriate order to clear the Way for the Collective Vision to sprout up from the dark soil that germinated it in the first place, and as requested
It's ALL Good.  Polarity will, from Time to Time, appear quite hard and fugly.  But, the collective Harmonics are rising steadily, as is witnessed by the extreme expressions of Collective outrage and constrictive discontent that stimulates AUTHENTIC Self-capacity awareness, and fine tunes Private FOCUS and commitment to Vision.  

Yes.  (I/YOU/WE) are in the middle of a Quantum process.Instead of Celbrating the perpetuation of Domination, WE CELEBRATE the IDEA of a United State of PRESENCE of the ALL Participants in the Time Games AS One of the awakening Time Walkers. 
(WE) Look Past the Sparkles of the Fireworks to the Stars, Now.  (WE) Know, Now, that ALL ARE CONNECTED, as One. 
There is Peace in the Now.   Go there.  Often.  There are Medals of Honour waiting for Sincere diligence to Heart Hearing that are far beyond the current imaginings that are bound by imaginary Self-Creative limitation.
BIG CHANGE is underWay in which the ONLY re-solution is: 
 BE the Love to SEE the Love. 
And, this applies to ANYTHING that you are wanting, consciously, or, UNconsciously.  NO-THING is new under this Sun. 

This is A GREAT day for kicking back to Great American born Music, etc, and revel in the resiliency of the INdwelt I AM that is stepping Up Participation in the Currents of the Collective RE-Solutions of Reality for those who Time Walk with more consistent FOCUS skills in place.

The (7) of July makes a little Head-Space to SIT BACK in Silent Observation and take it All In.  And, there is ALOT to take in, now that the Private-to-Public dis-charge process in ramping up in the Mirror. 
(We) expect the Collective discomfort levels rise, and the expressions of Authenticity that coalesce to facilitate Collective clearing processes are no longer in vain.  
As 2020:4 gets closer, the Collective VOICE Will be heard loud and clear, and heeded more efficiently for a nice, smooth, engagement of Equitable re-solutions and re-alignments.  Awareness/acknowledgement begins to Flow like a healthy brook, at first, and begin to stream more quickly, once the bulky items are addressed and remedied (through 2029), and the remaining debris on the ground floor of the newly realigned Collective Intention can be secured for new Co-Creative Collective Balance. 

As the Private darkness of the Collective is released, let Neutrality be the base for gathering and reviewing data from unexpected and stimulating influences and connections.  
Realizations surface from unexpected places and from unexpected Sources.  Spontaneous Invitations and events that deliver the urge to expand further.  All Ways PARTICIPATE With HEART, Now, for a "smoother ride" on the Journey OUT of Time.

BE the Love. 

AND, as a Collective Group in celebration, Pause, and Play mode Inside and IDEA that we mostly, and innocently, liken to "the simple days", WE  enjoy those memories of sunny days at the park, food on the grill, 60's music, and maybe later, watching the Sandlot as We say a sweet Good-Bye to 3-4D constrictions of Creative Authority.  
Documented, rising Frequencies are bumping the uglies up to the surface for clearings.  The rising Frequencies are the catalyst to shake off the loosH feeders, that are built to taunt with be-lie-fs, instead of be-life's.  
It's JUMP TIME, Time Walkers, and the CHOICES that Navigate the waves of the Zuvuuya are simply a moment to moment monitoring of Love, or, Fear; 
WE choose Liberty.  WE choose Peace.  WE choose Prosperity. 
WE, Now, See that Vibrational Truth of Love, Now, has no equal. And, so- WE hold hands and step into the exploding and expanding Light Displays of Higher Frequency on the playgrounds of Next-Level Creative Mastery Practice, in Equity.

WE, Now, have retrieved the SELF-Authority of Original Source frequency coding, and THAT means the ability to freely Consider all of the New IDEAS of Private and Collective IDENTITY and INtention.

THANK YOU for Your Focus and Participation in the Expansion of Light With Me! 

I AM. 

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