The DAILY Time Frequency CURRENTS Of 2018 (11:2)

Taveling for a couple of days... 
will DO as Inspired on this page, and post on FB as well-
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2-18-2018 (11) = 2/9/11 = (22:4)

KEYWORDS: (4) Order, Logic, Form, Function, Design, Process, Procedure, Founding, Details, and all THINGS of the Ideas of Time/Space reality.  

(22) : Master BUILDER; 

While a base (4) frequency brings activities and the need for working with the structures of Time, rules and agreements, systems and order, plans and designs, and putting the foundations of something into place, (22) brings a dynamic influence of intentions and cooperation in founding projects that are in service to the general populace, and in high level communications for and on behalf of the larger reflection of co-creators in the Mirror of the Time experience.  
As with all Master Number frequencies, the utmost focus on the LOVE that is found in fairness and balance is what will bring the most PREFERENTIAL results in ways that will profoundly benefit a wider scope of Participatory recipients of the resulting projected intentions.
Again, Self serving intentions will implode in ways that would never be expected, and evidence of the diminishment of the potentials can reduce down to extreme rigidity and social compulsiveness beyond reason.  Corporate governments and Private Prison's are an example of (22) gone awry.  
The internet and other mass communications systems of UPliftment and Healing, like educational centers and hospitals are examples of a productive use of this frequency's potentiality.  

Also vibrating into in this cycle of opportunity are the (8), (9), and of course that annual, long-term opportunity wave of (11)

So, an overview of the Harmonics of this collective day cycle, 2-18 (9)-2018 (11) = 22:4, brings endings to IDEAS that uphold Mass control, and Private inhibitions of a Self-Creative life. 

REview yesterdays notes, as this day is VERY ACTIVE in the maneuverings and moving around of Things, organizations, and the "rules" that hold them together for specific purposes.  If constriction is the objective, it will certainly be OBVIOUS to many more Participants involved in EXPANSION.  
The contrast will be LOUDer to those who have been lazy in their own Expansion processes.  And it can also be painful. 

Expansive Administrative changes will "dictate" , and "dictatorships" ARE exposed for that which they represent "protective" but are CLEARLY confining, constricting, oppressive, Militant, and deliberatly manipulative in malicious ways.  

this year's (11) does offer a WIDE swath of choices to pick from, but the High Frequency opps are also allowing those who would be "king" to show themSelves and their mis-guided attempts to control the Cosmic View of a Collective Game to All. 
SEEing THROUGH the Illusion is becoming easier in the increasing exxxxaggerated attempts to quell a tsunami of expanding Conscious Expressions to the contrast of controlling Interests of (Team Contrast) in the LOWER Time Frequency reality that is BEing divested currently in this (11:2) bi-furcation of Reality lines of Participaton.  

(11) bring sopportunities to step UP INto Self Calrity and Creativity.  
You can take that step, NOW..... NOW..... NOW......NOW- where ALL of yOur power is found.

While this day can be very challenging to some- Others will pick up the pace in their Private PARTICIPATIONS in IDEAS that are preferred by a growing Collective of Hearts in Flow.  

Two (18's) today are significant.
(1) I AM. 
(2)  I AM anOther yOurSelf/ Balance.
(4) Material stability/balance.
(8) Material manipulation and manifestation; RE-Balancing/stabilizing
(9) Release, Culminations, Resolutions, and finalizations of IDEAS that constrict growth. 
(11) I AM THAT I AM realizations of EXPANSION. 
...more on these BASIC descriptors here, experience builds on these vibratory opportunity waves. 

THINK about that luscious bouquet of daily Harmonics for yOurSelf in the Collective Time Games and bring Private participatory oppotunity cycles closer to utilization.  "Things" may seem "hard", but that is only a perspective that will shift by tomorrow's (5), and further in March's Collective (5)... 
The "pace" of Expansion is definitely picking up...but so is the REFLECTIVE testing platform of FOCUS skills, as Multi-Dimensional Creator Beings. (MDCB)

iF I/YOU/WE werent' ready to DO this, it wouldnt be on the current circuits of Vibratory options.  
All dis-chord in View is yOURS.  All scheming and devisiveness is yOURS

FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS on that which YOU are DOING in all of the activity before you today, WITH  Heart directives leading.

The (9) entreats Us to Forgive the lessons of Self-DENIAL and re-consider alternatives with more surity of Balance and in View of the small bits of liberty WithIN taken as a Coillective Whole.

 YES!  Events and situations are unraveling, and rewinding into someThing new all at the same Time, and All is In the direction of eventual Peace... (2030, and beyond.
Frustration, anger, and impatience serve momentarily to Inspire the desire to BE In FLOW, but retalliations and revenge are soon SEEN as infantile and unacceptable in yOur Time Games. 

FLOW WILL come to those who stand in Peaceful Honor, and In Equity for All. 
It is Universal Law, and yOur Frequency (matter-s ).  

There is NOT Time.
The Perception of linear is a vibratory construct of IDEAS to Play with in sensorial Presence.  LOVE yOur Body today, and those "bodies" of Time that represent the Time Envoronment such as OtherSelves, Planets, and Other Dimensional interlopers who test our mettle and FOCUS IN Self-Respnse-ability.

The Next level of the Game is about to launch as March gets closer in the EXamination platform of Time.  Clear out as much as possible when (9)'s are around, so that there are less items on the dashboard to (hit you in the face) when you accelerate yOur INtentional Presence Participations. 
This is an ONGOING process of Clearing through All of 2018- and through 2029...

THANK YOU for Your FOCUS and Participation in the Expansion for All--

I AM. 


2018(11) = 2/8/11 = 21:(3)

KEYWORDS: Joyful SELF Expression; 
Via Speaking, Writing, Singing, Acting, Poetry, and conversations of HIGH Frequency experiences and findings, realizations, and any New Perspectives which Excite and Activate a Determined Alignment with Expansion IN Balance, and with Optimism. 

All Things examined in this day cycle bring a louder Voice to preferences and promoted from WithIN a Heart seeking Universal Love.... 
A Heart that is Seeking to stabilize the Collective IDEA of Peace, In Equity- AS a Self-Directed Time adventure Participant.  

The Frequency soup is a blend of bouncing (2's), (1's ) and (8's) that indicate an active interchange between Self and Others on the topic of Co-Creative Practices and acceptable protocols of particular Private and Collective IDEAS of be-hav-ior, and a coordination of the Participants Involved.  

this is a Cosmic soup blending action with an emphasis of coming to See the deeper Purpose of some items on the table for discussion. 
The (11) is going to bump Perspective of the Collective UP a bit in EACH daily frequency cycle.  Process is the general IDEA constructed in a savory Play of choices.  
The opportunities to CHOOSE With Heart, AS Creator BEing, is Ever present.  

There Will BE a stepping up of INternal Pro-claimations and  De-clarations in the minglings that bring an ACTIVE decision regarding SELF Control and a new direction of preferred activities, by the last phase of this day cycl and through tomorrows (4) cycle.
If you are THINKING "LACK", that is EXACTLY what you will "get" in the Mirror experience- a plenty. 

The checklist of more expanded and Collectively Allowable parameters will begin to form after 2 pm, and the activities in the Mirror will become more materially focused through all of tomorrow's 2/18/2018's (4) Collective day cycle.

Within a Collective (4) Month cycle, and heading into a collective (5) monthly cycle, you can expect that there will be a WILD rearrangements of Resources and materials, AND Personnel changes made in each participants Self-Reflective Time Games, and in the Collective "arena". 
This month All are "cleaning house" and the DATA Flow is feeding the gumption and KNOWLEDGE to DO so. ANY contracts of agreement, tacit, or otherwise MUST come up for re-view, and the most crucial for immediate and decisive clearings will come along with the EVEN numbered frequency cycles 2,4, 6, and, 8.

As this (3) day cycle of Expression resolves, consider tomorrow's 18= (9)/ (4) day....., so- Whatever, or, Whom-ever you are trading out to Allow for more preferential Experiences, Do so with Compassion, and Gratitude.  

NONE of the Time Reality experience HAS to be about resentment, frustration, impatience, lack, struggle, ANY MORE. 
IF you are experiencing, YOU have Created (IT) by setting a be-lief parameter (Neuron attachment) and FEEDING it with the SAME futile responses.  
ALL of that is voluntary at this point in the Collective Expansion, and MANY MANY more companions in the Mirror Games are coming around to Self-Creative Self-REsponsibility. 
When there is a comprehension of THAT vibratory IDEA, there is a gliding of All That IS, (11= I AM THAT I AM.), and such of Lack and Victimization are readily dissolving.  
No memorial services necessary.  

Be prepared to dispatch your PREFERENCES in all expressions this day cycle, with Clear and Calm Authenticity, PRACTICING a Presence of Peace and Equity.  
Methodical sifting through Data, and the materials at hand can FEEL fulfilling, even it the day's activites were not the equivalent of tilling a field behind a horse.  There is a satisfaction in the process of the founding of moe Self-Creative stability. 

No-Thing HAS to be ARDUOUS.
Perception controls the Experience. 

If you are reading this Now- You KNOW this.... SO Do your "Thing" to practice Your Balance. 

This interview describes the context of the Vibrational relational Perspective that are Now to BEgin to INclude a Vibrational History of a Collective Humanity's Participation in the Games of a Collective Frequency Platfom of consciousness Expansion.  

Whether you "like" Bashar, or, not- the DATA in the questions asked in this interview can help to circumvent further confusion of a Universal Collective IDEA engaging- AS Source, at Play with Self.   
I think that it's worth a listen (from the comfort of your own tub, maybe) with OBJECTIVE ears, and a Peaceful Heart, in consideration of such a Self-Inquisitive point in a Collective Human Evolution.    

There is no RUSHING our Growth, and whatever you are DOing right NOW is good enough to See the "project" to fruition, and In Perfection.  Learn to Be Patient with Self and Others in your Game with you.... 

Thank You for Your FOCUS and Participation in the Expansion for All.  

I AM. 



                                                             2-16-2018 = 2/7/11= (11)

KEYWORDS: Illumination, IN-sight, Visions, INtuition, Epiphany's, Illucidations, Awakening, Translating Vibrational Opportunities.

HIGH FREQUENCY Opportunities ring !  

RIDE the Wave with INtegrity....
today, rewards are HIGH, and super-EXPANSIVE.....
ACTIVATIONS begun last summer and especially FELT in the last 48 hours are to accelerate Self-Authoritative Alignment withIn each moment of Interactive Presence. 
The Vision Head of the Collective makes quiet, INternal decisions and blows OPEN the doors of Perceptions of (Preferable) HARMONIC Possibilities...

 [Reflective imagery and Translating]
IN-Coming High-level communications bring visual imagery for deeper clarity of intentions of all projects (projections) and participants in question.   These visual cues and "symbols" in the immediate holographic playground can be manipulated with more confidence when this frequency's ideal is upheld, and utilized for INclusive Ideals. 

Translating the images into Uplifting Insights and conversations are  a vital part of the experience of this frequency's Gift.  New perspectives and beliefs enter the physical manifestation assembly processes and include Illuminations/Insights/Inspiration containing the Ease and Flow direction of opportunities, and solutions for things that you could think your way out of previously.  

In this frequency, manifestation is quite speedy.  Words- LOVING and ALLOWING words, are the grease on the Joyride.  All judgment will be like looking into the Mirror at your OWN Self as same.  So, just LOVE NOW and move into the power of the High-road - Eleven brings a choice between 2 high ideals.  Always intend to do the right thing for ALL participants makes a big difference to the lives of others when we just cut to the bottom line and side step trauma and drama of conflict and denial. 

A sub-Elemental (7) floats THOUGHTFUL BALANCE (6) withIn IDEAS of Self is sought, and found, in the INstructions that are whispered in the Wind.  
(6) frequency is still playing in the "Fields" of the Collective Time experience, and that which was gathered in yesterday's cycle are expounded upon today in subtle or abrubt change of "plans", and Heart. The Collective month (4) will actually keep things "on task" regarding walking the paces of Expansion with a logical process of clearing, prepping a New Time foundational premise of PRESENCE as Creator, Now. 

All Multi-Dimensional "Tech" is humming in this cycle--- USE IT WISELY, and in Service of Expansion.  Any shifty-shady maneuvers will not float because All ( I's) are open and sensing Truth.  So just BE the Truth, and let the opportunities and material particles land appropriate to New Time alignments of High Frequency Visions/ 
New INsights of which you may have not see before, or which may still be undefinable in the early phase of the cycle - but will clear up quickly.   

Lower Frequency Vision will seem trite and pointless when such Elevated vibrational prospects slide into View during mid-phase of the day.  Attempting to participate in outgrown, and limiting, Time games will fall FAR short of any advancement of manifestational projections, and fall apart, be exposed, and backfire with the same amount of Intensity applied to DECEPTIONS.  

ENERGETICALLY speaking The GOOD GUY, in All, are up at bat today.... 
In All things, BE the "ball" and smack it out of the park by merely BEing in Presence, with calm and Balanced interactions with OtherSelves. 
In this cycle of immense opportunity for advancement in Private Expansion desires and experiences, in- and BEYOND Time. 

Conversations with Higher Self, and compansions in the Expansion will be clear.  You aren't crazy-- you're LISTENING, and taking it All in for digestion and decision.  
As Ever, act ONLY as INspired.  Let HEART Sing loudly today.  Initiation Phase is a warm up, mid-phase is INtegrative, and resolution phase presents a set up for the Next wave of opportunities to Flow in a Standing of Peace, in Equity.  
Items of habitual stagnation that are directly attached to limiting Be-liefs will present  for clearing--- BE the Creator- and let the Expansion in to change things Up for yOur benefit AND amusement.  

Today, CAN feel like a drive on the Autobahn, as opposed to go-round in circles AGAIN a go-cart track... things may APPEAR to be going by fast, but expanded perception/View makes the ride MUCH more fun and participatory with All Elements in the experience.  YOU are the EXpert driver of Your Time Adventure-  All Ways.  

YOU are the EXpert  driver in the Collective Time Game, today, is a High-speed adventure and quick arrival at a new "place" of Self Awareness InPowerment.  

BE the Love. 

THANK YOU for Your Focus and Participation in the Expansive FUN with Me!  

I AM. 



2-15-2018 = 2-6-11= 10= (1) 

Keywords: I AM; Beginnings, initiations, planning, imagining, Self Creative IDEAS

New IDEAS and plans regarding Balance come in from unexpected sources.   The (6) indicates a window to take Time to Self Care, to reconsider boundary lines withIn Self and in the company of Others; sudden Inspiration regarding domestic issues, home, Health, relationships lift with a welcomed breeze of change in small steps today, but as tomorrow's (11) floats in by the latter half of this cycle, simple revisions can bloom into something much more profoundly expansive and expose deeper desires and methods for clearing out inhibiting beliefs and behaviors in
cooperation with the collective month cycle (4) intention to refound pet projects and focus topics. 

This mid-phase of integration and productivity seems "busier" mentally and physcially, but the deeper reqirement for Upliftment and satisfaction is found INternally. 
SELF focus is a priority today, even if Others are in the vicinity, demanding attention.  Harmonious negotiations are possible when making changes- be gentle.  

Thank You for Your Focus and Participation in the Expansion.  


2-14-2018 (11:2)= 2-5-11:2 = (9)

Keywords: Compassion, Release, Resolution, Emotional Freedom, Gratitude, LOVE. 

All Engagements support change,  and, someThing must shift.  
Participations change or conclude because of mis-matched rules, or, objectives.  
No point in prolonging departures, but, (5) indicates it's not likely to take too long to conclude, and act, With New Inspiration.

Unexpected realizations, Seeing something from a much broader point of View; Sudden glimpses and Knowing that a change, or, departure, or, a sudden resolution that you never saw before in (a) relationship, or Collective IDEA, isn't Up to New Time Visions. 

This cycle can reflect a change of Thinking regarding HOW to coordinate Partners and activites in preferential experience objectives.  Move the "pieces" around in your head for a while.

As logical conclusions take their place, 
Gratitude and Compassion are the grease for anything that Feels like a shock, rudeness, or a an unexpected reversal, but, you kinda knew this was coming. 
This can express like an unexpected conversation that changes your mind about something, sudden insights on new options for proceeding, or deciding not to proceed at all,.... 

Change is Perceptable, can be felt the moment we make a decision, everyThing begins to move toward that choice.
The culminations of the (9) cycle are such Gifts. 

RELEASE to find RELIEF, with Gratitude. 
Release, and a path of Ease and Flow is cleared BEfore You as you Travel along In Grace.  
Others will reflect items for careful review before jumping to conclusions; Light-In-Up! Interesting, and possibly new, sensations mix it up along yOur Way, and plans, designs, projections, may change to bring in something you really need to See to POP Into Alignment regarding a Private  experience Preference "out" come.  

This is a good cycle for practicing playfulness where there may have been much Tension in tangled ideas.  Maybe just enough, in the irony of IT ALL, to break a stalemate, or, begin a breakthrough on a stubbornly held IDEA, (addiction), at last. 

Generousity matters.  (11) is going to throw a scenario out that will pop-quiz Self-REsponse-ability, and where taking the High Road is a not really an option,'s more like a demand. 

Thank You for Your Focus and Participation in the Expansion!

2-13-2018 (11:2)= 2-4- (11:) 2 = (8)

KEYWORDS:  Material Manipulation and Manifestation

The Harmonics of this Collective wave is ACTIVELY in the Mirror, putting forth INtentional, INspired, movements toward deliberate shifts and changes of things and situations that are considered to be part of the BroadView of a "situation"-- which means opportunity AND Will meet. 

BIG DAY to stir up the Parts and Particles of a Self-Created (3) Expressions in REality STRUCTURE (4,8,2), and un-Emotionally setting aside those puzzle pieces that don't quite fit.
Perhaps yOur Focus will Lie into the Mirror, seeking Self-reflection in approval of some sort.  That never really Feels good for very long..there is a need fo anOther's approval to satisfy the Self-Denial program story still running in the background. 
This cycle can reflect and reveal Addictive specifics of dis-Ease, and dis-Allusionment, and some ready options for REMEDY. 
This cycle is FULL of EVEN Frequency Numbers, which indicates that much of the External EXchanges will be in a Cycle of PRACTICE of SELF-regulation, by CHOICE, and RE-Newed Purpose and INtention of any Collective engagements and fascinations --
  TRY to Be Clear....
Make a list.....
If any iutem on the List begins with:"I dont' want..."  STOP ! and 
RE-PHRASE, RE-FRAME, RE-NAME- (IT) to meet the 
RE-Quirements of That which You PREFER, only. 
Without becoming grouchy, preferably, ...?

Speak of That Which You Prefer , ONLY.  
LOOK FOR That Which You Prefer, ONLY. 
ALLOW That Which You Prefer, ONLY.

THAT is the PRACTICE of BEing IN the UpGraded Version of Reality that you SAY You want; there is not evidence to the contrary. 

EXPECT physical changes and another "list" of Priority, Time-related, tasks are "tried out",and rearranged, and maybe even rearranged again for the next 6 weeks-ish.   
The (11) adds a layer of Vibrational stimulation that ASSISTS in the CHOOSING of That which Emotionally feels best for YOU, and prefer, Privately, as a THE directing Force of any Collective engagements BeFore You

There is a phrase in Mind: Calm your Liver. 

Frustration woth Self and Other reflections in the Mirror provoke preferences, and the "rationale" for Focus. 

Take on the Tasks of designing and "tooling" the Creative "workbench" for leads in the Next logical step, for You. 
Be bold with BALANCE.  Stead-fast in Focus. 
Use your Body/Hands to manipulate some pieces INto place, and ALLOW other Perspectives of Everything working out in Perfection, for All, to dovetail with Ease in Flow. 
If those bits FEEL and are BEyond yOur "control",  there are REASONS for perceptions of "lack", or, lack at the "hand" of Other, it's Time to dig in and get a grip on IDENTITY, asap. 

Perceptions of structures of Time and Space are reorganizing, and it isn't "punishment" when certain evvolving IDEA platforms dissolve.  
(4) and (8) can be all about learning to "keep busy" In DOing the right thing, with less than you Thought you "needed". 
REpeating the same thing over and over, in your Mind, are the Building blocks of manifesting it Vibrationally right TO you.  
So get off the [victim train], for best Effect and to Begin to clean up yOur Time Game "messes. 

Interactions in today's cycle will give way to the REleases of tomorrow's (9), when IDEAS that are - clearly- outlived, are relaxed, and dissove from the Mirror Experience for a step of Expansion. 

A large "layer" of CLARITY It IS coming for the Collective SELF Expansion, this (11:2) year.  
February (4) Global Month frequency is all about "hands on" approaches to any project-ion of fascination.  

Happily, Mind yOur business- Privately, and learn how to better "manage" yOur own Public/Collective en-gage-ments by observing your Own OCD tendencies, be assured that the Ideas and Behaviors that support them, that aren't fitting In to yOur New objectives are able to be neutralized, dismantled, dismissed from the environment. 

Those IDEAS of New Reality Preferences that DO fit into the structural design and process are sharpened and clarified as  March's (5) frequency wave of Excitement begins to bloom towards the end of the INtegrative 2nd Phase of February.
the last week of this month will bring more evidence of more CHANGE coming. 

This month, FOCUS on getting "organized", clean "out", and restructure old IDEAS to blend more smoothly as New IDEAS continue to come Into View through 2018's (11:2)... 

I AM.  (1)
I AM THAT I AM. (11:2)
I MANIFEST At Will. (8)

Thank You for Your Focus and Participation in the Time Games of Expansion, with Me--


2-12--2018 (11:2) = (7)  

KEYWORDS: Introspection, Analysis, RE-View, Study/RESearch. 

(7) indicates A Time to sudy, introspect, analyze, contemplate the Current "status" of Perception and to make some distintions between that which is PREFFERRED, and that which is ALLOWED, by default, into each Participants Time experience- which IS the "substance" of the Collective REality IDEA.  
INterchanges Flow from many "directions" of Value. 
You may be committed to Trip out into the Collective to day to Play but,  
Not everyOne Will BE ready to Hear or See yOur brand of "crazy/different/stimulation/provocation in yOur Private Ingagements, if YOU aren't.  

Oh, YES. 
ENERGETICALLY, ....The Buck STOPS (here), Now, for ALLOWING the offense of Double Standards 

The opportunity to REView of that which came before, that which is Percived NOW, and, then - 
"Where" the Collective Time Game OBJECTIVE is to go Next, lies in the literal "hands" and Harmoniously Tuned, Private NOW Of  (I AM) Momentum of Focus is on the top of Mind for the purveyance of more BALANCED re-sponses.  
Mix in all of the (2) frequency and you have a HOT TOPIC day up for discussions and deeper EXaminations of the "alleged" DATA at hand, vs  Heart-Lifing INtuitive INsights, in comparison.  

DO (TAKE) more Thoughtful considerations in FINER-MATTERED IDEAs, and Utilizing more UP-lifting/Expansive and SELF-EMPOWERING, FOCUSED lines of reSearch reSources for the re-Form-ations withIN a (4 Collective month cycle).
 SELF-IDENTIFYING pro-jections are de-taching and RE-attaching ACTIVELY for the Flow in 2018 (11:) cycle.
(4), (8): Material ReSources AT Hand, vs MATERIAL MASTERY, IN HAND. 
YOU SEE the difference, Now- or, do You not? 

Today, there is a Private and Collective SORTING OF IDEAS/Rules by which we WILL or Will-Not agree to. 
The Selections are a Flowing, Vibrational menu of CHOICES, BE-Fore You In each Private moment of PARTICIPATION. 

Chatter in the REflective feedback of Self AS Collective  Today, emphasizes the differences so that RE-Solustions for Expansion cna Now make their apprearances into the collective Game.  Havens of Release can come by Ways of Joy, more easily.

With (7) and (11), Private Preferences Translate alot smoother into COLLECTIVE PRE-ponderances, and the PRE-PAVING of IMAGINATION.  

There is  DIALOG running in the sub-frequencies that there will be Others in yOur Face , as provocoteurs.  WHAT they poke for You will become evident and then-- you CAN commit to (more of "That"), by dwelling Peacefully in that IDEA as yOur POINT of MANIFESTATIONAL Power (8).  

Also, (4) IDEAS that you "hold" are stabilized, and can be "locked down" if F.E.A.R chatter is Intertained. 
What DO YOU  BE-lieve will happen if you DO, or, DON'T DO that OCD THOUGHT Thing for (x) many (Minutes?). 

 New IDEAS of Self-Athored LifeStyle can be re-Founded in DEEPER, more SElf-Creative by SECURING the DATA that says: 
I AM The VALUE,  THE Author-ity of my Own Time reality "con-struct".  
BE The Love. 

There MAY come some noticings of IDEAS of BEings that DO NOT exemplify ANY inter-connectivity with HEART. 
SO, don't INvite them, Vibrationally. 

The "warring Nature" of (4), (8) together is an Extreme expression of iDEAS of Self-Denial.  
Military "needs" are of the reality that be-ieve that supports IDEAS of Domination. 
Attempts to rationale-ize a Collective reINforcement of the DISSOLVING IDEAS of enFORCEment of CONSTRICTION, to temper Spirtual Evolution, begin to weaken, in Standing.
But, this cycle indicates possible attempts to use bang-flash rattling of the fears in Private "closets".  

Try to remember, for all of 2018, INter-Dimensional skills are turning on --- Ignitions of telepathics, Tele-port-ation, mixed into a Collective "check-IN" before commiting to some Energetic "whoop-ass".  

RE-member That the Mirror reality swings as EXTREME as your Prefences and Fears, and the "rules" that Uphold them, become provocative- , for Fun, or, not. 

STAND UP.  CALL OUT FOR, and CHOOSE the Sensations of yOur PRFERRED path of Experience. 
Expect urges to RE-Organize, and plan in broadstrokes that are traced back to one IDEA of Construct , or several.
Also plan to continue sorting until the end of April.  
Keep yOur Emotional (I AM) at the ready.  
Energetic foot-stomp has BEen DONE.  

GET yOurSelf busy With Heart INSpired act-ions that fortify INtentional manifestations of PREFERENCE established as a NROM by assisting in the sorting of Self DEcption and the Self Denial of Victim-ization. 
Finer- Mattered IDEAs (Think of 11 as a Nuclear Jump IN Perception) of SELF and the REality of ABSOLUTE SELF-REsponse-ability
ASK ToBE Participating in FINER-MATTERED Collective IDEAS. The High-Road options of All Master Number frequency Waves. NOT Martyrdom, SElf-REsponsibilty. 

(2), (4), (6), and (8) represent opportunities to INter-Act with linear Perspective Parameters into Private Mirror/Time Games;

A COLLECTIVE Harmonics Gathers In PROJECTION of INtentions "out" as a Vibrational reality, of a (Magnetized IDEA); Consciously INitating INter-Dimensional Practice Games, as an ASPECT of a Pro-ductively Co-Ordinated Collective Mind-Game, which is CO-Created from very INtimate and Private Perceptions and Participations, by EACH and EVERY INterloper "around" "You".  

You KNOW the FEELINGS, INside, that means "be afraid" or "Oh! GOODIE!!", and you ALSO Know from which IDEA folder IN-Side yOurSELF,  that branch/bunch of  EXperiential DATA constructed the "rules" that form Neuron attachments.  
ELECTRICAL pulses that trigger the Brain to EXcite certain Hormonal/Physical re-sponse ACTIVITIES.
Preferable IDEAS can be "planted" and CAN Be re-cognized as Will, and in Flow.  
"things" move "around" in a Way you never considered preview-ously, but Now are QUITE InLivened by. More "surprises" Flow through 2018.  

If YOU THINK that All of this commissions about MONEY, and that yOur VALUE is so limited, ..well, then - "There" You GO, so, get some coordination Flowing With yOur Companions in Flow.

Those Who read this, publicly, have FELT the Pulse, PRIVATELY.

and, I SEE YOU, NOW. 
IN Love,  I AM. 

THANK YOU All for Your FOCUS and PARTICIPATION, With HEART in the Joy-full Expansion, With (Me)... I AM. 



2-11-2018 (11:2) = 2/11:2 /11:2 = 24:(6) 


A VAST  arrays of Data FLOODS Collective engagements for a purView of the Beauty and Purpose of the rediculous AND the sublime.

(6) KEYWORDS: LOVE, BALANCE, Self-Responsibility in All Relations.  

 New Time frequency bring on surreal adventures and interactions which Flow with plenty of interactive chatter into the Mirror on the Foundations of RELATIONSHIP/ Relative to patterns of relational dis-ease, or Harmonious Flow.  

 (11:2) Illuminations are ACTIVELY stimulating a sometimes rude awakening that leads to the Next Expansion, a RE-Birthing PUSH.
 You get to check IN with Heart. 
DO You Stand in Honor? (11:2), x2 ! 
DO you InVision yOurSelf As a Reflection of Love (6) and Peace (2), IN Equity (4)? 
Find the where-with-All to BE where you BE, and make the necessary adjustments in Perspective to FEEL that Which Is Harmonious With Heart.   (11:2) HIGHLY suggests digging IN on this daily Mastery Skills practice opportunity, to smooth IN That Which is PREFERRED. 

If there was EVER a Day to Stand in Authenticity, with Gentle Balance by choice, this would be one of the most Supreme opportunity windows for DOing So.  
The REWARDS for Minding yOur own Presence with Emotional Self-Control as the IGNITION switch, BEfore anyThing is magnetized into manifestation, are farther "reaching" into the Next Ideal on yOur plate of Time Stuff.  

This combination of Frequencies is the "request hot-line" for Allowing the immediate and UNinhibited Flow of yOur INfinite Value, to come TO, in Joyful Ease from ANY direction.  
LET the Gifts of Grace and Balance settle IN to yOur Perceptions and Participations of the Collective Mirror reality. 
What DO you REALLY want? 
Balance and Peace IN yOur Realtionships may be "wished" for, but, ARE You/WE READY to Stand, and Walk the Talk, in full Self-Responsibility In EACH of these wishes?  

Pause in this Great step of SELF-Alignment, in Perfection; 
Mediate the "DATA" INternally, THEN, Gracefully share "out" New Re-solutions to Practice Self-Creative Balance with effortless Lightning speed. 

Just re-member- That Which is Emotionalized, is CREATED. 
In the unveiling of the sea of Emotional CHOICES, 
"where" You gonna be swimming today, or any day , for that Mattter? 

Activated (4) and (8) frequencies in this mix brings determinations; give any CHANGES that you have been considering the go-ahead, but ONLY after reviewing it with a FAIR and Equitible (I/Eye).
(11) Visuals continue to assist in the Creative Flow and grants "access" to Absolute reSources.  There are two (11's) bouncing LOUDLY today in the bouquet of frequencies for All. 
 and the Time materials for expedient and Equitable interchanges with Others on: IDEA Structures, rules, Allowance/Resistance, maintenance of UpGraded Intentional Focus. 

I/You/We Play, and Practice with a Reflective reality, which is a reflection of the which is EXPECTED.  For Happy, or, not.  

All of the (2's) Dancing multiples, indicate opportunities to Harmonize with the Morphogenic Field of Time Perception, 
on Elevated Frequency Patterns.  

This really ISN'T Kansas anymore. 

The (11) IMAGE IS: " I AM An Other yOurSELF". 

(2) AND (6) frequency opportunities are Externalized, Transitional cycles that Nurture Things- like yOur favorite IDEAS. 
Especially LOVE In Balanced Reflection kind of ideas. 

(4) HOW, and WHY You IDENTIFY in ALL of yOur REFLECTED Relations is Mattering much.  Demanding, clinging, control insecurities, feel really pinchy.  
There are some aspects of Self that may still like that kind of stuff, but not for very much "longer", regarding Collective reflections of the I AM THAT I AM games, in Time.
Expect important and decisive Relationship rearrangements to made, in Heart and then in deed, as Inspired.  This daily cycle will bring it to Mind, for sure, and Will unfold, in Perfection thereafter.

The Time frequency, as Translated from an AGREED UPON Perceptual Lens of Time in Linear View, the collective is beginning to take IN, the immense shift of "rules" for holding a "construct" of Beliefs.  (8) brings on the gumption to mess around with the reality-creating skills, and Play with some of yOur long-standing IDEAS of Reality, and All that THAT means.  

Accepting, and BALANCING,  strands of Polaraized Judgements and rules that attempt to inhibit what IS, 
Natural gradation AND  preference sorting is Becoming more Self-Directed, and Vibrationally tangible; and much less based on infantile Thing fetishes. 
This Includes the IDEA of Time, as well. 
The UGLIES can come out if the Baby is provoked much.  
Go Easy.  Let the Frequencies lead, just above yOur relaxed Bellies of Self-Creative Surety. 

ALL that is Percieved to be classified as "life", is anything that RESPIRATES, in some fashion.

THINK INfinity symbol, the Frequency symbol (8) when stepping Up Into Self Response-ability, with Dynamic Balance in Action. 

..............also refer to Header jpg image, above. 

The Ease and Flow of (IT) is in the interspersed wafts of FEELING RE-New-d BALANCE yOur Highest JOYS.  
Take note of those too short Cosmic View orgasms.  

If you are scrambling to deny, hold off, hide, or otherwise obscure ANY aspect of yOur ?Full authenticity, there will be a poke of some sort.  Take it like "a Master, In Practice"...
With (11), Visualization is a more Direct KEY.   Meditative Focus, Kundalini, are exercises in operating the Internal technology that IS the Glory of Eternal Essence. 
Try to re-member WHO You (are).  
PREPARE to Commit. 

With Master Numbers pushing the envelope of the Energetic POSSIBILITIES and PROBABLILITIES, the whole "Vision" is WIDEN, and UpGraded.  Contrast and the IDEA of CHOICE, represents psycho-Spiritual stimulators to hammer out the Details of Mastering Multi-dimensional Creativity.  

You can check Your Private Frequency patterns to learn Your Super Powers for yourSelf . HERE, or,..
To contact me, Privately, for assistance:, 
and on FB page: The Empress Of Time

The FIRST Thing that we Know,  for sure, is- 
Everything is Flowing in Perfection, As Ever. 
2018 Colllective Mastery Ojectives...

I AM. (1)
I AM THAT I AM (11)/
(2) I AM *the Reflection of  ALL I AM. 

(8) Manifestational Mastery: I AM THE VALUE.  

These Harmonics are a Portal for Intentional implementation of That Which YOU PREFER to manifest into the Sensorial-Time games you Play, and an Energetic foot-stomp that declares you are taking back ADMINISTRATIVE and OPERATIONAL Author-ity of yOur Time Adventures, Multi-dimensionally. 
Energetic lines continue to be drawn more CLEARLY, and practically thu 2020.  There is NOT "rush", only the sensation of. 

ALL IS, In Perfection- Now, whether you Think So, or, not... not, is Perfect, too, no worries. 

NOW, ...
ALLOW yOurSelf to HAVE IT, and go have a nice walk, or something Love-ly, while the Vortex brings yOur Images TO Life.  Act ONLY as Inspired,, and AFTER reViewing the "stories" in View with Compassion and Fairness for All.  

THANK YOU For yOur FOCUS and Participations in the Expansion with HEART. 



2-10-2018 (11:2) = (5)

1's and 5's bring the Focus current Inward.  Interactions and conversations lean in the direction of community and Upliftment.  Unexpected events stimulate a new View of the benefits of pooling talents toward a Harmonious intention.  (11) helps to keep everyone Honest.  Any slips of Consciousness while sitting in a position of Power is rectified swiftly.  
Try to remember that TELEPATHY has increased in All, and some already Know how to play with that toy, confidently. 
Others, who may not be so practiced, can STILL See what's going on and will learn to catch on to managing the expansion of Multi-dimensional skills pretty quickly as the (11) annual cycle progresses. 

Have fun with the quicker pace of information Flowing past for the choosing ONLY of that which is preferable.  Enticing invitations may come unsolicited, and unexpected.  Exotic curiosities can lead to unexpected discoveries.  A little Risk is always a part of (5) frequency experiences.  Take it... surprise expansions await.  

 If Collaborative efforts have felt stalled, things can proceed, with unexpected results.  There will be noticable movement in the flow of communications that carry the threads of partnerships, and group projects to the Next step.  Feedback can be unexpectedly constructive, and the urge to pitch in, or, Participate more fully with Heart (commit), is developing through an interesting little detour in "the plan". 
STAND UP; Stay OPEN for suggestions.  


2-9-2018 = 11 + 11= 22:4

Best to begin with review of the base frequency gifts and talents of (4), (9), and (11) (22) Frequency waves, and the Mastery Objectives and challenges in them... 

Keywords: work, order, constructs, RE-aclimation to IDEAS, details, plans/ designs, managing, and INteligently useing the resources AT HAND, establishing structural appropriateness of a new foundation of Self-Creative reality Perception, Artisanship, Creative skill and Craftmenship, engineering, sculpting with the Things that Create Time reality a FUN project, and sorting out the pragmatics for stabilizing the Next IDEA to Play with as an Aspect of a Collective  "All" in Flow.

(22) indicates wide Perceptual opportunities of the (2) frequency MASTERY objective to Unite, Co-Create with the All In balanced Partnership- 2= I AM AnOhter yOurSELF. 

This current Frequency cycle HARMONICS assist the Observer/Participant to put a LOGICAL stamp of approval, or, dis-approval, on COLLECTIVE agreements, contracts, blue-prints, IDEAS- and the reSources of  those, which are up on the sorting table to stay, or go. 
So, let's examine what "resources means- :
The Perceptual "arena" of Time, and Space; the exploration of All IDEAS of Physicality in "Things" Created, used, and released in Natural Evolutionary Flow of Cosmic Expansion.  

While the long-term (11) annuaml Collective cycle holds the Visionary "space" open, the (22) is an ENERGETIC Foot-stomp. 
And, a LOUD one, that reverbs Into the Mirror as a MAJOR pulse for rectification, stability, FOR ALL.  

Today's (9) assists in the Release-mode emphasis in an EXPANDED Perception of Self Compassion, Forgiveness, and Acceptance of All, in Flow. 
Details of the Collective REsource pool of Creativity can Be more gently be examined and sorted with Heart, and this is a nice frequency "save" in this very dynamic 11/22:4/4  frequency of some major Harmonics in Play in the Reflective Time experience.
(9) will help make some long-sought conclusions and decisions happen, whether you want to, or Not, on a conscious level. 
But, once tipped, then definitively shift opinions/Perceptions,-which then INspires Hearted action and activities on behalf of That Which YOU PREFER which you WANT to take it's "seat" in New Neuron attachments. 

Along with these Releases, and IDEAS that are shifting Perspective, are the Private habits that support their foundational experiences.  

IDENTITY/Behavioural ADDICTIONS are surfacing for review, and Self-Administrative options to adjust the trejectory of habitual choices are going to be available for All, as Ever. 

These can seem exaggerated in the Collective Mirror stories, to get your attention- and can appear as the reflection of GROSS imbalance in Social Systems and Collective (intention) Institutions that you just can't tolerate anymore.  
HOW do these "ex-ternal " stories reflect yOur Private issues of imbalance, and illogical IDENTITY Belief patterns?  
The attachments reflect in the having of the same limpy, ineffectual experiences- over and over, again. 
And, AREN'T WE BORED, Now?   

This is a day to get off at least one or two limping IDEAS of false IDENTITY, and your CONSENT, by Participation- Known and UNknown.  
SEE: Dr. Joe Dispenza's work on YouTube and his website. 

In short: Establish new rules and guidelines for yOurSelf, with Self Authority and compassion for yOur part in the the process of establishing a New Balance in Participation.  Be gentle with Self and Others when something comes forward that CLEARLY must be adjusted, Now.  

Since the (22) represents IDEAS of Collective Games and their "structure", Gentility must be exercised in the solutions and new "designs" for implementing the High-Road Perspective CHOICES of the Collective  (11) MASTER Class in effect. 

ALL IS In Perfection, NOW, as Ever. 
SHARE UPlifting solutions and options that are INCLUSIVE, and of an Organic-logic toward yOur I AM Perspective, in Balance.
Private perceptions become a little more steamlined today.  
Disturbing distractions, as a HABITUAL focus, are nipped and pruned.  
Ongoing Thought patterns of IDEAS of "inhibitions" of LIFE, in Collective and Private definitions, are  dissolving FAST. 

Make notes, doodle, outlines, and DECLARATIONS, and re-design Private Participation objectives, and seek to work with the Materials at hand, in the Moment. 
No worries, any Perceptual and reflective obstructions are to be removed in a logical sequence as this annual frequency flows it's Magic.  
March's approach brings a broadened Perspective of unexpected solutions and options Into View.   

Self- Creatived REality experience shifts as easily as: 
SEE, BE, and DO, ONLY as Inspired.  

Your MIGHTY Perspective IS the Only "thing" that you are in control of; and yOur CONSENT on certain topics and issues is on the block for enhancing, or DELETING from the Vibratory/Focus equation.  
IF IT DOESN'T FEEL GOOD... all the Way down to your toes... then 
STOP telling that story!!! - today is a potent day for fortifying ANYTHING that You BELIEVE.
Put yOur BEST Intentions, for All,  "OUT THERE" In declarative statements.  No worries,.... ANY fear based reactvity - like using violence to FORCE anything will hurt like hell to the perps.
If that happens to you- FEEL it, and LEARN from the feedback data.   

SPEAK with Authentic Author-ity in all stories and Things today with Grace-full GRATITUDE for All experiences, and Others- otherwise, constriction and the dis-comfort that brings with it becomes very REAL for YOU.  

THANK YOU for Your Focus and Participation in the Expsion Games With Me!  



2-8-2018 = (3) Global Day

(4) Global Month

Through this cycle, activities involving Others are highlighted, and communications of Internal View is a priority.  (3) is the Frequency opportunity to tune our Expressions, especially VERBAL. 

Speaking of Collective hot-topics can take on a militant tone if Ego is left unchecked.  It's ok to want what you want, Collectively and Privately, but jamming it down someone elses' throat is not. 

Gestating projects are in "management" meetings, literally and in your own head.  Make sure that Heart has the Seat of Honor when engaging, or the effect will be bullying, abrupt, and harsh.

Since the (3) also represents, Joyful Self Expressions...this frequency CAN soften the Translation of aadministrative moves, but there is a Collective quorum to discus AND sort things out for All-- LIKE A BOSS. 

The first layer of this Gaggle today, is standing Honor and Respect. Otherwise you have nothing to add to the table.  Participations of Upliftment WILL make headway, and may be done less quietly;  and, if immature, those intended for shadowy fearful ideals may actually make some noise, but the (3) diffuses affect, and it will LOOK like stupidity, and mismanagement, that everyOne will notice. 
(3) makes a little "space" for an Expression to float in the Air for just long enough that all within it can be detected and heard, by All. 

A fine day for a collective Intention to be spoken outloud, or, Organic declarations to be recorded and filed into Public, or any Expression (3) of Self-administrative determination (8) of a
Collective/Co-Creative issue, project, concensus, partnership, group, (2); 
with additional focus and interest to continue to sort through details and demands of protocol, design, processes, tools and resources (including Time/Space), of reality structures and that which support them, in this collective (4) month
All of this to pull off a layer of Reality to expose that which is more INtelligent, and Far reaching, regarding Collaborative Focus Into a Plasmic Playground. 

Apply this stream of discriptions to both the collective Games and to the private games you are playing in, and viewing or reading about- ESPECIALLY if you are not doing the vetting on the data for yourSelf...
That is where most wanderers get hung up and spun back around into fear stories.

With (11) frequency wave cycle, there is so MUCH New Data flowing. But, then again, there is also Great POTENTIAL and Possibility in the Expanded Perspectives it demands we See.  
(8) Keywords: Material Manifestation and Manipulation. 

With (8), solid and deep decisions stimulate dynamic activites to Create and RE-Create, untill it's Balanced and then is outgrown.  
Other Players and "personnel" in the Time Games will come and go in an (8) cycle.  Greater material/physical shifts occur, and "larger" catagories of "resources" are addressed: environment, "people/en-mass", Value exchange, Institutional administrations, and CONTROL over the "dominion" kind of IDEAS. 

(8) is a "military" frequency, and where they operate primarily; (8) along with 4 is the cherry on top for correcting and fortifying an Ideal, and taking authority in the execution of the "system". 

(8) is also the point where you make decisions about pushing Dreams forward and preparing for the last releases (9) of out-worn IDEAS, items, people, and etc. in order to set to Right the Next platform of engagement.  The (11:2) stabilizes the motions into the Mirror in the form of inter-action, re-action, High Frequency opportunities utilized to best advantage, or , dealt with directly if Self-Responsibility, and Respectful boundary lines are crossed and abused. 

Watch your WORDS, Play nice with Others, and have fun rearranging the scnenery in Self-Creative Expressions of Full I AM authority. 

Thank You for Your Focus and Participation in the Expansion With Me! 



2-6-2018 (11:2) = 
19/10/  (1)....


2/7/2018 = (11:2)....

this is a 2-day cycle Translation....
it wouldn't shut "off" till BOTH days were connected and EMPHASIZED as  A POTENT IN-FLOW OF INFINITE POSSIBILITY....

The ONES will have Us workin' it  and flexing those PREFERENCE muscles... 

The releases begun in the last daily cycle(9) will continue through the productive cycle of this (1) collective day cycle.

As ONE Frequency blares it's Gifts and Talents in the FORM of opportunities to CHOOSE someThing that FEELS BETTER,
You can BET your bonnet that the root of whatever is still hanging around is YOURS.
It's an IDEA that you are stuck on--- a neuron is STUCK in the Bio-Electric MEDIATION platform of Mind. You Know these get "glued on" by repetition, dont you?

The (6) freuqneyc involved today will being a new View of Self Responsibility, and furthering opportunities to Flow Authentic Eternal Essence -AS IF that could actually be Truth...

Have you EVER done that FOCUS experiment for longer than a few Brilliant moments?
The crux of All Manifestational Skills building is Your IDENTITY, ... YOU are the "operator " of the Time Projection AS a Spark of Source/Prime, playing a Game amongst INFINITE Realities and Dimensions.
YOU ARE A HUGE PRESENCE flopping around in Time like a larvae.
Can't quite FULLY operate the Innate gifts and talents.  
Wiggling around in a mud puddle of confusion, and conflicting DATA, Trying to free yOur New Visions of a Collective Game Harmonics, ... right smack in the middle of a Great shifting of Creative Experience, by shifting Creative Dynamics and INtention.

Like it, or NOT- the Playing Ground is NOW yOurs.
ONE = I AM; an estabilshing IDEA.
I KNOW That I AM is (11).
Can you SEE and FEEL the Difference WithIN?

Today's (1) and Tomorrow's (11:2)  will ABSOLUTELY assist in your persistance for Clarity.
Today can open the Way for beginning better Health habits, preferable Harmonics negotiated in Relations, seeking and finding Fairness and Boundaries to establishe Balance, Visual Expressions of Self-Awakening that put an exclamation mark on an item of import regarding Balance, ... All HighLight the Way to get "there", to Balance, with more Ease and Flow- and Self control.

LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN. and OBSERVE... more than you speak today, but Expressions of Balance MUST come INto View, even if through humble means.

What is done with this data experience is entirely up to each Participant to claim as "real"for themSelves. 
All considerations toward WIN-WIN MUST Be examined Truthfully, and telepathy assists to keep the Flow in Honor, and Equity.
You may hve to eat some crow at some point today.  Even if in your own contemplations. 

That Which is "MINE" is Timeless, Eternal, and FAR from "have-able" by anyOne else.  
Whatever could that BE?  

Today is a step in THAT SELF-discovery, and the Collective I AM is taking that Vibrational step, together.
Humanity is doubling down on the Self Creative Focus skill-base Practice, as a United Front of INtentional CoCreativity PLAYING To gather, instead of WARRING to gather.
DO we NEED to FIGHT to stand Up?  

 I AM a REflection of PEACE, in EQUITY for All, NOW.

There.  IS that so hard?
Those are the magic "words", if you need a starting point Mantra/Vibrational focus tool to tighten this Self Responsibility things Up.... 

In a vibrational reality, 
You get to use WORDS to bring ANY IDEA into your particularly peculiar participation reality, as Source.  

In reflective Reality, perceptual distortions are what you get.
The Collective (11) annual cycle illucidates by realTime events ON POINT. and there is no messing around in the delivery of the feedback data when it bounces back to You in the flesh.
(11) day cycles are short and can be very potent in this push, as well. 

AS the VALUE and One Creative Focus point, "PAY" ATTENTION to what YOU are DOing to add to any NON-Preferential collective reality story. this (11), THAT is the Next Level of Mastery challenges that, by Will and Focus, WILL Be manifest shortly.
DREAM BIG DREAM BIG DREAM BIG and FLUFFY with IDEAS that BALANCE is what is sought first, and formost.

Holding any contrasting IDEAS that manipulate and contrive, do backfire, eventually.  
The MATTERED REality Freuqencies are only in manifestational "sustain" by a MAJORITY percentage of Focus CONSENT;  so,....
CAN'T it Be assumed that, as SOON as You change your "Mind", so does the Experience Harmonics and Dynamics?

Thre is no NEED to hold off or "wait" for anyThing or anyOther to "proove " it to You, DO (IT) for you, etc...,

This month,
th Collective puts an energetic foot stomp into the Etheric Pot of INfinite possibilities.
This is the re-design of a foundation opportnity wave.  BE PICKY. 
ONLY That Which You PREFER should make the "cut" and be placed on your moment to moment "work bench " of IDENTITY IDEAS, that are the tools and plans, all the way down the energetic ladder , from Source In spiration, to Body and Environmental manifestations;
This month, there is a shuffeling of the IDEA of VALUE AND exactly WHAT THAT MEANS to Each Time Player-
AS The VALUE, RE-Cognized.

*I AM SELF CREATIVE, All Ways., thereFORE,
*I AM In Ease and Flow, ALL WAYS.
See that there?  
CHOOSE, declare, ALLOW.  Think (it) ; Speak (It); Create (it). 

The Collective get closer to: "I AM the VALUE, as A FOCAL POINT OF MANIFESTATION, by consent, I TAKE FULL RESPONSE-ability to Heart."
Also KNOW: 
You can, and DO, also CHOOSE to hold onto IDEAS of constriction from Time to Time.
Learning MUCH along the Way, In that, are We?

There is SO MUCH More on the Buffet of an (11) frequency cycle to choose from. 
Love the Planetary Presence of Nurturance as a Good Thing, and hold it "there" , in SUSTAINED FOCUS.
Ugly, and Combatative IDEAS surface, but EACH Reflection WithIN yOur Perspective as Presence, is Vital, or YOU wouldnt have called it in to Play with YOU, so that You could find Clarity.

TAKE SELF-RESPONSE-ABILITY, and in tiny NOW to NOW bites as (IT) is All a GAME, and
DO the Study, and EXperiements of SELF-AWAKENING For yOurSelf, by YourSelf.

Those who can read this, are of the class that are more attuned to the language of Symbols as Abstract representations of blocks of Thoughts that, with any Experiential skill at all, unfold as Wisdom nuggets which will house the "rules" of experienctial engagement, going "forward".

HOW  You have yOur Vibrational Frequency Tuned determines the REflective feedback that IS the Time REality Experience.
yOur projections and declarations into the Magnetic Field make it SO: and, All Ways HAVE.
this Universal Law doesn't sleep: off-handed phrases of diminshment will BRING results.  Observe yOur mutterings of :
I AM/ We are "sick", vs, -
I AM IN Alignment with Perfect Well BEing, Now.
It is Perfectly fine to DO in little bites, but,-
again... you can FEEL the difference?

That's the POINT of linear Time experience... TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE betweeen that which is PREFERRED AND THAT WHICH IS NOT, and figure out a Way to BE the Optimal Operating Engineer sitting in the Home of the Multi-dimensional Projector. YOU are supposed to be the ONE who chooses to BE-Hold that IDEA , or not, and let it float out of Focus, comfortably.

Altho there have seem to have been efforts to disuade You from really grasping I AM IN FOCUS, it's Time to begin to consider That which We Created Before, and to choose what to keep and what to let go in general.
Today's  continued (9) frequency in the sub-elements indicates and brings the realeases of hot-topics closer to "home".

Today's ONE, in multiples,  is withIn a decade of (01) Realization Practice in Collective Focus, and is pushed even further by the annual (11) frequency, which indicates opportunities to set things to BALANCE(6) in SELF, by releasing bits of False IDENTITY, before heading into the Mirror for answers, fix-its, or to comfort Emotion pain of Self Denial for "Others". 

(1,) always brings on the INSights to consider for adoption, (6) brings opportunites to See and Do Balance for Self, first;
(9) brings closure to that which does not serve yOur expansion; and, (2) brings Other Reflection of All of that right TO You in the form of conversations, partnerships, and collective examinations of the details and objectives of a Collective Project-ion. 

In this Iniatory Phase of the annual Collective Games (11) cycle,  when you DO engage INto yOur Mirror games, RE-Member that We are in the midst of a Great bi-furcation process.
A dividing - a DECISION, A CHOICE- AS Source,... ALL ARE warming up their Voices to Blend IDEAS of Fine Mattered Harmonics AS Creator BEings, having a laugh, instead of a cry.  

Yes.  There are OtherSelves Who assist in the Game.  They are Created - by You.  They are entertained, or- not, -by You.  They go away - by You, when You are not Focused in their direction.
Now.  HOW can You apply that IDEA of Self Creative Experience for long enough to test the "Theory".

There are MANY OtherSelves who came to BE-fore on the Ride that have left their own notes on that which THEY have discovered along the Journey of exploring their IDEAS of Time experience, for  perusal.

Do you GET that this is a Vibrational reality, which MEANS there is NOT MATTER?  If "flat-earthers" were to consider this as a Point of FACT... then, any IDEAs of the "shape" of the Earth is kind of silly.... it DOESN'T MATTER what "shape" is percieved--- it's STILL a part of the Time classroom mechanism that is designed for the Self-Examination via a long SERIES of Progressive steps toward the Next, that come by for the CHOOSING of, or EXcision of from our experience, by way of FOCUS MASTERY.

See: Universal Laws... study MANY Translations of them, and then, put YourSelf into Practice... DO the "home" work for SELF, because it's YOUR RIDE, in Your Bio-Electric body, in Your Unique spin of Perception as a Participant of a Time Reality platform, of which there is NOT escape without RE-Memberance of That Which I AM.
RELAX- negative reflective feedback, contrast , simply exemplifies that which we FEAR, or, don't re-cognize as Self at deeper levels of IDENTITY.  Re-write the meaning, Peacefully, for All. 

The Time classroom NEVER had to mean dis-harmonious War from all angles of Perception, like a bad infection. 
But, if that is "where" you are coming from, then, the Broad-spectrum "anti-biotic" is SELF-Alignment INto NOW Presence- with deliberate vibrational FOCUS in Balance with Heart.

So, between the (2, 6, and the (8) frequencies singing today- SPEAK ABOUT the "rules of "reality" you have in play by the habits and repetive experiences in which you settle, and accept and consent to ONLY That which you are preferring.  Just SAY IT.  And - SAY IT, again. 
I regularly use this sample:  "Today, as I Participate, Source clears a Path of Joy-full Ease and FLOW before Me every step of the Way- ALL day."

This whole year, HABITS and addictive loops are reconsidered and neutralized; Protocols are reconsidered and re-founded;  "RULES and Beliefs" are reconsidered and deconstructed in FULL VIEW,  and a shuffling and shifting of the DETAILS begin to find a new footing, by becoming a little off-balance JUST long enough to tweak the Weight of the Emotional fuel toward toward those things and siturations that FEEL BETTER.
Self-Control...Not very complex when Objectives are clarified (11). 

If you are still thinking about Money as a Value in and of itSelf, or, the lack or control over RE-Creating a particularly dis-Harmonious IDEA into a Harmonious experience,  then you will stay in the revolving door of THAT loop, until you are able to SHIFT yOur Perspective from that which You THINK You are suffering "from". 

(11) is all about Electricity, connectivity, conduit/Channeling DATA and new Vistas of Expansion.
Human Bio-Electric is 85% +/- composition of WATER.     Water, also relates to Emotional Flow.
Via bombarding YOUR WATER, and EMOTIONS with electronic/vibrational frequencies,
yOur Bio-ELECTRIC Projections can easily be hacked and controlled-- "hot-wired" to See and FEEL something into manifestation.  
Consider all of the "Q" proddings.  ARE they sincere in the "steering" of assuptions?  
Research the insurance INdustry and how Human Behaviour is articulated and manipulated, and our VALUE on ALL levels of participation is diminished, squashed, and driven to Self-Destruction.
THEY don't feed off our Emotional instability, or "kill " us off with environmental disruptions WITHOUT yOur Consent. 
Our beliefs that "they " have control over I AM Presence is the real damage machine that wields a vile sword of Separation of Self in the Collective as social "norm". 
Feeling like a "puppet" , and yOur "life" is at the whim of "others" in this Game?
 Watching the Collective Time Dramas and feeling hopelessly tricked once again?
Oh dear,...THINKING that there are Victims, STILL??
Time to Think again.

The Time Reality Perspective IS Magnetic--which means POLARITY is it's NATURE.  The IDEA of Contrast IS the Multi-Dimensional Creator BEings' construct mechanism for emphasizing and Mastering SELF-Regulation, and it happens to be plugged INto the the bio-Electrics of the Holo-deck/Time classroom.

So, as the (9) of Compassion, Forgiveness through Love of Self AS Other,continues today in the undertones of the cycle Harmonics... these may be opportunity, in the form of repeating a conversations in your head - and STILL trying to be right, when in actuality, in any case of the Unified Field argument All perspectives are Valid.
It is only that which we PREFER, that brings the Ease and Flow Into that which is PREFERRED.

THERE IS A CHOICE to Be made each NOW of each "day".
Follow the FLOW of curiosity, with Courage.  You may bump into more than a few ugly IDEAS, that manifested along that way. 

In today's opportunity to Forgive, and Be in Grace, preferentially, and on yOur terms.. there MIGHT Be a mediation point in belief "systems" to consider that hasn't even been Seen , yet.  there is MORE to come in this powerful annual frquency opportunity cycle.  But, each DAY, YOU are INvited to jump IN with BOTH Eyes OPEN, and sort through the Data courageously... it
Time is "there" to assist yOur Expansion, only, -in the "long-run".
To make certain operational maneuvers of Self-Creative choices more comfortable for You and nobody else.  
This is the essential start of the bi-furcation of preference from non-preferential options from which to CHOOSE, fault free - VIBRATIONALLY. 

Today's ONE brings opportunities to BEgin again, and with more DATA than before. YOU are much larger in capacity than be-fore, All Ways,... Expansion IS.  
The (4) Collective Month cycle adds determination to get to the "bottom" of someThing, and get it sorted out "properly", and having to "work with the materials at Hand" might seem limiting... which means accessing ALL potentiality of Self in NOW Presence brings tools and resources that have been stowed away from View, can be accessed. 
(4) brings clearly Visualized steps to "follow" to re-set the foundational IDEA for Joyful expansion, and a very Inventive flow and utilization of anything that is useful to implement a "re-set" of the Collective Game protocols of Higher Consciousness, together. 

Frequency "Steps" to consider:
  Step ONE : GET To KNOW That I AM.  It's the ONLY  Way to FLY.

Step Two: FORGIVE,  and let go that which you created be-fore, that does not Serve yOur Highest Joy-Full Expansion, NOW.

Step Three: BE the Love, NOW, and Participate with a Joyous HEART directive in Body and Voice- (no longer from a false premise of a control directive- "i gotta SAVE everyone else (from my ideas of fearful things").
NO. You really don't.
YES, you can assist someOne else in an immediate, physical, situation in NOW, and help to ease some Flow, and maybe keep them waling until they figure out how NOT to Vibrationally magnetize that IDEA anymore. -: but SELF-REalization is a Personal Gift, and NOT yOurs to Give.

Step Four: LET the Parts and Particles  available NOW swirl INto Place, in Perfection, for the purpose of supporting Preferential IDEAS, IN FLOW FOR You.
  What ever yOur Heart is Vibrating, will make it's Way into the experience quicker as this  (11) annual cycle begins to peak around the end of May, and through November... Let (IT) Come to YOU. 

 RE-Member to have a little Gratitude for the "Time" it seemed to have "taken"... The Mophogenic Filed "Produces" that which you magnetize with Clarity MUCH more quickly.
TODAY and tomorrow, and through the annyal cycle Inspriation, and ILLUMINATIONS of Data, brings waves of new Insights of LARGER parameters of Experience. 
 Observe that which my be floating around in your own Time Games that are yaking at you to "DO", and CHOOSE with Heart to proceed.

Step Five: HAVE FUN In New, Joy-bringing, discoveries and Balanced Perspectives of BEing-ness.  THERE is where the real "feul" to advance is.  the Joy-juice of anticipation, excitement, in the Coming of Sun-Lit Dreams of yOur design and preference. 

Step (6): SHARE in the Beauty of Balance: Especially when you See it...  respectful Boundaries don't try to control the directives and objectives of Other reflections... each Snowflake is Unique, and has it's Own Journey back to Water, over and again.  
Now, we KNOW that NO-Thing DIES. Only Transformation of Energy exists, and THAT is a "re-set" , which You, Ultimately, control.
So, WHAT are you afraid of "out there" , again?! 
DON'T say it, or get all FEELY about it ever again!
Just put that in the "to go" pile. 
You Will "deal" with that, in Perfection. 

The IDEA of Humanity's many pains and IDEAS of imbalance are ebbing as the re-solutions bubble up to the top for the Collective to agree upon.  
We SEE this, because we WANT this, and, energetically, Team contrast wants what they want as well, equally.
Contrast can still BE contrast without placing any of that onto our plates for ingestion and integration.  
IF YOU dont LIKE onions, don't add to your plate. 

As today's (1) vibrates and INvites, under the larger cycle of (11:2)... and,
.... multiple  (2) Frequency expresses in collaborations, agreements, and Co-Creative Partnerships by Way of (I AM) Reali-zations in Balance.  When engaging into the Mirror with Others and the mirage of 'stories"reflecting from a certain Perspective, 
then, EXPECT Balance to BE, somehow- in unexpected "ways".

In this Millennial (2) Time Wave Opportunity, which coming in a layer of experience for All by 2020-2030, the very IDEA of a Co-Creative Collective Harmonics will BLOOM, in Perfection.

It's becoming obvious to many Other reflections that THE Choice be-fore Us each, Now, and as Experiential preferences direct the Bi-Furcation processes, Timelines  and reality PREFERENCES are going to continue to morph and slide around until the window of CHOICE begins to close for Mastery Practice.  
Completions are declared from 2019, through 2025, in this current, collective Epi-Cycle.   
Self-Re-covery alignments ARE ocurring in this (11) long-term cycle of 2018, with much more Bravado than might be expected as Visionaries pump UP the Frequencies with Possibilities and Options furing the productive phase, but This day, is still in the INITATORY PHASE of the annual objective... 
January, February, March and the first half of April are mostly focused on beginning to knuckle down and FOCUS on the Collective/Participant's immediate (11) Mastery objective.

(2) requires temperance in the new- BROADER- Perspective discoveries.  Excercise PATIENCE this month,  as Lots of CHATTER can convolute the process of this "current" layer of Focus adjustment and distract Authentic Heart CHOICES that must BE "made" by each Time Game Participant in these Great Evolutionary frequency waves, coming from "some-Where" beyond Time.

 BE AWARE of the Words that build vs the words that dimish Peaceful Presence, in EQUITY.
Team Contrast is ALLOWED to Exist,.... just not so much in MY Time Experience Games.
That's it.  Plain and SIMPLE.
We DON'T have to anhiliate anyTHING.
But we DO have to CHOOSE Our All-Creative Focus points with MUCH more COMMITMENT, before we are permitted to Play Creative reindeer games with Off-World OtherSelves, HARMONIOUSLY.

Today, tomorrow...and, this whole month- it would be beneficial to commit to Observe yOur own chatter INside, and compare it to that which is Projected into the Mirror Reality games immediately afterward.
While Self- REalizing and re-membering that "I AM the Creator of My own Time adventures", You Will all ways find what you "seek", the information to support that which you WANT to See.

WHAT do you WANT to See??
LOOK AT (IT) more than anyThing else.
You want PEACE?... then look for and Practice Peace.
You want chaos and turmoil and degradation of Sprit...then, keep talking and sharing the images that FOCUS on those stories.
  RE-consider All "matters" where the "current" (think (11)= electrical) Collective stimulations may be tested by very enticing, and very ADDICTIVE, Emotional and Mental distractions by the sam old Time paradigm Game "rules" which are designed to TUNE and train the Focus down, in IDEAS of Lack and EXternaly IMposed constrictions.

FLIP THAT MIRROR IMAGE, and run for the JOY-Filled Light, the DATA- and reflections that feeds yOur Awakening, instead of that which represent the tentacle-y IDEAS of SELF -Dimishment; 
( as in; LACK, or OBSTRUCTION of any Thing that You feel you want), will See that manifestation when you KNOW that you are worthy of , because YOU Create, your own Dreams, or nightmares.
It's SO Time to OWN that shit!
Wipe it off, and FLY.  I would encourage PLAYFULNESS With Self and Others if they happen to float by...
don't WORRY.  EveryTihing is working in Perfection, (ccording to Universal Law) for Every ONE.

These are OFFICIALLY,  NOW, Collectively and Privately, the EXciting & Good Times of EXPECTING THE BEST to COME for ALL in the Reflection of Love !!!


and The One, ( I ) have been Expecting to bring ON those Sunshiney Days of INnocence and Joy, As a Sparkle of Source, REFLECTING.

BECAUSE, (I) SAY SO,  All the Day long..... .  therefore, It's MY/yOur  CREATIVE Preference and
MY/yOur Perrogative,.
Using My free Will,
SO, ... let's  KICK IT!!, have a Moment or 2 with Bobby Brown to Celebrate
Tomorro'w  2-7-11:2- (11) Collective day CYCLE opportunities begin to seep in after 1 pm of Your reality cycle.
All CAN Expect a SHOULDER-LIFT UP On the VIBRATIONAL View IDENTITY in considerable color and reference, albiet with a tiny a possiblity of a shock to some aspects of that which is Observed, BY each Participanting reflection.
INtegration of the FINE-MATTERED Reality Consensus INCreases are in Flow AND in View for a larger percentage of OtherSelves to See.
SHAKE OFF any electrical hyper-stimulation by physical movement and lots of WATER.
DANCE, SING, and BE Merry WithIN, and INclude the Sensorial rewards by holding  Body/Battery/WATER levels appropriately between alkaline and acid to facillitate Clarity of the New Time SLEF-TRANSLATION of SELF, impending for All.
While these Time Frequency Translations Speak at intervals of a collective Perceptual Time Reality Bi-Furcation in progress, the Singularity is a Common Source of Focus Impowerment for All  ReFlections as Love-able distortions, of I AM, in the Fun-House Mirror reality of TIME.

NONE of this Earth story stuff is FATAL to Any Thing, nor -any One.
YOU are OFFICIALLY BEing INvited to come out and Play WITH some Masters of REALITY Creation and MANIPULATIONS in this sycle is emphasizing (8) manifestational Mastery skills Practice for All.
Look-- when you are learning to stand on ice skates-- you FALL a few time before you align with athe New level of Balance with new tools and toys for experiencing that CHOSEN activity..

GO, Now.
Dance, and BE WONDER- Full in your opportunities to BE theChange that YOU wish to See.
That's a DEEP , and sometime hard WISDOM to Know, ; 'definitely NOT marketing cliche'.

THANK YOU For Your FOCUS and Participation IN EXPANSION Games With ME......  :)
May (I) BE the Love.;
and, PARTICIPATE With Heart.... and You!



2-5-2018/ (11:2) = 9 Collective Day Frequency cycle

Keywords: Compassion, Gratitude, Love withOut attachment,, Resolutions, Releases, Closure/endings, GRACE exemplified. 

As closure to particular Ideas desolve, voluntarily - or not, a space is made to recieve the New that has been asked for by Heart.  
There  are releases and dis-lodgings, of things that we accept and tolerate, and even endure withIN because of attachments to the situation, the others involved, and the emotional habit stimulations that are consistently delivered in Participations in that IDEA of relationship, and the rules of any engagement into the Time Game.  

(9) always beings a door for closure on the layers of Ideas that are ready to dissolve for making the Way available for that which Heart has decided to  move through the experience.  

(9) Combined with 5, or 11 frequencies bring changes that can appear abrupt, but somewhere deep INside there was a faint Knowing that this moment of departure would arrive.  
When it comes to diving off- sometimes a little PUSH is required to make that leap INto the Next level of Experience.  
If One is in a mental position of Allowing, the changes are appreciated immediately. 
This includes the removal of used up situation potentials, and often enough the illumination of certain other Players that One has gotten "used" to , but in fact- are struggling to Harmonize with in order to grow.  Not everyOne that is currently in the field of interactions with will stay.  

This is a cycle frequency that will bring those conclusions to the surface, and which can be released quickly IF there is Focus and Allowing for that which is BETTER for the Participant in the Next step. 
Ideas that become clear with new INsights are shattered, and released--- canbe as simple as "I really don't like Ranch Dressing anymore. ", or, as a friend, lover, job, home, etc of import that is suddenly showing signs of permanent change toward closure. 

Resulutions come into View when rigidity, or righteous indignation are eased and any pertinent Others in yOur Mirror reality are FORGIVEN for bringing All to this point of REalization, and RElease. 
Not easy for most percievers and participants, but in the steps to follow re-solutions in Flow, a feeling of relief comes to give Self "permission" to move forward with a new Perspective and a change of scnenery, or company, in the Time "stories" in which Focus is INvested. 
Since the daily cycles are short-termed cycles of experience that add to the bouquet of Frequency Harmonics in Focus, there is opportunity to FEEL the changes before they manifest, and those that can act in flow with these often subtle wafts of Knowing, will enhance the reward that is waiting after that particular topic of focus is adjusted to suit Preferential experience better.  

Those Participants that continue to focus on turmoil, resistance, and harbor dis-harmonious IDEAS may be able to continue to hold things together for a while longer--but the bi-furcation of the parts and particles, the personnel involved, and the opportunities wil begin to get further and further apart.  
Scrambling to hold it together will not "work" for very much longer; and, manipulating against the Flow of Balance will not only be exposed in this annual (11) frequency cycle of ILLUMINATIONS, but it will become more painful and arduous -emotionally and physically- to do so.  Breakdowns will occur, and lightening bolts of clarity will help to define the path that is more preferential to wander upon. 

Many will experience a sudden change of Mind to follow Heart directives a little closer to the Ease in Flow of (I AM) PRESENCE and Self Creative satisfaction that ALL are seeking in the Time Game objective.  Personal Life Path frequency clues participants in to Mastery objectives, and Personal Time map/trejectory shows HOW the scenery might look, and which circuits of excitation are at Hand to add to the skills training of the Multi-Dimensional Creator BEing, in practice. 
To be "ready" for success in the increasing levels of Focus required to DO the powerful excercises in Self-Creative manifestations, a Willingness to release- as in NOT cling and grasp to IDEAS that actually cause more pain than JOY.  These are insidious habits of attachment to ideas relative to anyOnes everyday "life" .  
Family members, work partners, personal habits- and ALL FORMS of addictive, repetative- motions, wording, and EXPECTATIONS resulting from them are bumped a bit today. 

EXPECT the UNexpected, and Flow with that which you have brought TO you in this cycle.  Observe, contemplate, before re-acting.  
This is a day to switch it up anywhere you are INspired, take a different route, make new friends, consider new and different IDEALS that are more Harmonious to the Love in Heart, and LISTEN to the INnate discernment gifts and talents in Flow All Ways.
This is a FEELING cycle that brings surprises, some wanted, some not-so-much... but, IF sudden releases and resolutions are popping into Mind, or, happening "To" YOU- asked for it somewhere deep WithIN... in the excitement of CHANGE--- 
Allow Grace to Flow in Balance with GRATITUDE.  
EXPECT wonder-full "things", and pre-pave the deepest insentives from Heart to Be So in whatever Way is for the Highest Expansion of yOur Joy.  
Tomorrow's (1) cycle brings a buffer to float withIN and consider an Updated list of desires to Focus upon, and even a new trejectory of INtentional Participation, now that new DATA has been INtroduced, and a little space has been made to DO so. 


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